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                                                                 VOLUME ONE
                                                                 NUMBER TWO
                                                                 JUNE 1996


   Th e MTA pays tribute to itsfrout-linc cniplo
In this issue:
  4 Transit Police are being
     merged into the LAPD and

                                                                  CEO Thoughts & Thanks
         Sheriffs Department.

  5 The ATTBthis year for on-the-
     out later
               "stealth bus" rolls

         road testing.                                              I'm very pleased to note the emphasis in                               ing with employees to share more of my
                                                                    this issue on the quality, dedieation, loyal-                          vision and to get your input on how we can
  a      Top operators, maintenance
                                                                    ty and even the heroie character of the peo-                           improve.
  M and phone information em-
         ployees are named for 1995.                                ple who are members of our Metro Family.                               A leader passes
                                                                    I am inspired by           Second, the construction program               I was honored to speak at the funeral,
         MTA libraty reaches into                                   the example they        must stay on track and within budget. We       May 21, of a leader I had come to admire
         cyberspace for the latest         and their hard-working colleagues set            are on the threshold of losing control of      in my short time at the MTA. Earl Clark,
         transportation information.       every day as we all endeavor to provide the      nur construction program. Already, mil-        general chairman of the United Trans-
                                           best of transportation service and plan-         lions of dollars in financial capital have     portation Union, was a man of vision. A
  9 Artist Ferrol Yeakle captures          fing to the people of Los Angeles County.        been lost and political support has waned.     man whose life-long concern was for the
         the outdoors on her colorful      In fact, it is with this dedication of purpose   We must not let this continue.                 welfare of others. Not only for the mem-
         canvasses.                        in mind that I began in May to reorganize           I am committed to eompleting this           bers of his union, but also for the transit
                                           the top echelons of the MTA.                     vital link in our transportation system. To    riders they serve.
                                               I have outlined much of the reorgani-        do this, we will work with the CEOs of the         This far-reaehing concern propelled
                                           zation of my staff to you in recent GEO          construction companies that build nur          Earl into the forefront of labor leaders and
         Cover photo: (I_ to R) Sterling
         Hampton, Joe Ellis, and Kevin
                                           Reports. Elsewhere in this issue is another      projects. Together, we will work to ensure     gave him an important role in the life of
         Doan. For more news about         story about organizational ehanges. I            that these projects are completed in a         our community. He also was a force to
         Ernployees of the year, please    believe, however, that I should give you         responsible and timely manner.                 reckon with during lahm- negotiations. His
         see pages 6 and 7.                further insight into my thinking and the            And third, we have an obligation as a       influence and leadership were always key
         (Photo: Clarence Hendricks)
                                           vision behind the reorganization.                regional planning agency to partner with       in the bargaining process. There could be
                                              The MTA has a challenge and a mis-            all 88 eitles in Los Angeles County. Our       no settlement without Earl's agreemcnt.
                                           sion unlike that of any other transporta-        mission statement must he reviscd                 In my eulogy, I saluted a man of
                                           tion organization in the United States. We       include nur role as a funding and plan ni ng   courage and integrity, a man who had
                                           are the only agency building an Advanced         partner with these cities and the munici-      strength of heart, a man with a passion
                                           Technology Transit Bus (ATTB); we are            pal operators who also provide service to      for what he believed in. I am happy to
                                           the only agency building dozens of miles         transit riders.                                have this opportunity to salute Earl Clark
                                           of new rau l lines; and we are the only              In the next few months, I will be meet-    once again.
                                           agency with a mandate to plan, build,
                                           operate and fund the transportation for an
                                           entire region.                                                                    IN MEMORIAM
                                               To do this we must become an organi-

                                           zation capable of responding to the chal-
                                           lenges that lie ahead. This means that
                                           each one of us, you and I, must become
                                           leaders. And I must have a leadership
                                           team that is committed to this vision and
                                           determined to make a difference.
A nionthly           Editor:
                                               We must know our responsibility and
employee             Bill Heard
publication                                execute it well. The MTA must he a cus-
of the Los                                 tomer-driven organization in which each
                     Terry McMahon
Angeles County                             one of us has a passion for serving our cus-
Meh-opolitan         Executive Officer,
Transportation       Communications:
                     Rae James                Clearly, we are at a cross roads in the
                                           life of the MTA. The challenges cannot be
                     Asst. Director,
                     Internat              minimized and they must be met with
                     Communications        commitment and determination.
                     and Executive            Our first challenge is to improve bus
                     Editor:               service. We must recognize that the men
                     Phyllis Tucker                                                         Earl Clark, who died May 17 at age 70, had served as general chairrnan of the United
                                           and women who drive our buses have
                     Manager,                                                               Transportation Union since 1971. Clark joined the Pacific Electric Railway after serv-
                                           perhaps the most difficult job in the orga-
                     Printing Services:
                                           nization. Our leadership challenge is to         ing in the Navy during World War II. He was elected vice local chairrnan of the UTU in
                     Al Moore                                                               1962 and local chairrnan in 1966. Clark is survived by his wife, Audrey, sons Earl Roy
                                           get them the resources that they need to
                                           provide safe, clean, reliable and on-time        II and Gerald R., six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

page 2

                                Drew reorganizes top-level staff
                                        Moves intended to invigorate leadership, decision-making

