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                          Historic Trinity Lutheran Church
                          1345 Gratiot Ave., Detroit, MI 48207
                                                                                                                     FALL 2010
                                                                                                  Web Page -
                                                                                                 Web Page -
                                                   The Rev. Dr. David Eberhard, Pastor
                              Dr. Kieth Gerberding ~ Rev. Carl Gnewuch ~ Rev. James Gruetzner ~ Rev. Ronald Guettler
                              Rev. Gary Headapohl ~Dr. John Heins ~ Dr. John Herzog ~ Rev. Donald Neiswender
                              Vicar Kevin Lucey ~ Richard Carolan & Randall Goddard, Lay Assistants
                                                        Mr. Karl Osterland, Music Director

160TH ANNIVERSARY                                                        BIBLE CELL GROUPS
Historic Trinity Lutheran Church, founded in                             The Bible Cells Groups develop a better
1850, is celebrating its 160thAnniversary in 2010.                       understanding of Scripture. Truth has become
We ‘WELCOME HOME” our members and                                        relative - whatever a person feels to be right —
friends to this our “Mother Church” in                                   rather than what Jesus declares to be valid.
downtown Detroit. Various anniversary activities                         The Bible Cells Groups are a video-based Bible
are taking place throughout the year. The 160th                          study program that demonstrate the historic
Anniversary Committee has established three main events:                 Christian belief in the authority of Scripture as
          March 27 - 160th Anniversary Birthday Party                    it leads people back into the study of God’s Word. It is anticipated
       May 23 - Celebrating Dr. Eberhard’s anniversaries                 there will be 20 to 30 groups from our two parishes. Historic
             November 20 - 160th Anniversary Dinner                      Trinity and Our Shepherd have trained the group leaders and the
          November 21 - 160th Anniversary Church Service                 hosts who are holding these small groups. Each group will meet
Anniversary years are a great time to share. Let us share the            weekly , for six or twelve weeks, at various locations throughout
memories of the blessings of the past years, let us arise with joy       metro Detroit, beginning the week of September 12th. Each group
at the opportunities that today presents , and let us step boldly        will select which day they will meet each week, and the time of the
forward into the future - hand in hand with our Lord.                    sessions. The hosts are encouraged to invite a group of fellow
                                                                         church members, friends and relatives to meet on a weekly basis
SHARED MINISTRY                                                          to watch and discuss interesting Bible Cell Group video
                   Historic Trinity Lutheran Church of Detroit,          presentations concerning the truths of Scripture. The gatherings
                   Michigan and Our Shepherd Lutheran Church             include time for building friendships and encouraging prayers.
                   of Birmingham, Michigan, are engaged in a             Call the church office to find out where the meetings are being
                   shared ministry. The Rev. Dr. David Eberhard          held, and at what time.
                   and Rev. Carl Gnewuch are Partner Pastors in
                   this ministry at both locations. Over the past        CHRISTMAS TOURS AVAILABLE
months the partnership has/ and is involved in; various shared                                 “Christmas at Historic Trinity”, is a venue
youth activities, youth mission trip to Mexico, Men’s Bible Study                              you do not want to miss, at Historic Trinity
each Monday at 7:00 am in downtown Detroit at Historic Trinity,                                Lutheran Church, located at 1345 GratiotAve.,
Training and producing various (20-30) Bible Cell Groups (for six                              in downtown Detroit, Michigan. Come and
to twelve weeks) throughout Metro Detroit, regular sharing time                                view this authentic cathedral (Historic Site)
in sessions of church executive officers and pastors of both                                   fitted out in its finest seasonal decorations.
parishes, discussing and challenging each other to greater                                     See the updated collection of over 650 angels,
ministries, seminary training (SMP) for vicars and theologically         over 250 creches from around the world, and over 50 decorated
trained lay assistants for each site, and much more. And now             Christmas Trees, animated characters, many doll houses, garlands
exploring possible new methods for contacting the urban resident         - bows - wreaths- candles everywhere, unique old Christmas
in downtown Detroit. Wow - new life in Christ for all !                  decorations, and much more. There are some special new exhibits
                                                                         this year. Especially the, one time only, personal Christmas
              Historic Trinity Lutheran Church                           collections each of Corky Marowske and Roy Montney. These
           provides a traditional Christian ministry                     outstanding Christmas decorations may be viewed weekdays
                     in downtown Detroit,                                from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., - or other times by special appointment
                  with an open environment                               from November 19th thru January 1st. Admission is free. Group
              that encourages personal growth                            tours and Christmas Carol sing-a-longs can be arranged . Catering
               and a caring outreach to others.                          also is available for groups of 20 or more persons. For information
                                                                     1   and reservations call 313-567-3100 or 800-268-3058.
SENIORS SUNDAY -Aug 22                                                     LUTHERANLUNCHEONCLUB
Historic Trinity Senior Ministry presents a “Seniors                       The Lutheran Luncheon Club of Metro Detroit meets
Sunday” on Sunday, August 22nd in all three                                the 1st Wednesday of each month, at 12:00 Noon, at
Worship Services. President Ronald Regan issued                            Historic Trinity. For over 50 years, these Lutheran men
a proclamation declaring August 21st as the             Margie             have held their monthly luncheons and presented an
National Senior Citizen Day. Senior citizen members     Erfourth           outstanding speaker. The club sponsors the Lutheran Mel Ott
from our parish will read the litany at the services. In the 11:00         Baseball League, that ends with a Lutheran Night at a Detroit
a.m. Worship Service, Margie Erfourth will be awarded the                  Tigers Game and the presentation of awards to the winning little
Cathedral Ministry “Lutheran Senior Citizen Award” for 2010.               leaguers. Each year, they hold the Christian Fellowship of Athletes
                                                                           luncheon honoring an athlete from each of our Metro Lutheran
NEW-PARENTSNIGHTOUT                                                        High Schools. Lutheran men from throughout the Metro area are
                 Historic Trinity plans to start a “Parents Night          welcome to attend the Lutheran Luncheon Club
                 Out” once a month. Baby sitting by members of
                 Historic Trinity would take place in the Otte             COMMUNITYSENIORSatHT
                 Parish Hall on the third Friday evening of each                         Each 4th Tuesday of a month, the Historic Trinity
                 month, from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. or11:00 p.m.                        Cathedral Ministry hosts senior citizen residents
This would enable parents to leave their child/children at the                           from neighboring senior hi-rise buildings for a
church, while the parents would have “a night out” to explore the                        Community Seniors Event at Historic Trinity. This
many great opportunities in downtown Detroit. Sports, plays,                             provides Historic Trinity members and our
music, restaurants, etc. This is limited to members only of Historic       neighbors an opportunity to share in fun, food, and fellowship.
Trinity. You must call in advance with a reservation for the               For over 20 years, these events have been our honor and our
“Parents Night Out”. Parents also need to take time alone for              privilege.
each other if the marriage is to remain healthy.
HISTORICTRINITYINTHEMOVIES                                                 Looking for a place for your board, committee,
The State of Michigan is providing special                                 or social group to meet, hold a training session,
tax breaks for Movie Studios to produce films                              or retreat? Consider using your Lutheran
at various sites in Michigan. As a result,                                 Cathedral in downtown Detroit - Historic Trinity.
