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                                           April 19 2011
   Approved                                 7:00 P.M.
                                       Via Bianca Clubhouse

    DIRECTORS    Joanie Morris, President
      PRESENT    Carmine Cantalupo, Secretary/Treasurer
                 Patricia Heckman, Vice President
                 Arlene Grier, Director

  MANAGEMENT     Rhonda Freih, Community Association Management Company (CAMCO)

 CALL TO ORDER   Joanie called the meeting to order at approximately 7:05 P.M.

      QUORUM     A quorum of the Board of Directors was established

  APPROVAL OF    There being one addition the agenda was changed to add “appointment of board vacancy”.
      AGENDA     MOTION: Carmine moved to change the agenda as noted, Arlene seconded, voting unanimously the
                 motion carried.

OWNERS’ FORUM    Rene Averett asked about the governing document revision, Rhonda explained that the Attorney
                 wanted to wait until the new legislation before doing too much work and suggested a revision would
                 not be forthcoming until August or possibly September.

APPOINTMENT OF   MOTION: Carmine moved to appoint Patty Cour to the Board and fill the vacancy from the lack of
      VACANCY    candidates for election. Pat seconded the motion, voting unanimously the motion carried and Patty
                 Cour moved to the Board Table.

                 Rhonda reviewed the financials with the Board at Carmine’s request. MOTION: Carmine moved to
    FINANCIALS   approve the financials moved to accept February financials as presented. Pat seconded the motion.
                 VOTE: The board unanimously accepted the financials. DISCUSSION: Arlene suggested a
                 workshop to discuss financials and bring Patty Cour up to date since there was a new Board. Rhonda
                 questioned the reason of a new board considering all the board members had served for years with
                 the exception of Patty Cour. However, Rhonda would certainly agree that understanding the
                 financials was important and she would be happy to meet, suggesting the Banker be present as well.
                 Arlene suggested meeting without management.

      MINUTES    MOTION: Carmine moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes. Patty seconded the motion,
                 voting unanimously the motion carried. MOTION: Carmine moved to approve the March minutes.
                 Joanie seconded, voting unanimously the motion carried.

    MANAGERS     Rhonda reported minor maintenance had been completed and Jim had repaired the swamp cooler
      REPORT     avoiding the cost of a new one. Rhonda stated the backflows needed to be inspected and she had
                 contacted B & L Backflow who would be doing them soon. Joanie stated Jim had expressed the need
                 to get the back flows on soon so he could spray for weeds. Rhonda commented he didn’t have to
                 wait and last year the backflows were turned on too early and froze and had to be repaired twice.
                 Further discussion ensued and Rhonda finally suggested that she be allowed to deal with the vendors.
                 Rhonda presented the information to repair the clubhouse sliding glass door. MOTION: Carmine
                 moved to approve the bid from Capital Glass the only vendor willing to provide a written proposal.
                 Arlene seconded the motion, voting unanimously the motion carried. DISCUSSION: Arlene asked
                 why there weren’t three bids per NRS. Rhonda stated the law doesn’t require three bids, and clarified
                 the Statute. Rhonda explained again that Incline Glass had provided a verbal bid of twice the amount
                 of Capital Glass and explained she had contacted several glass companies but it was a small job and
                 not worth some vendors time to come out and measure and properly bid the job.

    COMMITTEE    HOSPITALITY: Pat announced an Easter Egg Hunt was a success although she was unable to make
      REPORTS    it for personal reasons. Pat presented a calendar of events including an estimated expense for each
                 event and a list of expenses for the Easter Egg Hunt.

    GOVERNING    FACILITIES: No plans had been submitted.
     REVISIONS   Rhonda stated what she explained during the Owners forum to Arlene who had come in after the
                               April 2011
                          Via Bianca Clubhouse

NEW BUSINESS   Painting bids were postponed. Emergency Management evacuation plan was discussed with
               Rhonda explaining that Gary Derks was willing to prepare a plan that would meet County and
               Federal guidelines for $500.00 MOTION: Carmine moved to approve the plan with Gary Derks.
               Patty Cour seconded, voting unanimously the motion carried. DISCUSSION: Joanie questioned
               if the plan would include and egress and ingress to Toll Road from the access point at the end of
               Venus. It was explained no road existed to Toll Road from that point. Rhonda suggested
               allowing Gary to develop the plan and let him present it to the Community.

  2ND OWNERS   Lorne Huff inquired when the weeds would be sprayed including the dandelions.

ADJOURNMENT    The meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM

NEXT MEETING   The next Board Meeting will be Tuesday May 17, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at the Clubhouse.

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               Accepted by:

               Carmine Cantalupo, Secretary


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