I n a move to further strengthen and
       shape the MTA's top leadership,
       GEO Joe Drew has reorganized his                                                                                                                   Who is Jim
       staff of direct reports by creating
       several new positions and making
both permanent and interim appoint-
ments to executive positions.
   The newly created positions include
two slots for deputy chief executive offi-
cer. One will be responsible for Metro
Construction and Transit Operations and
the other will oversee the Finance
Department, including the budget func-
tion, and Administration.
   Linda Bohlinger has been named
deputy GEO for the latter slot and will fill
die other deputy GEO position until a per-
manent appointment can be made. She
also will have an advisory role on state and
Federal funding for two other departments:                                                                                                                      ames P. Reichert, interirn
Regional Transportation Planning and                                                                                                                            executive officer, Transit
Development and die Government                                                                                                                                  Operations, retired as
Relations Department.                          CEO Joe Drew was one of the first MTA employees to drop his payroll deduction form into the contribu-            chief operating officer/
                                               tions box held by Dominique Grinnell of Internal Communications. The campaign ends lune 21.
   "Splitting the responsibilities for our                                                                                                                      assistant executive officer
major departments between two deputy                                                                                                                   of the OCTA after 30 years. He
CEOs should greatly expedite decision-         tinue his duties as the MTA's lead attorney.            ments will report to the Chief of Staff.        served as General Manager of the
making and move things along more                  "I'm grateful to Dave Kelsey for agree-             They are:                                       OCTD, prior to its merger with the
quickly," said Drew. "Overseeing such          ing to step in to this position while we                •   Organizational Development and              county transportation commission.
massive programs was just too much for         recruit for a permanent executive officer,"                 Management, to be headed by Pat             He also had served as director of
one deputy CEO and eventually could            said Prew.                                                  McLaughlin, former interim executive        operations and director of planning
have impeded our progress."                        Jim de la Loza, former deputy execu-                    officer for Planning and Programming.       and engineering with OCTD.
   Named to head Transit Operations as         tive officer for multi-modal planning, was                  As direetor of organizational develop-         Reichert has served as a mem-
interim executive officer was James P.         named interim executive officer for die                     ment, her primary task will be to seek      ber of the board of directors, and
Reichert, former chief operating officer/      Regional Transportation Planning and                        ways to improve the MTA's decision-         chairman of the bus operations
assistant executive officer of the Orange      Development unit, previously titled Plan-                   making and to restructure the organi-       committee of the American Public
County Transportation Authority (OCTA).        ning and Programming. The unit has been                     zation to be more customer service-         Transit Assoc. He also has sei-ved as
In that post, he was responsible for ageney    renamed to more accurately reflect its                      oriented.                                   chairman of the executive commit-
consoliclatiOn following the merger of the     responsibility for regional transportation              •   Employee Relations, formerly a depart-      tee of the California Transit Assoc.
transit distriet and the county transporta-    planning.                                                   ment of Human Resources, headed by          He is a recipient of the Outstanding
tion eommission.                                   In bis new position, de la Loza will he                 Raman Raj.                                  Public Administrator Award.
    "Having an experienced transit execu-      responsible for capital planning, multi-                •   Equal Opportunity, headed by Gail              Reichert earned a bachelor's
tive like Jim Reichert on board will be        modal planning, operations planning and                     Charles.                                    degree in industrial economics at
immensely valuable to the MTA during the       scheduling, and countywidc transporta-                  •   Management Audit Services, formerly         Purdue University. He also has par-
interim period," said Drew. "He and his        tion planning, as well as for the transit                   Internal Audit, headed by Anthony           ticipated in various transportation,
department have a full platc with the          improvement program.                                        Padilla, and the                            engineering and business programs
many service enhancements we're plan-              Drew's staff reorganization also creat-             •   Office of the CEO, to be headed by          at Carnegie-Mellon University, UCLA,
ning."                                         ed a new position for Chief of Staff, to be                 .ludy Schwartze. In that position, she      USC, Stanford University and the
   David Kelsey, county counsel, also was      filled on an interim basis by Rae James,                    will manage the day-to-day operations       University of Pennsylvania. II
given an interim appoin tment as executive      'ho will continitc her duties as executive                 of the CEO's office.    •
officer for Administration. Kelsey will con-   officer for Communications. Five depart-

                                                                                                                                                                                     page 3
    Transit Police merger should enhance safety
                 for bus, rau l riders
                                         Merger will improve benefits, protection for police officers
        n a move intended to enhance the                                                                                                                     With more than 500 authorized posi-
        safety of MTA riders and provide                                                                                                                  tions, the Transit Police had become the
        the ageney with increased transit                                                                                                                 tenth largest police department in
        law enforcement capabilities, the                                                                                                                 California. The merger will provide an
        Board will review at its July meet-                                                                                                               increase in staffing of 58 full-time posi-
ing a proposed multi-year contract to                                                                                                                     tions. The additional officers will he
merge the Transit Police with the Los                                                                                                                     assigned to improve police service on the
Angeles Police Department and the Los                                                                                                                     Metro Bus system.
Angeles County Sheriffs Department.                                                                                                                           The merger will provide the MTA's
    Under the proposed merger, Transit                                                                                                                    current poliee ()Meers with increased ben-
Police officers and support staff will become                                                                                                             efits and protections as members of the
members of either the LAPD or of the Sheriff s                                                                                                            LAPD/LASD partnership. lt also will
Department. The MTA would turn over                                                                                                                       improve the law enforcement communica-
responsibility for patrolling the Metro Blue                                                                                                              tions system and the emergency response
and Green lines to the Sheriffs Department                                                                                                                capability.
and the Metro Red Line to the LAPD.                                                                                                                           "It's been a difficult decision to recom-
    Responsibility for patrolling MTA bus                                                                                                                 mend this merger,' says Bohlinger. `But,
lines would be assigned to whichever of          Lt. Ernie Munoz (center) conducts a briefing during roll-call at Transit Police headquarters.            we believe this will be a win/win situation.
the two law enforcement agencies has                                                                                                                      Our customers are getting increased ser-
jurisdietion in a given area, but the two            "This merger will provide a significant-              rently experiencing," says Linda Bohl-         vices, the agency is saving money and nur
agencies will closely coordinate their           ly higher level of police proteetion at                   inger, deputy CEO. The MTA's cost would        officers are getting better benefits and
activities and communications.                   essentially the same cost the MTA is eur-                 he $49.3 million.                              inereased protection." •
                                                                                                                                                                                       Joan Caterino