Historic Trinity Lutheran Church was one of                                The facilities are conveniently located two
the sites filming for the movie “Harold and Kumar Christmas”, a            blocks off the I-75 expressway. Off street parking.
comedy by Warner Brothers. One of the star actors is Kal Penn,             Barrier free. The facilities provide wireless access. Adequate
who was also in the TV “House” series, another is John Cho. The            various meeting spaces. Inspiring cathedral worship center.
movie will be released in December 2011. The filming took place            Caterer on hand to meet your needs. Give us a call 313-567-3100
July 7, 8, and 9.                                                          or 800-268-3058 to schedule a date and to work out details.

160THANNIVERSARYMEMENTOS                                                   CAR PARKING“ID”
Various 160th Anniversary mementos are available at the Guild                           Historic Trinity has an “ID” sticker for your car
Counter in the Marowske Room:                                                           windshield. Place the sticker in the lower left hand
            1) The “Welcome Home - Historic Trinity”                                    corner (driver’s side) of the window. Those
                  Refrigerator magnet - $2.00 each                                      automobiles that display an HT windshield sticker
            2) Historic Trinity cloth shopping bags - $2.00 each                        will not need a parking pass to the lots adjacent to
            3) Medium Christmas Tree ornaments - $5.00 each                the church. You will still need to enter the lots from the gate in the
            4) 160th Anniversary DVD -                                     church’s parking lot. If you do not have a HT sticker you will
                  Historic Trinity History - $2.00                         need a parking pass from the security person. Stickers can be
         5) Ceramic model ornament of Historic Trinity - $25.00            obtained from the security person in the parking lot, or from the
                                                                           church office.
A diverse group of men begin the work week at                              WORSHIPSERVICETIMES
Historic Trinity with Bible Study on Monday                                To better accommodate our many members
mornings at 7:00 am. Some are retired, some are                            and friends, Historic Trinity Lutheran Church
working, some are younger and some remember                                conducts three Sunday morning Worship
when the number on a car meant horsepower.                                 Services for your convenience: 8:15 a.m., 9:30
The men discuss a wide array of topics in the light of Scripture           a.m., 11:00 a.m. All three services use traditional Lutheran Liturgy
and pray together. The discussions are thought provoking,                  and are highlighted by outstanding preaching, inspiring music, a
respectful and always encouraging. After meeting for about an              friendly atmosphere, and top notch quality throughout. Historic
hour, some members of the group typically gather for breakfast at          Trinity also provides secured and lighted off-street parking for
a local restaurant; others go on to other activities. Individuals          all events, programs, and services. Our facilities are completely
come as often as their schedule permits (some come infrequently,           handicapped accessible. The church is easily reached by freeway:
other come every week). Newcomers are always welcome. The                  Take I-75 south to GratiotAvenue (exit 51B). Turn right on Gratiot
group is led by Rev. Carl Gnewuch.                                     2   Avenue, then two short blocks to our parking lots.
Over many years, the members and friends                                  Historic Trinity presents two Web Pages. These
of Historic Trinity have continued to add to                              are among the finest and most complete church
the unique collection of booklets on major                                web sites on the Internet- very comprehensive,
churches in the United States and the world,                              informative, regularly updated. You may reach
many creche’s from throughout the world,                                  the Historic Trinity Web page at and also at
and a large collection of angels from very                       Take a look at the pages, and see what
small to large size. What makes this collection so special is your        Historic Trinity is all about in its mission and ministry. If you
donations, over the years, that have built up these exhibits. This        happen to miss church on a Sunday or if you are out of town,
is the best place in Southeast Michigan where you can find such           you can “Stay Connected” by going to the current Sunday
an outstanding array of unique items. While on vacation, or in            Bulletin on the Web Page. The current monthly “Newsletter”
your travels, be sure to pick up a booklet or pamphlet from the           and current “Messenger” are posted on the site. You can submit
churches in the areas you visit. Also, remember to pick up a              a prayer request, “Ask the Pastor” a question, find out about
Christmas Nativity Scene or a special Angel to donate to the              children’s activities, learn about our history, get detailed
Historic Trinity “Christmas at Historic Trinity” collection. Thanks       information regarding our beautiful cathedral, and much more.
to all who have made donations. Your gifts make these collections         There are numerous photos (pics), and slide presentations, taken
“one of kind” through out the Metro Detroit area - Thanks!                at the many events at Historic Trinity. Check and see if you are in
                                                                          any of these photos; you can double click on the photo to print
GUILDCOUNTERSALES                                                         it out. NEW - you can now view the “Historic Trinity Cathedral
               Visit the Historic Trinity Guild Counter in the            Ministry” DVD on our Web site. You may place orders, make
               Marowske Room for special Christmas sales.                 donations, or make reservations using your credit card on our
               There are: hinged holiday boxes, Christmas bells,          secure internet web pages. Encourage others to browse our Web
               Christmas pins, puzzles, Advent calendars,                 Pages to learn all about Historic Trinity’s mission and ministry.
               Christmas note cards, Christmas shopping lists,
               greeting cards, and much more. 160thAnniversary            PRAYER REQUESTS
               mementos are also available for sale at the counter.                              At Historic Trinity, we offer prayers daily
All proceeds go for various ministry projects undertaken by the                                  through a prayer chain, or during any
Guild.                                                                                           Worship Service. Make your prayer chain
                                                                                                 requests to the church office at 313-567-3100
CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT                                                                               or 800-268-3058, during office hours: 8:30am-
Purchase the special Historic Trinity Christmas                           4:30pm. You may also request prayers through our Web Page,
Tree Ornament at the Guild Counter. These                       , and use the “Prayer” tag on the home page. If
lovely custom-made ornaments are designed                                 you wish to have a prayer offered during the Worship Services,
by Curtis Posuniak and imported from Poland.                              please call the church office presenting your request, or present
The cost is $15.00 each, for this collectors                              the request in writing to an usher. We know that God always
ornament. A smaller Historic Trinity Christmas ornament is also           listens and answers our prayers in His time, and according to His
for sale at $5.00 each.                                                   will. And, this has indeed been demonstrated again and again
                                                                          through the results of the faithful and steadfast prayers of our
HISTORICTRINITYCOOKBOOKS                                                  Historic Trinity Prayer Chain.
               At the Guild Counter in the Marowske Room there
               are available Historic Trinity Cook Books and              CATHEDRALBELLCHOIR
               Historic Trinity Salad Books. The recipes are by           Music has always been a vital part of
               the outstanding cooks from our parish. Either of           worship in the Lutheran Church. Historic
               these books will make a fine Christmas gift. The           Trinity is no exception and has been
               special discount cost for September and November           blessed with an outstanding organist,
is $10.00 per book, as long as they last.                                 Cathedral Choir, Chapel Choir, Sunday School Chorus, soloists
                                                                          and instrumentalists. Historic Trinity also has a group of
CHECKITOUT                                                                dedicated members who make up the Bell Choir. The bell choir
Check it out as Historic Trinity and Dr. Eberhard                         gathers every Sunday morning from 10:30-11:30 September
expand our ministries on the social web sites.                            through May for rehearsal, and performs for worship services
Keep updated on events at Historic Trinity ,                              during the course of the year. We are grateful for the loyalty of
share your comments and opinions with us.                                 these members who enjoy the fellowship, and learning new music
         Facebook                                 that enhances our worship services. Thanks to Mrs. Wilma Heins
                      then search for - Historic Trinity                  who serves as Director of the Cathedral Bell Choir.
