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                                                                                              tent submitted after that date may be considered for
  Parliamentarian ....................................................Rhodes/Paxton           a later issue.
2 | The Informant
                    President’s Message                                                        Until the 2005 contract dispute,
Where are my directors?                                                                        Council Policy 300-06 was sel-
                                                                                               dom consulted, much less en-
It’s often asked why are no directors attending line-ups?                                      forced. However, since then,
Why can’t the POA send me important messages via my                                            city officials have reminded POA
department e-mail? The Mayor and Chief send out e-mails                                        Directors that the policy does
and produce video tapes for officers to watch at line-up,                                      exist and any discussions in the
why not the POA?                                                                               workplace of marches, protests
Member communication has been and continues to be a dif-                                       or matters that do not concern
ficult challenge. Nonetheless, your POA has taken sugges-                                      employer/employee         relation-
tions from members and experts alike in exploring ways to                                      ship violates Council Policy
improve member communications. In the past two years,                                          300-06. What this means going
your POA has started an online member forum, a telephone                                       forward is you will not see direc-
callback system and a mass e-mail list and improved the SD-                                    tors showing up for line-ups to
POA web page and Informant.                                                                    discuss POA issues unless the
                                                                                               division commanding officer or
However, the fact remains directors do not attend line-ups                                     line-up sergeant approves the director’s presentation ahead of
anymore, so what has changed? Starting with the 2005                                           time. The POA will send no e-mail to your department e-mail
contract dispute between the POA and City, officers de-                                        as this may subject you to disciplinary action. There will be no
manded a call to action. We marched to City Hall, picketed                                     video tapes and no POA flyers passed out at line-ups or in the
the Charger game and organized a variety of community                                          workplace, again, only unless the material meets with approval
outreach meetings to educate the public. The POA noti-                                         of the command. City officials asked directors to keep in mind
fied officers of these events in a variety of ways. Directors                                  they are also SDPD officers and, as a condition of employment,
and POA members attended line-ups, passed out bulletins                                        all officers must agree to obey all policies and procedures.
and flyers and conducted meetings at substations and the                                       In order to stay in compliance with this policy, the POA and
POA building and we experienced some success getting the                                       its directors from now on will only communicate with mem-
word out through these channels.                                                               bers via POA supported communications systems. You may
The success and methods of the protests, marches and                                           have noticed bulletins requesting catastrophic leave dona-
community outreach is a subject of debate, but what is not                                     tions now are printed on POA letterhead. City officials have
up for debate is Council Policy 300-06 Section VI. Subsec-                                     determined catastrophic leave requests benefit members and
tion C., which reads:                                                                          the release of an officer’s name may violate HIPAA so city of-
                                                                                               ficials have turned the responsibility of leave requests over to
 C. Employee Organization Activities — Use of City Resources.
                                                                                               the POA. No doubt, more changes are on the way.
 Access to City work locations and the use of City-paid time,
 facilities, equipment and other resources by employee organi-                                 Justice delayed, justice denied
 zations and those representing them shall be authorized only                                  Filled your gas tank lately? Of course, you have. With the
 to the extent provided for in an unexpired Memorandum of                                      meteoric rise in gas prices, consumers are demanding their
 Understanding and/or administrative procedures, and shall                                     elected officials take action. I, for one, expected our City At-
 be limited to activities pertaining directly to the employer/em-                              torney to send out an army of investigators and attorneys
 ployee relationship and not such internal employee organiza-                                  to deliver summons to gas station owners demanding they
 tion business as soliciting membership, campaigning for office,                               lower prices or face charges for price gouging. Maybe our
 and organization meetings and elections, and shall not interfere                              City Attorney realized he wasted valuable tax dollars the last
 with the efficiency, safety and security of City operations. In the                           go around. I think not. He probably has concluded as we
 event that a Memorandum of Understanding is not in affect or                                  all have the rise in gas prices are due to a combination of
 in the event that an employee organization participates in, co-
                                                                                               domestic policy failures coupled with the greed and corrup-
 operates or encourages directly or indirectly, any strike, sick-
 out, or other total or partial stoppage or slowdown of work, the
                                                                                               tion of OPEC. Wait! Our City Attorney is fully aware of this
 City may deny access to City work locations and may deny the                                  greed and corruption and does nothing about it? Our City
 use of City paid time, facilities, equipment and other resources                              Attorney, the people’s advocate, how dare you allow this to
 by the employee organization and those representing them or in                                go on! Get on a plane now Mr. City Attorney! Hugo Chavez
 the alternative, make such access or use subject to such admin-                               and Saudi kings await your arrival. Demand justice now or
 istrative procedures as the City finds appropriate                                            deny us the justice you promised.
                                                                                                   Be safe, and with profound respect,
In This Issue
 Member Spotlight ...................................................................4            Staying Safe in Summer Sun .................................................18
 Problem Solving with the Serial Inebriate Program ..............5                                Upcoming Events ..................................................................19
 Chaplain’s Corner ....................................................................6          Officer of the Shift ................................................................ 20
 The Crime Files .......................................................................7         RF&PA Update ..................................................................... 22
 Report: Labor Management Committee Meeting ................. 8                                   Legends Behind the Badge ................................................... 23
 A Look Back and Forward .......................................................9                 Cigar Mixer ........................................................................... 26
 Letter to the Editor regarding Air Support ...........................10                         Padres Law Enforcement Night ........................................... 28
 POA Picnic .............................................................................12       POA Staff Highlight: Amanda Karoliszyn.............................25
 How Interest Rate Changes Affect You.................................13                          Stranger than Fiction ........................................................... 30
 POA Member Benefits - A Reminder ....................................14                          On the Road ...........................................................................31
 TV Cops .................................................................................15      At a Glance Calendar ............................................................ 32
 SDPOA Discount Ticket Info ................................................16                    Office Manager’s Report........................................................33
 What does it take to qualify for “Hardship”?........................ 17                          Board Minutes ...................................................................... 34
                                                                                                                                                                     July 2008 | 3
       Member Spotlight:
          Ed LaValle
Officer Ed LaValle joined the San Diego Police Department
in 1998 though his knowledge of the department goes
much further back in time. As executive commissioner and
a director for the San Diego Police Historical Association,
LaValle has been instrumental in helping the SDPHA realize
its ambition of opening a long-deserved police museum,
scheduled to open in late July at 4710 College Avenue.
LaValle has sincere enthusiasm for the San Diego Police
Department, which he shares when co-teaching a SDPD
history class to new recruits. By imparting his knowledge
of the highs and lows that the department and officers have
experienced in the past, LaValle aims to reassure that San
Diego police can overcome any challenge. His purpose
for teaching the class is to help retain San Diego police         In addition to his work with the SDPHA and its events (Cops
officers and increase involvement in the history of the           & Rodders, the Cigar Mixers and Legends Behind the Badge),
department.                                                       LaValle is active in his kids sport endeavors. Between the
                                                                  three kids, there are soccer, baseball, basketball, football
LaValle wanted to become an officer because there were a few      and volleyball games and practices year round, plus his
detectives and a sheriff who had a significant impact on him      duties of managing a club soccer team for his daughter.
at a young age. He found the San Diego Police Department
to have the best opportunities and people. He has since laid      Knowing firsthand the impact that playing sports as a kid
the foundation of working toward his short term goal of           can have on future success, LaValle is currently writing a
becoming a detective and his long term goal of retiring as a      book entitled “Pay for the Sports or Pay for the Bail Later.”
detective sergeant. He is currently stationed at Western and      While a part of JST, LaValle found that many kids who
has worked with the Juvenile Services Team, Beach Patrol          ended up on the other side of the law had not learned
and as a Community Relations Officer in the past.                 aspects of discipline and teamwork that comes from playing
                                                                  sports. He hopes to encourage parents to take an active
With no plans to leave the department any time soon,              role in the lives of their kids and demonstrate how athletic
LaValle even sees the possibility of adding to the department     involvement is a tool for success.
from within his own family. He has three kids with his wife,
Kathleen. His 12 year old twins, Ryan and Megan, and 16           LaValle also leads seminars in high school classes about
year old daughter, Kaylyn, have all expressed interest in         drug awareness and prevention across the county, donating
becoming officers since around age four. Kaylyn recently          his time of 8-10 hours per month for the classes.
enrolled in the SDPD Cadet program, though all of the                       The Member Spotlight is sponsored by:
kids have been told that they need to finish college before       The Syrios Financial Group of Wachovia Securities
heading down the police path.                                                      (888) 729-0264

                                   Thank You to SDPOA Members!!!
  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Board            proved to be a very fulfilling and satisfying experience
  of Directors, office staff and all the members of the                for me.
  SDPOA, who assisted me in obtaining my certifica-                    As I begin my private practice I will be offering special
  tions as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Holistic                  rates to SDPOA members. All new clients will receive
  Health Practitioner. With the approval of the Board and          their first massage at 50% off. All subsequent bodywork
  the logistical support from the office staff, I had the plea-   will be discounted at a special Public Safety Worker/Mili-
  sure and honor of providing thirty-eight free therapeutic       tary rate.
  massages to SDPOA members during the months of May              Again, “Thank You,” to those who supported my endeav-
  and June.                                                       or, and more importantly, to all of you for the personal
  Given the day to day physical challenges and emotional          sacrifices you make while providing your services to the
  stressors that police officers are subject to, I could think    citizens of San Diego.
  of no better group of people who would benefit from the         Sincerely,
  value of massage therapy. Having had the opportunity to         Barbie Smith
  provide that service to SDPOA members, and obtain their         www.barbies-bodywork.com
  positive feedback afterwards, confirmed my belief and
 4 | The Informant
     P roblem S olving                    with       SDPD’S S erial i nebriate P rogram
When encountered with a problem, the first thought is usu-         When first advocating for the program, Officer Liening met
ally to solve it. With regard to the chronic homeless alco-        with the San Diego Police Department, the San Diego City
holic population, the problem was public intoxication and          Council, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, the
the solution was detox or jail. Once released, they were back      San Diego County Sher-
on the street, likely with a bottle of alcohol in hand. The        iff’s Department, the Su-
solution already in practice was                                   perior Court, San Diego
only temporary and didn’t reach         Care for chronic           City Attorney, County of
far enough down to the root of          inebriates costs           San Diego Alcohol and
the problem.                           San Diego County            Drug Services and the
                                           taxpayers               San Diego County Office
All of that changed in 1998
                                     $20 million annually          of the Public Defender to
when Officer John Liening and
Officer Juan Cephas, at the time patrol officers at Western        create a key partnership.
Division, grew frustrated that they and their colleagues were      Previous task forces that
constantly dealing with the same chronic alcoholics many           aimed to deal with this
times in one week, weekend, or even day. Officer Liening           problem were established
approached Sergeant Rick Schnell with an idea to tackle the        only to disband a year or
root of the problem – chronic homeless alcoholism was a re-        two later. By engaging all of the different agencies, the SIP
volving door. Chronic inebriates would move from the hos-          program has a broad base of support. All of the agencies
                                             pital to the sober-   understand their respective roles and work together to ef-
                                             ing center to jail    fectively solve a problem.
                                             and back to the       Funding for the first few years of the program was provided
                                             streets until they    by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors who designat-
                                             were       arrested   ed $400,000 of the tobacco settlement for SIP. To sustain
                                             or hospitalized       the program, the County of San Diego provides $120,000
                                             again.                per year to cover the treatment costs and the City of San Di-
                                             The concept for       ego provides $80,000 per year to fund housing for program
                                             the Serial Ine-       participants.
                                             briate Program        An individual is classified as a “chronic inebriate” after being
                                             (SIP) was the first   admitted to the Volunteers of America sobering center five
                                             of its kind in the    times in a thirty day period, though some chronic inebriates
nation and a pilot program was in place by 2000. SIP is a          can reach the five visit threshold in far fewer than thirty days
comprehensive, collaborative effort to get chronic homeless        – one chronic inebriate spent time in the sobering center up
alcoholics the help they need to get their lives back on track     to 200 times in one year. After being classified as a chronic
while simultaneously ending, or at the very least slowing,         inebriate, the individual is rejected by the sobering center
the major economic drain that chronic homeless alcoholics          and can be booked into jail upon their next public drunken-
pose to the community.                                                                            ness incident, where they will
Staggering statistics regarding the chronic inebriate popu-          The Serial Inebriate await their court date. At this
lation consist of the $20 million annual cost for San Diego               Program is a            point, SIP takes action.
County taxpayers to care for chronic inebriates, which in-               comprehensive,           The Serial Inebriate Program
cludes over 3,800 hospital visits, 2,700 paramedic transports         collaborative effort        uses the drug court model to
and 760 hospital admissions.                                        to divert custody into divert offenders away from cus-
In a 1998 study of 15 chronic                                       treatment for chronic tody and into treatment. Fol-
inebriates, UCSD Medical Cen-                                        homeless alcoholics lowing a drunk in public convic-
ter found that the 15 individuals                                                                 tion, the city attorney presents
were transported by ambulance                                      the opportunity for the chronic inebriate to participate in the
to the UCSD emergency room                                         program. The client now has an option to enter treatment in
299 times in one year at a total                                   lieu of jail time.
cost of $967,000 to the public                                     Once the chronic inebriate indicates that they would like
health system. One individual                                      to be assessed for the program, a case worker from Mental
racked up 51 paramedic transports and 51 hospital admis-           Health Systems, Inc. determines if the inebriate is eligible to
sions at a total individual cost of $91,000.                       become a client and he or she is provided with all of the tools
SIP is an innovative program that involves the cooperation         to succeed.
of numerous individuals and agencies across the county.                                                    continued on page 24

                                                                                                                  July 2008 | 5
                          Chaplain’s Corner
                          By Herb Smith, SDPD Chaplain