                        Tales from the fast lane                                                                                                              The best entries will win a range of
                                                                                                                                                          prizes, including a Continental Airlines
                                                                                                                                                          trip for two anywhere in the U.S., Mexico
               Carpoolers share stories from their rideshare experiences                                                                                  or the Caribbean and $1,000 in spending
                                                                                                                                                          money provided by Bank of America and
                                                                                                                                                          Pacific Bell.
"I noticed one lady (in our carpool who)         134/Ventura Freeway carpool lanes.                        Carpool lanes are the MTA's second largest
looked familiar...we started sharing our         Together with the adjoining 1-210 Foothill                eapital investment after the Metro Rail        "Since 1972, I have walked to a vanpool
childhood stories and I was shocked to           Freeway, the lanes will stretch some 31                   construction program.                          pickup spot. I don't need a car. (I) figure
discover she was my long-lost sister!"           miles, the longest continuous carpool                                                                    very conservatively...a savings of
                           Covina carpooler      lanes in the county.                                      ‘`...we saw the aircraft plummet to the        $/06,560."
                                                     "We like to say that using a carpool                  ground...13 of us had just completed nur                       Thousand Oaks vanpooler
    The Covina woman who described the           lane at peak hours will save commuters a                  American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
joy of reuniting with her younger sister,        minute a mile," says Jody Feerst, manager                 classes that day...We triaged the victims          Family Fitness Centers, Polo Tours and
after years of separation following the          of the MTA's Congestion Management                        and had everything under control when          Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, the Queen
death of their parents, is one of some 500       Program. "This time savings provides a                    the first responders arrived."                 Mary and Champaign Cruises also provid-
"Tales from the Fast Lane" submitted to          tremendous incentive for solo commuters                                             Torrance vanpooler   ed prizes. All entrants, will receive a free
the MTA Marketing Department reeently            to make a switch. By the end of 1998, we                                                                 MTA cmwinter coffee mug and other gifts.
by carpoolers and vanpoolers.                    will have opened more than 100 new miles                     To get the "Tales" contest started, the         "The contest empliasizes that ride-
    The MTA, along with CalTrans,                of carpool lanes, more than douhling the                  MTA distributcd entry forms to 2,000 eor-      sharing saves money and time, helps
Southern California Association of               existing earpool network."                                porate employee trhnsportation eoordina-       reduee pollution and eongestion, and can
Governments and Southern California                  Total cost of all 100 new miles of car-               tors and to the three major vanpool            he fun," says Liz MeGowan, Marketing
Rideshare, co-sponsored the "Tales" con-         pool lanes is approximately $500 million,                 companies that, among them, operate            Department communications officer. "We
test to promote the opening this month of        with the majority—$300 million—funded                     more than 200 vanpools. The contest            also wanted a sure-fire way of publieizing
the final 3.6-mile segment of the Rt.            by the MTA from state and local grants.                   began in mid-March and closed April 30.        the opening of the new lanes." 111

   'Jage 4

      ATTB turns a corner on the future of transit
                                            Bus manufacturers take notice as first prototype is built

I last month, bus manufac-
, ate                                               powered by a fuel-efficient hybrid electric     supervisor, with five more prototypes due                transit properties across the U.S. to assure
       turers gathered at Northrop                  engine that could almost triple the mileage     by the end of 1997.                                      that the waches will perform well in all
             Grumman Corp. in El Seg-               over conventional buses. An electrical              Four prototypes will be field-tested at              types of weather and road conditions.
             undo to take a good look at            braking system will significantly improve
             what the MTA and other                 the life of brake pads from about 25,000
operators bclieve will be the future of mass        miles between changes to as much as
transit in the United States: The Advanced          150,000 miles.
Technology Transit Bus (ATTB).                         Despite the innovative blending of
    The MTA lttunelied the $51.25 million           aerospace and automotive design that
ATTB project in 1992 in partnership with            went into the ATTB, a major goal of the
the Federal Transit Administration as a             project is to use pre-existing technology
means of developing a totally new transit           and component parts that will be general-
bus that would be light-weight, have a lox_v____,   ly available to manufacturers.
floor and J.ero emissions, and would cost               "The designers took elements off the
less to operate than existing transit buses.        shelf in the aerospaee and defense indus-
   With the first of six ATTB prototypes            try that were foreign to the bus industry,"
now in the assembly phase, the manufac-             says Johnson. "This transfer of technology
turers are sitting up and taking noticc.            is the most significant updating of the bus
They're eoncerned about how this new                industry since the 1950s."
bus—built of space-age composite materi-               The first prototype ATTB is scheduled
als and blending aerospace technology               to be completed in October, according to
with down-to-earth automotive compo-                Jim Pachan, MTA equipment engineering           A17B "m o bi le test bed" vehicle evaluates new technology.
ncnts—will affect the transit coach mar-
ket and their future as manufacturers.
    "This is a small market and it's hard                                 A world just for children
for bus manufacturers to make dramatic
changes because of die expense involved                    MTA Child Gare Center provides nurturing environment for kids
compared to their potential vehicle sales,"
explains Jeff Johnson, MTA director of
Equipment Engineering and supervisor of                           children's oasis. That's how      nation's best employer-supported child                    Center project manager. "They can be
the ATTB program.                                                 Dr. Karen IIill-Scott, the        care centers, according to Hill-Scott. The                together going to and from work and visit
    And, dramatic the changes will be.                            MTA's child care consultant,      staff will spend much of the next two years               during lunch hours. It's a comfort knowing
    As designed by the Northrop Grum-                             describes the new Child           working to gain accreditation by the                      your child is nearby and in good hands."
man team, which includes MTA engineers,                           Care Center adjacent to the       National Association for the Education of                     011 the north end of the first floor, a
the 40-foot ATTB will have a body and               Gateway Headquarters building.                  Young Children. Only about 3,000 child                    large play arca is open to the weather, but
structural components made of corrosion-               The 15,800-square foot, two-story            care centers in the nation are recognized                 is protected by decorative metal grilles. A
free composites similar to those used in            building features facilities for infants        by this prestigious organization.                         4-inch poured rubber floor permits free
Northrop's stealth aircraft (thus the nick-         under age 1, for toddlers, ages 2 to 3, and         Parents dropping off their kids each                  play while preventing injuries to toddlers.
name "Stealth Bus").                                for pre-schoolers, ages 4 and 5. The center     morning can enter the child care center's                     A rooftop play area for 4- and 5-year-
   Use of composites could reduee the               includes playrooms, restrooms with child-       reeeption arca either from the Plaza or by                olds, with a circular tricycle path, a small
eurb weight of a bus by as much as 4,000            sized fixtures, spacious closets and cabinets   elevator from the parking building. The                   lawn and a large tree, dominates the build-
pounds. Adding other light-weight features          for equipment, and an outdoor play arca.        children's zones are secured behind                       ing's second floor.
is expected to achieve an overall reduction             "We wanted to create a space that, even     loeked doors. Parents will be issued spe-                     The MTA's Child Care Center will be
of about 10,000 pounds below the weight             though it was in an industrial area, would      cial identification passes and will be                    operated by the Prodigy Division of
of either a conventional or compressed              be a world just for children," says Hill-       encouraged to visit the center at any time.               Children's Discovery Centers of San
natural gas bus.                                    Sooft. "lt would be their environment and           "One of the advantages of co-locating                 Rafael. The company also operates centers
    The ATTB will have a low floor and a            give the children a sense of ownership."        the child care center with the Head-                      for several departments of the County of
simple wheelchair ramp system that will                 Based on building design and equip-         quarters building is to give parents more                 Los Angeles, IBM, TRW, Xerox., General
meet or exceed Americans with Disab-                ment, program quality and staff-to-ehild        time with their children," says Kathi                     Motors and the U.S. State Department,
ilities Act (ADA) requirements. lt will be          ratio, the MTA's facility will be among the     Harper of Human Resources, Child Care                     among others. •