         Twitter                                     800-268-3058 (Mich. only)
Thanks to Shannon Ireland Behnke for keeping our social pages                             Historic Trinity Lutheran Church has an 800
updated.                                                                                  phone number 800-268-3058 (Mich. only) for your
                                                                                          convenience. The number only works in the State
                                                                      3                   of Michigan.
CHAPELCHOIR                                                                SUPPORT OUR TROOPS
The Historic Trinity Chapel Choir rehearses                                The Historic Trinity “Support Our Troops” project
Sunday mornings on the first and third                                     involves thegathering of items for “Care Packages”
Sundays of the month, between 9:00 and                                     to send to specificallynamed men and women in
9:30a.m., in the Huegli Auditorium. Emphasis                               the United States armed forces in Iraqand
is on easy, two-part music which can be prepared in a single               elsewhere. If you have a family member in the service,
rehearsal and sung at the 9:30a.m. service. This group offers an           pleaseprovide us with their name and address. Recently, another
opportunity for singers who are not able to attend evening                 44 care packages were shipped out. The next assembling of
rehearsals, with a more flexible commitment, and welcomes all,             troop boxes will be on Thursday, October 14th at 9:00 a.m. Bring
including the young people of our congregation. Oh, sing unto              items for the boxes to the church by Sunday, October 10th.
the Lord and praise His Holy Name!                                                   Items needed for Troop boxes , Include:
                                                                                     Men’s paperback non-combat books, Guideposts &
                  CATHEDRALCHOIR                                                     Portals of Prayer booklets, AA batteries for CD players,
                  The Historic Trinity Cathedral Choir adds to                       Men’s grooming supplies, Socks, men & women, puzzle
                  the beauty and inspiration of the Worship                          books, magazines, paperback books, one-time use
                  Services on most Sundays, and special                              cameras, games, newspaper cartoons, ballpoint pens,
                  occasions. We thank the members of the                             snacks in non-crush able packs, candy, gum, pretzels,
                  Cathedral Choir for their commitment and first-                    potato chips, nuts, breakfast bars, granola bars,
rate singing. The choir also welcomes friends who are willing to                     individual cereals, cracker packs, no chocolates (they
sing just for special seasons of the year or for major works. See                    melt in boxes), hand sanitizers, lotion & lip gloss for dry
Historic Trinity Music Director and Organist Karl Osterland for                      skin, more letters from you - some get no mail from home,
details. Rehearsals are Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. This is an                           donations cash - Ladies Aid will do shopping.
opportunity for you to sing some of the truly great music of the
Lutheran tradition.                                                                                 HISTORIC TRINITY CATHEDRAL
ASKTHE PASTOR                                                                                       Each major city in the world usually
On the Historic Trinity Web site                                                                    contains at least one cathedral. This there is an “Ask the                                                        unique niche ministry has stood the time
Pastor” section. We receive inquires from all over                                                  thru many centuries. It becomes “The”
the world from persons who have religious                                    Cathedral Pastors church in the city. Historic Trinity is our
questions. Various Pastors of our Cathedral Ministry answer these                                   Lutheran Cathedral in downtown Detroit.
questions. If you, or someone you know, has a question about               As a Cathedral Church it is a source of beauty and pride for the
any religious matter or practice then go to “Ask The Pastor” on            city, outrageous and orthodox, utopian and savvy - the place
our Web site. Go ahead - ask that question you really have been            comes to you all at once, in a great rush of contradiction and
wanting to ask, for such a long time. There are no stupid questions!       paradox. A place of holy awe! Historic Trinity Lutheran Church
Simply ask.                                                                Cathedral in downtown Detroit is one of a kind. The uniqueness
                                                                           of its downtown location, facilities , programs, and worship
              THEHOMELESS                                                  services distinguishes it from all other parishes. The cathedral
              Members and friends of the parish continue to                church speaks in the quietude of holy sanctuaries, in the golden
              generously contribute unused samples of soaps,               shout of the mighty organ raining down, in the stories of Christian
              shampoos, tube socks, hair conditioners, hand                history captured in stained glass and wood and stone carving. It
              lotions, toothpaste, deodorants, aspirins, or any            educates and uplifts, using pageantry and drama, choral music
              personal care products that they receive in the mail,        and concerts, dance and sounding bells. Everywhere it provides
from dental visits, from cosmetic promotions, or from hotels and           beauty. As important as the cathedral church building is, the
motels, for homeless shelters in Detroit and the Metropolitan              Cathedral Ministry consists not only of the building’s appearance
areas. Please place your items in the box located in the Luther            - but in how the ministry is conducted. The Historic Trinity
Lounge.                                                                    Cathedral Ministry is more than its own parishioners, more than
                                                                           a membership club. Such a ministry has a vital, committed parish
EYE GLASSES FOR MISSIONS                                                   membership at its core, nurtured by solid pastoral care. The
Your continued donation of old, new, or unused                             Cathedral Church belongs to more than its members. The Cathedral
eyeglasses (also, just lenses) to assist MOST                              ministry belongs to all who are encouraged to claim it as theirs, to
mission teams, around the world, is very much                              use it on occasion, to return to it anytime, and to bring their
appreciated. Located on the campus of                                      children there to see their historic roots. The Cathedral Ministry
Concordia University Ann Arbor, MOST                                       also finds purpose in reaching out to the unchurched. Reaching
Ministries is a mission agency associated with the Michigan                far beyond the four walls of the cathedral building and beyond
District of the LCMS. Look for the box in the Luther Lounge for            the four lines that mark the property border. A Cathedral Ministry
you to place your donated glasses. Great job, members and friends.         serves a far wider sphere of people-this is our joy, our privilege
Thanks!                                                                    and our responsibility.
               Historic Trinity CATHEDRALis                                 HISTORICTRINITYDVD’S-
             an ecclesiastical, cultural, community                         Historic Trinity has produced two superior
             RESOURCEandGATHERINGPLACE                                      DVD’s ; (1) “Cathedral Ministry”(available
                 for all of Metro Detroit.                                  now) and (2) “History of Historic Trinity’s 160
                                                                            years” (available in November). Each DVD
ATTENDINGOTHERVENUES                                                        runs about 15 minutes. The “Cathedral
When you attend various venues in downtown                                  Ministry” is a fast pace inspiring presentation of Historic Trinity’s
Detroit like; a Detroit Tiger baseball game, a                              exciting mission and ministries. The “History of Historic Trinity’s
Detroit Lions football game, a Red Wings                                    160 years” is an amazing video presenting the challenges and
hockey game, the Detroit Auto Show, Eastern                                 successes of Historic Trinity since 1850 to the present. These
Market, the Riverfront Walk, Winterfest, Hart                               DVD’s are another fine way to introduce others to the joys of our
Plaza, Campus Martius, concerts, theaters, and other events,                history and ministries. DVD’s are available free, from the Ushers
include Historic Trinity in your plans. All these activities are only       or the church office. Please spread the good message about your
blocks away from Historic Trinity. This is your church in the city          church to others.
the “Mother Church of Detroit Lutheranism”. Drop by for a visit,
for a tour, or to attend a Worship Service. Come dressed as you             HISTORICTRINITYCOLUMBARIUM
are for your activity - we are not formal!                                                       As the practice of burials has changed, in a
                                                                                                 large part, from burials to cremation, Historic
GETTING TO KNOW ONE ANOTHER                                                                      Trinity is meeting the needs of its membership
                   You may have noticed in this edition of the                                   with Columbariums located in the church and
                   Messenger, in addition to the many church                                     parish hall. The Columbariums of Historic
                   services and Bible studies listed, there are a lot                            Trinity are located in The Chapel of The
                   of other activities. These events are designed           Resurrection and the Hayes Memorial Garden. Individuals can
                   for our members to get to know one another.              either be remembered by the name on the memorial plaque, or by
                   With three church services, we tend to have              placing their cremated remains in a bronze columbarium niche.