                         ‘He who walks in integrity          from local, state and federal agencies in San Diego, so you’d
                         walks securely, but he who          be in good company. A few are also bringing their spouses,
                         perverts his ways will be           and one guy’s bringing his 15 year old daughter (me!). It’s
                         found out”                          shaping up to be a landmark trip, with a visit to Petra in
                                                             Jordan as well. See last month’s column for reference, and
                         (Proverbs 10:9).
                                                             either I or Phil Bozarth, who is organizing the trip (I’ll be
                         So much of life is governed         the group’s pastor/teacher) can send you flyer, itinerary and
                         by the numbers; the time we         registration sheets. Call me at (858) 486-1926, or Phil at
                         arise, our weight on the scale,     (858) 829-6188. It will change your life!
         that closely watched PSA count, tax brackets
                                                             Also, the ministry of Christian Law Enforcement Fellowship
         and due dates, gas prices and wage rates. I like
                                                             is hosting a law enforcement marriage retreat October 3-5
         even numbers because they’re balanced, and
                                                             at Forest Home Ministries Conference Center in Forest
         my favorite number has always been eight.
                                                             Falls, right around Yucaipa, just above Redlands in the San
         Just is. My badge number, 1551, was odd, but
                                                             Bernardino Mountains. It’s a gorgeous setting, and being in
         I liked it because it was balanced. But there
                                                             that glorious forest refreshes the soul. But the conference
         was another badge number I liked even more,
                                                             itself will do that and more for your marriage. Our speakers
         #242, and my prayer and hope is that it runs in
                                                             are Paul & Virginia Friesen of Home Improvement Ministries,
         my veins. Maybe that’s why I like #8.
                                                             a dynamic couple who have authored a number of books
         For the last several months I’ve been working       on marriage and family, and are uniquely gifted with their
         to move my parents out of their home of 48          insightful, humorous and approachable manner of inspiring
         years. They’re now happily in Montana, but          the heart of our most precious relationship. Their stories
         clearing the attic, house, basement, garage and     and Biblical wisdom and insight from over thirty years of
         storage areas was an enormous task. There           marriage and family ministry (a number of them with law
         was one needle in the haystack I was looking        enforcement) together will deepen your understanding of the
         for: my father’s I.D. punch. As a welder for        invaluable gift and resource God has graced our marriages
         Ryan and Consolidated in the 40’s after the         to be, and will lead you back to profound hope and healing
         war, he carried a metal punch with the inverted     for a heritage of generational blessing. The cost is $395 per
         numbers 242 at the tip. When he finished a          couple, and includes food, lodging and program at Forest
         job, he punched it with his I.D. to identify it     Home’s upscale Lakeview Lodge area. Come and enjoy
         as his work on that weld. If a plane crashed,       award winning cuisine, great music, relaxing beauty, hope-
         and it was found that a faulty weld caused it,      filled and personable teaching, and a revitalization of your life
         investigators knew exactly whose it was. My         that, guaranteed, you will forever build upon. Your marriage
         dad became such a proficient welder that the        will be deeply graced. Call me or e-mail me at hsmithclef@
         companies allowed him to break their policies       aol.com, and I’ll send you full flyer and registration info.
         and work for both simultaneously because it         Bless - Herb
         would have taken several men to replace him.
         And though he was asked, he never loaned out
         his punch to anyone. You might as well have
         asked for his wife and kids. #242 governed
         him; it was his story.
         What governs your story? Is it being carefully
         forged and protected, or is it just another
         number that’s been robbed of its proficiency?
         When the welds it identifies are tested, will
         they withstand the pressure, or break? - I didn’t
         find Dad’s punch, but I carry his name, and his
         story goes on. He also gave me the hope of his
         faith, and that’s a weld of time to eternity that
         will never fail. “The work of righteousness
         will be peace, and in its service, quietness and
         confidence forever.” (Isaiah 32:17).
         Just a quick reminder that the law enforcement
         tour to Israel this November is almost full,
         with only three or four slots left. All going are
6 | The Informant
                     The Crime Files: Crime in The WhiTe house
                                                    By Steve Willard

With the presidential election coming       Washington, D.C. on his horse. He was        In the fall of 1950, the White House was
up in November, I thought it would          fined $20 and made to walk back to the       undergoing an extensive renovation.
be interesting to see what role the         White House on foot.                         President Harry Truman had been
presidents have played in crime, both       Just sixteen years after the first sitting   relocated to Blair House, a government
as victims and suspects.                    president was murdered, it happened          owned building across the street from the
The first sitting president on record as    again. On July 2, 1881, the President        White House. On November 1st, Oscar
crime victim was Old Hickory, Andrew        James Garfield was walking through a         Collazo and Griselio Torresola tried
Jackson. A former military hero from the    Washington, D.C. train station when          to make an armed attack through the
War of 1812, President Jackson already      Charles J. Guiteau shot him twice. The       front door of Blair House. White House
had his fair share of shooting and being    president eventually died on September       police officers opened fire and drove
shot at by the time he was sworn in as      19, 1881 although historians are now         back the attack. When the president
our seventh president in 1829. Even so,     sure it was more from his shoddy             heard the shooting, he walked over and
the idea of a president being attacked or   medical treatment than the bullets. On a     opened a window directly above the
worse probably still came as a surprise.    side note, Secretary of War Robert Todd      gunfight and stuck his head out to see
The first attempt to do him harm came       Lincoln was in the train station that hot    what was happening. Thankfully the
after Jackson fired Robert Randolph, a      muggy day and saw everything.                attackers never looked up to see their
federal employee, for embezzlement.                                                      intended target. Torresola was killed
                                            President William McKinley was at the
On May 6, 1833, the president was in                                                     at the scene, but so was police officer
                                            Pan American Exposition on September
Fredericksburg, VA when Randolph                                                         Leslie William Coffelt.
                                            5, 1901, when he was shot while shaking
rushed him and struck him. Randolph         hands with members of the crowd.             On November 22, 1963, President John
fled the scene with several members of      The first bullet grazed the president’s      F. Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas
Jackson’s party chasing him, including      shoulder. The second, however, went          Texas, by Lee Harvey Oswald. Despite
well-known writer Washington Irving.        through McKinley’s stomach, colon,           precedence, there was actually no
He was eventually caught, but President     and kidney, and finally lodged in the        federal law against killing the President
Jackson declined to press charges.          muscles of his back. The president           of the United States and the crime was
A more dangerous call came on               languished in agony for the next nine        a violation of the Texas murder statute.
January 30, 1835, when the president        days before finally succumbing to his        That has since been changed.
was crossing the Capitol Rotunda            wounds. Strangely enough, Robert             President Richard Nixon almost
after a funeral. Richard Lawrence           Todd Lincoln was at the expo at the          secured his legacy as being the first and
approached Jackson and aimed two            time the president was shot though he        only president ever to go to prison for
pistols directly at Jackson.        Both    did not actually see it happen.              actions committed during his term in
misfired. Jackson attacked Lawrence         Think being related to three presidential    office. Ironically, Nixon’s reaction to
with his cane, prompting his aides to       assassinations is strange? Consider          the pressure from Watergate caused
restrain him. Lawrence was acquitted        this, in Jersey City in 1863, Robert         him to take extended breaks from the
by reason of insanity. Later, an actuary    Todd Lincoln was in a train station          White House. One of those breaks
once estimated the odds of two pistols      when he almost fell into the path of a       would have saved his life had Sam Byke
misfiring were 1 in 125,000.                moving train. He was pulled to safety by     (previous article) been able to carry
Our 14th president was once actually        Edwin Booth, the brother of Abraham          out his elaborate scheme to attack the
arrested. President Franklin Pierce         Lincoln’s assassin John Wilkes Booth.        White House with a hijacked airliner.
was arrested in 1853 after his horse        In 1912, former President Theodore           President Gerald Ford had to have
ran over a woman in the streets. The        Roosevelt      was      in    Milwaukee      thought he had a target painted on
charges were dropped when the               campaigning for the Bull Moose Party         his back when he was shot at twice in
officers realized they had brought in       when he was shot in the head by someone      seventeen days back in 1975.
the President of the United States. The     in the audience. Not one to ever back        President Ronald Reagan came a lot
official disposition of the case is now     down, TR refused medical treatment           closer to death than anyone realized
listed as lack of evidence.                 and then continued his speech with           when he was shot and seriously wounded
The 16th president, Abraham Lincoln,        apologies for the interruption.              just weeks after taking office in 1981.
holds the dubious distinction of being      In February 1933, President Franklin         Of course, we all followed the perjury
the first president to be murdered while    Delano Roosevelt was giving a speech         issues of President William Jefferson
in office. Robert Todd Lincoln had been     in a Miami park when Joseph Zangara          Clinton as he came very close to being
invited to go to the Ford Theatre with      stood up and fired five shots at him.        removed.
his father but choose to stay at home       Zangara’s aim was terrible when it came      So what does the future hold for our
and sleep instead.                          to hitting the president but several         next presidents? No one knows but,
During the term of President Ulysses        people standing near Roosevelt were          regardless of party affiliation, let’s
S. Grant, the president was stopped         hit, including Chicago Mayor Anton           wish them better luck than some of the
for speeding through the streets of         Cermack who later died.                      previous ones have had.
                                                                                                                   July 2008 | 7
                       Report: Labor Management Committee Meeting
POA Directors Rob Lewis, Mark Sulli-              Board of Directors will discuss where the      uniform for the Bravo platoons. Chief
van, Jeff Jordon and Brian Marvel met             description stands and update members          Long is looking into the issue and will
with Chief Long on May 29, 2008 for the           when more information is available             get back to the board with an update.
quarterly Labor Management Committee •	 The new detective class will hopefully Evaluation Process
meeting, taking advantage of an oppor-            start before the end of the year. All cur- •	 There has been some confusion by
tunity for the POA to discuss important           rent detectives will be rolled into this       supervisors regarding who is respon-
issues with the Chief’s office. The meet-         class. All future detective candidates         sible for completing the new annual
ing covered a wide variety of topics:             (with the exception of candidates cur-         evaluation, particularly if an officer
Disability Retirement                             rently in the process) will be required        worked with one sergeant for a longer
•	 The POA is working with the chief’s            to take an exam and interview for the          portion of the year, but works for an-
   office to review the presumptions and          rank. After that point, passing candi-         other sergeant when the evaluations
   work requirements specific to police           dates will be placed on a list. Once the       come due. Chief Long will look into
   officers for disability retirements and        list is created, it will last approximately    clarifying who is responsible for com-
   identify methods to expedite the pro- Bernardo 3 bedroom
                                                  two years at the discretion of the Chief     Southwest Escondido
                                                                                                 pleting the evaluations
                             Magnificent Panoramic regard to views!
   cess. The current disability retirement •	 With Golf coursethe current detective P.O.S.T. Pay forFe Home
                                                                                           Gated Bernardo Santa schools
                                                   for the Chief is adamant
 WILLISis three to nine$680,000 Call melist, more information! about trim- •	 The Board of Directors brought up the
   process ALLEN              years and the                                                 3144 Square Feet - $790,000
   current plan as described in Division          ming the current list of approximately         issue that Sheriffs receive more POST
   24 of the City charter is vague and not
     Real Integrity.                              94 candidates down to approximately            money for out of county schools than
       Real enough
   specific Estate. for police officers. As it    30-35 candidates. The final list should        us. Chief Long will look into this
   stands now, the retirement board does
       Since 1914.                                be out in late July or early August. Chief 2nd Watch pay for TRU
   Cyndi Stetson
   not accept any presumptions that the           Long will write an article in a future is- •	Only those who work a majority of
   state accepts. This will be very long pro-     sue of The Informant to explain the pro-       their after 1800hrs are eligible 2nd
   cess. The mayor’s office needs to weigh
        (direct)                                  cess in greater detail                         watch pay. This does not apply to
   in on this and the city attorney would •	 Both positions will have a 5% pay increase          someone who is in TRU for a few days.
   need to write the ordinance change          Retiree Medical Trust                             This is for long term TRU. On this
Time (office)
         Off Requests                          •	 The POA Board of Directors updated             note, the department is looking into a
•	 Some divisions would not approve time          the Chief on where the trust stands at         centralized TRU. They are hoping to
   off requests made before June 30 based         this date. The POA hopes to present the        complete this by the end of the year
   on the new time off policy that will take      final proposal to the city by the end of       or sooner. This came about from the
   effect July 1. Additionally, some divi-        the year. This will be beneficial for new      BPR that the department completed
   sions would not approve time off re-           officers without retiree medical care and      several months ago.
   quests beyond the current shift. Chief         current officers who can use this trust If you have any questions about what
   Long indicated that he would remedy                       Over 17 years of SDPD of a was
                                                  to assist with medical bills outside experience!discussed at the meeting, please
   both time off request issues I will donate 5 percent of my sales commission to your POA, ask for details!
                                                  policy. More information will be avail- contact one of the committee mem-
POIII / Detective Class                           able in coming months                        bers by calling the POA office at
•	 The POA directors presented the POA Class B Uniform vs. Class C for 858-573-1199. The next Labor Man-
   opinion of the POIII job description Bravo Platoons                                         agement Committee meeting is sched-
   and Chief Long presented the Chief’s •	 The POA discussed concerns about using uled for September 3.
   proposed POIII description. The POA            a $165.00 uniform instead of a $70.00

         Rancho Bernardo 3 bedroom                                                          Southwest Escondido
   Magnificent Panoramic Golf course views!                                              Gated Bernardo Santa Fe Home
   $680,000 Call me for more information!               WILLIS ALLEN                     3144 Square Feet - $790,000
                                                        REAL ESTATE
                                                           Real Integrity.
                                                            Real Estate.
                                                            Since 1914.
                                                         Cyndi Stetson