                                                                                                                                                                                               /Jage 5
                                                           LVÜ'HMHIg	                              n,H3	   uveue7ii

They provide                        MTA took over the Union
                                                                  The Be
                                                                       person has with the MTA." The
                                    Station East Portal, mid-week,     operators set "the tone of our
our customers                       for a ceremony honoring all        relationship with that very cru-
                                                                       cial element in the business
                                    transit employees.
with high-                             At the awards luncheon,         equation: achieving customer
                                    GEO Joe Drew described the         satisfaction," she added.
quality, reliable                   employees of the year and             James called to the podium
                                    month as "exemplary models         Maria Alamilla, the Customer
and friendly                        for this organization in provid-   Information Employee of the
service.                            ing our customers with high-
                                    quality, reliable, and friendly
                                                                       Year, who also had been named
                                                                       Information Operator of the
                                    service."                          Month for November, 1995. Ala-
 1 t was a warm, sunny day             MTA Director James Cragin       milla, who lives in Los Angeles,
        in May and purple ja-       expressed the Board's apprecia-    has received monthly honors
        caranda blossoms drif-      tion to the winners and pointed    on four previous occasions dur-
        ted down onto luncheon      out the important role the         ing her six years with the MTA.
        tables set up in the        operator-maintenance employ-          Sterling IIampton, who won
Union Station courtyard as the      ee team plays in putting service   his monthly honor last October,
MTA honored five of its best        on the street every day. He        was named Bus Operator of the
employees for their outstanding     noted that the MTA was pre-        Year for 1995. An Operator with
performances in 1995.               sented the American Public         the MTA for 35 years, the Los
    On a table under the trees      Transit Association's presti-      Angeles resident drives Line
sat five large gold trophies with   gious Safety Award at its recent   212 between Inglewood and
the names of the 1995 bus and       convention.                        Hollywood. In all those years,
raul operators of the year, the        "The service you provide is     Hampton has never had an
maintenance employees of the        critical to the community,"        avoidable accident or used any
year for bus and rau, and the       said Director Mel Wilson, who      sick time.
customer information operator       presented the awards on               Metro Red Line Operator Joe
of the year. Arranged alongside     behalf of the Board. "The          Ellis of West Covina, was named
were medallions on white rib-       Board understands the chal-        top rail Operator for 1995. A
bons for each of those who had      lenge you face day to day, and     train operator for the past six
won monthly awards.                 we support you."                   years, Ellis transferred to the
    The luncheon and awards            Communications Executive        rail division after a distin-
presentation was the first event    Officer Rae James said the cus-    guished 20-year career as a bus
in the MTA's celebration of "Try    tomer information operators        operator.
Transit Week," May 13-17. The       are "often the first contact a        Phillip Rodriguez, a mainte-

  page 6
                       MT2                            MUECIM                                                                                             CIT

t for 95
(upper left) 1995 Bus Operator of the Year
Sterling Hampton (L) shares a moment with top
raul operator, Joe Ellis, and Kevin Doan, raul
maintenance employee of the year. (WR) Maria              AH in a
Alamilla, 1995 Telephone Information Operator
of the Year. (below) Bus Maintenance
Employee of the Year Phillip Rodriguez of the
                                                        day's work
Regional Rebuild Center.                             Hollywood, 7 am., May 7. MTA Operator
nance employee for 26 years,                         Tim Taylor is heading bis Line 2 bus east
                                                     on Sunset. At the intersection with Wilton,
was named top bus mahlte-
                                                     a homeless man steps onto the bus, pays
nance employee. The Chino                            his fare and takes a seat.
      resident was recognized                             In his packet, the man has concealed a
for his superior technical                           gun. He has been spotted shooting at cars
                                                     from the Hollywood Freeway overpass.
knowledge and was eredited
                                                     Alerted by a TV cameraman, poliee are
with initiating new proeedures                       enroute to the scene.
that resulted in a 50 percent                             Suddenly, Taylor receives a radio call
increase in productivity of the                      from Bus Control. Dispatcher James
Eleetrical Parts Section at the                      Adams describes the suspect and Taylor
                                                     confirms he's aboard. Adams outlines a              On Nov. 18, 1995, Operator Richard         Bus Control Dispatcher James Adams (I) and
Regional Rebuild Center.
                                                     plan to fake a breakdown and get Taylor's       Brady of Division 8 risked his life by         Operator Tim Taylor recall their teamwork in
   The rail maintenance em-                          15 passengers off the bus safely.               pulling a woman and two children from a        handling a situation, May 7, when a gunman
                                                                                                                                                    boarded Taylor's bus in Hollywood.
ployee for 1995 was Kevin                                 Bringing the bus slowly to the curb,       wrecked car he feared was in danger of
Doan, a rail maintenance spe-                        Taylor, a six-year MTA veteran, an-             catching fire from spilled gasoline. The       to tackle the man and bring him to the
                                                     nounces that he has engine trouble. He          woman lost her life, but the two children      ground to prevent the accident.
cialist for the past five years.
                                                     ushers everyone off the bus.                    reeovered from their injuries. Brady, an           On Feb. 20, 1996, Operator Harris D.
The Westminster resident was                              "I did my best to play that out," Taylor   MTA Operator for 10 years, told local          Johnson of Division 5 administered CPR
honored for simplifying the                          teils Channel 5 News of his bogus mechan-       newspapers he is "no hero and that any-        for 10 minutes to a male passenger who
MTNs preventive maintenance                          ical problem. "I didn't want anybody to         one would have done the same thing."           suffered a heart attack on bis Line 212 •
                                                     panic or get hurt."                                 On July 26, 1995, Operator Michael         bus. Johnson was able to flag down a pass-
inspection procedure, and re-
                                                          Police immediately surround the bus        Cole of Division 5 reseued two children        ing fire truck and obtain assistance for the
ducing the time required for                         and isolate the gunman from the other           from a runaway automobile at the risk of       passenger who later recovered.
inspections by 10 percent.                           passengers. The suspect refuses to hand         his life. One wheel of the automobile was          MTA files list hundreds of operators
   At a news conferenee, May                         over his weapon. Police surround the bus        dangling over the edge of a parking struc-     who receive cornmendations each year
                                                     and a two-hour standoff begins.                 ture on Hollywood Boulevard when Cole          from bus and train passengers. Five who
15, MTA Chairman Larry
                                                          Later, after the suspect is disarmed       managed to pull the handbrake. "I thank        have received 10 or more commendations
Zarian presented the year's                          and taken away, both the police and the         God that he gave me the push I needed to       in the past two years are:
honorees to the media and                            news media credit Taylor with keeping a         stop that car," Cole said later.                   Mary Collins of Division 6, an Operator
saluted "the men and women                           cool head and playing a major role in               Nate Castillo, a rail transit operations   since 1975, Yuckle Eubanks of Division 7,
who have served the public to                        bringing the situation to a peaceful end.       supervisor at Division 11, narrowly avoid-     an operator since 1976, Jimi Green of
                                                          Tim Taylor and James Adams are only        ed being struck by a train when he pre-        Division 18, an operator since 1984,
the utmost of their ability for
                                                     the latest of many bus and raul operators       vented a pedestrian from belog hit while       Ruhen Hemandez of Division 5, an opera-
the past year. These individuals                     and other MTA employees who have                crossing the Metro Blue Line tracks on         tor since 1987, and Carl Sanders of
set the standard for all of our
employees to follow."                •               earned kudos for heroic actions.                Dec. 20, 1995. A witness said Castillo had     Division 2, an operator since 1993. •