“three churches”. The people at 8:15 am service do not know the             The Chapel of the Resurrection, in the cathedral setting of Historic
people at the other services and vice versa. The more we meet               Trinity Church, provides a place of historic integrity, beauty, and
each other at “other events” , the more we learn to care and listen         tranquility in the midst of a dynamic city and assures a perpetual
to each other. The more we share, laugh, cry, and rejoice together,         memory of your loved ones. Additional columbarium niches are
the stronger in the Lord we each become. So say - hi - to everyone.         also located in the peaceful Hayes Memorial Garden. The Historic
                                                                            Trinity Columbarium is only for Historic Trinity Lutheran Church
MEETINGBYCONFERENCECALL                                                     members or their family members. Check the church office for
At Historic Trinity we have the ability for you                             further information.
to call in (at no cost to you) via a conference
call for most meetings, during the week. This                               PARISH NURSE - 2nd and 4th Sundays
enables you to participate in a meeting from                                The Historic Trinity Parish Nurse Council
your home, office, or by cell phone. For more information talk to           provides important services to our
the church office or Dr. Eberhard. The conference call only applies         members by the caring and professional
to calls made in Michigan.                                                  nurse volunteers from the Historic Trinity
                                                                            congregation, who willingly use their God
                       ADULTSOFTBALLTEAM                                    - given talents on our behalf. These dedicated nurses assist us
                       The Historic Trinity Men’s Adult Softball            in being more aware of our health- physically, emotionally and
                       Team the “Halos” had a great season this             spiritually. The nurses hold various health issue seminars at the
                       year. Every Tuesday from June thru Labor             church throughout the year. One of the parish nurses is available
                       Day they played ball! Thanks to the players          on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month from 9:00a.m. until
                       and the fans of the Historic Trinity HALOS           11:00a.m. in the Pastor’s Study to measure blood pressure and to
                       it was a really enjoyable time.                      help answer your health questions. We invite all nurses of the
                                                                            congregation to join the Historic Trinity Parish Nurse Council.
The July through September exhibit on Trinity Ave,                          HISTORICTRINITYISWIRELESS
in the lower level of Otte Hall, was “Chinese                                               Historic Trinity now provides wireless
Tapestries”. These tapestries were designed by                                              broadband connection in the Luther Lounge and
the award winning Chinese religious artist, Dr. He                                          the Huegli Auditorium. This enables our
Qi, and were woven by Chinese women who came                                                members and those who meet in Otte Hall to
from various villages in the mainline China. The                                            have direct connection on the internet. We are
nine tapestries on display were purchased by Rev. Dr. John Heins            always attempting to upgrade our site to meet the latest computer
and his wife Wilma during their visit to China in 1992. Thank you           needs of those who use Historic Trinity’s facilities.
to Dr. John & Wilma for loaning these beautiful tapestries for
display on Historic Trinity Ave. And, thank you to Jan Bronsted
for an excellent job in setting up the display.                         5
THEWORLD’SGREATCHURCHES                                                     GRANDPARENTS SUNDAY- Sept 12
Historic Trinity is proud to present an                                     The impetus for a National Grandparents Day
excellent collection of books and                                           originated with Marian McQuade, a housewife in
pamphlets on the world’s great churches                                     Fayette County, West Virginia. Her primary
and cathedrals. There are over 550                                          motivation was to champion the cause of lonely
booklets that include 340 different             Washigton DC                elderly in nursing homes. She also hoped to
churches from over 36 countries around                                      persuade grandchildren to tap the wisdom
the world. This splendid library of books and booklets is housed            heritage their grandparents could provide. President Jimmy Carter,
in the pastor’s study and is maintained by Nancy Auffenberg.                in 1978, proclaimed that National Grandparents Day would be
While on vacation, or traveling, pick up a booklet or pamphlet on           celebrated every year on the first Sunday after Labor Day. For
the major church in that city or town, to donate to this collection.        2010, Grandparents Day falls on Sept. 12 th . Invite your
Thank you to those members and friends who have already                     Grandparents to attend church with you and your family on this
donated booklets. Do you have a book or pamphlet to donate?                 their special day. Submit to the church office (before September
                                                                            5th) a written note for your grandparent(s), or make up a card for
RESERVATIONS                                                                your grandparent(s), or lend us a photo of your grandparent(s)
                Have you made your reservation? Over the next               to post in the display case of the Marowske Room.
                weeks, there are a lot of activities and events at
                Historic Trinity that call for reservations.                RED & BLUE LINE SERVICE - Sept 19
                Reservations are important! Reservations help us                                 The Historic Trinity Cathedral Ministry Red
                to determine if there are enough persons interested                              & Blue Line holds special Worship Services
                in attending, and it also gives us some idea of how                              on Sunday, September 19th , at all three
much food and materials to prepare. Turn or mail in your                                         services. All active and retired Lutheran law
reservation to the church office, (313-567-3100 or 800-268-3058)                                 enforcement officers and agents, fire fighters,
or use the FORM on our Web Page for                                      homeland security persons, and EMS persons
reservations. You may also use your credit card for payment.                are invited to participate in a special litany in each service.
Please look over the choices and make your reservation now, and             Assistant Chief Ralph L. Godbee, Jr. Of the Detroit Police
you can pay just before the event. Don’t be shut out - act now !            Department will receive the 2010 Red & Blue Line Award. A St.
                                                                            Michael’s medal will be presented to each law enforcement person
RALLY DAY - Sept 12                                                         present. A St. Florian medal will be presented to each firefighter
Rally Day, kicking off the 2010/2011 Sunday                                 and emergency responders present.
School program, will be held at 9:30a.m. on
Sunday, September 12th. Classes are provided                                PASTORS SEMINARS
for all children, from 3 years old - 8th grade.                             A “Pastors Seminar” will be held on the 4th
This is another opportunity to assist you                                   Sunday,( September thru March) at 11:00 a.m.
and your children in their spiritual growth.                                in the Luther Lounge, by an Assisting Pastor
Superintendents Karin Eberhard and Kelly Machesky stress that               of the Historic Trinity Lutheran Church
Sunday School does make a difference in a child’s life. Children            Cathedral Ministry;
are asked to assemble in the auditorium at 9:00a.m., line up on the                  September 26        Rev. Ronald Guettler -
sidewalk out front of the church at 9:10a.m., process down the                                           “End of Life Decisions”
center aisle of the sanctuary, remain there for teacher installation,                October 24          Rev. Donald Neiswender -
and then return to the auditorium for registration. Dan Dan The                                          “Christ and the Buddha”
Choo Choo Man will provide “train rides” for the students. Hope                      November 28         Rev. James Gruetzner -
                                                                                                         “ A Biblical Confession in a
to see you then! Also– we are seeking student musicians–let the
                                                                                                           Political Arena”
superintendents know who you are! And, September 19th is                             December            None
Picture Day for Sunday School Classes!                                               January 23          Rev. Dr. Kieth Gerberding -
                                                                                                         “How Reliable are the Books
VESTRYPLANNINGMEETING-Sept18                                                                             of the New Testament?”
