Amsterdam by yurtgc548


									PART III

           Table of contents
Day      Day        Day   Day   Day   Day
 1        2          3     4     5     6

Day      Day        Day   Day   Day   Day
 7         7         8     9    10     11

Day      Day        Day   Day   Day   Day
12       13         14    15    16    17

Day 1

        • While we were
          throught the
          street we meet
          a guy that
          looked like this
          and he became
          our guide his
          name was tank.

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Day 2
        • After sitting there
          mindlessly for two
          hours watching tyler
          poke tank in the eye
          I felt something in
          the back of my
          head. I looked up
          and saw tyler and
          dustin walking off so
          I drunkenly followed.
          and we had
          delicious brownies
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Day 3
   • After many confusing
     thoughts I finally got
     tired of tank’s twitchy
     eye so I told the guys I
     was going to show tank
     the way to the bathroom
     when I came back I was
     covered red the guys
     kept complaining about
     herring screaming and
     blending noises, I told
     them I was making
     salsa… Tyler said it
     was good.
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Day 4
• I didn’t sleep that well
  last night…hey wait…
  where Tyler and
  Dustin…oh well I didn’t
  tell them I stool all
  there money I spent it
  on a couple of cat
  name Philip and
  Chiko… where did    Back to T.O.C.

  my pants go?
Day 5
   • I finally found my
     way back to the
     hotel Tyler and
     Dustin said I
     couldn’t keep my
     cats, so after
     arguing for a really
     long time they
     finally let me in.
                     Back to T.O.C.
Day 6
 • For some reason
   Tyler was in the river
   when I woke up, it
   was a good laugh I
   took him a long time
   to get back up after
   he got yelled at by a
   bunch of people.
   hey… has anyone     Back to T.O.C.

   seen my cats.
Day 7
   • Wow what a day
     how mu… (thud)…
     w-w-what happen
     where am I, who
     are those people
     and why are they
     throwing peanuts
     at me… am I in a
     zoo!?!       Back to T.O.C.
    Day 7 (continued)
              • I read the exhibit
                really… who could
                be that stupid to
                think that was real.
                Than the zoo keeper
   zoo          came by and
                dropped bucket of
                slop in my exhibit. I
                really hate that guy.
                                 Back to T.O.C.
Day 8
  • I can’t get this mask
    off! I swear when I
    find those guys I’m
    going to kill them.
    well at least I finally
    convinced the zoo
    keeper to bring me
    pizza instead of
    slop.               Back to T.O.C.
Day 9
  • Well… I got hit by a
    tranquilizer dart
    today…man that
    hurt I didn’t deserve
    that, that jerk started
    it… making fun of
    me. plus it’s not my
    fault I can fit through
    the bars.
                        Back to T.O.C.
Day 10
   • Well I’m bored
     they put a zap
     collar on my neck,
     now if I go close to
     the bars I get
     zapped but that
     doesn’t stop me
     from throwing
     rocks hehe.     Back to T.O.C.
Day 11
     • That jerk of a
       zoo keeper hid
       all my rocks.
       Oh well I guess
       it’s on to those
       sticks I’ve been
                    Back to T.O.C.
Day 12
         • This sucks
           everyone is
           to afraid to
           come by my
           exhibit and
           the stupid
           zoo keeper
           took away my
           sticks. Back to T.O.C.
Day 13
                 • Yes!! I finally
                   found the
                   freaking exit to
                   this thing I’m
                   free!! And on top
                   of that I stool a
Parking lot
                   five hundred
security cam 1
                   dollars on the
                   way out.     Back to T.O.C.
Day 14
    • Ok I’m scared... I got
      tranquilizer darts and
      metal fishing lines
      barely missing me…
      geez do these guy’s
      ever run out of
      energy… oh well I think
      the mad because of
      that car I flipped a
      couple blocks back. Oh
      well as long as this
      Spike doesn’t were off I
                           Back to T.O.C.
      can do this for days
Day 15
  • Well oddly enough I found a
    purple lambo who would of
    thought this thing would be
    in Amsterdam…oh well It
    got me away from the
    cops… I thought that when I
    was passing a park I saw
    Tyler and Dustin but I didn’t
    fell like getting a tranquilizer
    dart to the side of the head
    so I kept going.
                               Back to T.O.C.
Day 15 continued
         • This stupid cop put
           down a road block in
           front off me so I had to
           take the sidewalk… I
           kept honking my horn
           for poeple to get out of
           the way but since I
           was in a hurry … hey
           the old man had to go
           sooner or later how
           bout now.
                               Back to T.O.C.
                        Day 16
                                                • Man it’s like
                                                  these people
                                                  are car
                                                  magnets… my
                                                  lambo’s red. I
                                                  lost count a
                                                  couple block
                                                  back but I know
(This is what i looked like on the street cams)   It’s a lot.
                                                            Back to T.O.C.
Day 17
    • Dang my Lambo is out
      of gas… hey there a
      mansion (30 min later)
      geez what is with
      me… I’m covered in
      red and there a guy in
      a ghile suit shooting
      darts at me and there's
      another guy in a
      batman suit shouting
      bang and boom
                         Back to T.O.C.
Day 17 continued
          • Finally the
            batman guy
            passed out… I
            fell weird (tires

                           Back to T.O.C.
        • ……(passes
Day 19
         • I hear
           I'm out of
           open box
           attacks the
           first person
           Win I ran.
Day 20
         • Who are these
           people why
           are they
           bowing to
           me… am I in
           Korea screw
           this I’m going
           to Canada

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