                                                                                                                                                                                           page 7
          MTA Library is a multi-media resource for
                                          transportation information
                                                    CDs, Internet access extend library's reach

 G                ee-Whiz facts you should
                  know: The largest transit
                  agency library in the
                  nation is on the 15th floor
                  of the MTA's Gateway
Headquarters building. lt houses more
than 20,000 volumes and has room for
30,000. lt has CD-Rom and Internet capa-
bilities. lt stores bus passes dating to the
1890's. lt serves not only employees, but
patrons as distant as Iran. lt has two mag-
nifying glasses.
     "There's an old library adage," says
Dorothy Gray, library services manager
for the past eight years, "that you can't
open a library without an encyclopedia, a
dictionary and a magnifying glass. I bought
     That kind of planning by the Columbia      access to home pages sponsored by many             tokens. Hundreds of historical pho-
University-trained librarian has helped         transit properties, including an MTA home          tographs of the city's trolley and bus sys-
the MTA's library grow from its status in       page beginning later this year.                    tems. Deeds from properties once owned
1971 as merely a repository for old reports         Resources like these have doubled the          by MTA predecessor agencies. Pins,
and documents to today's modern multi-          growth of library patronage and tripled the        badges, shoulder patches, buttons, and
media center capable of providing infor-        number of phone calls, Gray notes. During          even an 18-inch model of a yellow and
mation about an increasingly wide range         the first three months of 1995, some 2,300         green 1947 L.A. Transit Company bus.
of transportation-related topics. In addi-      patrons used the library. In the same peri-             "I would invite anyone who has histor-
tion to Gray, the staff includes Librarian      od this year, more than 4,600 patrons              ical items relating to Los Angeles transit to
Glenda Mariner and a student intern.            dropped in for assistance.                         donate them to the library," Gray says.
     Remember the card catalog you once             Aside from the information resources,          Items she's interested in include trolley or
used to find books at the library? At the       not a few employees and members of the             bus seats, station signs, uniform items, old
MTA library, you'll access a computer cat-      public come to view some of Gray's                 fare boxes and registers, route indicators,
alog system to find the book or periodical      favorites, the transportation memorabilia.         roller signs, maps and historic promotion-
you want. And if the MTA library doesn't            The library has an entire cabinet filled       al items.
 have the publication, Gray can get it for      with real estate records dating from the                "Our presence here is one of service,"
you through an interlibrary network.            1920s to the 1970s. There's a leather-             says Gray. "Whenever you walk into our
     Plug a CD into one of the library's com-   bound 1915 study of a proposal to build a          library, there's almost always something
 puters and you can search the Unites           subway in Los Angeles. Jars of transit             we can do for you.".
 States legal codes, check a historical fact                                                                                                       (above, left) MTA Library Manager Dorothy Gray
 or locate an article in a recent periodical.                                                          The MTA Library is open daily from          (r) and Intern Margarita Nelgoza check
                                                 Want to volunteer at the library?
                                                                                                   7:30 am. until 4:30 p.m. for employee           references with the library's computer system.
 Bus scheduling planners frequently use a
                                                                                                                                                   (top) The library's work room, located on the
 CD that shows map locations of street           Library Services Manager Dorothy Gray is          use. The publie may use the library on
                                                                                                                                                   15th floor at the Gateway Headquarters, is open
 addresses. You can plan a detailed, cross-      looking for volunteers to assist with special     Mondes from 8 am. until 12 noon and
                                                                                                                                                   for use by employees and the public. (above)
                                                 projects from time to time. You would work        on Thursdays from 11 am. until 3 p.m.,
 country trip from L.A. to New York City                                                                                                           Librarian Glenda Mariner returns a book to the
                                                 during lunch hours or other off-dtrty times. tf
 with a library CD, or get information about                                                       or during other hours and days by               stacks. The MTA libraty has more than 20,000
                                                 you're interested, please call the librarian at
heart diseases or prescription medicines.                                                          appointment. The library's phone num-           volumes and other items available to users.
And, of course, there's the Internet with                                                          ber is 922-4858 or 922 4859.