                     The Historic Trinity Lutheran Church Officers                   February 27         Rev. Gary Headapohl -
                     and Vestry Members are responsible for the                                          “Knowing and Doing God’s Will”
                     general operations of the church. They meet                     March     27        Rev. Dr. John L Heins -
                     regularly to evaluate the many ministries,                                          “Christian Stewardship”
                     make recommendations and submit these to
                     the Voters of Historic Trinity Lutheran Church
for final action. In September of each year they hold a planning
meeting, set a budget, propose action to be taken, and share their
joy of serving the Lord with each other. This year’s Vestry
Planning Meeting is Saturday, September 18th from 8:30 am to
1:30 p.m. Pray for your church leaders.

ENRICHINGYOURMARRIAGE-                                                     OKTOBERFEST DINNER/AUCTION - Sept 29
Sept 19, Oct 10, Oct 24                                                    The Historic Trinity Oktoberfest
Update information concerning your                                         Dinner/Auction , to be held at Historic
marriage and its relationships by attending                                Trinity , is an elegant black-tie dinner
a three-part seminar led by Rev. Ronald                                    filled with great fun, food and
Guettler, Assisting Pastor at Historic                                     fellowship. The Oktoberfest Dinner/
Trinity Lutheran Church. The seminar is offered at Historic                Auction is on Wednesday , September
Trinity, exploring the ways to enhance and enrich your                     29th . Note - this is a September date. The splendid evening
relationship. Sessions will be held at 11:00 a.m. on September 19,         opens with exquisite hors d’oeuvres and the fantastic “Luck of
October 10, and October 24. These one-hour fact-filled, light-             the Draw” auction in a large tent erected in the parking lot. Then
hearted presentations are for married or engaged persons.                  everyone moves to the Huegli auditorium for the “Blessing of
September 19: “Getting To Know You”–Understanding the                      the Hops” by Dr. Eberhard, and the presentation of the 2010
personal, family and cultural background and uniqueness of one’s           Oktoberfest Dinner Award to : Individual Award - Robert Larivee
spouse is vital. October 10: “Keeping the Lines Open”–Some                 Sr, and Corporate Award to - Better Made Foods & Mr Sal
practical hints for good communications in marriage. October 24:           Cipriano. There will be a “Brewmeister ” for each table, a
“Making Love Last”–Helpful ideas for creating an atmosphere                scrumptious full course dinner, and an amazing “Live Auction”.
of joy and friendship.                                                     Tickets are $200.00 per person. Reservations are necessary, and
                                                                           can be made by calling 313-567-3100 or 800-268-3058, or use the
INQUIRES’CLASS FORADULTS - Sept & Oct                                      FORM on our Web Page, or
               Considering church membership? Want to review      Make your reservations soon, there
               what you learned as a youth? The INQUIRES’                  is limited seating. Talk it up, let’s get a spectacular crowd for this
               CLASS for adults for this FALL will start Sunday,           year’s Dinner/Auction.
               September 12th , meeting in the conference room
               next to the church office, at 11:00 a.m. For six            HOF BRAU NIGHT - Oct 1
               sessions, the basic teachings of our Christian faith                           One of the most lively happenings, at Historic
will be discussed to enrich your life and prepare you to celebrate                            Trinity, is the Hof Brau Night. This year’s Hof
God’s love in Christ in worship and in service to Him. For                                    Brau Night is planned for Friday, October 1st,
information contact Rev. James Gruetzner. Dates for classes:                                  beginning at 7:00 p.m., and will be held in a
September 12,19,and 26 and October 10,17, and 24.                                             tent erected on the south parking lot. The
                                                                                              Vagabonds German Band has agreed to
Q &ATOUR OF HISTORIC TRINITY - Sept 26                                     perform and lead sing-a-longs. Refreshments will include
Many times individuals come to a church                                    knockwurst, sauerkraut, hotdogs, German potato salad, beer and
service in the church , and exit the church                                pop, and peanuts - to be tossed. You are encouraged to bring
quickly. We are most grateful for the many                                 along your own beer stein for filling! Invite your relatives and
persons that do attend Historic Trinity                                    friends to join you in the fun and spirited activities the evening
Worship Services. Yet we would like to offer                               of October 1st. The cost for the evening is $30.00 per person.
you an opportunity to learn more about Historic Trinity’s facilities       For reservations, call the church office at 313-567-3100 or 800-
and programs. That is why we present on Sunday, September 26th             258-3058,or use the FORM on our Web Page -
, after the 11:00 a.m. Worship Service, (about 12:00 noon) a “Q   or .
and ATour”. The Rev. Dr. David Eberhard will lead you on a tour
of the church and parish hall to become informed about this                BLESSING OF THE PETS - Oct 3
“hidden jewel” in downtown Detroit. Have your questions about              One of the most popular Downtown
the architecture and artifacts answered. Walk along Trinity Ave,           Worship Services is “The Blessing of the
observe the many dollhouses in the Eberhard Room, learn about              Pets”. Pets are indeed a very important part
the Dau Church History Library, see the Veterans hall, look behind         of our lives. Thus, Historic Trinity, located
the sliding bookcase, wander up the secret stairway, be enthralled         at 1345 Gratiot in downtown Detroit, invites
by the Reformation murals, find the Martin Luther tower, and               all pet owners to bring their animals to be
what about the angel in stone taking a peek at you as you enter            blessed at “The Blessing of the Pets” on Sunday, October 3rd , in
the church. Got the idea? - there’s a lot of Q & A going on here.          each of the three worship services. The pets and their owners
                                                                           will meet in the tent set up in parking lot, they process down the
“MITTENTREE”-                                                              church aisle for the blessing, and then return to the tent. Each pet
                Another special project for “Christmas at Historic         handler will receive a St. Francis medal to mark this special day.
                Trinity” is the “Mitten Tree”. You are asked to            Members of the police or fire K-9 Corps, or of any Police Mounted
                bring a pair of child’s mittens or gloves, scarf, or       Division are invited to bring their animals to a service. The Rev.
                hat to hang on the “ Mitten Tree”, or place in the         Dr. David Eberhard will preach and be assisted by the Cathedral
                box by the tree. Our goal is to provide 100                Pastors. Also, we will have the Detroit Tiger’s mascot present,
children, grade school age,(K-8) in southwest Detroit with these           again this year - bring your camera! Please register your pet on
items. Bring the item to the church unwrapped, and place it in the         a form provided by the church office, 313-567-3100 or 800-268-
mitten box no later than December 12th. For more details, see              3058.
Judy Christian or call the church office.                              7
SLOVAK SUNDAY - October 3                                                    NEWMEMBER DAY& LUNCH - Oct 24
Sunday, October 3rd we celebrate the annual                                  A New Member Day will be held on Sunday,
Slovak Sunday at Historic Trinity Lutheran                                   October 24 th in each Worship Service,
Church in downtown Detroit. During the                                       followed by a lunch for new members and their
11:00 a.m. Worship Service, the members and                                  immediate family. If you have joined Historic
friends of the former Holy Trinity Slovak                                    Trinity Lutheran Church over the last 12
Lutheran Church (located on Oliver Street in Detroit), will gather           months, and have not previously attended a new member lunch,
for worship and prayer, honoring and remembering their 84 years              plan to join us for lunch on October 24th . Dr. Eberhard would like
of service to our Lord in the City of Detroit. A hymn will be sung           to share with you how your new church operates, what types of
in the Slovak language. The Worship Service will be followed by              church services are available, and explain how Historic Trinity
a luncheon at the Ukrainian Hall.                                            provides an open and caring environment that encourages
                                                                             personal and spiritual growth. Please call the church office to
VOTERS MEETING - Oct 17                                                      make reservation. And yes, the lunch is FREE.
