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                                  CS 421
                         Research Project
                            Presented By
                      Roshan Gunathilake

•   Introduction
•   Research Goals
•   Approach
•   Background Study
•   Analyzing and Interpretation
•   Implementation of Solutions
•   Demonstrations
•   Results
•   Conclusions
•   Recommendations

• Internet and mobile phone usage
• Internet and web technologies are used
   – as a source of information, email exchanging, data transfer,
     entertainment, etc…
• Mobile Phones and related technologies
   – communication device , data transfer ,etc…
• Access internet via mobile
   – Wi fi, GPRS, 3G and 4G

• What is Mobile Web?
• Mobile Web refers to the use of internet connected
  applications from a mobile device connected to a wireless
   – Access web via GPRS, 3G, 4G…
   –   Smart Phones and Tablets
   –   SMS Based Applications
   –   MMS
   –   GPS and LBS
Research Goals
• New Application areas of mobile and web interaction.
• Enhance the use of web to mobile access.
• Provide a developer platform to improve mobile
  integration for web sites.
• Provide solutions for some existing requirements in
  mobile and web integration.
• Approach feature phone users in web interaction.
• Facilitate non technical people to take advantages of
  mobile and web interaction.

• Background study about mobile , internet usage and related
• Collect the ideas from different perspectives
    User
    Developer
    Operator
• Analyze the existing requirements in mobile and web
• Implementation of solutions
Literature Review

• Key Global Telecom indicators by end of 2011.
   – Number of mobile phones per 100 people is 86.7
   – Mobile broadband connections per 100 people is 17
   – Fixed broadband connections per 100 people is 8.5
• Smart Phone Vs Feature Phones
• Exponential growth of Android O/S
• Success of smart phone App Stores
   – Google Paly
   – iStore
Smart Phone Penetration
Operating System Share
Existing Implementations
• Mobile Interaction of Social Networks
   – Twitter, Facebook
• Smart phone applications with syndication feeds
   – Android, iOS, Balckberry
• SMS based applications
   – Information services, notification systems
• Cloud Based Platforms
   – Aventura, Soltura, Dia Text
• Application Stores
   – Google Play, iStore, SMS Based App Stores
• SMS integration for chat services
   – Gmail, Skype
Application Download from Google Play
Analyzing and Interpretation

• Based on the responses which are given by users, following
  requirements are short listed.
   – A convenient way to mange web sites without accessing internet
   – Allowing non IT people to perform basic updates on their web sites.
   – A solution for web developers who do not have a deep knowledge
     about mobile application development, to integrate SMS based service
     into their web sites.
   – A convenient way to manage SMS based applications where even non
     developers can manage the applications.
   – A solution to access mobile users with basic feature phones and smart
     phone users with additional interactivity simultaneously.
   – Overcome the dependencies of operators in text based applications.
Implementation of Solutions

• is introduced as a bridge for mobile and web
   –   mobile web middleware
   –   sms based applications
   –   smart phone applications
   –   Forum and FAQ
   –   Support Materials
   –   Developer Zone
Core Products
   MSCUP (Mobile to Site Content Update Platform)
• Mscup platform is simply a way of updating the content of a
  web site without an internet connection. It uses SMS
  technology. 3G or GPRS are not required.
          – Update Web Site via SMS
          – Send Notifications from a web site to a mobile phone via sms.
          – The developer zone which allows the people to integrate a
            messaging system into their web site.
          – Users can be charged based on the usage (by reducing cost
            from his/her credit balance).
Demonstration 1
Core Products
    MCMS (Mobile Content Management System)
• A web Based mobile content management system which is
  developed to fulfill the requirement of full scale content
  management system for mobile web application developers.
• no technical knowledge required to manage the mobile web
  applications via MCMS.
• This provides an email like interface to mange a messaging
• 2 Variations of the Product :
   – MCMS is available with ready made application templates for most
     common applications (such as daily broadcast message)
   – Also it can be customized according to the application requirement.
Demonstration 2
Core Products

• MCMS interface provides following features
   –   All requests from clients (messages)
   –   Broadcast message
   –   Reply to a message
   –   Delete a message
   –   View questions from subscribers.
   –   Number of Subscribers

• MCMS is very safe in security means because,
   – Only authorized people can access the admin panel
   – Subscriber numbers are saved in encrypted format and therefore no
     risk of spamming.
Core Products
• Messagedroid is a technology introduced by us to
  broadcast a message to a group of users (subscribers)
  who use feature phones via SMS and send the message
  to smart phone users via an android application in an
  interactive way.
• The following disadvantages of operator dependent
  applications are solved with messagedroid.
   – Cannot send the message to the people in other countries
   – Most of the time it’s limited to a single subscriber
   – We can send only normal text messages and so we cannot use
     the advantage of smart phones
Demonstration 3
Core Products