  Over 17 years of SDPD experience! I will donate 5 percent of my sales commission to your POA, ask for details!
8 | The Informant
    A Look Back and Forward                                   By Jeff Jordon, SDPOA Director
If you have spoken with me lately, you       more officers chose to stay with SDPD.       ing, FLSA/contract violations and sal-
might have noticed that my patience is       Most importantly, the change guaran-         ary reductions through retaliatory City
wearing thin in regards to complaints        teed that our flex benefit dollars auto-     takeaways. I would like to see most, if
over flex benefits and POA-related liti-     matically increase as the cost of health-    not all, of these matters mediated and
gation.                                      care increases.                              resolved. When it comes to mediation
Many factors contributed to the mas-         Even with these undeniable advantag-         issues, the board members are inevita-
sive exodus of officers (nearly 400)         es, some POA members are still upset         bly accused of being “sellouts” or not
during fiscal years 2006 and 2007.           over the change. While I understand          having the members’ best interests
However, the out of pocket expenses          the complaints, please understand that       at heart. Before these unfounded ac-
associated with city-sponsored health-       there is no purpose in arguing about a       cusations continue, I assure you that
care was the overwhelming complaint          change that also led to base salary in-      I do have the members’ best interests
that I heard as SDPD officers ran to-        creases that every member deserved.          at heart and please think about what is
wards more generous employers. Offi-         I want to be very clear on a few other       coming on the horizon.
cers simply could not afford to pay over     issues as well. First, the City created      We are about to become involved in
$8000.00 a year to provide healthcare        benefits such as DROP and retiree            more costly litigation with the City.
for their families.                          healthcare to keep officers in San Di-       Also, the elections will bring change and
As the POA entered contract negotiations     ego. Many officers have worked here          unknown political leaders onto our City
for fiscal year 2008, the POA Board and      for years to collect these benefits, when    Council. Some of these leaders believe
the City mutually agreed that we needed      they could have gone elsewhere for im-       they have a “voter mandate” to further
to increase base pay and decrease out        mediate salary increases. Now that the       attack our current benefits. If this oc-
of pocket expenses to retain officers.       bill is finally due, the City can either     curs, the POA Board may be forced to
The end result, which the membership         honor their promises to provide these        make decisions that not every member
overwhelmingly supported, was a real-        benefits or deal with a Board member         will like as we cut costs and budget for
location of our flex dollars. This reallo-   willing to sell our building, and every-     protracted litigation.
cation cut the out of pocket health care     thing in it, to let a court decide whether   When these choices are made, they will
expenses of our officers with families in    our benefits are vested or not.              be done after careful consideration by
half, replaced an obsolete method of de-     Next, the POA is currently involved in       a POA Board that always places the
livering benefits that virtually no other    five separate legal actions with the City    member’s welfare first.
City uses and enhanced officer safety as     that are related to pension underfund-

                                                                                                                   July 2008 | 9
Letter to the Editor: In response to the May 2008 article on the Air Support Unit

The article in the May 2008 issue concerning the San Diego
Police Department’s Air Support Unit was very interesting
and informative. But since it contained little with regard to
the unit’s historical beginning, allow me to share that infor-
mation dealing with the unit, and its early years. For I am
one of those “detectives who had a pilot license and occa-
sionally rented planes to follow and track the movements of
mobsters in the area,” as was mentioned in the article. Actu-
ally, we did start out doing it that way, but not for long.
The unit had its start one day, back in 1974, when Ray Al-
bright asked me if I thought an airplane could be used for
covert surveillance. Giving it about a nanosecond of deep
thought I said, “No, Ray, I don’t think so.” But he said,
“Well, we have permission from my lieutenant to try it out,
anyway.” Ray was a member of the Criminal Intelligence
Unit, and he and his fellow undercover detectives were hav-
ing problems tailing one of their criminal suspects without
being detected. Apparently, this wily person assumed he
would always be followed whenever he left his house each             Afterwards, we started working other cases for the Intelli-
day, making it difficult to follow him without being detected.       gence unit with good results. Word eventually got around
Thus, in turn, making it hard to nail him in the performance         to the department’s other investigating units of our accom-
of the nefarious activity he was suspected of doing without          plishments, and we started helping them as well. This idea
the detectives being made known.                                     of Ray’s was really working. (We eventually got so good, that
                                                                     if we were booked up, undercover teams would postpone
                                                                     working their players until we were available.)
                                                                     After several months of this Ray and I started making our
                                                                     case for a permanent “Air Support Unit.”(Actually, that’s
                                                                     what we named it, and how we envisioned it is what the de-
                                                                     partment has today.) We started writing reports showing
                                                                     how an airplane could be used for routine police patrol, an
                                                                     airplane, because we thought it was a little early to suggest
                                                                     using the pricey helicopters; we knew that would come later.
                                                                     But first we had to show results working with what we had.
                                                                     Little did we know though, that our surveillance operation
                                                                     would work into something big itself, at least big in our little
                                                                     minds. (We never did get around to trying an airplane for
                                                                     routine police patrol.)
                                                                     In the meantime our business was picking up to where we
                                                                     were doing surveillance flights just about every day, and of-
So, a few days later Ray and I went out to Gillespie Field in
                                                                     ten at night, so we had to get some help. That’s when Offi-
El Cajon and rented an airplane at the company where I had
                                                                     cer/Pilots Ed Sergott, Doc Lawson, Don Wendt, Lou Scanlon
worked part time as a flight instructor. To keep the costs           and several others were recruited to help out.
down for the city we chose a small trainer, a Cessna 150. Big
mistake. After taking off we realized the cockpit was much           Eventually, (in 1980) as reported in your column, we got
too small, for neither of us were considered members of the          our own airplane, one Ray and I personally chose as being
“little people” community. But after arriving over the play-         the best type and model for our operation. We kinda “for-
                                                                     got” to tell anyone that our new airplane fell into the Federal
er’s home, we immediately saw that we would be able to suc-
                                                                     Aviation Agency’s category as being a “government aircraft,”
cessfully follow vehicles, even pedestrians, undetected.
                                                                     and was not required to adhere to the strict FAA’s mainte-
A few days later we got permission to actually start working the     nance regulations demanded of general aviation aircraft.
case using an airplane. (This time, however, we rented a larger      We felt that if the City was aware of that they would opt for
Cessna which gave us more leg, and shoulder—and other parts          the cheapest maintenance. So we had the aviation company
of our anatomy— room.) Using a Handy Talkie, we were able            from which the airplane was purchased to provide us with
to converse with Ray’s fellow team members who were in cars          the very best maintenance possible. We decided on that not
parked out of sight in the suspect’s neighborhood. After a cou-      just for liability reasons, but first and foremost for our own
ple of flights following that we were able to see where the player   safety. Since we often operated a single-engine aircraft at
went and whom he contacted, and so the unit’s detectives were        night and sometimes in marginal weather we didn’t want
able to make an arrest and close the case.                           any mechanical problems to have to deal with. From the
 10 | The Informant
very beginning, Ray and I knew we had to make safety our           wouldn’t have happened as early. That is because of Ray Al-
number one priority. We had practiced it right off with the        bright’s masterful ability to get things done: the “open door
rented aircraft, and with our new department aircraft. We          program” he had with Chief Kolender (who was a very big
also stressed safety in training our new pilots.                   supporter of getting the department into the air) and the
Along with our new Cessna came a small office in the Mont-         three-way tie between those two individuals and the depart-
gomery Field terminal building, right on the flight line. With     ment’s Fiscal Management team. During those early years
our own plane and the office, we would no longer have to drive     Ray was here and Ray was there, getting people together to
out to El Cajon and grab a rental. We eventually got a top-        bring this unit to fruition. His fingerprints are all over the
of-line police radio, along with other fancy electronics to help   San Diego Police Department’s Air Support Unit.
with ground communications. We were really flying high.            Now, never having flown a helicopter, I don’t know exactly
We worked everything with the airplanes: Narcotics – locat-        what the unit’s air crews feel today, flying over the city, do-
ed marijuana fields and assisted with the raids. Bank rob-         ing their good duty as airborne police officers. I only know
beries – followed the suspects to the banks, watched them go       of my times aloft years ago, trying to tail a suspect’s car on a
inside and come out to their cars with the loot and take off.      crowded freeway, at night, from 3,500 feet without losing it.
Kidnappings – watched the suspects pick up the ransom.             It was hard work, but it was fun and it put a lot of bad people
                                         Dlouhy Doors
Burglaries – how many cops during their career have ever           away for good. And now, whenever I’m in town and hear a
seen a suspected burglar break into a house? And of course,        helicopter overhead and I look up to see that it’s ABLE, I feel
the numerous organized crime figures we tailed.                    a little tug at my heart, proudly knowing that I had a small
                                                                   part in putting it up there.
When I retired in 1984, Ray, Don Wendt, Ed Sergott and Bob                                         ~ Carmi D. (Bill) Miles
McDonald continued working the unit. They had already              In Pictures: Ray Albright, Bill Miles and Ed Sergott at Bill’s
been working on getting the helicopters, and about two years       retirement party in 1984 (far right). Bill Miles stands in front
later they had them – the seized aircraft they had acquired.       of the new airplane donated by Bill Cowling of the Dixieline
No doubt, even without the efforts of the early members of         Lumber Store. The picture was taken in April 1980, the day
the unit, the San Diego Police Department would eventually         that Ray and Ed had ferried the airplane to San Diego from
have had the excellent Air Support Unit it has today. It just      the factory in Wichita, Kansas.

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12 | The Informant
                     How Interest Rate Changes Affect You
The rise and fall of interest rates is one   in your portfolio. Your fixed-income              stock market will respond favorably.
of the biggest factors influencing the       investments should be diversified to
                                                                                               In addition, rising interest rates may
economy and financial markets. It is         withstand rising and falling rates.
                                                                                               affect certain industry groups more
important to have a basic understand-
                                             Stock Investors: Falling interest rates           than others. For instance, because
ing of how interest rate changes affect
                                             tend to have a positive impact on the             growth companies borrow money in
your pocketbook and investment port-
                                             stock market, especially stocks of                order to expand, rising interest rates
                                             growth companies. The companies                   increase the cost of their debt, which
Typically the Federal Reserve lowers         that tend to borrow money to finance              in turn decreases profit (or increases
interest rates to jump-start the econ-       expansions also tend to benefit from              loss). As a result, the prices of their
omy. Lower interest rates mean con-          declining rates. Paying lower interest            stocks may fall.
sumers may be willing to spend more          rates decreases the cost of their debt,
                                                                                               If you’re interested in learning more
money and incur more debt. This              which may positively affect their bot-
                                                                                               about what changing interest rates
stimulates the economy in a variety          tom line. The stock prices of those
                                                                                               mean for you, a financial advisor can
of ways, including increased revenues        companies may rise as a result, driving
                                                                                               help you better understand the ef-
from products sold to the consumers          the market in such a way that prices of
                                                                                               fects interest rates may have on your
and taxes generated from those sales.        other stocks may follow suit.
Investors, on the other hand, have a
                                             When the Fed decides to raise interest            This article was provided by Wachovia Se-
different perspective.
                                             rates, its goal is usually to slow down           curities, LLC. Member SIPC, a registered
Bond Investors: As interest rates fall,      an overheating economy. The cost of               broker-dealer and a separate nonbank af-
the prices of previously issued bonds        borrowing increases and consumers                 filiate of Wachovia Corporation.
tend to rise. The new issues are of-         may begin to cut back on spending.
                                                                                                    The Syrios Financial Group
fered at lower, less appealing rates.        This reverses the effects that lower in-
                                                                                                    of Wachovia Securities, LLC.
That makes bonds with higher interest        terest rates had on the economy and,                  Gregory A. Syrios, CFP® CIMA
rates much more desirable and that           again, investors are affected differ-                        Financial Advisor,
much more in demand.                         ently.                                                 Managing Director-Investments
On the other hand, those who plan to         Bond investors: When interest rates                        Ben Taravella, AAMS
hold their bonds to maturity aren’t re-      shoot up, the demand for bonds with                          Financial Advisor
ally affected by falling rates, with the     lower interest rates typically falls,             Please call us at our toll free number
exception of reinvestment risk.              which decreases their value. That’s               888-729-0264 with any questions or
One way issuers may take advantage           because new bond issues are offered at            concerns.
                                             higher rates.                                     Securities and Insurance
of falling rates, is by calling their out-                                                     Products are: not insured
standing bonds and issuing new bonds         Stock investors: Depending on the                 by FDIC or any federal
at lower rates. This can hurt those          current market environment, rising                government       agency;
whose bonds have been called because         interest rates can have a positive or             may lose value; not a
they can’t reinvest at the rate they were    negative impact on the stock market.              deposit of or guaranteed
previously receiving. To offset that         In some cases, rising rates can send              by a bank or any bank
risk, it’s important to make sure you        jitters through the market, resulting in          affiliate.
don’t have too many callable bonds           falling stock prices. In other cases, the

