Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education General Directorate by yaofenjin


									  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
   Ministry of Education
General Directorate of Education- Taif

      First Grade Secondary                        Term 1                     English
      Unit : 6          Lessons : 1- 8

Unit&                                                                                                                              Objective’s
Lesson    Behavioral Objectives                                       Suggested Questions
6-1      -PAT answer some               -I have paid my air……                                                                   Comprehension
         questions after listening to   a. luggage b. fare c. passport d. chance
         the conversation.              -Choose the correct spelling:                                                           Comprehension
         -PAT use the new               a. arrangement b. arangement c. arrangament d. arangament
         vocabulary correctly.                                                                                                  Knowledge
         -PAT write the new words
6-2      -PAT make sentences in the     -Mr. Al-Ali's team…………………to Jeddah already.                                             Application
         present perfect tense using    a. fly b. had flown c. has flown d. is flying
         up to now, for a long time ,
         already, so far and before.
6-3      -PAT answer some             The pilgrims' bus drove to Khartoum airport and stopped at Departures. Hamza got          Comprehension
         questions after reading a  off and a porter carried his luggage into the building. He joined the queue at the check-
         passage.                   in counter. Soon it was his turn.
                                    "Your ticket and passport, please," said the airline clerk.
                                    "Here you are," Hamza said. He gave them to him.
                                    "How many cases do you have?"
                                    "Two," replied Hamza.
                                    "Please put them on the scales."
                                    "There you are," said Hamza.
                                    1. Who carried Hamza's luggage into the departures building?
                                    a. Hamza b. a porter c. the airline clerk d. the officer
                                    2. Hamza gave the airline clerk…………..
                                    a. one case b. his passport and ticket c. the scales d. his hand luggage
6-4       -PAT define the new words -A line of people who are waiting for something means ………….                                 Comprehension.
         correctly.                 a. airline b. flight c. bus d. queue
         -PAT use some of the new   - You usually need a … go to a foreign country.                                         Comprehension
         words correctly.           a. scale b. counter c. visa d. board
6-5   -PAT write a paragraph      -Use the following notes to write a paragraph a bout "What Happened at the Airport"   Synthesis
      about "What happened at     Don't forget to use these linking words: "First,…. Then,…. There,…. Next,…. After
      the airport" using notes.   that,….. Finally,…….

                                  ….pilgrims' bus
                                  enter the building with my luggage
                                  join the queue at the check-in counter
                                  airline clerk…ticket
                                  ….passport…..luggage on the scales
                                  fill in ….form
                                  to the passport check and the luggage check
                                  walk through the departure lounge
                                  get onto the plane

6-6   -PAT complete a                                                                                                   Synthesis
      conversation about an air   EGYPT                                 PASSENGER TICKET
      ticket.                     AIR

      -PAT write a paragraph      Name….             From                       Stop                    To
      using information in a                                                                                            Synthesis
      ticket.                     FLIGHT             Cairo                  Jeddah                     Muscat
                                  MS761                  Take off                              Land
                                                           09:55                               17:10
                                  Hamad: Where are you going?
                                  Umar : To Muscat
                                  Hamad: …………………….
                                        a. How do you fly?
                                        b. Which flight are you on?
                                        c. When do you fly?
                                        d. Where do you stop?
                                  Umar : Tomorrow.
                                  Hamad: When do you arrive in Muscat?
                                       a. At 5:10 in the evening.
                                       b. At 5:10 in the morning.
                                       c. At 9:55 in the evening.
                                       d. At 9:55 in the morning.

6-7&8   -PAT use the present simple -Tomorrow is Monday. Flight GF029…….at 10:00 a.m.      Application
        tense to express the future.   a. arrive
                                       b. arrives
                                       c. arrived                                          Synthesis
        -PAT complete a                d. arriving
        conversation with "I think
        so" or "I hope so" correctly. -Complete the following conversation.
                                       Bader: Does that flight land at Riyadh?             Application
                                       You :………..
                                              a. I hope so.
        -PAT use the definite and             b. I hope so, too.
        indefinite articles correctly.        c. I think so.
                                              d. I think so, too.

                                  - Yesterday, I met some men. I said "Hello" to …….men.
                                  a. a    b. an c. the    d. _
                                                    Note : PAT = Pupils are to

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