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									A Report on How to Change a M4V File to a MOV Format
M4V is a widely used easily compatible file format for Mac. Despite this situation may arise when a M4V file is not accessible by
different Apple products like iTunes, iPhone and iPad and so on. In that case, a person needs to convert M4V to MOV. In this
way, the newly converted file can be played on QuickTime and management options of iTune. This file can be played in other
Apple devices like iPhone. In MOV format video codecs like H.264 and MPEG are only compatible to Apple devices like iPhone,
iPad, video compatible iPod, and Apple TV etc. The converter must be able to select these video codec. Otherwise, the converted
file option cannot be played in these Apple devices. There are some steps to be followed consecutively in order to convert from
M4V to MOV.

There Are Three Main Steps To Be Followed To Covert M4V To MOV.

       In the first step, the M4V files are to be dragged and dropped in this application. Under File option, there is “Load Media
        Files” option, designed for this purpose. It is designed to load M4V files. This step marks the end of step one.

       In the next step, the user needs to select the required video codec first. There may be multiple video codec formats
        available, but a person needs to select the only option which is compatible with Apple devices. In this case, H.264 and
        MPEG are only options available. If only one of these options is available for converting M4V to MOV, it is sufficient. A
        formatting tray will emerge. The user needs to select MOV in the option for the final output file format. Some M4V to
        MOV converters provide great benefits like splitting the video in separate parts, or merging several parts in one unified
        option. The user can use other benefits like those of cropping; rotating and others by using the edit option of the
        respective converter app.

       Step three or the final step consisted of a very small portion. The user needs to click the Convert option in order to
        convert M4V files into MOV format in the Apple devices like Mac, iPhone, iPad etc. This conversion process consumes
        little time. But a user and leave it as the background processing. In the meantime, he can go along with other things.
        There are several literatures available in the net on how to change MOV file to M4V.

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