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                                                           080612_PoliceAssAdv2.indd 1                                               6/12/08 2:49:32 PM
                             POA Member Benefits – A Reminder
If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if the benefits of be-          Thursday of the month for the purpose of allowing mem-
ing a POA member are worthwhile, take a moment to read                  bers to stay informed on the business of the Association
through just some of what you have access to with a POA                 and offer suggestions for improving the Association
membership.                                                          •	 Officer Recognition Events – The POA hosts numerous
  •	 Legal Representation – The top reason for being a POA              officer recognition events throughout the year. We know
     member is access to legal representation for anything              that the jobs you have are never easy and we enjoy hav-
     that happens while you are on the job. Legal fees can              ing the opportunity to recognize the dedication of our
     be astronomical, especially if you are tackling them on            members at the Officer of the Shift breakfasts, 25 Year
     your own, but POA membership allows you access to the              Watch luncheons and Peace Officer of the Year Award
     highest quality representation for work-related matters            Ceremony, which recognizes law enforcement agents
     at no additional cost                                              from across the county as well
      •	 The law firm of Bobbitt, Pinckard & Fields, A.P.C. is       •	 Member Perks – SDPOA members receive other perks
         located in the same building as the POA at 8388 Vick-          just for showing your SDPOA ID
         ers Street. Bobbitt, Pinckard & Fields has significant          •	 SDPOA members are able to reserve the use of the
         experience in law enforcement legal issues and is de-              POA Hall for individual private functions such as
         voted solely to legal defense representation of law en-            birthday or retirement parties. There is no charge to
         forcement officers and police officers’ associations               use the hall, but you must be an active or retired POA
      •	 If you have concerns about a labor issue, the POA                  member and reserve the hall in advance
         also retains the law firm of Jackson, DeMarco, Titus            •	 You can stop by the SDPOA store to buy sweatshirts,
         and Peckenpaugh to advise members on labor issues                  mugs and other gear and you also have access to dis-
         and provide counsel through the contract negotiation               count tickets for movie theaters, theme parks and
         process                                                            other local attractions
  •	 Contract Negotiations – The next most obvious benefit               •	 SDPOA members also receive discounts at local par-
     is representation during contract negotiations. Contract               ticipating vendors, including discounts on member-
     negotiations are a long and grueling process of talks and              ship at 24 Hour Fitness and discounted classes at
     discussions with City leaders to determine how San Di-                 National University, among others
     ego Police Officers can be adequately compensated. The              •	 The POA’s attentive staff is happy to help with any
     POA Board of Directors advocate on the side of all of-                 questions you have
     ficers for better pay and benefits. Negotiations can last       •	 Other Officer Events – The SDPOA hosts two major
     for months between the series of back & forths and give            events each year that are open to all POA members in
     & takes. Though it is impossible to please everyone, the           addition to the variety of other social events that are
     board strives to determine the best compensation pack-             sponsored or supported by the POA
     age possible and will continue to work toward elevating             •	 POA Picnic – POA members and their families are
     SDPD compensation to match the compensation of other                   invited to enjoy food, fun and games at the POA pic-
     comparable agencies                                                    nic every summer. Costs are minimal to ensure that
  •	 Life Insurance – The SDPOA offers payroll deduction                    many POA members are able to attend
     for various life insurance policies. By using this service,         •	 POA Christmas Party – The SDPOA hosts the Christ-
     POA members do not have to worry about keeping track                   mas Party each December to celebrate the holiday
     of payments as they are directly taken out of your pay-                season with our members. The black tie event doesn’t
     check. The SDPOA previously offered medical insur-                     have a black tie ticket price, tickets are sold at prices
     ance, but the City now operates the medical care plans                 far below the actual cost
  •	 Catastrophic Leave Banks – the POA handles all cata-            •	 Scholarships – Police work affects the families of police
     strophic leave requests and only POA members will be               officers as much as it does the individual. The POA hosts
     eligible to set up a catastrophic leave bank if a situation        a breakfast each June to distribute scholarships to the
     calling for one arises. The POA coordinates setting up the         children of San Diego Police Officers
     bank and facilitates leave donations from officers inter-       •	 POA Widows & Orphans Fund – In the tragic event that
     ested in contributing their time off to an officer in need         a San Diego Police Officer is killed in the line of duty, the
  •	 Financial Support – The POA can provide financial as-              POA Widows & Orphans Fund provides financial assis-
     sistance to members in times of need. Members are able             tance to the family of the officer to help them get through
     to ask for an advance of money up to $10,000                       an extremely difficult time. Proceeds from many POA
  •	 Voicing your Concerns – SDPOA members are welcome                  events benefit the POA Widows & Orphans Fund
     to voice any concerns or grievances that they may have          •	 Qualifying POA members are eligible to receive a plaque
     in the workplace to the Board of Directors. Members                and a reimbursement check for a portion of their dues
     may pursue an informal process of resolving issues, re-            upon retirement
     ceive explanations or request action from the board, if       If you have any unanswered questions, please contact one of
     necessary. Board meetings are also held on the second         the board members or the POA office at 858-573-1199.
 14 | The Informant
                                      Inspector Gadget
                                      Inspector Gadget
                                       •	 Inspector Gadget was known in the mid 1980s as a
                TV Cops:                   bumbling detective with gadgets built into his body
              Some Good,               •	 He generally stumbles through his cases and makes
                                           foolish mistakes about his surroundings
               Some Bad,               •	 Inspector Gadget often confused innocent bystanders
               Some Ugly                   (and sometimes his niece Penny’s dog, Brain) with
                                           enemies and believed that the real enemies were friends.
                                       •	 Though he found himself in self-inflicted danger, he
                                           always got out of trouble with the help of his built-in
                                           gadgets, Penny’s interference or dumb luck
      •	 Inspector Gadget’s arch nemesis was Dr. Claw. The opening teaser of each episode shows the nearest Gadget ever got to
         capturing Dr. Claw. Gadget handcuffed a decoy metal glove, only to have a bomb explode in his face
      •	 Inspector Gadget’s catchphrase is “Wowsers!”
     Voiced by Don Adams
     Lt. Frank Drebin
     Naked Gun/Police Squad
      •	 Frank Drebin’s rank constantly changes, often many times within a single scene. He
         was known to introduce himself as “Sergeant Frank Drebin, Detective Lieutenant
         Police Squad”
      •	 Sgt. Det. Lt. Drebin repeatedly drives into something (usually trash cans) when
         he parks his car. During Police Squad, the number of trash cans he hit correlated
         with the episode number
      •	 Johnny, the shoeshine boy, who appears to know everything that is the “word on
         the street,” is Drebin’s go-to guy for the answers to his questions
      •	 The glass door of the squad room has “Police Squad” written on it in gold in such a manner that whichever side you look
         at it, one of the words is written backwards
      •	 He occasionally worked under aliases; some of them included Tony De’Wonderful, Nick “The Slasher” McGuirk,
         Locksmith and Bob Kelly
     Played by Leslie Nielsen
     Det. Olivia Benson
     Law & Order: SVU
      •	 Olivia Benson is a detective in the NYPD Special Victims Unit
      •	 In 2006, Benson infiltrated an eco-terrorist group and took a leave of absence from SVU to
nd       work with the FBI under the identity of Persephone Freed-James
      •	 Detective Benson graduated from Siena College and was a member of a sorority there
      •	 In addition to English, Benson speaks some Spanish and French
      •	 With the exception of a few breaks from the Special VictimsLaw Benson has been partnered
                                        Ronald Hauser, Attorney at Unit,
         with Detective Elliot Stabler. Her calm approach balances Stabler’s intensity. When Benson
         and Stabler realize they are the same blood type, they agree that they would give the other a
         kidney if it were needed
     Played by Mariska Hargitay
              Haven’t seen your favorite TV cop yet? Send an email to ecox@sdpoa.org with the TV cop’s name!

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        Phone: 619-540-8202  Fax: 619-589-1900
                                                                                           (619) 741-3961
           Email: tmagproductions@cox.net
         Law Enforcement Owned & Operated
                                                                         National City ♦ San Diego ♦ La Mesa
                                                                                                              July 2008 | 15
      price through your current contract is $113/month
                         SDPOA Discount Tickets
  ATTRACTION                                  AGE        MEMBER        REGULAR          EXPIRES        Limits
  CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE -OR-               ADULT (10+)      $61.00        $66.00        12/11/2008     8/Member
  DISNEYLAND 1 DAY PARK PASS               CHILD (3-9)     $53.00        $56.00                       per month
  CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE -OR-               ADULT (10+)      $66.00        $91.00        12/11/2008     8/Member
  DISNEYLAND 1 DAY HOPPER                  CHILD (3-9)     $58.00        $81.00                       per month
  CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE AND                ADULT (10+)     $106.00        $132.00       12/11/2008     8/Member
  DISNEYLAND 2 DAY HOPPER*                 CHILD (3-9)     $91.00        $112.00                      per month
              * Second visit MUST be used within 13 calendar days following the first date of usage
                Please visit Disneyland.com to determine which annual pass best fits your needs.
                       Then come into the SDPOA to purchase tickets. Credit Cards ONLY!
  KNOTT'S BERRY FARM                      ADULT (12+)      $24.99        $43.00         3/31/2009     8/age group
                                           CHILD (3-11)    $17.99         $19.99                       per month
  KNOTT'S SOAK CITY                       ADULT (12+)      $18.99        $28.99         9/21/2008     8/age group
                                           CHILD (3-11)    $17.99         $17.99                       per month
  LEGOLAND-BUY 1 DAY, SECOND              ADULT (13+)      $41.00        $59.00         1/31/2009     8/age group
  DAY $1                                  CHILD (3-12)     $41.00        $47.00                        per month
  MAGIC MOUNTAIN                             ADULT         $24.99        $59.99        12/31/2008     8/age group
                                          CHILD (-48")     $15.00        $29.99                        per month
  MEDIEVAL TIMES CA                       ADULT (13+)      $40.65        $52.65       No expiration   8/age group
                                           CHILD (-12)     $30.40        $35.40                        per month
  PIRATE'S DINNER ADVENTURE               ADULT (12+)      $46.50         $54.73       11/30/2008     8/age group
                                          CHILD (3-11)     $32.00         $36.57                       per month
  SAN DIEGO ZOO                           ADULT (12+)      $28.00        $34.00         3/31/2009     8/age group
                                          CHILD (3-11)     $19.50        $24.00                        per month
  SEA WORLD - 2 DAY*                      ADULT (10+)      $46.50        $57.00         5/31/2009     8/age group
  *Black Out Dates Apply                   CHILD (3-9)     $39.00        $47.00                        per month
  UNIVERSAL STUDIOS-1 DAY                    ADULT         $49.00        $64.00          2/1/2009     8/age group
                                          CHILD (- 48")    $49.00        $54.00                        per month
  UNIVERSAL STUDIOS-1 DAY                   ALL AGES      $119.00        $129.00        1/31/2009     8/age group
  FRONT OF THE LINE PASS                                                                               per month
  UNIVERSAL STUDIOS: BUY A DAY-             ALL AGES       $64.00        $89.00         1/31/2009     8/age group
  GET A YEAR PASS*                                                                                     per month
  *Black Out Dates Apply
  WILD ANIMAL PARK                        ADULT (12+)      $28.00        $34.00         3/31/2009     8/age group
                                          CHILD (3-11)     $19.50        $24.00                        per month

               MOVIE THEATERS                 MEMBER         REGULAR         EXPIRES            Limits
               AMC                             $6.25          $10.00        No expiration
               PACIFIC                         $6.25           $9.50        No expiration     12/Member
               ULTRA STAR                      $5.75           $9.50         12/31/2010        per 7 days
               REGAL / EDWARDS /               $6.25          $10.00        No expiration
               UNITED ARTIST

            You must show POA membership card before purchasing any member tickets - NO EXCEPTIONS!
                              Please call the POA store to verify tickets are available.
                               All tickets prices are subject to change without notice.

                                        Community Housing Works is offering a program
                                          designed to assist san diego poliCe offiCers
                                                 in purCHasing tHeir first Home
  Homebuyer Education This 8-hour HUD certified class for first-time homebuyers qualifies graduates for reduced
  rates with some lenders. The class answers common homebuyer questions, explaining the entire process of buying
  home and the steps that must be taken to become a homeowner.
  Loan Programs Cash for Closing Costs – up to $7,500  Special Loan programs for City Heights  City of Chula
  Vista loans for down payment up to $40,000  Cal Home Down Payment assistance from $25,000-$40,000  Home
  Ownership Opportunity Program
                You must attend the class and receive the HUD Certificate to be eligible for the programs.
             Loan Programs are only available for San Diego County. Classes are held at the POA building
                              Call Nelida Rodelo at 619-282-6647 x327 to register
       If you have additional questions, please contact John Hartman at rfpasecretary@yahoo.com

16 | The Informant
                       What does it take to qualify for “Hardship”?
                     How the City has NO mercy for America’s Finest
                                                   By Kari Saunders

