India’s Pay TV Market to Create a Demand of 140 Million Smart Cards During 2013-2018 by imarc123


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									India’s Pay TV Market to Create a Demand of 140 Million Smart Cards
During 2013-2018

As a result of the governments phase-wise digitization programme, the demand of smart cards
in the Pay TV sector is expected to increase robustly in India.

IMARC Group in its latest report entitled “Smart Card Industry in India: SIM, Identity,
Banking, Transport, Healthcare, Pay TV, Loyalty & PDS” expects India’s Pay TV market to
create a demand of 140 million smart cards during 2013-2018. Findings from the report suggest
that with 155 million subscriber households in 2012, India is the third largest TV market after the
United States and China. TV signals in India are currently distributed in analog as well as in
digital and terrestrial formats. Most cable operators in the country are providing analog TV
service while all DTH operators are providing a digital TV service.

The report found that the Government of India amended the Cable Television Networks
(Regulation) Act in October 2011 to announce implementation of a phase-wise digitization
programme of PAY TV services throughout the country. Findings from the report suggest that
this would result in all cable TV households to receive digital TV signals through a Set Top Box.
As part of digitization, every cable operator will be legally bound to transmit digital signals, which
can be received at the subscriber's home only through a Set Top Box. Since smart cards are
required in each Set Top Box, the growth in Set Top Box sales is expected to create a huge
opportunity for smart cards in India.

This study, an updated and far more extensive and analytical version of our popular 2011 study,
provides and draws upon a comprehensive analysis of every major smart card segment in India.
Key metrics and events such as smart card requirements, current and future volume and value
demand, key smart card projects, project implementation timelines, success and risk factors,
costs, etc have been comprehensively analyzed in this report. This study aims to serve as an
excellent guide for investors, researchers, consultants, marketing strategists, and all those who
are planning to foray into the Indian smart cards market in some form or the other.

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