                 The Historic Trinity Lutheran Church Voters
                 Meeting (Official Congregation Meeting) is being            DR. EBERHARD - “The Reformation” - Oct 24
                 held on Sunday, October 17th, following the                                     New This Year. Members of Historic Trinity
                 11:00a.m. Worship Service. A light brunch (free-                                Lutheran church, members Our Shepherd
                 will offering) will be served at the beginning of                               Lutheran Church, and anyone who would like
                 the meeting. All members of the parish are                                      to attend, are invited to a presentation by The
encouraged to attend and become updated on the many Historic                                     Rev. Dr. David Eberhard on “The Reformation”,
Trinity ministries, programs and events. Your interest, support,                                 on Sunday, October 24th at 2:00 p.m. at Historic
and participation is greatly appreciated. You may also pick up a                                 Trinity. Dr. Eberhard will talk about the
copy of the church membership directory at the meeting.                      Reformation and how it came about, Dr. Martin Luther’s attempts
                                                                             to reforming the church of his day, the 95 Theses, how the
ST. LUKE’S LUTHERAN SERVICE - Oct 17                                         Lutheran Church developed, how Lutheranism spread to America,
The Lutheran Downtown St. Luke’s Services, in                                and why we are proud to be Lutheran today. Someone asked “are
honor of the Evangelist St. Luke who was a                                   we still into that Reformation stuff ? You bet we are, and we are
medical doctor, are planned for Sunday, October                              proud of it! There will be a tour of the Reformation items at
17th at the 8:15, 9:30, and 11:00 a.m. Worship                               Historic Trinity. Also, refreshments will be served.
Services. Rev. Gary Headapohl will preach. Nurse
                                                        Karen White
Karen White will be awarded the Cathedral                                    ALL SAINTS’ PUMPKINS
Ministry “Lutheran Medical Award” for 2010, during the 11:00                 In honor of All Saints’Day (November
a.m. Worship Service. Various members of the Historic Trinity                1st), members and friends are asked to
Cathedral Medical Professionals will participate in the Worship              pick up a small pumpkin (provided by
Services with special readings and prayers. All medical persons              the church ushers) at the church on
in the Metro Region along with their families and their friends are          Sunday, October 17th, paint a cross on
especially encouraged to attend this day of worship in honor                 the pumpkin in honor of the saints, then return the painted
and thanksgiving for their healing services.                                 pumpkin to church October 24th . These pumpkins, painted with
.                                                                            a wide variety of crosses, will be displayed in the church windows
CONFIRMATION CLASS TOUR - Oct 23                                             and triforium for this year’s All Saints’ Eve and Festival of the
                   We are LUTHERAN – be proud of it! One of the              Reformation Worship Services on October 31st . A flyer with
                   best ways congregations can instill Lutheran              various diagrams of crosses is available in the church office.
                   heritage in their confirmands is for them to attend
                   the Confirmation Class Tour on Saturday,                  DOWNTOWN REFORMATION SUNDAYSERVICE - Oct 31
                   October 23rd at 10:00 a.m. at Historic Trinity, our                             A Special Downtown Reformation Service will
                   Lutheran Cathedral in downtown Detroit.                                         be Sunday, October 31st . We are pleased to
                   Historic Trinity is a national, state, and city                                 have The Dr. Reed Lessing, Professor at
                   designated historic site. The Rev. Dr. David                                    Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO, who will
  Luther Tower Eberhard will speak to the classes, giving a brief                                  preach in the 8:15, 9:30 & 11:00 services. There
                   explanation of what the Reformation was all                                     will be special music by the Historic Trinity
about. Guides will take the classes on a tour to see the Luther                                    Cathedral Choir and the Sunday School
Tower, a copy of Luther’s handwriting, a 1662 Nuernberg Bible                children. The Church’s caterer presents a reception following
(the 2nd translation of Luther’s Bible in German), murals depicting          each of the Worship Services. Participate in this special
the Reformation events, and much more. Plan also to take the                 opportunity for worship at Historic Trinity Lutheran Church, the
class to the Eastern Market, visit Greektown, walk the Dequindre             Mother Church of Detroit Lutheranism. See the Reformation
Cut, Comerica Park, Ford Field, or ride the Detroit People Mover.            items at Historic Trinity; the Luther Tower, the copy of Dr. Martin
Even though there is no cost, reservations would be appreciated,             Luther’s handwriting, the murals on the Reformation, the book
and can be made by calling 313-567-3100 or 800-268-3058.                     on Luther’s Works from the 1700’s, and the 1662 Nuernberg Bible
                                                                             - the 2nd translation of Luther’s Bible in the German language.
                                                                           HARVEST DINNER - Nov 6 and Nov 7
                                                                           The Harvest Dinner, an outstanding family
                                                                           event, will be held on Saturday, November 6th;
                                                                           baked goods and costume jewelry sale at 5:30
                                                                           p.m. and dinner at 6:30 p.m. It will be repeated
Luther’s Writing            Murals                                         on Sunday, November 7th; baked goods and
                                                   1662 Bible
                                                                           costume jewelry sale at 4:00 p.m. and dinner at 5:00 p.m. All
                      REFORMATION ITEMS                                    proceeds will go to the Historic Trinity Ladies Aid ministries.
View the Reformation items at Historic Trinity Lutheran Church.            The meal will be a “family style” traditional turkey dinner and
A stone statue of Dr. Martin Luther in the church nave. Wartburg           each table will select a “Turkey Carver” for the evening. This
Castle, Wittenberg Castle and Luther’s Coat of Arms carved in              year’s theme is; “Giving Thanks For 160 Years”. All persons
stone surrounding the main entrance to the church. The Coat of             attending the dinner are asked to bring canned or boxed food for
Arms of the Augsburg Confession Signers in the Church chancel              Thanksgiving Baskets to be distributed to families at our
and on the altar reredos . Dr. Luther in the stained glass windows         neighboring Middle Schools. Reservations should be made soon,
at Historic Trinity . The Luther Lounge in the Otte Hall (the parish       since we are limited to 150 individuals for each day, and the
hall) dedicated to Dr. Luther. In the Pastors Study- the Reformation       dinners sell out fast The cost is $12.00 for adults, $3.00 for children
murals, a copy of Dr. Martin Luther’s handwriting, and the 1662            6-12 years of age, and children under 6 are free. Call 313-567-3100
Nuernberg Bible ( the 2nd translation of Luther’s Bible in the             or 8000-268-3058 for reservations, or use the FORM on our Web
German language). The Luther Tower (exterior tower on the                  Page - Or
downtown side of the church), and more.