I became a San Diego Police Officer in 1998. Graduating          “light-duty” so I can pay my bills, but they said no because
the academy was a huge accomplishment for me. I was              I would not last a week at work without putting my neck
proud to wear my uniform and I looked forward to going           into total spasms.
to work everyday. I enjoyed my job. In 2000, I married           I thought it could not get worse, but it did. In April 2007, I
another SDPD officer and we looked for a house to buy. We        was classified as “Permanent and Stationary.” That meant
found a nice 2500 sq ft house in Rancho San Diego. I also        I was no longer qualified for WC. I was told no more pay!!
bought a new car. Our kids in our new blended family were        What???? I get permanently injured ON DUTY, I am
getting along with one another. Life was good.                   disabled and I am not getting paid.
Life as I knew it changed September 2003. I was on duty          I complained, so the City decided to advance me $600.00 a
working Central Division when a DUI hit my patrol car.           month from my own settlement money that I will eventually
The collision spun my patrol car around. My knee hit the         get after the City decides what percentage of disability I
MDT so hard it knocked the MDT off its mount. It twisted         have. The City will deduct the advance money from my
my neck so bad that it crushed two discs. I awoke to a           settlement amount. I asked the City to at least pay me a
transient knocking on my window saying that the suspect is       lump sum of the disability money when the time comes so I
getting away. Central Division did a good job of capturing       can dig my family out of the financial hole. The City denied
the suspect within an hour. I was taken to a hospital and        my request and will only pay me a few hundred dollars a
little did I know that that was the last time I would be 10-8.   month over the next 30 years.
Now the real nightmare started for my family and me.
                                                                 Jumping forward to June 2007, a net $300.00 a month is
I had my first neck surgery May 2004 and a second neck           not enough to live on. I knew that we were near bankruptcy
surgery May 2005. Neither surgery fixed the chronic pain         and I needed to be medically retired before we lose
that I live with. I just had a third neck surgery February       everything. Once I could become medically retired, my pay
2008, and that did not fix my pain. My C-3 thru C-6 are          would go back up to 50% salary, and I would have medical
fused together. The doctors finally got around to fixing my      coverage again. Maybe we could salvage our house if I get
knee with surgery September 2006.                                retired soon.
I see a pain specialist at least once every two weeks since      I wrote a letter to the top person in charge of retirement for
the accident, sometimes once or twice a week depending           the City (David Wescoe) explaining my dire situation. He
on the pain. I take an average of ten different types of pills   replied I did not qualify for a “Hardship” to push my medical
a day for the pain and to counter the side effects of some       retirement ahead of others. No Mercy!! My retirement
of those pills. I get a series of shots in my neck every other   package just sits and waits for someone to eventually look
month or so to try to relax the muscles for some pain relief.    at it.
Some of those shots have to be under x-ray because they
are so critical.                                                 We struggled financially throughout 2007 and eventually
                                                                 had to file for bankruptcy in January 2008. The Chapter 7
My doctors will not let me be “light-duty,” so I am at the       bankruptcy was finalized April 2008. We now have to give
mercy of the City. The City of San Diego has no mercy.           back our house, give back our cars and our credit is shot to
The following is how I was paid – and not paid – for             hell for the next seven years.
becoming disabled while on duty: The first year (2080 hrs)
is Industrial Leave, so I was paid 100% salary. After that,      I look around my house and I cannot believe I have to
I was put into Work-Comp (WC). The first year of WC is           move out of my home that we worked so hard for. I started
LTD. My salary was reduced to 70%. Still manageable, we          packing the things in my house and wondered what does it
just had to make a few adjustments to make ends meet.            take to qualify for “Hardship”? We lost everything!!! And
                                                                 this is not a “Hardship”??? What does it take to qualify
After one year of WC-LTD, I became TTD. My salary was            for a “Hardship”?? I hope David feels good about himself
now reduced to 50%, and I was kicked out of medical. So          for saving the City money and putting my family out of its
now I had to buy my own medical insurance for $300.00            home.
a month – cheaper than being put on my husbands flex
benefits. By the end of 2005, the bills started to pile up.      It is the end of May 2008 and I am still waiting to be
                                                                 medically retired. I am still waiting to be paid again. I am
I put in for my retirement package in November 2006. We          still waiting for the City to explain to me what a “Hardship”
had wiped out our savings, maxed out credit cards, and           is, because this sure feels like one.
tapped into our 401K’s. I begged my doctors to let me go
                                                                                                               July 2008 | 17
                                 Staying Saf e in the Summer Sun
         Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers, accounting                       •	 Wear protective clothing as much as possible when you
         for nearly half of all cancers in the United States, but it is also                 are out in the sun. Comfortable clothes made of tightly
         one of the most preventable types of cancer.                                        woven fabrics that you cannot see through when held up
         The American Cancer Society recommends a number of ways                             to a light will help keep you sunburn-free
         to lower your risk of non-melanoma skin cancer:                                  •	 Use sunscreen even on hazy or overcast days, UV rays
          •	 Wearing sunscreen and lip protection with at least a sun                        can travel through clouds
             protection factor (SPF) of 15 will help lower your risk                      •	 Wear hats to protect your head and ears and wear sunglass-
             (particularly if you’re one of the officers who will be pa-                     es with 99% to 100% UV absorption to protect your eyes
             trolling the beaches this summer)                                            •	 Avoid other sources of UV light, like tanning beds and
            •	 Be sure to select a sunscreen that has “UVA/UVB pro-                          sun lamps
               tection” or “broad spectrum protection” on the label.                     Check your moles, freckles and birthmarks for changes. The
               UVB rays are responsible for sunburns and skin cancer.                    ABCDs of skin cancer self-checks can help guide you. Con-
               UVA rays are mainly responsible for the aging effect of                   tact your doctor if you notice any of the ABCDs:
               the sun, but it’s important to keep in mind that overex-
                                                                                          •	 Asymmetry – It can be a red flag if one half of a mole
               posure to UVA rays can also cause skin cancer
                                                                                             looks different from the other side
            •	 If you are hitting the beach or pool, the difference be-                   •	 Border Irregularity – Is the edge (border) of the mole
               tween “waterproof” sunscreen and “water resistant”
                                                                                             ragged, notched or blurred?
               sunscreen is significant. “Waterproof” sunscreen
ce of   Dan Zeidman                                                                       •	 Color – Generally, moles should have color consistency.
               should provide protection in the water for 80 minutes,
               while “water resistant” provides only 40 minutes of                           If there are a variety of hues and colors within the same
               protection. Be sure to re-apply sunscreen generously                          mole, have your doctor take a closer look
               following swimming or towel drying                                         •	 Diameter – What is the size of the mole? Keep a close
          •	 Ideally, it is best to avoid sun exposure between 10 a.m.                       watch on your moles that are near the 6 millimeter mark
             and 4 p.m., when the sun’s rays are strongest                                   (about the size of a pencil eraser)
          •	 If you must be in the sun, seek out shaded spots whenever                    (Sources: American Cancer Society – www.cancer.org;
                                                                                            American Academy of Dermatology – www.aad.org)
             possible to give your skin a break from intense sunlight

                    DAN ZEIDMAN, ESQ.
             260 East Chase Avenue, Suite 201  El Cajon, California 92020
                       Phone: 619-440-3232  Fax: 619-440-7864

             Providing legal services to peace officers and their families through-
             out San Diego County in personal injury, wrongful death, insurance
             law and defamation since 1986.
             Recipient of the prestigious “Outstanding Trial Lawyer” award by
             the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego, aka San Diego Trial Lawyers
             Proven trial lawyer for injured law enforcement officers and their
             families (sample cases below):
                1. $700,000 jury verdict for San Diego deputy sheriff
                2. $595,000 jury verdict for National City police sergeant
                3. $780,000 settlement for San Diego police officer
                4. $350,000 court verdict for defamed San Diego police officer,
                   plus a ruling on the constitutionality of Civil Code § 47.5 - Def-
                   amation of a Peace Officer [Loshonkohl v. Kinder (2003) 109
                   Cal.App. 4th 510]
                5. $1,800,000 settlement for family members of police officer
                6. $900,000 settlement for San Diego police officer
                7. Successful litigation in breach of right to privacy case for 90 law
                   enforcement households, totaling over 300 family members
                            No Recovery No Attorney Fees
           18 | The Informant
                                               Upcoming Events

             Save the Date!                                      The Pan Pacific Law Enforcement Association
      Narcotics Task Force                                                              presents the

         35th Anniversary                                                             10th Annual
          Golf Tournament                                                           SUMMER LUAU
                                                                                       Friday, July 18, 2008
              & Dinner                                                                 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm
          October 10, 2008                                                            BALBOA PARK CLUB
               Golf Tournament                                                     President’s Way, Balboa Park
                 Doubletree Golf Resort
           14455 Penasquitos Drive, San Diego                         Hawaiian Music • Polynesian Dancers
                      7:00 am check-in                                         DJ • Dance Music
           8:00 am tee time - four man scramble
                     $60.00 per golfer                                          $25.00 Non-member
     (includes continental breakfast and bag lunch)                       $15.00 Member + $15 for 1 Guest
                                                                           $5.00 Children under 10 years
                                                                                Ticket Reps:
          San Diego Police Department Range
          4008 Federal Boulevard, San Diego                        Roy Moody  Taerance Oh  Rudy Tai
                5:00 pm hors d’oeuvres                         Cesar Solis  Tom Orden  Esmeralda Tagaban
                     6:00 pm dinner                                       Dave Yu  Sandra Montez
                   $20.00 per person
                                                                                 WEAR YOUR BEST
  Please email NTF35@yahoo.com to receive announce-                           HAWAIIAN OR POLYNESIAN
    ments and updates regarding the upcoming event                                    OUTFIT

                           Top Selling Agents in San Diego
                                                                                                                 7 3 5 5
                                                                                       TOP 3%
                                     ATeamYouCanTrust.com                           OF REALTORS


                                                                      Thinking of Buying or Selling?
FEATURED HOMES                                   2008 SALES
9102 BERNARDO LAKES DRIVE 4,500 Sq. Ft.         17070 New Rochelle Way - $595,000     230 W. Laurel St. #601* - $629,000
Offered at $1,399,888 - $1,449,888 Code 1029    10550 Gaylemont Lane - $975,000       10427 Cherry Blossom Lane* - $538,000
1266 SEACOAST DRIVE 5,308 Sq. Ft.               15009 Cross Stone Dr. - $780,000      17173 W. Bernardo Dr. #106* - $175,000
Offered at $2,399,888 - $2,599,888 Code 1038    10212 Lone Dove Street - $775,000     3967 N. Granada Ave.* - $340,000

3230 STAGHORN COURT 3,540 Sq. Ft.               10210 Lone Bluff Dr. - $718,000       632 Via Del Campo - $675,000
Offered at $999,888 - $1,099,888 Code 1026      12310 Creekview Dr.* - $395,000             * Represented Buyer. Sales as of 01/01/08

Offered at $689,888 - $749,888 Code 1025
                                                15105 Cross Stone Dr. - $869,888      9940 Falcon Bluff - $919,888 - $969,888
Offered at $459,888 - $525,888 Code 1027         PROFESSIONAL STAGING, CLEANING AND HANDYMAN SERVICES

                                                                                                                July 2008 | 19
Congratulations to the san Diego PoliCe DePartment offiCers of the shift
                         The Officer of the Shift breakfast was held on Monday, June 9 and Friday, June
                         13. Members of the SDPD Command Staff, POA board members, the award
                         winners and family members gathered to recognize outstanding SDPD officers
                         and employees.
                              Central - MiChael S. Moran  eaStern - MiChael Brogdon
                         inveStigationS i - Steve Skinner  inveStigationS ii - daniel t. StuBer
                             Mid-City - gary avaloS  northeaStern - roger MCCarvel
                           northern - angela M. ZduniCh  northweStern - gaylon SellS
                                  operational Support - thourarith “dan” SayaSane
                             SoutheaStern - eliaS eStrada  Southern - danielle Spilker
                               traffiC - thoMaS andrewS  weStern - gerry waClawek
                              CoMMuniCationS (eMployee of the Shift) - Jeffrey C. MoniS
                                          poliCe ServiCe offiCer - phet guiney

20 | The Informant
                                                   Home Loans
                                                   Lower your payments
                                                     and use your loan
                                             to pay off or consolidate your bills
                                                or make home improvements

Assistant Chief Bryden attended his last     Call Robert Today
Officer of the Shift Breakfast with the
SDPD before he leaves to become Chief          1.888.601.1700
of Police in Walnut Creek. He noted
that the San Diego Police Department         or 619.992.4043 (Cell)
is known as the best department in
state, if not in the country (and he
promised that he reserves those words                                                           Robert Owen
for SDPD and won’t say the same thing
about Walnut Creek when he gets up         Whether you’re considering a new home pur-
there soon).                               chase, re-financing or a loan to consolidate your
                                           bills, there are so many options that it’s easy to
                                           get confused. Let us design the ideal plan for
                                           your needs. Put the SUPERIOR advantage to
                                           work for you - give me a call today!
                                               •   Get Pre-Qualified in 5 Minutes
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                                               •   VA
                                               •   FHA
                                               •   Conventional
                                               •   Jumbo Loans
                                               •   HUD/VA Repos
                                               •   FNMA & FHLMC Foreclosures
                                               •   Purchases
                                               •   Refinances
                                               •   Second Mortgages

                                                            Superior Mortgage, Corp.
                                                            330 W. Felicita Ave., Suite D  Escondido 92025
                                                            Licensed Broker Ca. Dept. Real Estate
                                                            Real Estate Broker C. Dept. of Real Estate, Lic #01135542
                                                            For information regarding his license, call Dept. of Real Estate
                                                            Hotline 916-277-0931

                                                                                                         July 2008 | 21
 RF&PA Update
                      By Bill Farrar, Vice President and Bernie Swaim, Member, Retired Fire & Police Association
                                                                        weren’t dressed in expensive clothes or                              without making it appear to even re-
                From Bill - The local
                                                                        wearing expensive jewelry. I didn’t see                              semble work. Now that they have
                June primary election
                                                                        anyone driving a Cadillac. Their prima-                              conned me into doing my bit, John will
                has produced the fol-
                                                                        ry concerns were how they were going                                 have one less ball up in the air. Thanks
               lowing results. Mayor
                                                                        to pay for increased healthcare costs.                               for your lively reporting over the past
             Jerry Sanders was re-
                                                                                                                                             few months.
           elected to a four year term.                                 The various insurance companies as
   Because his prior abbreviated term                                   well as SDCERS staff answered the                                    Last month’s event was held at the VFW
   was longer than two years he will                                    audience’s many questions. Once                                      hall in Ramona with Art Beaudry, Chef
   be termed out in December of                                         again premiums continue to rise. Re-                                 Mario, and me preparing the breakfast
   2012. Council Districts 1, 3, and                                    tirees should have received packets in                               which was served by Bob, Ernie and
   7 and the City Attorney race will                                    the mail by June 11. Open enrollment                                 yep, good old John.
   have runoffs in November. Carl De                                    for retirees continues through July 3.                               Overheard Bob Curry, John Gregory,
   Maio won outright in District 5.                                     The SDCERS website has the material                                  Dizzy Moore (Mary, that wonderful
   Over 71% of the voters rejected                                      online.                                                              lady he had on his arm is not his girl-
   second place finisher City Attorney                                  July has brought active police offi-                                 friend—but his wife of more than a few
   Mike Aguirre. Unfortunately, he’ll                                   cers a 3% raise with another 3% in                                   years), and Beaudry were bragging that
   be around until December. Mayor                                      December.                                                            their Academy class had more attend-
   Sanders has made it clear that he                                                                                                         ees than any other – I count myself in
                                                                        The next range lunch is Monday July
   intends to dramatically change                                                                                                            that group.
                                                                        14. KUSI journalist Paul Bloom will be
   the City’s pension system. He’ll                                     the guest speaker.                                                   Jack Freitas and Larry Moratto were
   be supporting those Council can-                                                                                                          playing around like a couple of lion
   didates that agree with his point                                                                                                         cubs – some things never change. Al-
   of view. We need to unite behind                                     Off the top of Bernie’s head – Funny                                 ways surprises me when I notice just
   those that recognize the pitfalls of                                           Hill when you are not look-
                                                                        things happen Tile Company                                           how many guys from north of Hwy 8
   a non-competitive, two tiered re-                                    ing. At the end of the event of which I                              still get together for these things.
   tirement system. I’ll provide you                                    am writing, I was approached by John
                                                                                                                                             This is a slow start and I promise to do
   with the latest recommendations                                      Hartman and C J Cloniger and given
                                                                                                                                             a better next time – but I must tell you
   next month.                                                          the ‘opportunity’ to try my hand at cap-
                                                                                                                                             I will not be listing everyone who shows
                                                                        turing just a bit of the fun that is had
   Today I attended the San Diego                                                                                                            up – always had the feeling that some of
                                                                        by the guys and gals of the Mountain
   Retired Employees Association’s                                                                                                           the guys just dropped by so they could
                                                                        Division Breakfast group.
   presentation of next year’s health                                                                                                        check this column to find their names
   insurance details. I saw the faces of                                Hard for me to believe just how many                                 and prove that they were still alive.
   several hundred City retirees. They                                  balls John seems to be able to juggle
                                                                                                                                                             Continued on page 29