    /Jage 8

                          The evolution of a landscape artist
                                           Moving from amateur to semi-pro is artist's next big step

F            errol Yeakle has made many
             transitions in her life. A pho-
             tolithographer who works in
             the MTA's Printing Services
                                                                                          By Bill Heard

         Department, Yeakle was born
in Long Beach, has lived in Virginia,
served in the U.S. Marine Corps, worked
in Florida and Texas, and has reared a
daughter as a single mothcr.
    Along the way, she earned a college
degree in fine arts and has become a tal-
ented amateur landscape paintcr. Nov,
she wants to make another transition, this
one from amateur to semi-professional
    "In the last six to eight years, I've
become stable enough in my painting style
to consider selling my work," says Yeakle.
"I've hemme more independent as an
artist, trying to follow my own dream."
    Since the mid-1980s, Yealde has              senting the earth.                                 spend a few quiet hours recreating the        (above) Artist Ferrol Yeakle adds brush strokes
developed her skills as an outdoor artist,          "Wisdom, peace and serenity," says              scenery on canvas. She credits a former       to an ohl painting of Franklin Lake in the Santa
                                                                                                                                                  Monica Mountains. Ibelow) In the MTA's
creating landscapes and seascapes she            Yeakle. "These are the virtues God meant           painting instruetor, whose group she
                                                                                                                                                  printing department, Yeakle works on the
describes as "American Impressionism," a         for men and women to have."                        joined in 1985, with helping her get start-
                                                                                                                                                  negative of a soon-to-be-piinted brochure.
style in which the artist's emotional per-          There was little serenity in Houston            ed as an outdoor painter.
ception is more important than an exact          Miere she was living when the local econ-            "From working with that group I f000d
rendering of a scene. Her current painting       omy went belly-up in the early 1980s. So,          my places to paint," she says. "And I         equipment.
of a woodland lake is an example.                Yeakle and her daughter, Barbara Joy,              leamed how to get my gear together." She        Her current painting partner, a woman
    "I had to move a tree from the right         moved to back to California, locating ini-         had been using a heavy, awkward studio        whose work she admires, has influenced
side of the scene because it didn't seem to      tially in Whittier. She first worked at a          easel that was impossible to backpack and     Yealde's paintings and has inspired her to
fit," she says. "1'm pleased with the colors     printing plant in Santa Fe Springs, and            drew laughter from her fellow studcnts.       take on new challenges. She hopes, for
1'm using, but I have more work to do on         then took a job in 1987 as a photolithogra-        The French-built easel she now uses is        example, to have her paintings exhibited
the ripples caused by the wind on the            pher in the former RTD's print shop.               light, portable and holds most of her         in the L.A. County Art Museum's "rental
lake."                                              Photolithographers—called "strippers"                                                         gallery," where corporations can rent art
    Painting lakes and other outdoor             in the printing trades—assemble ("strip")                                                        works for their offices. The artist and
seenery is, itself, a transition from Yealde's   type, photographs, illustrations and other                                                       museum split the revenues from the
earlier style of "hard-edged geometrics."        elements of a Page design. A photo nega-                                                         rentals.
Beginning in high school, she used acrylic       tive then is made of the layout and a print-                                                         Meantime, Yealde is concentrating on
paints to create stars, circles, squares and     ing plate is made from the negative. The                                                         the woodland hake scene, working to
other shapes that cxpressed her interest in      plate goes on the printing press.                                                                achieve the correct tone and form of the
graphic arts.                                       This is exacting work, performed in a                                                         painting.
   "I eame from the 60's generation when         semi-darkened room over a back-lightcd                                                               "I paint from a responsive level," she
Pop ad was füg," Yeakle recalls. "lt was         work table. And while the work is creative                                                       says. "I try to become a part of the environ-
part of my culture."                             and satisfying, print shops—with their                                                           ment, to avoid intruding into the scene."
    One painting from this period, entitled      large printing presses and other machin-                                                             And maybe she'll one day achieve her
"God and Wisdom," is of a square sur-            ery pounding away in the background—                                                             real artistic ambition. "I want to be as good
rounding a Latin cross. The word "God"           are noisy places to work.                                                                        as Van Gogh or John Singer Sargeant," she
appears above die cross and goodness,               So, it's no wonder that Yeakle enjoys                                                         says, with only a hint of humor.
expressed in such words as wisdom, peace         shouldering her collapsible easel and hik-                                                           For Ferrol Yeakle, that would be only
and serenity, mins down on a circle repre-       ing into the Santa Monica Mountains to                                                           another in a series of transitions.      •
                                                                                                                                                                                        page 9
  TeleVillage is tomorrow's information resource
                                                 Bus and rau l provide direct links to Compton facility

 T              he future is now at the MTA-
                sponsored Metro Blue Line
                TeleVillage, a telecommuni-
                                                   the technology available at the center.
                                                       "A lot of children can't get out of their
                                                   environment," Tabor says. "But here, with
                cations and information            our Computers, they can learn about many
                facility that opened last          things, from animals in Asia to politics in
 Mareh at the Compton Transit Center.              Europe. They can broaden their horizons."
      The first development of its kind that           Between March 29 and mid-May, the
 links raul and bus transit with telecommu-        TeleVillage provided computer, video-con-
 nications technology, the $559,000                ferencing and business services to more
 TeleVillage has drawn national media              than 300 people, says Tabor. Annual
 attention as the newest concept for pro-          memberships range from $5 for students
 viding public access via computer to busi-        and $20 for family memberships to $50 for
 ness, government, job opportunities and           organizations.
 education.                                            The TeleVillage is open from 8:30 am.
      "The TeleVillage is capable of becom-        until 8 p.m., weekdays, and from 9 am. to
 ing a virtual City in which patrons will          5 p.m. on Saturdays.It is located at 300
 have access to information and business           North Willowbrook Avenue, Compton.
 resources without driving into the city,          For membership information, call 310-
 itself," says Megan Zimmermann,                   604-7717. •
                                                                                                   A Centinela High School student demonstrates his computer skills for Rashid Bahati, an ins-tructor with
 TeleVillage project manager. "You'll be                                                           the Compton Unilied School District, during a tour of the Metro Blue Line Televillage.
 able to renew a driver's license or a vehicle
 registration, change your address through
                                                                                                                                                             transit services that will reaeh the grcatest
 a computer link with the Postai Service, or
 access any number of information
                                                      lmproving LA's bus service is a                                                                        number of people. The third element
     The TeleVillage has a computer lab
                                                        high priority for the MTA                                                                            entails providing new services, including
                                                                                                                                                             transportation to link major employment
                                                                                                                                                             centers, shopping areas, medical centers
                                                        Focus is on communities and the transit-dependent

