The Rise Of Olly Murs Has Been Amazing As The UK Singer-Songwriter Turned Global Success

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					The Rise Of Olly Murs Has Been Amazing As The UK Singer-
Songwriter Turned Global Success

Olly Murs, rising star, was once just like any other unknown talent: eager and idealistic. Now, he has gained great fame in the
music industry. An Olly Murs tribute act is bound to appear as his fans number in the thousands. Though a good Olly Murs
tribute is hard to find, there are singers out there with the same eager and idealistic aura.

X-Factor Days

Born and raised in Essex, Oliver was a football enthusiast until an injury stopped him from playing. He had previously auditioned
for X-factor twice before 2009 albeit unsuccessfully. Third time’s the charm as he was accepted and cast in the sixth season for
the popular reality show. After singing “Superstition” for the judges, Murs received positive feedback and made it all the way to
the final two. Though he lost to Joe McElderry, it has been a fruitful experience for Olly skyrocketing to fame only one year later.

Solo Career

His solo career officially began when he release his debut single, “Please Don’t Let Me Go” in 2010. Debuting at top spot on the
UK Singles Chart, it was Murs’ first number one single after “You Are Not Alone”, a song released with the other series 6 X-factor
finalists. It’s no wonder an Olly Murs tribute act can’t be far behind. With his many hits, Murs has been one UK treasure that has
crossed over to become a global sensation.

Currently being represented by Epic Records in the UK, Columbia Records in the US and Syco Musics (founded by Simon Cowell),
Olly Murs has become a certified hit maker. He has 10 singles and 3 albums that garnered recognition by landing on global hit
charts around the world. His latest song, Troublemaker, found itself on the hit charts for a total of 281 weeks in 17 different hit
charts. Now, Olly Murs can be seen on tour in the US and the UK.


Aside from garnering acclaim on the charts and radio, Olly Murs was nominated for a number of Brit awards. In 2011 he was
nominated for Best British Single for his song, “Please Don’t Let Me Go”. One year later he is nominated in the same category,
this time for “Heart Skips a Beat”. For 2013, he has two nominations. The first is for British Male Solo Artist and the other for
Single of the Year for the electrifying, “Troublemaker”. Not only are his fans supportive of Olly’s rise to fame, being nominated
proves that even his peers enjoy his music and regard him as an artist to watch.

Tribute Bands

With all his fame, many Olly Murs tribute artists are coming out of the woodwork. A tribute band or act is a group, singer or
musician who plays music of a well-known music act. They do not include members of the original acts but may resemble them
or affect their movements and style. While on tour, many fans may opt to look for a tribute artist for Olly. Though, finding for
one that can match the original’s flair and talent is not easy.

With his shot to fame, Olly Murs has now become a household name. Read more to find a good Olly Murs tribute act. For an Olly
Murs tribute artist to be good he must replicate the sound and style of the original artist. With his flair and talent, Olly Murs has
taken the world by storm. From his humble beginnings, to his stint on X-factor, to his rise to fame, this British singer-songwriter
has shown everybody that he has what it takes to make it big. There are great things yet to come for this artist, of that there isn’t
any doubt.

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