  Specializing in SPSP, DROP and                                                               Javier Greene                                          RANDY J. HILL
                                                                                                Registered Representative                                TILE SETTER
   401(k) Rollover planning.                                                                                                                        LICENSED & BONDED
                                                                                                CA License No. OC81760
  Receive ongoing guidance to help                                                                                                              Kitchens  Bathrooms
   you stay on course for the long term.                                                                                                         Fireplaces  Vanities
                                                                                                619.278.5797 Direct                                  Entries  Etc...
  Schedule             an appointment today!                                                   jgreene@sdmcu.org
                                                                                                                                                     2544 Kelly Avenue
                                                                                                                                                     Ramona, CA 92065
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 (CBSI), member FINRA/SIPC, a registered broker/dealer and investment advisor, 2000 Heritage Way, Waverly, Iowa 50677, toll-free
 (866) 512-6109. Nondeposit investment and insurance products are not federally insured, involve investment risk, may lose value
 and are not obligations of or guaranteed by the financial institution. CBSI is under contract with the financial institution, through the           760-484-0111
 financial services program, to make securities available to members.
                                                                                                                                                        Lic # 8520536
22 | The Informant
                         Legends Behind the Badge
The San Diego County Credit Union was the title sponsor for Legends Behind the Badge V held at the US Grant on May
15th 2008. In keeping with tradition, the event was once again chaired by Chief Bill Lansdowne and attended by some 300
distinguished guests. All monies raised went to the San Diego Police Historical Association.
The ceremony began with a video tour of our new, almost 5,000 square foot museum now under construction in a former
city library at 4710 College Avenue. Once open, we will share space with a Community Relations Office and I can assure you
that you have yet to see anything like it!
As a steak and sea bass dinner was served, the audience watched a number of award recipients honored for their service to
SDPD and their community.
In order of presentation:
      •	 Jose A. Cota Award for Preservation: Bob Lampert
      •	 Jose A. Cota Award for Philanthropy: The Mendelsohn Family
      •	 Jose A. Cota Award for Law Enforcement: Mary Walsh - SD County Sheriffs Office
      •	 Duty and Service Award: Sergeant Jeffery Sterling, Officer Michael Edwards, De-
         tective Manuel Del Toro
      •	 Frank W. Northern Award for Achievement: Retired officer Daniel Toneck
      •	 Jefferson “Keno” Wilson award for Merit: Reserve Lieutenant Lester “Lee” Louis
      •	 Emery E. Campbell Award for Valor: Sergeant Robert D. Clark
Mark your calendars, next year’s event will be held on Thursday, May 14, 2009, and once again it will be at the US Grant. As
a sneak peek we can tell you one of the award recipients will be the Los Angeles Police Historical Society. The LAPDHS tells
us they are working on bringing best selling police author James Ellroy (LA Confidential, The Black Dahalia, Street Kings)
to the event as well, but right now it is unconfirmed. So for now dear readers, consider it on the QT and very Hush Hush.
                                                      																		Emergency	Equipment	Engineering
             S AVEMONEY ON YOUR
 As a member of the San Diego Police Officers
 Association, you have access to high-quality security
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 Savings Plus® program. As a leader in the industry,
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 Renters insurance with a 10% member discount!
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 Cynthia Kelley
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 Ext. 58245
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 Cynthia.Kelley@libertymutual.com                                                                                            and uniform needs.
 *Group discounts, other discounts, and credits are available where state laws                CODE-3	               Emergency	Equipment	Engineering	
 and regulations allow, and may vary by state. Certain discounts apply to                 Industries,	Inc.	                4304	Twain	Avenue	
 specific coverages only. To the extent permitted by law, applicants are in-               Serving	You	Since	1976	
 dividually underwritten; not all applicants may qualify. Coverage provided
                                                                                                                         San	Diego,	CA		92120	
 and underwritten by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and its affiliates, 175                                         (619)	280-4300		(800)	854-2183	
 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA.                                                                                             www.code3-eee.com		
                                                                                                                                    July 2008 | 23
         SIP - continued from page 5
                          Mental Health Systems, Inc. provides alco- veloping relationships again and get a job,” said Officer Lien-
          The Serial hol recovery treatment to SIP clients and is ing. “It’s just amazing.”
           Inebriate developing a rehabilitation curriculum that The Serial Inebriate Program has a 64% success rate. The
           Program        is specifically tailored to treat the chronic individual who was once ranked number seven on the list
              has a       inebriate population.                         of most paramedic runs is now
         64% success After the assessment, Officer Liening picks enjoying over a year of sobri-             SIP is responsible
               rate       up the client and takes them to St. Vincent   ety. Individuals who do not for a 58% reduction
                          de Paul’s Medical Center. St Vincent’s now make it through the program in arrests and a 54%
        becomes the client’s medical home where he or she is pro- are offered the program again,               reduction in
        vided with medicine for any health conditions. This is the      with modifications, to enable         hospital runs
        final stop before being taken directly to treatment program. them to continue to head in the        within the chronic
                                                                        right direction. SIP is directly inebriate population
        Treatment varies for each client from extremely structured
                                                                        responsible for a 58% reduc-
        environments to sober living arrangements depending on
                                                                        tion in arrests and a 54% reduction in Emergency Medical
        their individual abilities. The average SIP client is 40-50
                                                                        Services and hospital runs within this population.
        years old and has lived on the
        streets for 10-15 years. Those                                  The Serial Inebriate Program is a ground-breaking program
        living on the streets often feel                                that has received numerous accolades and awards since its
o Centers
        hopeless and have very little in-                               inception. Phillip Mangano, executive director of the United
        terest in anything. When pre- Alpine TenderCare Preschool Interagency Council on Homelessness, has praised
        sented with the opportunity to                                  the Serial Inebriate Program as a part of the plan to end
        be involved in SIP, many clients                                chronic homelessness. Mental Health Systems, Inc. and SIP
        feel that they have a chance to                                 are recent recipients of the County Alcohol and Drug Pro-
        live again when there is a way to                               gram Administrators’ Association of California (CADPAAC)
        get out of the revolving door that they shuffled through from Treatment Award for Collaborative Partnerships for 2008.
        the hospital to the sobering center to jail. It’s the beginning The Serial Inebriate Program and the San Diego Police De-
        of the road to recovery for them.                               partment Homeless Outreach Team are listed as two of the
        “It’s the most rewarding thing when you see someone who top ten best practices in the nation for working with home-
        has been on the streets for 15 or 20 years get their life back lessness. For the San Diego Police Department to have not
        and start to feel good about themselves. They can start de- one, but two programs in the top ten nationwide is nothing

           D A C                                                                   Alpine TenderCare
                 Our Goal ... Customers For Life                                                   Preschool
                Fleet Pricing                                                    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 2 Snacks
                Huge Inventory                                                          prepared by Onsite Cook
                Large Service Department                                          Diapers, Wipes and Formula provided
                Complete Parts & Apparel Store 2008 Edge
                State-of-the-Art Collison Repair Center
                Finance & Lease Programs
                Extended Warranty & Security Protection

                  2008 F150
                        For an appointment,                                D isco d
               call one of your POA representatives:                         with         LIVE WEB CAMERAS
                  FLEET DEPARTMENT                                                    Infant, Toddler, Preschool and
                                                                                          School-Age Programs
                     619 464-7777                                                        Law Enforcement Owned
               Mike Safford x7729         Jerry Miller x7727
                                                                                        Open until 10:00 pm
                   24 years                    19 years
                                                                                  2710 Alpine Blvd. Alpine, CA 91901
                        Toll Free 888-373-9367                                               619.659.5701
                           (888 Drew Ford)                                              www.alpinetendercare.com

         24 | The Informant
short of remarkable. And other cities have taken                              Defender, the medical care from St Vincent’s
note. Cities across the country turn to Officer            The cost of        de Paul Medical Center and the counseling and
Liening, Sergeant Rick Schnell and the San Di-         treatment is far       treatment from Mental Health Services, Inc.
ego Police Department to learn how they can en-         lower than the        and San Diego County’s Drug & Alcohol Ser-
joy the same success.                                   cost of jail and      vices Departments have enabled the program to
The Serial Inebriate Program is advantageous           hospitalization        come this far and many lives have been changed.
for everyone involved. The City and County of                                 Contact the San Diego Police Foundation if you
San Diego have fewer chronic inebriates on the street. San        or someone you know would like to contribute to the Serial
Diego Police patrol officers spend less time with the chronic Inebriate Program.
inebriate population and can focus their time on other im-
                                        portant public safety
                                        efforts. Chronic ine-
                                        briates take up fewer
                                        bed spaces at local
                                        emergency       rooms,
                                        hospitals and at the
                                        sobering center. The
                                        cost of treatment is
                                        far lower compared
      Bay Park Realty and               to the cost of jail and
                                        hospitalization      to
      Financial - Jon Kern
taxpayers. Finally and most importantly for the individual
clients, the program offers a unique opportunity to become
active members of the community.
                                                                  Sergeant Rick Schnell, Susan Bower, Director of the County
The Serial Inebriate Program is only possible through the
                                                                  of San Diego Alcohol and Drug Services, and John Richard-
commitment of each of the agencies and help from outside
                                                                  son, Vice President of Mental Health Systems, Inc. attended
individuals. The funding from the City and County of San
                                                                  an award ceremony in May to accept the CADPAAC Treat-
Diego, the cooperation and encouragement from the Supe-
                                                                  ment Award for Collaborative Partnerships - statewide rec-
rior Court, City Attorney’s Office and Office of the Public
                                                                  ognition for a phenomenal program.

                                    same location
                                    since 1975                                                DO NOT
                                    2075 Morena Blvd.
                                                                                             ALLOW A
   & BAY PARK FINANCIAL                                                                    TO RUIN YOUR
  Office: 619-722-1289                      Cell: 619-994-5447

  • Represent seller or buyer
  • Residential - Commerical - Investment
  • Short sale as an alternative to foreclosure
  • Call before you make what could be a costly mistake
  • New home purchases
  • Re-finance existing loans
  • Restructure loans to avoid surrender of your property
  • Ask about a “No Cost Loan” on home purchase                                          Jon Kern Realtor ®
                                                                                              SDPD Retired
  CA Dept. of Real Estate DRE #10483034
                                                                                                           July 2008 | 25
                                 C ig a r M ixer I I I
                                                       By Ed LaValle
The third SDPHA/SDPOA Cigar Mixer went up in a big              the SDPHA. He also is available for private and retirement
cloud of happy smoke. Held at the Historic Police firing        parties. Gary currently works for the US Government and
range, Cigar Mixer III had all the makings of an old time       played with several musical groups to include “The Marshall
shift change party minus a few things that now could get        Tucker Band,” “Jimmy Buffet,” and “Willie Nelson.” Gary is
you fired.                                                      available for any type of event and can bring whatever mu-
Cigar Mixer III welcomed several new faces to the event to      sical need you may have. You can check Gary out at www.
include members of the SDPD’s Command, Investigation,           classicrockingdj.com.
and Patrol staff. Many of our regulars were in attendance       A variety of raffle prizes were won, several by the usual at-
along with several active and retired members from sur-         tendees with very mysterious luck. Raffle prizes included four
rounding Federal, County, and City Law Enforcement agen-        sets of Padre tickets (Omni Club, four seats, with parking) do-
cies. It was good to see a large group of our retirees in at-   nated by AMR services, 100 cigars, T-shirts and commemora-
tendance!                                                       tive coins donated by the SDPHA, 35 cigars donated by SDPD
Cigar Mixer III featured food from “Fiori’s” catering, beer     Sergeant Danny Orduno, two foursome golf packages donated
on tap from “Firehouse Brewery,” wine from the deep cel-        by American Golf and Gary Johnson A.G.M. at Mission Trails,
lars of the SDPHA, special rum from “Grand Liquor”and           two bottles of rum donated by “Grand Liquor,” a family four
fine cigars from “Churchill’s” of Old Town.                     pack of Disneyland tickets donated by “Z-90,” and a box of 25
Western’s own Michael Schaldach and retired Melody Roc-         cigars donated by the “Cuban” cigar factory.
co were behind the bar providing generous service and hu-       The SDPHA and SDPOA would like to express a very big thank
mor to order. San Diego’s “Classic Rockin DJ” Gary Trice        you to all who donated to the event to help make it a big suc-
was 97 playing the perfect mix of music. If you have not seen   cess. We would also like to thank all who attended, donated
the dynamic duos in action you’re missing out. Both Mike        their time, and helped make this event one to remember. We
and Gary are a must have at any function. Mike is a pro-        look forward to seeing you at the next mixer. The next mixer
fessional bartender and has been the official bartender of      is tentatively set for September/October 2008.