 with 12 Pentium computers featuring
                                                                                                                                                             and recreation facilities with residential
 Windows 95; a video-conferencing room;
 a library with computers capable of trans-
                                                                roviding for the transportation    Bus System Improvement Plan, is respon-                       The final element of implementation
 mitting documents to distant points; a
                                                                needs of an area as diverse        sible for its implemention. IIe also coordi-              involves the redistribution of resources.
 telecommuting office for two with desks,
                                                                and as large as Los Angeles        nates the work of the Bus Operators                           "We believe that by examining existing
 computers, laser printer and voice mail;
                                                                County is no easy task. It's an    Subcommittee, a group composed of the                     services and policies and using new transit
 and a community meeting room.
                                                                evolving process that requires     county's 16 transit operators and repre-                  delivery options, we can make more dol-
     A free Windows 95 introductory work-
                                                   creativity and a willingness to change with     sen tatives of the MTA.                                   lars available for transportation," says
 shop is conducted at the TeleVillage every
                                                   the times.                                          "We're trying to gain a better under-                 McLaughlin.
 Wednesday from 9 until 11 am. Times
                                                       That is precisely what the MTA is           standing of the individual communities we                     Among the 30 or more projects and
 also are scheduled for the public to use the
                                                   doing with the Bus System Improvement           serve so we can improve transportation                    programs in the Bus System Improvement
 Computers for access to the Internet, to
                                                   Plan that was adopted by the Board, March       service for the people who live, work and                 Plan are efforts to improve the interfaee of
 work on projects, school assignments or
                                                   27. More than 30 projects and programs to       shop there," says McLaughlin. "We're                      bus and rau, shuttle services, bus priority
 personal resumes.
                                                   improve service to the transit-dependent        focusing on the transit customer."                        lanes, new fare collection technology and
     "We've hired a curriculum specialist to
                                                   and improve mobility are included in the            There are four major elements in the                  payment methods, more customer rela-
 develop classes for people who want to use
                                                   plan.                                           Bus System Improvement Plan. The first                    tions and supervisor training, bus shelter
 computers in their businesses or to further
                                                       "We have no higher priority than to         involves increasing community-based                       and bus stop improvements, and new
 their education," says Krishna Tabor,
                                                   make our bus system better, safer, faster       transit services and improving communi-                   coach purchases.
 TeleVillage director.
                                                   and affordable," says GEO Joe Drew. "We         cations with eustomers, while seeking                         The Board also has approved an annu-
     She envisions the TeleVillage as pro-
                                                   must use our resources smarter, wiser and       information from nön-riders.                              al program to improve service for the tran-
 viding valuable assistance to small busi-
                                                   more creatively to bettcr mateh supply              A second element calls for restructur-                sit-dependent on overcrowded lines as
 nesses and entrepreneurs, as well as to
                                                   with demand, starting at the community          ing the way service planning is done in                   part of the plan. III
people who need to develop skills for the
                                                   level."                                         order to improve data collection, analyze
job market. Children also will benefit from
                                                       Jim McLaughlin, director of the MTA's       current ridership trends and develop new                                                 Joan Caterino

   p ag e 1 0

                                       All In The Family
                                         Smith, Gary L.                         Currie, John T.
Every family has moments to cele-                                                                                                             Leib, Edward                    6/1/76
                                         Mec B to Mec A                         Util A to Util A Ldr                                          Hamilton, L.M.                  6/1/76
brate and to remember. On this
                                         Torres, Robert                         Huffer, Linda G.                                              Kendricks, Shirley L.           6/1/76
page, you'll find a monthly listing of   Equip Mnt Supv to Dep Serv Opns Mgr                                                                  Byrne, Patrick D.               6///76
                                                                                Tpst Clrk to Sec
MTA promotions, Service Awards                                                                                                                Co/on, Johnny P.                6/1/76
                                         Trachter, Ira                          Burns, Louis I.                                               Colon, Maria E.                 6/1/76
and employee retirements. Those          Admn Anlst to Trans Prog Pim II        Asst Accts Rep to Sr. Cust Serv Agt II                        Northington, Emenuella R.       6/1/76
who are no longer with us are            Davis, Marcus L.                       Little, Curley J.                                             Roh',', Walter A.               6/1/76
remembered In Memorium.                  Mec B to Mec A                         Dep Sen, Opns Mgr to Tran Opns Supv                           Jlundal Kuldip K.
                                                                                                                                                        ,                     6/2/76
                                         Tovar, Rodrigo                         Nguyen, Dan L.                                                Guy, Clarence                   6/3/76
                                         Mec B to Mec A                         Sched Supv to Schecl Phir                                     Wirt, Roland L.                 6/3/76
                                                                                                                                              Zaragosa, Manuel I.            6/13/76
   Retirements                           Flores, Frank                          Williams, Martha E.                                           Biyant, Kimberley F.           6/14/76
                                         Acting to Dep Ex Off, PI & Prg         Mpr Wxr to Equip Reed Spec                                    Garcia, Gabriel                6/14/76
                                         Valenzuela, Enrique R.                 Wassell, Wayne A.                                             Pohja, Bruce B.                6/14/76
   Wert, Michael D.
                                         Acting to Pub Aff Mgr                  Bus Op P/T to Sched Mkr I                                     Zeccardi, Carmine A.           6/14/76
   Apr '73 to Apr '96
                                         Merrick, Michael F.                                                                                  Johnson, Thomas W.             6/14/76
   Silva, Alfred()                                                              Hogue, Kathryn A.
                                         Sr 3rd Pty Coord to Proj Eng                                                                         Cantor, Bany W.                6/14/76
   Apr '73 to Apr '96                                                           Div Steno to Steno
                                                                                                                                              Victoria, Ermilo 0.            6/21/76
                                         Givens, James M.                       Lords, Robert W.                                              Fenty, Victor N.               6/21/76
  Moody, Joe W
                                         Proj Eng to Dep Proj Mgr, Eng          Tran Pol Off (trn) to Sec Gcl II                              Alvarado, Cruz Z.              6/21/76
   Mar '69 to Mar '96
                                         Uri/so/4 Ralph                                                                                       Brown, Lany D.                 6/21/76
  Lugo, Esteban G.
                                         Acting to Reg Gen Mgr                                                                                Davis, Kirk S.                 6/21/76
   Apr '73 to Apr '96                                                           MTA Service Awards                                            Ferguson, Robert C.            6/21/76
   Wilson, Russell E.                    Levine, Ellen G.
                                                                                                                                              Zablocki, Paul                 6/21/76
   Feb '59 to Mar '96                    Acting to Reg Gen Mgr
                                                                                35   YEARS                                                    Ryatt, Savender S.             6/22/76
   Campbell, Jimmie R.                   Pedemonte, Marco A.                    Chavez, Manuel M.	                    6/16/61                 Rodriguez, Miguel S.           6/28/76
   Mar '73 to Apr '96                    Mee A to Mec A Ldr                                                                                   Brewer-Smith, Yvonne           6/28/76
                                         Everett, Debbie M.                     30 YEARS                                                      Fulwiley, Willie M.            6/28/76
  Benavidez, Dwight M.
  Oct '72 to Apr '96                     Bus Opr P/T to Bus Opr FIT             Barrasa, Reymundo H.	                 6/25/66
                                         Hillmer, Jon A.                                                                                      In Memonam
  Jackson, Moses
                                         Acting to Reg Gen IvIgr                25 YEARS
   Nov '81 to Apr '96
                                                                                1Voodard, Herbert B.                   6/5/71
                                         Chavira, Anthony P.                                                                                  Sagvin, Isagani
  Melendez, Luis A.                                                             Williams, Ernest                       6/5/71
                                         Acting to Reg Gen Mgr                                                                                Sec Grd II, Employed 1119/85
   Jan '73 to Feb '96                                                           Thomas, Horton A.                     6/18/71
                                                                                                                                              Died 5/5/96
   Vazquez, Roman F.                     Forstall, Mark A.                      Simmons, Matthew D.                   6/26/7/
   Mar '73 to Mar '96                    Mec A to Mec A Ldr                     Gagner, Lola J.                       6/30/71
                                                                                                                                         If we missed your retirement, promotion
   Stuten, Ray                           Willis, Nathaniel                                                                               or Service Award of 20 years or more,
                                         Elect Com Tech Ldr to Rail Com Sup     20 YEARS
   Jul '73 to Feb '96                                                                                                                    please drop a note to the Editor, Metro
                                                                                Thompson, Cornelius                    6/1/76
                                         Riley, Harold D.                                                                                Family. Well tly to include it in the next
  Kelley, Alvin R.                                                              Brown, Theodore                        6/1/76
                                         Info Proc Srvc Mgr to Sr Com Op Sup                                                             issue, space permitting.
   Sep '72 to May '96                                                           Van Eyck, Manuel F.                    6/1/76
   Taylor, Bobby F.                      Reyes, Paz L.
   Dec '68 to Feb '96                    Acct Pay Clrk to Pay Clrk