                                                                           “BLESSING OF THE GREENS” - Nov 7
                                                                                             Historic Trinity begins the Christmas season
                                                                                             with the “Blessing of the Greens”
                                                                                             ceremony.“Bless, oh Lord, these branches and
                                                                                             all our festive decoration.” On Sunday,
                                                                                             November 7th , all individuals attending the
                                                                                             worship services will participate in the
                                                                                             “Blessing of the Greens”, and will receive a
                                                                           holiday decoration made by Barbara Asmus to use in their home
95 THESES                                                                  decorations. The Historic Trinity Cathedral Choir will sing“The
                   On October 31, 1517, the Holy Eve (Hallowed             Colors of Christmas”, a beautiful Christmas Carol composed by
                   Eve - today called Halloween) ofAll Saints’Day          Karl Osterland, which explores the meaning of the colors
                   the 1st Of November, Dr. Luther protested the           associated with Christmas. That week, members and friends of
                   corruption in the church by nailing to the              Historic Trinity will decorate the church and Otte Hall for
                   community bulletin board, located on the doors          “Christmas at Historic Trinity”. It is anticipated that over 15,000
                   of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, a paper             persons will see the decorations at Historic Trinity, between
                   with 95 Theses (reasons) he wanted to debate            Thanksgiving and the Epiphany.
on how the church should be reformed. Dr. Luther did not want a
new church but only to reform the present church. Action against           LIKETOHELPDECORATE?
Dr. Luther by papal authorities was swift, he was excluded from            You are invited to help with the decorating of
the Roman Church and declared an outlaw. However, the                      Historic Trinity Church and Otte Hall. Join in with
Reformation spread rapidly entering the various lands chiefly              the creative, enthusiastic, excited persons
through Luther’s writings. The Lutheran Reformation is the mother          involved in the decorating process. You do not
of all the reform efforts of that and succeeding periods. Do you           have to be an expert, just willing to distribute items through out
know what these 95 theses or 95 reasons were? A pamphlet                   the facilities, test lights (lots of them), assemble trees, hang
listing these 95 Theses that Dr. Luther wanted to debate, is               garland and general decorating. Decorating takes place from
available in the church information racks or the church office.            Monday, November 8th through November 18th , from 10:00 a.m.
                                                                           to 5:00 p.m., and some evenings, but not on Saturday November
FLU SHOTSAT HISTORIC TRINITY- Oct 24                                       13th . Call the church office , 313-567-3100 or 800-268-3058, before
The Historic Trinity Parish Nurse Council                                  coming on down to be sure when we are decorating that day.
together with the Visiting Nurses Association
will provide flu shots and pneumonia shots at                                              MICHIGANDISTRICTCHRISTMASTREE
Historic Trinity on Sunday, October 24th , from                                            One of the Christmas Trees again for this year’s
9:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. The immunization flu                                               “Christmas at Historic Trinity” is the Michigan
shots cost $25.00 each, and pneumonia shots cost $50.00 each.                              District - LCMS Christmas Tree, which is decorated
Please, bring your insurance cards - Medicare & supplement. If                             with ornaments from Lutheran Churches
you have a supplement to Medicare you must have both cards.                throughout Michigan. If your parish has a personalized tree
If you are paying by cash, please have correct change or a check           ornament, we would be honored if you would please forward one
for payment. Sign up on the flyer in the Sunday bulletin, or on the        to Historic Trinity, to add to the Michigan District Tree collection.
sign up sheet in the Marowske Room                                     9   We thank Mrs. Wilma Heins for undertaking this project.
“GIVINGTREE”                                                                LUTHERAN THANKSGIVING SERVICES - Nov 24 & 25
“Giving” is an important component of                                       The Downtown Lutheran Thanksgiving
Christmas. That is why, amongst the many                                    Services will be held at Historic Trinity
decorated trees at Historic Trinity, the “Giving                            Lutheran Church on Thanksgiving Eve,
Tree” has a special meaning about the spirit of                             Wednesday, November 24th , at 7:00 p.m.,
giving at Christmas time. Every year, the Historic                          and on Thanksgiving Day, November 25th ,
Trinity Seniors decorate the “Giving Tree”                                  at 10:00 a.m. Rev. Donald Neiswender will
located in the Luther Lounge. Again, this year, the gifts will be           preach on Thanksgiving Eve, and The Rev.
given to our neighboring St. Mary’s group home, whose residents             Dr. David Eberhard will preach Thanksgiving Day. They will be
are always so grateful to receive that very special something at            assisted by the Pastors of the Cathedral Ministry. At each of the
Christmas. Gifts are to be a “Personal Care Package” made up of             Thanksgiving services, individual “blessed loaves of bread” will
Pajamas (long sleeve), Body Lotion, Socks (White). Take a tag               be distributed to each family present. Each family will be
from the tree’s ornament, register your name on the slip provided           encouraged to take the blessed bread home to share with their
by the tree, make your purchase, wrap the gift, and place a card            loved ones and friends at their Thanksgiving dinner. If you are
on the gift with the tag number (from the tree ornament) and the            attending the downtown Thanksgiving Day Parade, we welcome
resident’s name. Please bring the gift to the church by December            you to attend the service, and, please feel comfortable attending
12th. For more information call the church office, 313-567-3100.            in the clothing you wore to the parade.

160THANNIVERSARYDINNER - Nov 21                                             ADVENTBYCANDLELIGHT-Nov30
The 160th Anniversary Committee presents an                                                        The women of Historic Trinity Lutheran
Anniversary Dinner on Saturday, November 21st.                                                     Church and their friends present the
Cocktails will be served at 5:30 p.m. , followed by a                                              premiere event -“Advent By Candlelight”,
delicious sit down dinner at 6:30 p.m. The cost is                                                 on Tuesday, November 30, at 7:00 p.m.
$20.00 for adults, $10.00 for teens and children. The dinner is                                    The evening begins with the elegant
limited to 180 persons - so make your reservations early. Mr. Karl                                 “Festival of Desserts” in the Huegli
Osterland, Music Director and Choir Master of Historic Trinity              Auditorium, followed by an awe-inspiring Advent by Candlelight
Lutheran Church will receive a special honor for his outstanding            Service, conducted by the women of the parish. Women of the
service to the church. There will be music presentations . The              parish are invited to host a table. This includes providing your
160th Anniversary History DVD will have its inaugural showing,              favorite dessert, your own dishes and flatware, decorations for
and each person present will receive a free DVD.                            the table, and, most of all, inviting your own guests to fill a table
                                                                            for 8 to 10 persons. For more information and reservations, call
160THANNIVERSARYCHURCH SERVICE - Nov 22                                     Marion Tokarchuk at 313-567-3100 or 800-268-3058.
                The cumulation of the Historic Trinity 160th
                Anniversary activities for 2010, will be the special        DOWNTOWN ADVENT NOON SERVICES
                160th Anniversary Worship Services on Sunday,               Another tradition continues with the 2010
                November 22nd, in all three services. The Rev. Dr.          Downtown Lutheran Advent Worship Services
                David Eberhard will highlight Historic Trinity’s            being held at Historic Trinity Lutheran Church
history as the Mother Church in Downtown Detroit. The Historic              on Wednesdays, during Advent. The services
Trinity Cathedral Choir and brass will provide festive music. A             are at 12:00 noon, followed by a light lunch
160th Anniversary DVD will be presented to each family present.             (free-will offering). Pass the word, and invite your family and
                                                                            friends to attend with you, sharing in the good news of the birth
THANKSGIVINGFOODBASKETS                                                     of our Savior Jesus Christ.