 26 | The Informant
All-You-Can-Eat Lobster Every Night!
                                                                                     Only at Valley View Casino!

                                                                                S  an Diego’s best buffet is now serving whole steamed
                                                                                     Maine lobster every night of the week.
                                                                                While you’re there indulge in Alaskan
                                                                                King crab legs, fresh-rolled sushi and
                                                                                jumbo shrimp along with delicious
                                                                                grilled steaks, gourmet Italian, Mexican
                                                                                and Asian cuisine and decadent homemade
                                                                                desserts. Plus, when you join the Players Club your
                                                                                first buffet is free! Treat yourself to the best every
                                                                                night, only at Valley View Casino!

 when you join the Players Club!
 Offer is for new Players Club
 members. Please present          the                                                 I-15 to Valley Pkwy East • Valley Center, CA
 coupon when joining the club.

                                                                1-866-VIEW-WIN • valleyviewcasino.com
 Membership is free!               Expires: 7/31/08 TI

                    Free Slot Play!
          Get $20 00 in
PLUS! . . . that’s MOREPLAY™
                 when you earn 10 points in a 24-hour period.                          WHILE THE CHOICE AT OUR BUFFET HAVE NO LIMIT, YOUR AGE DOES.
                                                                                GUESTS MUST BE 21 OR OLDER TO ENJOY THE CASINO, RESTAURANTS AND CONCERTS.

                                                                                                                                     July 2008 | 27
                                       San Diego Padres
                                  Law Enforcement Night 2008
                Padres Law Enforcement Night was held on Thursday, June 5 to recognize all of the outstanding law
                enforcement agents who keep San Diego County safe. Over 28,000 fans were on hand to see officers from
                numerous agencies line up on the field. There were K-9 units, motor officers, Border Patrol agents on ATVs
                and bicycle officers on the field while the San Diego Police Department’s own Air Support Unit provided
                the fly over.
Numerous fans stayed until the end of the night to witness an exciting, if unusual, end to the game. A tie game going into
the bottom of the ninth, Adrian Gonzalez hit a grounder, advancing the other two runners on base to second and third before
he was thrown out at first. The Mets intentionally walked Kouzmanoff to load the bases, hoping for an out at any base.
McAnulty was hit by the first pitch thrown to him, forcing Hairston across home plate with the tie-breaking run.
A portion of each ticket sale from Law Enforcement Night is designated for different law enforcement themed charities
including Shop with a Cop, the Regional Law Enforcement Teddy Bear Drive for Rady Children’s Hospital, the San Diego
County Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation and the San Diego County Law Enforcement Explorers.

28 | The Informant
RFPA Update
continued from page 22                     POA Staff Highlight: AmANDA KArOliSzyN
Okay! Lew Waugh and Chuck Szymc-
zak have been around so long that they     Amanda Karoliszyn started working at
really do need the proof. Overheard        the San Diego Police Officers Associa-
Lew talking about Chuck Duschel who        tion about five and a half years ago as
is another old timer that probably         the sales associate for the SDPOA store,
needs validation about now.                but she recently moved to the position
For those I failed to mention – Yes!       of administrative assistant. In her new
Most of you still appear to be alive and   position, she assists with a wide variety
relatively well.                           of administrative duties in the office.
Faces not seen in a while ‘Yap’ Yap-       Amanda credits her co-workers and
tango, Butch Sing, Tommie Powell           the POA members as being one of the
and Gary Tompkins.                         major reasons for why she still enjoys
Woops! Bob James reports that the          working here. “Without them I would
following senior citizens were seen to     not look forward to coming to work. It
move at the Bali Hai Tuesday affair.       is a fun and upbeat atmosphere,” said
Got to get out there and see guys like     Amanda. She also enjoys the hours and       the desert or the Colorado River, where
Frank Peters, John Hoolihan, Gene          benefits that the POA has to offer.         she goes boating or fishing with her
Arthur, Mike Sgobba, Billie Smith,
                                           Throughout the year, Amanda looks           husband, Eugene.
Dick Tulley, Dave Crow, and the kid,
Bill Dunne.                                forward to attending many POA events,       She likes to spend time at home with her
                                           including the POA Picnic coming up in       husband and animals – two dogs, Jas-
I have heard rumors that another
                                           August and the POA Christmas Party.         mine and Puppy, and two cats, Lacy and
group has a breakfast meeting some-
                                           She also recently enjoyed attending         Smokey. She keeps busy with projects
where in Clairemont. I sure hope they
will invite me so that I can report on     Law Enforcement Night at the Padres         around the house to keep it updated.
their doings.                              and the Motor Officers Appreciation         Amanda is also the unfortunate winner
                                           Breakfast.                                  of the longest commute among the POA
Any other retired groups out there
that need talking about? bernie@           When not at work, she likes to go danc-     staff members – she travels in to Kearny
mibaja.com                                 ing with friends and relax on trips to      Mesa from Jacumba everyday!

                         The POA Store has mugs,
                              t-shirts, polos,
                          sweatshirts, bathrobes,
                             hats and glasses.
                          Come see what is new!

              Visit the POA Store
                     for all
                San Diego Police
                 goods & gifts!
    The POA Store is located at
         the SDPOA office
        8388 Vickers Street
          San Diego 92111
    (The store is to the right after
       entering the building)

                                                                                                             July 2008 | 29
                                              Stranger than Fiction
                                               Honestly, we couldn’t make it up if we tried...
When inanimate objects trump bumbling burglars,               A couple of frustrated burglars left behind some words for
it’s a good day. That is exactly what happened re-            the owner of the country club they had broken into. The
cently in Iowa. A woman has been walking in the               father and son duo made numerous attempts of busting
early hours of the morning when a would-be mug-               into a safe, even using a saw, but to no avail. When they finally con-
ger threatened the woman with a box cutter and                ceded that the safe had out-smarted them, they scribbled “(Expletive)
grabbed her purse. The woman screamed and the                 you and your safe” on a blank sheet of paper. They sped away from
mugger tried to make a quick getaway. Knowing                 the country club with a few tennis rackets and shoes, leaving a few
that a passing motorist had pulled over to help               pieces of their precious loot behind as it fell out of the car. A security
the woman, the thief glanced over his shoulder                guard had noticed them and they were identified by their car’s license
to see if he was being followed. He had failed to             plate. The pair eventually turned themselves in and most of the stolen
look forward before looking backward and ran                  goods were returned. They both face felony burglary charges and up
smack into the side of a parked car so hard that              to five years in prison though they won’t face additional charges for
he dropped the purse, box cutter and severely                 the threatening note since it wasn’t directed at anyone in particular.
            dented the side and trunk of the car.
                                                              For the average pick-up truck, five tons is a
            Leaving evidence against oneself in               heavy load. Add to that five tons a couple
            plain sight is a sure fire way to raise a         boxes of copper filling weighing 120 pounds
            few eyebrows. Following an anony-                 and you’re certain to have a hard time head-
            mous tip regarding drug activity, Pitts-          ing up any hills. A Pennsylvania woman re-
burgh police officers watched over the suspicious             cently stole a five ton steel coil from a steel company only to be pulled
house until they saw a car leave the residence.               over when police noticed that the tires looked particularly low. After
When the driver ran a stop sign, the officers pulled          the owner of the steel company verified that he was missing a little
the car over for at the very least a minor traffic in-        inventory, the woman was charged with receiving stolen property.
fraction. During the traffic stop, the officers saw the
woman’s purse sitting on the front seat next to her.          A not-too-bright New Jersey man tried to cash in a lottery scratch
Her bag was open, exposing several bricks of her-             ticket a number of times before his luck really ran out. The man
oin she had stashed inside. The woman was taken               had altered the Magnificent 7 scratch ticket so that three sevens were
in to custody and she consented to a search of her            displayed in a row, entitling the man to redeem the ticket for $7,000.
home. Detectives found 278 bricks of heroin to add            He tried to redeem the ticket at the gas station where he worked be-
to the eight that she had in her purse and almost             fore turning to a nearby deli. When that didn’t work, he contacted
$6,000 in cash. The woman was charged with pos-               the New Jersey Lottery Commission to file a claim for the prize. In-
session with intent to deliver, possession of a con-          stead of winning the cash, he became the subject of an investiga-
trolled substance, and two vehicle code violations.           tion and he now faces theft and forgery charges, very unfortunate.

             Are you ...
  ready to get away from city life?                                         July Specials
 The peace and tranquility you’ve been
 looking for is here ...
  In beautiful Northern Idaho
                                                                           Buy a rechargeable flash-
 You are surrounded by easy access to fish-
 ing, hunting, boating, skiing and golf! As
                                                                         light & get FREE engraving
 transplants from the San Diego area, we
 love this beautiful place and invite you to
                                                                             plus a FREE holder
 check it out! Please check out a few of the
 many properties available in the
 Coeur d’Alene area:                                   All holsters (on and off
   • 4 bed/2.5 ba quality built Rosenberger
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     shop - $299,000                                           25% off
 For photos and more information,
 please visit my website at www.
 joant.mywindermere.com, or call                                        Cal. Uniforms Inc.
 Joan Torbett at 208-699-5119                                   3755 Park Blvd. San Diego, CA 92103
 or 800-883-1356
 30 | The Informant
On the Road...
Officer Alex Jimenez from Mid-City, Officer
Izy Delgadillo from Central, Detective Jessi
Holt from Central, Detective Dawn Wolfe from
Backgrounds, Detective Kika Navarro from
Backgrounds and Agent Evelyn Boressoff
from the US Border Patrol spent a little time
in a cell at the 17th Precinct in Manhattan
while their arresting officer perused an old
copy of The Informant. Glad they let you off
the hook, ladies!

                                                           Officer Valari Summers of Northern Division
                                                           and Dick Castle, POA Labor Council, took a
                                                           copy of The Informant along on their month-
                                                           long vacation. They hiked to the summit of
                                                           Kilimanjaro (19,650 feet!), went on three safaris
                                                           and enjoyed a week of relaxing on Zanzibar

Officer Tom Carlyon from K-9 Unit stood
next to a few Massachusetts State Police
motorcycles to see the Chargers take on
the Patriots in the playoff game at Gillette
Stadium in Foxboro, MA.        Thanks for
bringing your copy of The Informant with
you while you braved the snow!

      If you’ve recently taken your copy of The Informant on the road with you, please share your pictures!
                         Send your submission to the editor via email at ecox@sdpoa.org.
                                                                                                    July 2008 | 31
                         An at-a-glance listing of SDPOA,
                        law enforcement and local events                                        July
                                                                                          Dates to Remember
    Sunday                Monday             Tuesday             Wednesday             Thursday                Friday          Saturday
	                  	                   	                    1	                2	                    3	                    4	              5
                                                                                     RF & PA Board
                                                                                                          American Legion
                                                                                    Meeting 9:00 am
                                                                                                            BBQ in Julian
                                                                                      SD Fireman’s
                                                                                                          Call 760-765-0126
                                                                                   Relief Association
                                                                                                           for information
                                                                                    10509 San Diego
                                                                                   Mission Rd., Suite F
              6                       7                     8                 9                    10                     11          12
Last Day of the                                                                     SDPOA Board
 Del Mar Fair                                                                      Meeting 8:30 am
                                                                                    SDPOA Board
            13                      14                  15                   16                    17                     18          19
   San Diego                                                                                               Pan Pacific Law
  Blood Bank                                                                                                Enforcement
 5K Walk/Run                                                                                                 Association
Seaport Village                                                                                              10th Annual
sandiegobloodbank.org                                                                                       Summer Luau
or 619-400-8166                                                                                           5:00 to 10:00 pm
 for more info                                                                                            Balboa Park Club
            20                       21                 22                   23                    24                    25           26
                                                                                                          Everyday Heroes
                                                                                                          Golf Tournament
                                                                                                              Golf Club

                                                                                                                                              32 | The Informant
                27                  28                  29                   30                    31
POA Office MAnAger’s rePOrt

Hello POA Members! To start things off for July, I’d like to      of law enforcement-themed charities. We threw the POA’s
continue the update on the POA building. The final phase          hat in the ring in hopes of having some of the proceeds
of the renovations to the exterior of the building is drawing     donated to the SDPOA Widows & Orphans, we weren’t
near and the landscaping of the front entrance is scheduled       selected this year, but we’ll try again for it next year. Thank
to begin in early July.                                           you to Sergeant Bill Woods and the Air Support Unit for
                                                                  working with the POA to coordinate the pre-game flyover.
Inside of the office, I’d like to remind you that you are
welcome to use the notary service – free of charge to             We’ve had a number of retirement parties in the POA Hall
POA members. Please call the POA office in advance to             over the past few weeks and want to remind members that
set up a convenient time to come in and have any papers           you are welcome to reserve the hall for your own parties at
notarized.                                                        no charge. Birthdays, retirements, anniversary and other
                                                                  functions can be held here by contacting the POA office and
We have completed interviews for the new POA store clerk
                                                                  booking the hall in advance. The hall can accommodate up
and anticipate that we will have a new face in the store by the
                                                                  to 149 people.
first week of July. Please come on in to buy your discounted
tickets and say hello to our newest staff member.                 Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with.
                                                                  Be safe!
It was wonderful to see so many of you at the Padres Law                                   Respectfully,
Enforcement Night a few weeks ago, I am glad we were
able to enjoy a win! As you probably know, a portion of the
money from that night’s event is donated back to a variety
                                                                                           Khristina Smith