• 2 ways which the subscriber can receive the message.
   – Subscribe to the application via a text message
   – Download the android application
• Content provider can build up a huge network with this
  messaging system. Also it can be given free for the users.
• Both SMS application and Android application are executed
Other Products

• Some other products are introduced to approach following
  research areas
   –   Games
   –   Simple Entertainment applications
   –   Syndication Feeds
   –   Some other products are introduced to approach following research
• Other products are
   –   Love Calculator
   –   SMS Cricket Game
   –   RSS Score Update via SMS
   –   RSS Score Update Application for Smart Phones
Demonstration 4,5,6
Results and Discussion

• The web portal has become a more complete
  reliable resource for the developers.
• Mscup SMS update system has implemented in several web
• Advantages of mscup
   – Advantages of mscup can be described in 3 view points.
      • User
      • Web developer
      • Operator (mobile service provider)
Results and Discussion
• USER Point of View:
   – Update the site on move
   – Easier Syntax for user
   – Only texting knowledge is required.
   – No internet connection is required to perform update.
   – Instant update is ideal for web site with a content which changes
     rapidly. Eg :- news web sites.
   – Client is free of web developer for minor updates.
   – Only authorized people can update.
   – Client can use any phone number (of a particular operator/s) to
     perform update.
Results and Discussion

• Web Developer Point of View:
   – Easy to implement on a web site for a web developer
   – Customizable
   – No knowledge of mobile application development is required.

• Operator Point of View:
   – Operator / Web Developer/ Organization or Web site owner can share
     the revenue.
Results and Discussion

• Unique Features fo MSCUP
   – Web designer or web site owner is given the facility include a
     customizable complete web and mobile interaction system to his web
   – This concept does not depend on the programming language and can
     be implemented using any web programming language (currently
     implemented with php).
   – The requirements are really simple because it does not depend on the
     features of client web server
   – it can be implemented in a network of a particular operator or SMS
   – The execution is simple.
Results and Discussion

• MCMS solves the following problems in mobile web.
   – There are no convenient ways for non developers to create SMS based
   – Even developers feel it difficult to develop applications from the
   – Also it’s difficult maintain an application after development.
• 2 variations of MCMS are introduced
   – Developer can develop apps depending on operator
   – Or without depending on operator.
• With MCMS based applications
   – Developers earn money through SMS apps developed using MCMS :
     operator dependent version (he can charge from subscriber)
   – Organizations can maintain sms based applications to connect their
     community without charging from subscribers.
Results and Discussion

• cricnews android application has become a popular download
  in open app market. It provides more convenient and quick
  access to the live cricket scores than it’s competitor cricinfo
  which is a relatively a more complex application.
• Simulation of a real world sport on mobile phones where the
  rules of the sport are familiar to the users with sms cricket
• simple applications like love calculator has shown it’s
  potential to attract fans in entertainment domain.
   – Eg :- mpaul

• There are 3 main groups who are involved in the subject.
   – General public
   – Developers and Solution providers
   – Mobile operators and Large Scale Organizations
• Non technical people also should be able access and manage
  their web sites. MSCUP solution fills this gap by providing the
  facility to update web sites even without an internet
  connection (via text messages). So it allows people without
  IT literacy to keep track on their web sites.

• New Application areas of mobile and web interaction : Non
  Graphical Simulation Games, Mobile CMS
• Enhance the use of web to mobile access : Non developer
  integration platform (mscup) , MCMS, messagedroid
• Provide a developer platform to improve mobile integration
  for web sites. : mscup developer platform
• Provide solutions for some existing requirements in mobile
  and web integration : messagedroid, MCMS
• Approach feature phone users in web interaction :mscup
• Facilitate non technical people to take advantages of mobile
  and web interaction : mscup, mcms
• A convenient way to manage mobile web application was a
  real requirement and MCMS solution fulfills that requirement.
  Also it provides a better customization options than other
  attempts with it’s open source nature.
• Messagedroid technology solves the problem of approaching
  both basic feature phone users and smart phone users
  simultaneously with user specific features.
• In the perspective of entertainment, mobile web application
  has a great potential, especially in games and simple
  applications like we implemented.
• Mobile web has also shown a remarkable success as a quick
  and attractive way of receiving information. Our approach this
  scenario is RSS and social network powered cricnews.

• Cheap SMS server solutions
• Implantations for people who has special needs
• Improvement of data mining techniques, AI applications (such
  as intelligent advertising engines) will improve the commercial
  value of mobile web interaction.
• Advanced        messaging       service     integrations  and
  implementations as B2B solutions.

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