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minutes03-30-2010.docx - Wright State University Student by tangshuming


									Call to Order: 7:00 p.m.

Members Present: Joel Parker, Joe Bozeman III, Marissa Morton , Josh Cope, Sara Greene,
Daniel Rhodes, Jaleh Dehkordi, Sara Kassem, Elizabeth Ash, Adam Deardorff, Nick
Warrington, Tory Detty, Heather Todd, Norm

Members Absent – Dan Thomas, Zach Rupert, Jillian Fraser, Enam Dossa, Nathan Turner,
Moody Kassem, Catherine Jones, Jamie Plamondon

Sara G: I move for approval of last week’s minutes
Sara K: 2nd
All in favor

E-Board Reports

President Joel Parker
We should be finding out if we will be holding the OSGA conference. Finished SOBC proposal
with Tory and got that turned in. SG was nominated for student organization of the year, and the
banquet will be Thursday April 15. Also will be attending meetings later this week.

Vice-President Dan Thomas

Chief of Staff Joe Bozeman III
Primary voting is open today for the health care proposal. Resolution gets written up in next 5
days or so by me for the health care.

Chief Justice Marissa Morton
Have been working on elections information. Flyers are out as of today. We copied them today
and will post them this week. If you are running information is due by 12 to Gary’s office. All
the information needed are on the application. SEC was sent today for information to find
individuals who want to sit on that. Have been working on Relay for Life with Tory. Elections
in the office. No election talk in the office. No working on information logos, images if is a
question can walk outside of the office. Tell them to email me or we can walk.

Associate Justice Nick Warrington
Have been working with Marissa on elections. We are getting out letters to businesses for
Fairborn and Beavercreek for prizes and goodies for getting people to vote. I will hand deliver
them later this week.

Internal Affairs Tory Detty
Been working on Relay for Life. We will be having a cook out at the province April 8, 2010.
This is mandatory because we will not be having a meeting next Tuesday. If you are not able to
make it please send me an email ASAP.
Committee reports


Semester Transition Committee Reports


Cabinet Reports

Speaker of the House Catherine Jones

Assistant Speaker.

Director of Disability Affairs Nathan Turner:

Public Relations Elizabeth Ash:
I have a lot of emails for items to go up on the sign. I will be working on that later this week.
The content for the newsletter will be out soon. Enam is the one that has given me the most

Director of Student Affairs Moody Kassem:

Web Communications Josh Cope:
Have been working with Norm with things and getting him set up with student government.
Also have made flyers for Tory and Marissa.

Assistant Web Communications Norm:
Not much going on yet but will be soon. Also thanks for selecting me to be involved in your
student government.

Director of International Affairs Enam:

Senate Reports:

Education and Human Services Caley O’Connor:
Working on pizza with the dean this quarter. Have outlined my goals for this quarter, and we
decided to become an official organization. Have a meet and greet sometime this quarter outside
the ERC in Allyn hall. Going to org leadership classes during third week of the quarter. Sent
Joel a mass email about newletter from last quarter to increase publicity.
Engineering and Computer Science Zach Rupert:

Liberal Arts Jamie Plamondon:

Science and Math Senator Jillian Fraser-

Business College Jaleh Dekhordi:
The dean’s student advisory board are trying to get time scheduled with the student leaders in the
college of business for a time to meet in regards to doing collaboration. Working with faculty
and staff for awards ceremony that will be coming up.
Medicine School Adam:
Symposium donate life week for organ transplants is going on right now. Its for a great cause
and we hide stuffed organs around White Hall to get medical students aware of what is going

Residential Senator Daniel Rhodes:
The energy conservation design contest that I have been talking about at the last few meetings is
almost finished. I have some submissions already but the deadline is April 1 at midnight. Next
week we as an SG will vote on the winner.

Commuter Senator Sara Greene:
This Thursday off campus housing fair from 10-2 in the Student Union Atrium. Getting tickets
from the Nutter center for different events, and have been working on Relay for Life.

University College Senator Sara Kassem:
The advisory board wants to have a celebration of survival of the first year of college for the
university college individuals. Pool party, ice cream social, are some ideas we have, there will
be one every two weeks.

Nursing and Health Heather Todd:
Last quarter sent out survey and got ideas to put together this quarter and meet and greet and
some other things to come.

Public Forum

Brandy – I am thinking about running for residential senator for next year.

Baylee - I am thinking about running for college of liberal arts senator next year.

Old Business

New business

Approval of grad studies senator – Megan C

Megan Cronenwett – Have been involved with SG for many years and have been in many
positions. Believe that I will be a great help to SG over the next 10 weeks and I have many ideas
for graduate studies.

Daniel- possible goals

Megan- 24hour grad study center and now has been converted to cats office and would like to
reconvert that.

Sara k move to approve Megan C. by secret ballot
Jaleh second
All in favor

Megan is approved as Grad Senator

Advisor Reports:

Dr. A – great job on resolutions for the past few weeks, board of trustees meet this Friday to
purchase 5 acres on land owed by dynasties and use for community center and room


Marissa- make sure you have papers signed by Dr. A if applying for a position
Ben- April 16 grad and undergrad research day and anyone who wants to work in research
Joel- next Tuesday no meeting however next Thursday will be Rely for Life at the Province.
April 13 meeting you can also dress down to support Relay. Make sure you are spreading word
of the elections not helping one ticket though. Dayton Dragons Game reminder email. $10 any

Daniel move to adjourn meeting by acclimation
Jaleh second
No opposition


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