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									               GOA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, GOA

 Management Development Program
      “Monitoring and Evaluation of Health
                              Venue: Goa, INDIA
                          27-29, September 2013
The Goa Institute of Management (GIM) has been rated amongst the top business schools in
the country and boasts of some of the best faculty in Asia with doctorates from Harvard,
Cornell, Leuven, IIM Ahmedabad & other world-class institutions. Having identified
Healthcare Management as a priority sector, GIM has been engaged in research in various
aspects of healthcare management and has published many international journal articles,
books, and numerous cases studies.
GIM as an institution is dedicated to enhancement in standards of health through better
strategic management of health care and related programmes. We seek to accomplish this
through management education, training, research, consultation and institutional networking
in a national and global perspective. GIM has been imparting training on the current areas of
interest to healthcare executives through Management Development Programs (MDPs),
customized in-house programmes and consultancy. The programs are designed to provide
innovative and practical solutions to critical management challenges. For more information
please visit our websitewww.gim.ac.in

Monitoring and evaluation is an important component of assessment of public
health intervention programmes. This assessment is essentially done to
understand whether the key activities of the programme or project are being
carried out as planned while also providing information on whether these key
activities lead to the desired results. Monitoring and Evaluation helps us to
manage the resources and activities of the programme in order to enhance its
impact during the implementation stage, both short term and in the long run.
Systematic use of information and its management helps establish a clear link
between objectives and results of the programme thus enhancing the overall
quality of implementation. The relevant information obtained during
Monitoring and Evaluation can be utilized by practising managers to further
reorient the programme or introduce additional changes while also helping
them in their future course of planning for the programme.
The programme through intensive training covers fundamental aspects of
Monitoring and Evaluation, utilization of tools and lays emphasis on design and
implementation of effective management information systems for health
programmes including National Rural Health Mission, Reproductive and Child
Health, STD/HIV/AIDS, nutrition, health and other hospital based programmes.
The Goa Institute of Management, Goa has designed a Management
Development Programme to strengthen managerial competencies of
professionals in healthcare organizations. The programme focusses on
developing skill based expertise for planning and design of Monitoring and
Evaluation systems that use information and accountability for better decision
making. The programme will lead to useful discussions and facilitate in crafting
of a credible public health systems to provide quality services.

Objectives of the Programme
    The primary objective is to equip participants with skill based expertise
     to design and implement effective monitoring and evaluation systems
     for health programmes.
The specific objectives are:
    To develop an understanding of basic concepts and approaches for
     Monitoring and Evaluation and Information management.

    To develop skills for understanding, application and implementation of
     indicators as may be appropriate across health programmes.

    To develop skills for application of specific tools and techniques in the
     monitoring and evaluation of health programmes.

Course Content
The programme will broadly cover the following areas:
    Concept of Monitoring and Evaluation of Healthcare Programmes.
    Identifying and understanding indicators for Monitoring and Evaluation
     of Healthcare Programmes.
    Challenges in Monitoring and Evaluation of Healthcare Programmes.
    Role of Information Technology in Monitoring and Evaluation
    Designing Evaluation programmes and studies.
    Quality aspects of M&E in healthcare Programme.
    Strategies and methodologies for programme monitoring (including
     Result based

Who Should Attend
This programme is designed for Health and Development professionals who are
involved in Planning, Implementing, Monitoring and Evaluating of Health
Projects and Programs. The Medical Professionals of any discipline, Programme
Managers, M&E Professionals, Supervisors, Project /Program In-Charges with
substantial managerial responsibilities, and interest to improve health systems
performance are encouraged to participate.

Programme Approach
The approach of the MDP will mainly be based on Participatory learning method.
Relevant case studies, lectures and discussions with experts of repute, group
work and sharing of experiences and thoughts will make the learning more
effective and functional.
Resource Persons
Dr Harish Sihare,
Associate Professor,
Healthcare Financing
Goa institute of management, Goa

Dr. Adesh Chaturvedi,
Associate Professor
Monitoring & Evaluation, Public Health
Goa Institute of Management, Goa

Dr. Padam Singh
Eminent Medical Statistician and Member of National Statistical Commission
Ex. Additional Director General, Indian Council Medical Research, Govt. of
India, New Delhi

Other Eminent Subject Experts will also be invited to share their experiences
and learning with the Participants.

Duration and Venue
The programme is of a 3-day duration. The programme will start on Friday,
27th September 2013 and conclude on Sunday, 29th September 2013. The
programme is scheduled to be held at the Goa Institute of Management, Goa.
A certificate of participation on completion of the programme will be issued by
Goa Institute of Management, Goa.

Programme Fee
Programme fee is Rs. 20,000/- per participant for Indian participants and USD
1000 per participant for foreign participants, which includes tuition fee, course
material, stay in air-conditioning room (twin-sharing), breakfast, lunch, dinner,
refreshments during course days, internet access and airport transfers. The
Demand Draft should be in favour of “Goa Institute of Management”, payable
at Goa.
Service tax as per Government norms (presently 12.36%) will be charged extra.

Nominations and Inquiries
Nomination form duly filled-in along with the Demand Draft made in favour of
“Goa Institute of Management” payable at Goa should reach the Program
director latest by September 20, 2013 to:
Dr. Harish Sihare
Program Director & Associate Professor (Healthcare Financing)
Goa Institute of Management
Ribandar , Goa – 403006, INDIA
Phone: 0832- 2490300 Fax: 0832-2366710
Mobile: +918421956925        Email: harish@gim.ac.in

About Goa
Goa is a small state situated in the western region of India, with a population of
approximately 1.5 million. It is a very popular destination both for domestic and
international tourists. In the last few years, it is assumed that around 3000
foreigners have purchased property in Goa and there may be a few hundreds
who keep coming back every year for their annual holiday.
Goa has a strong influence in terms of the Portuguese culture that is evident in
the dress sense and general behaviour. People are generally warm, friendly and
hospitable. Goa is perhaps the only state in India which has casinos operating in
small cruise ships and hotels. Walking along the beautiful beaches of Goa is
undoubtedly any tourist’s delight. Besides, there are many places of
architectural interest including temples and churches. Goa is principally famous
for its cuisine, mainly sea food with the Goan curry and rice being the most
popular. However, one can also choose to satisfy their taste buds with a wide
choice of Indian dishes served across hotels in the city. Goa is in essence, a
visitor’s true getaway …..

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