Gravamen over Kingpin by ProfessorViertel



          Mr Preetinder Bharara, Mr Richard Zabel, USANYS : SERVICE of MOTION for ORDER to SHOW CAUSE ,
          attached (virus free)

          I filed the enclosed motion in an effort to meet the ends of justice and to quickly react to
          the "Response" - titled submission dated 5-8-2013 from your office.
          I lay gravamen to the level of pathological insanity that I am being confronted with by your staff,
          but not only, the constantly shifting arguments - a symptom of the neurological deficiency - , albeit
          considered fake at best, have lately resulted in a kind of "statutory construction attempt" of the
          "Interstate" restrictor in §1341, that fell below highschool level american government class.
          Let me be perfectly clear, without going into Congressional history, but the word "Interstate carrier"
          signifies in abundant clearance : "a carrier that carriers matter from one state of the union into
          another state of the union".
          If this fundamental concept is not clear, but is subjected to "new theory" entirely unbased in law,
          please intervene at once to either ask congress for a betterment amendment for future language, but,
          even if you succeed, the change will not affect me, and not apply to a 1996 international transport
          that was not interstate.
          If you care, read some extradition treaties, and you will find disturbing language on that
          jurisdictional issue of whether federal courts can obtain federal mailstuff jurisdiction, which the
          government degraded to a " merely for the purpose of federal court jurisdiction" to allow
          extradition even if the interstate element fails.
          "Merely" Obvious is that fed-branch II is not too happy with the interstate commerce clause, and seeks
          to invalidate it through the back doors or by leaning upon "prosecutors dressed to kill
          inconvenient laws while garbed in judicial gown".
          That will not happen here, Jurists of reason gave a warranty.

          I am not India - no pun intended- , or the Bahamas - view clip below- for that matter, a
          commonwealth sovereign whose supreme verdict, confirmed by the Queens privy counsel
          demonstrated - most shockingly - unlawful conduct by the USANYS (your office is worldwide
          considered the principle offender of extradition law) , including abuse of judicial process, bad faith
          and manipulation of court documents (to be checked @ Courtrrom 15C for details), all three
          violations are very much familiar relevant "law obstructive" sufferance by the undersigned, which
          also elevate this sovereign plaintiff´s potential criminal history category - from a historical
          standpoint - above the scale of I to VI beyond XIV, easy-beasy, no pardon can fix that.

          It is a very unusual proposition for an alien to have to battle with a department more kingpin than
          God, or rather your motto lady, goddess iusticia, wont do much more blessing upon your shop, I

          I bring to your attention page 7 & 8 of my submission CITING a previous USANYS submission to the CA2,
          mindbogglingly fraudulent at hindsight (USANYS intent becomes clear), and right below a clip of
          real facts ( most of which were still unknown to and witheld from me and my attorneys -
          Moskovitz/Bonstrom at time of Trial or direct appeal,

          I underline, that to date, the USANYS has failed to identify a single american victim to be vindicated,
          including the sovereignity of United States immaculate mail service, a victim which could
          demonstrate sufferance from my "conduct", or my inability to "foresee a single fictious interstate
          transport" or my "ommission" to smell denmark near the hudson (Hamlet), which did not caused a
          single harm either to a "re-designed FBI-fabrication: "victim Burda Media Inc" (in itself a 100% foreign
          owned independent profit-center of Burda GmbH, not of Burda Holding, a company who neither
          controlled, nor wired its funds, nor received accounting documents from Lufthansa.
          It was all baloney.
          All crime is local (not a new concept, nespas ?)

          Govern your office accordingly, is my respectfull, urgent request, and match your actions with your
          frequent press communications in level of rectitude and honor. At least Once.

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