   Palmisano, Joseph
   May '73 to May '96
                                         Spivack, Gary.
                                         Act Mgr, Ops Plng to Dir, Gen Serv                                Suggestion Box
   Sims, Simmie                          Eksterowicz, Nanci G.
   Aug '73 to Jun '95                    Clms Mgr to Act Dir, Risk Mgr

   Thomas, Michael C.                    Lorenz°, Barbarita C.
                                                                                I thought the lune issue of "Metro Family" was: 	
                                         Wkrs Comp Supv to Clms Mgr
   Mar '79 to May '96
                                                                                I especially liked: 	
                                         Lockige, Clifton
   Trautman, Carmen M.
   Oct '70 to Feb '96
                                         Sr Trans Pol Off to Trans Pol   sgt    I did not like: 	

                                         Robertson, Valerie E.                  Here's a suggestion for a story or feature in a future "Metro Family" issue: 	
                                         WIffs Comp AnIst to WItrs Comp Supv
                                         Pennington, Daniel E.
                                         Trans Pol Off (Trn) to Trans Pol Off
  Mendoza, Michael 0.                    An (trade, Sergio
   Mec B to Mec A                        Trans Pol Off (Trn) to Trans Pol Off   Thank You for your ideas. Please cut out this section and send it by interoffice mail to
                                                                                Bill Heard, Editor, Metro Family, USG, 13th Floor.
  Reed-Murphy, Esther                    Monroy, Carlos E.
   Cash Cnt Supv to Sr Cash Cnt Supv     Acent to Budgt Anlst                   	J

                                                                                                                                                                           page 11
                                                        JUNE NEWS BRIEFS
   MTA Rapid Response Teams                                                                                                                 A Metro Red Line train enters the Wilshire_/
   will ease construction impact                                                                                                            Western station during pre-revenue service.
                                                                                                                                            The seven-week testing period will end with the
       The MTA has established a Con-
                                                                                                                                            opening of the Wilshire corridor, July 13.
   struction Impact Response Program to
                                                                                                                                            Sunday, lune 30, is a sneak preview day for
   ensure quick solutions for residents and                                                                                                 'WTA employees and families, with activities
   businesses impacted by MTA construction                                                                                                  scheduled from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.
       Under the program, Rapid Response                                                                                                    began mining operations in mid-May
   Teams will be set up for each construction                                                                                               through the Hollywood IIills south toward
   project. The goal is to respond and to                                                                                                   Hollywood.
   resolvc complaints within 72 hours.                                                                                                          When completed, the twin tunnels will
       Elements of the program include good                                                                                                 pass 12,630 feet through eight distinct
   faith payrnents on claims, low interest                                                                                                  geologic formations, ranging from 165 to
   loans, cost of structural repairs for limited                                                                                            900 feet beneath the surface, before meet-
   physical damage, mortgage payment sup-                                                                                                   ing the Metro Red Line tunnels at La Brea
   port and other assistance.                                                                                                               Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard.
                                                                                                                                                The $125.6 million, two-mile-long tun-
   MTA joins 12 agencies at                            Conference topics inelmled how to        young people and community groups.          nel project will link the San Fernando
   anti-graffiti meeting                           build community support, promoting vol-      They teach the importance of a safe and     Valley with Hollywood and the rest of the
       Representatives from the MTA and 12         unteerism, developing public awareness       clean transportation system and help        Metro Red Line system. The Valley seg-
   other government agencies diseussed             and prevention techniques, starting up       groups organize graffiti cleanup efforts.   ment will have subway stations at
   ways to combat graffiti with interested         neighborhood watch programs, and deal-                                                   Universal City and in North Hollywood.
   community groups in May at the first            ing with law enforcement and legal issues.   Contractor begins tunneling                     The second boring machine, now
   annual Anti-Graffiti Conference of                  MTA community outreach efforts rely      from U. City to Hollywood                   being assembled, should begin tunneling
   M.A.G.I.C., the Multi-Agency Anti-Graffiti      upon 175 employees who volunteer more           The first of two tunnel boring           within a month. Tunneling is expected to
   Intervention Committee.                         than 6,000 hours each year to work with      machines positioned at Universal City       be complete in early 1997.       •
                                                                                                                                                                                     CM094 5/96 TMc

                                                                                                                                                                            BULK RATE
                                                                                                                                                                           U.S. POSTAGE
METRO                                                                                                                                                                         Permit 4717
                                                                                                                                                                            Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles County
Metro politan Trans portation Authority
One Gateway Plaza, P.O. Box 194
Los Angles, CA 90053

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