                                                 Classified Ads   
Looking for police patches and badges from California agencies, including current and older patched, specialized units, tabs,
badge patches, etc. I have a large collection to trade from or will purchase. Let’s get together for coffee and do some trading.
You may contact Dan Weiss at dweiss@pd.sandiego.gov. Dan is California Law Enforcement Historical Society Member #33
                                                  Vacation Rentals                
Kihei, Maui – Kamaole Beach Club 1 bed, 1.5 bath condo (4 weeks) or 2 bed, 2 bath loft/townhome (2 weeks). Both units
are fully furnished and have a full kitchen. Just bring the sunscreen! Located directly across the street from Kamaole Beach
State Park I. Unbeatable sunset views! Condos rent Sat-Sat based on availability. One bed condo sleeps 4 & two bed loft
sleeps 6. Special law enforcement rate is $85/night in the 1 bed & $150/night in the 2 bed. First come, first serve. Call Mike
Dean (SDPD Retired) at (619) 518-7003 or email Linda Dean (edpqueen@aol.com). Mahalo!
Big Bear Lake – Beautiful two-story mountain cabin. Secluded in pine trees with view. Fireplace, sundeck, stained glass
windows, beautifully furnished. Sleeps 9 people comfortably. Nearby boating, fishing, swimming, water skiing, parasailing,
jet skiing, wind surfing, golfing, horseback riding, hunting, hiking, snow skiing (winter). Or simply just get away and relax.
Visit Big Bear’s Zoo, take an exciting ride on the Alpine Slide, or unwind and take a dip in Pan Hot Springs (Big Bear’s own
natural hot springs mineral pool). Experience the crisp, clean, pine-scented mountain air and leave your cares behind. Rent
for the weekend, week or month. Reasonable rates. Call Gordon or Sandy Redding 619-444-9174.
Coconut Coast in Kapaa, Kauai – One bedroom condo with full kitchen in the Planation Hale, a 160-unit, 9-acre com-
plex run by the Best Western Hotels as week-to-week vacation rentals (www.plantation.hale.com). Special law enforcement
rate (active and retired police, firefighters and friends in San Diego County) $95 per night – as space is available – first come
first served. Regularly from $165 to $205 per day, depending on the time of year and condo. To book, call Elsie and use
“code law,” as 1-800-775-4253. Sleeps 4 adults and 2 children, with daily maid service. Any problems, call Jack Freitas,
SDPD retired.
Lake Havasu City, Arizona – New vacation home in the heart of Lake Havasu City. The home has three bedrooms and
two baths with an additional detached guesthouse furnished as a second master suite, making it perfect for two couples plus
kids/guests. Amenities include full granite kitchen, in-ground pool and Jacuzzi, fireplace, 50” TV & entertainment center,
BBQ, and lots of off-street parking. The home is 5 minutes from all attractions including London Bridge and the lake, golf,
desert sports, and shopping! Available by the day or get the week discount. Great law enforcement rates. Call J.K. Hudgins,
CIU 619-247-6978, or Chuck Arnold, ICAC 619-890-8527.
Lake Tahoe – A great vacation home on the west shore, located in the very quiet and private Rubicon area, just north of
Emerald Bay. Come enjoy the lake with its fishing, boating, skiing, sightseeing, etc. The home includes beautiful forest
views, large outdoor decks, two fireplaces, a two-car garage, 6 nearby ski resorts, and all just one block from your own pri-
vate beach and pier. The home is a 4/3, newly remodeled and furnished in a tasteful mountain theme. This house will sleep
10-12 in comfort! Deep discounts for fellow law enforcement officers. Available by the day or week. Call for photos and
maps: J.K. Hudgins, CIU 619-247-6978, or Chuck Arnold, ICAC 619-890-8527.
Havasu – Vacation rental, 3 bedroom / 2 bath, 1 king and 2 queen beds. Near downtown and the launch ramp. $100/night +
$100 non-refundable cleaning deposit. 928-680-7289 home / 928-208-2483 cell. For photos, email kaycaddy@hotmail.com.
                                                                                                             July 2008 | 33
                                            •	Smith gave an update regarding a              M/S Nemec/Bostedt for $1,500 (1
                     SDPOA                    new format being looked at for the            table of 10). Unanimous. 7-0.
                                              POA I.D. cards.                             •	Request for POA to sponsor their 35th
                     Board                  •	Smith gave an update regarding staff          Annual Spirit of Courage Awards Ban-
                     Minutes                  issues.
                                            BY-LAWS/POLICY: No report.
                                                                                            quet on Thursday, May 22, 2008 at the
                                                                                            Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine.
                                                                                            M/S Hubka/Nemec for $1,000 for a
              May 8, 2008                   FAMILY HEALTH: No report.
                                                                                            Contributing Sponsorship includes
               0845 hours                   SAFETY: Discussion regarding radio              (1) table of 10. Unanimous. 7-0.
Directors present: Nemec, Hubka,            attachments. The attachments may be-
                                                                                          •	Request for POA to sponsor the Volun-
Marvel, Sullivan, Jordon (excused 1341      come obsolete with the new mics.
                                                                                            teers in Probation, Inc. 12th Annual Golf
hours), Bostedt (excused at 1520), Pax-     INFORMANT: Cox gave an overview of              Tournament on Friday, June 6, 2008 at
ton (excused for event at 1130 hours),      Informant topics. Discussion occurred.          Cottonwood Gold Club. Declined.
Rhodes, Lewis                               LABOR/MANAGEMENT:                             •	Request for POA to sponsor the San Di-
President Nemec called the meeting to       •	Hubka thanked Chief Long for follow-          ego District Attorney Investigators As-
order at 0845 hours and Brian Mar-            ing up on some information for Hub-           sociation Conference from September
vel led all present in the Pledge of Al-      ka. Discussion occurred regarding             2nd through the 5th, 2008 at the Man-
legiance. There were (6) officers killed      those who are working on the Bravo            chester Grand Hyatt Hotel. Declined.
in the line of duty Nationwide for April.     Team and if the assignments are vol-
There were no San Diego Police officers
                                                                                          •	Request for POA to sponsor the YMCA
                                              untary or if there are orders being           Youth and Family Services “To Honor
killed in the month of May.                   given to work those assignments.              Our Champions” fundraiser on Fri-
MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: B.                   •	Discussion occurred regarding having le-      day, June 6, 2008 at the Catamaran
Dare, P. Becotte, B. Long, A. Alvarez, E.     gal training for Supervisors and instruc-     Hotel Resort and Spa. Declined.
Herbert, S. Robinson                          tion on police officers Bill of Rights.     •	 Request for POA to sponsor the Ma-
ASSOCIATE MEMBERS IN ATTEN-                 •	Chief Long briefed the Board regard-          rine Corps-Law Enforcement Foun-
DANCE: C. Cloniger, J. Hartman, J. Clem       ing several update issues.                    dation’s 3rd Annual Benefit Dinner
OTHERS PRESENT: D. Castle, C.               LEGAL/GRIEVANCE: The latest legal               on Thursday, June 12, 2008 at the
Storniolo, J. Nemec, K. Smith (recorder)    bill was $1,764.14.                             Admiral Kidd Club. Declined.
MEMBER PRESENTATIONS:                       MEMBERS SERVICES:                             RETIREMENT: Sullivan briefed the
•	Alan Alvarez invited the Board to at-     •	 There was (1) members request this         Board on the changes need to the ap-
  tend the NLPOA Training Hospitality                                                     plication to speed up and clarify pro-
  event on Friday, May 23, 2008 at the                                                    cess. The Board decided issue should
  Town and Country. Alvarez gave an
                                            •	 Discussion occurred regarding a            be handled by Retirement Committee.
                                               member issue.
  update regarding a legislative meet-                                                    SPECIAL EVENTS/SCHOLARSHIP:
  ing on Saturday, May 24, 2008.            PORAC: No report.                             Brief introduction of the POA Event
•	John Hartman (RF&PA) and Char-            SCALE/CCLEA/BIG 11: No report.                Planner, Brenna James.
  lie Storniolo (Community Housing          POLITICAL ACTION:                             SUGGESTIONS & AWARDS: No report.
  Works) gave an overview regarding a       •	Kruger updated the Board regarding the      OLD BUSINESS: Rhodes asked for
  HUD home buying program for POA             present elections and bills. Discussion     clarification regarding the ability to
  Members. The Board direction is to          occurred at length on several issues.       request Comp time beyond the shift
  allow Hartman to use the POA class-                                                     change. Discussion occurred.
  room for his meetings upon availabil-
                                            •	The recommendation from Wick-
                                              ers and Kruger is for POA to run (2)                      Non-Members
  ity and limited to twice per month.
                                              support brochures in District 7 and         Michael R. Alberts      Robert T. Davis
MINUTES: M/S Hubka/Marvel to ap-              (1) brochure in District 5 with an ap-                              Thomas R. Gardenhire
                                                                                          Alonzo Alexander, Jr.
prove the April 2008 minutes with (2)         proximate cost of $55,000. M/S Sul-         Bryon J. Barmer         Shannon P. Gibson
correction. Unanimous. 8-0. Paxton            livan/Marvel for this expenditure.          Kerry J. Bauman         Kevin Gott
TREASURER/FINANCIAL: M/S Nem-                 Opposed: Paxton. 8-1                        Timothy J Bell          Eric B. Hays
ec/Bostedt to accept the Treasurer’s        PR: No report.                                Amir H Bisotouni        Mark N. Heacox
Report for April 2008. Unanimous.                                                         Catherine M. Blake      Dana R. Hoover
                                            Member/Public Communications: No              Danny T. Blake          Jill N Hupp
Paxton/Jordon absent for vote. 7-0.
                                            report.                                       Donald Brackrog         Henry B. Ingram
BUDGET-FINANCE: James Nemec will
                                            CHARITY: (6 requests) Paxton/Jor-             Zachery W. Bradley      William E. Jacobson
prepare the documents needed to create
                                            don excused from all Charity voting           Michael W. Brindell     Sylina A. Kidd
the POA’s next fiscal year’s budget for                                                                           Richard A. King
                                            •	Request for POA to sponsor the              Scott H. Brown
the Budget Committee to put together.                                                     Silvia E. Brown         Stuart Littlefield
                                              San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor
ADMINISTRATIVE:                                                                           Christina D. Burhans    James E. MacKay
                                              Council’s 20th Annual Awards in Ex-
•	Smith updated the Board regarding           cellence Dinner on Saturday, June 7,
                                                                                          Moses J Cazares         R. Shane Martin
  the painting of the POA building.                                                       Thomas E. Chapman       David J. McAnnally
                                              2008 at the Holiday Inn on the Bay.         Kevin M. Collins        Melissa J. McVicar
 34 | The Informant
          Levi S Merriman                     James W Scira
          Vito A. Messineo                    Thomas T. Slater
                                                                                                    San Diego Police Officers Association Staff
          Daniel D Neifer                     Lisa C Smithson                                                   8388 Vickers Street   858.573.1199 (Office)
          Robin L. Offerdahl                  Steven Southerland                                                San Diego, CA 92111   858.573.1574 (Fax)
          Michael A. Osuna                    Sophia I. Suarez                                                                www.sdpoa.org
          Kenneth E. Rawls, Sr.               Todd N. Turner
          Robin J. Rose                       Donald W. Williams, Jr.
          Martha G. Sainz                     Mark M. Zdunich
          Ryan P. Schultz
             If you know any of these non-mem-
             bers, the Board asks that you inquire
             if they would be willing to join or re-
             join the Association. We welcome all
             San Diego police officers and hope
             that they would want to be a part of                 Khristina Smith                   James Nemec
             the Association, showing solidarity                   Office Manager               Accounting Administrator
             in improving working conditions for          Executive Assistant to the Board
             San Diego police officers. If a non-
             member has questions regarding the Financial
Scott   O’Mara
             benefits of membership, please di-
             rect them to contact any of the POA
             board members.
          NEW BUSINESS:
          •	 Discussion occurred regarding some
             pay and rank issues.
          •	 Discussion occurred regarding a re-             Emily Cox                 Brenna James        Amanda Karoliszyn
             assignment issue.                       Communications Coordinator Special Events Planner    Administrative Assistant
                                                        Editor, The Informant
          M/S Hubka/Lewis to adjourn at 1625

                                                                                                                    Are you
                                                                                                                    TO RETIRE?
                                                                                                                    Whether you plan to play golf, travel the world, or spend
                                                                                                                    more time with your family, determining your retirement
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               $3,500,000 recovery for a fire aboard a ship                                                          options for DROP and 401k plans.
               $3,200,000 recovery for a motor vechicle accident
               $2,800,000 recovery for a fall from a skylight in an
                 unsafe work environment
               $2,750,000 recovery for a motor vehicle accident                                                         Securities offered through LPL Financial Member FINRA/SIPC
               $1,000,000 recovery for medical malpractice
            We have also been successful in litigation regarding                                                                          Christine L. Dellacato
           a police officer’s right to have uninsured/underinsured
             coverage extended to his work as a motor officer.                                                                             Registered Principal,
            1-800-LAW-1199 or 1-800-CHP-1222                                                                                              Branch Manager
                                         The Law Offices of                                                                                 8356 Allison Avenue, Suite C
                                                                                                                                          La Mesa, CA 91941
                                   O’Mara & Padilla                                                                                       619.697.8792
               San Diego  Del Mar  Riverside & Orange Counties
          Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to up to five years                                 www.lpl.com/christine.dellacato
          in prison, or a fine of up to $50,000, or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by
          both imprisonment and fine.

                                                                                                                                                                    July 2008 | 35
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Wachovia Securities, LLC, Member NYSE/SIPC, is a registered broker-
 dealer and a separate non-bank affiliate of Wachovia Corporation.

                                                                        On the Cover:
                                                                        San Diego Police Officers co-
                                                                        ordinated public safety at the
                                                                        2008 United State Golf As-
                                                                        sociation (USGA) U.S. Open
                                                                        Golf Championship held at
                                                                        Torrey Pines Golf Course. Ap-
                                                                        proximately 40,000 specta-
                                                                        tors attended each day during
                                                                        the second week of June. City
                                                                        officials predicted that the U.S.
                                                                        Open at Torrey Pines will out perform past Super Bowls as
                                                                        the most economically profitable sporting event ever hosted
                                                                        by the City of San Diego, bringing millions of dollars to the
                                                                        local economy. Cover Photo Credit: Sandy Kistner

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