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Fleet F77 - Latincom by tangshuming


									Fleet F77
Fleet F77 is a maritime communications service that offers high quality data, voice, and fax at speeds up to 64
kbps. Fleet’s Mobile ISDN service provides reliable and fast connections, for quick and and cost-effective deliv-
ery of large amounts of data. Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS) enables users to remain on-line for extended
periods of time, while being charged only for the data transmitted and received.

Service Features
Fleet F77 supports a variety of communication channels, meeting diverse application requirements.

Mobile ISDN Service
Mobile ISDN is a dedicated Single Channel per Carrier (SCPC) service that enables high-speed data
transfer, efficiently transmitting navigational maps and large files associated with fleet management and
other software programs.

64 kbps UDI Data             Large file transfer, Internet/Web access, intranet/corporate LAN access, video
(Unrestricted Digital        teleconferencing, broadcast video (real-time and store & forward), bulk e-mail,
                             e-mail with large file attachments, and secure voice/data with Secure Terminal
                             Equipment (STE)
56 kbps v.110 Data           Enables interoperability with applications requiring speeds up to 56 kbps
3.1 kHz Audio                Broadcast quality audio, analog G3 fax up to 14.4 kbps, V.34 analog modem data,
                             and secure voice STU-IIB and STU-III
64 kbps Speech               High quality voice communications

Mobile Packet Data Service
Mobile Packet Data Service uses Internet Protocol (IP) technology and time-shared channels to allocate net-
work resources, enabling cost-efficient Web access, e-mail and “Always On” remote access.
Variable Speed        For bursty applications such as Internet access, and e-mail with
                      small file attachments

Voice Services
Fleet offers a dedicated Single Channel per Carrier (SCPC) service that provides cost-effective voice and fax
4.8 kbps                     Voice communications
2.4 kbps                     Fax*
9.6 kbps*                    Fax

*Available on only some mobile terminals.

                                           Coverage Map
       The availability of service at the edge of coverage
   areas fluctuates depending on a variety of conditions.
      The map depicts our expectations of coverage, but
               does not represent a guarantee of service.

  Fleet F77 voice, fax, Mobile ISDN and MPDS services

                                                             Detailed coverage map available at or from a
                                                             Telenor Service Provider

Telenor Satellite Services          Customer Care
                                    Tel: +1 301 838 7700
                               Comparison Chart
                                Service       Coverage               Voice      Data         Packet Data Fax           GMDSS            Antenna Size (approx.)

                                Fleet F77     Global Voice           4.8 kbps   ISDN       MPDS         2.4 kbps*      When paired with 75-90 cm diameter
                                              and Data                          at 64 kbps              9.6 kbps/G3*   an Inmarsat C    30-70 kg weight
                                              Spot Fax                                                  64 kbps/G4     terminal

                                Fleet F55     Global Voice           4.8 kbps   ISDN         MPDS       9.6 kbps*      Not Applicable   50-60 cm diameter
                                                                                at 64 kbps              14.4 kbps/G3                    18 kg weight
                                              Spot Data and Fax                                         64 kbps/G4

                                Fleet F33     Global Voice           4.8 kbps   9.6 kbps     MPDS       9.6 kbps/G3    Not Applicable   30-40 cm diameter
                                                                                                                                        8 kg weight
                                              Spot Data and Fax

                                * Available on only some Fleet terminals

                               Advantages of Fleet F77
                               • Spot and global beam coverage for coastal and deep-sea communications in all ocean regions of the world
                               • Completely meets Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS) requirements when paired with an
                                 Inmarsat C terminal
                               • Enhanced maritime distress and safety features including fixed to mobile pre-emption and enhanced
                                 priority pre-emption help guarantee completion of user defined urgent and distress level calls
                               • Fleet is compatible with the next generation of Inmarsat satellites (I4)

                               Telenor Value Added Services
                               Extend the benefits of satellite communications with Telenor’s innovative portfolio of value added services.
                               Services include prepaid calling solutions for passengers and crew, easy Internet access, a full duplex e-mail
                               solution with automatic mailbag compression and Satellite Direct calling to Inmarsat terminals. And, only Telenor
                               offers The Source , a Web-based information management system enabling Telenor’s Service Providers access
                               to key customer account information. Telenor’s value added services are constantly evolving and expanding to
                               meet the varying needs of our customers.

                               Technical Support
                               Technical Application Notes providing Fleet F77 configuration instructions for most operating systems and user
                               applications are available from Telenor.

                               Customer Care
                               Telenor provides expert technical support 24-hours a day through personnel from our Customer Care Center.
                               To reach Telenor’s Customer Care Center, call +1 301 838 7700 (worldwide), 1 800 685 7898 (North America)
                               or send an e-mail to


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