Throughout the church and Otte Hall, from                                       This year’s inspiring preachers and choirs at Noon are:
October 24th thru November 21st there will be                                Wednesday             Preaching                Choir
baskets for the collection of items for the                                    Dec. 1         Rev. Kenneth Wise         Trinity Luth School
needy families at our Duffield Middle School.                                                Trinity Luth, Clinton Twp Clinton Twp
There will also be an ingathering at the Harvest                               Dec. 8        Rev. Jeremy Schultz        St. Paul Luth School
Dinners on November 6th & 7th . Recommended                                                  St. Paul ,Roayl Oak        Royal Oak
items include: Canned Foods (Vegetables, Tuna Fish), Boxed                     Dec. 15       Rev. Randall Schlak        Holy Cross Lutheran
Food (Cereals, Stuffing Mix, Potatoes, Powdered Milk, Macaroni),                             Redeemer,Birmingham Warren
Peanut Butter, Jelly, Baby Foods, Baby Formula, Paper Products
(Napkins, Towels), or cash to buy a turkey, fresh food items, and
fillers for each basket. The baskets will be delivered on November
22nd .
                                                                              This “Messenger” is mailed to over 16,000 persons
                                                                                 on the Historic Trinity Master Mailing list.
                                                                             The cost for this issues printing donated by
                                                                             The cost for this issues mailing donated by Comspec Corp.
CHILDREN’S PLAY - Dec 2 & Dec 3                                             PASTOR EMERITI - Dec 7
This year, Historic Trinity is pleased to                                   The Pastor Emeriti of the Michigan District of the
welcome Puppen für Christus, from St. Lorenz                                LCMS, and their spouses and widows, will hold
Lutheran Church in Frankenmuth, MI, for the                                 their annual Christmas Service and lunch at
annual Children’s Christmas at Historic                                     Historic Trinity on Tuesday, December 7th . We
Trinity. Puppenfür Christus, through their                                  give thanks to the Lord for these faithful leaders
amazing puppet ministry, will perform ‘The Christmas Story’.                in His Church, who through their ministries made it possible for
Performances are planned for Thursday, December 2nd , at 10am               us all today to share in the good news of the Gospel.
& 12:30pm and Friday, December 3rd , at 10am & 12:30pm. The
cost is $3.00 per person, please call in your reservations soon.            DINNER HONORING VETERANS - Dec 7
These children’s plays provide a great field trip opportunity,                                 The Cathedral Ministry Lutheran Veterans will
offering children the chance to view HistoricTrinity decorated in                              hold their annual Christmas Dinner Honoring
all her Christmas glory. Exhibits include: Christmas trees, Angels,                            Veterans on Tuesday, December 7th at Historic
Manger Scenes, and animated characters. We, also, offer a                                      Trinity. Appetizers at 6:30 p.m., Christmas
Christmas Carol Sing-a-long, in the sanctuary, following each                                  Dinner at 7:00 p.m. and Christmas Carols in
performance. Call 313-567-3100 or 800-268-3058 for reservations.            the cathedral at 8:15 p.m. All Metro Detroit Veterans, their
                                                                            spouses, and friends are encouraged to enjoy this patriotic
CAROLS OF JOHN RUTTER - Dec 5                                               evening of festive Christmas celebration. Everyone is welcome,
               When contemporary English composer John                      you do not have to be a veteran. Let us not forget our heroic
               Rutter was 18 years old he wrote his first Christmas         veterans. The cost is $20.00 per person. Make reservations by
               carol, The Shepherd’s Pipe Carol. The jaunty                 calling 313-567-3100 or 800-268-3058, or use the FORM on our
               Christmas song was the first of many popular                 Web Page - for reservations.
               Rutter carols which have found their way into the
               choral repertoire in England and the U.S. The                BRUNCH WITH ST. NICHOLAS - Dec 11
Shepherd’s Pipe Carol and other Rutter carols will be performed             A neat special family event at Historic Trinity
by the Historic Trinity Cathedral Choir and friends on Sunday,              for the Christmas Season is “Brunch With St.
December 5 at the 9:30 and 11 am services. Singers who are not              Nicholas”, to be held Saturday, December
members of the choir are welcome to sing along for this fun,                11th, at 10:00 a.m. in the HuegliAuditorium of
festive occasion. See Karl Osterland for details.                           Otte Hall. Hear a special Christmas story and
                                                                            visit with St. Nicholas. A light brunch will be
LUTHERAN SINGERS - Dec 5                                                    served and children will have the opportunity to decorate
The acclaimed Detroit Lutheran Singers will                                 gingerbread cookies and perform various crafts. Remember to
perform a Christmas Concert at Historic                                     bring your camera for pictures of your child with Historic Trinity’s
Trinity Lutheran Church on Sunday,                                          St. Nicholas! The cost is $5.00 per person. For reservations call
December 5th at 3:30 p.m. A wonderful                                       313-567-3100 or 800-268-3058, or use the FORM on our Web Page
collection of anthems new and old, familiar                                 - for reservations.
and unfamiliar, by composers both past and
present, make up the program. Available for your enjoyment, this            LUTHERAN CHORALAIRES - Dec 11
stimulating concert has become another great tradition at Historic                              Another exceptional, and well attended ,
Trinity. Invite your family and friends to begin this Christmas                                 concert at Historic Trinity is the Lutheran
season by attending the Detroit Lutheran Singers Christmas. For                                 Choralaires Christmas Concert.. This unique
information contact Norma Sander. Once again Director Eric                                      men’s choral group will perform in the
Freudigman has planned a Concert program that offers both                                       cathedral at 7:30 p.m., on Saturday, December
traditional favorites and less well-known but equally lovely                                    11th, followed by an after-glow in the Huegli
compositions. Tickets are $10.00 for general admission, and $7.00           Auditorium. Tickets are available for just the concert, or a
for seniors and students over twelve, and are available by calling          combined ticket for concert and after-glow. For information, call
586-468-6212 , and leaving a message                                        Joe Forester (313-884-3957) or Donald Storck (248-288-3386).

VALPO TEA- Dec 6                                                            GERMAN LANGUAGE CHRISTMAS SERVICE - Dec 12
                 The Valparaiso University Guild will hold their            Only at Historic Trinity - the Downtown
                 lovely Christmas Tea at Historic Trinity on Monday,        Lutheran German Language Christmas Service
                 December 6th , beginning with a Worship Service in         will be held on Sunday, December 12th at 4:00
                 the sanctuary at 12:00 noon. The Valparaiso Guild          p.m. The Rev. Dr. Jakob K. Heckert, of
                 is composed of alumnae, mothers of present or              Concordia University, Ann Arbor will deliver
former students, and women who have a personal interest in the              the sermon in the German language, assisted
University. These women contribute their time and talents because           by Mr. Gerhard Heinen. There will also be special German choral
of a strong belief in Christian higher education, as demonstrated at        music. Following the service, you are invited to tour the many
Valparaiso University in northwest Indiana. For more information            Christmas displays throughout Historic Trinity, or, to participate
contact the church office or Patty Groezinger or Kyle Chor.                 in the Cathedral Christmas Dinner (reservations are required to
                                                                       11   attend the dinner).
CATHEDRALCHRISTMAS DINNER - Dec 12                                               COMMUNITY SENIOR CHRISTMAS - Dec 21
The Historic Trinity Cathedral Christmas Dinner                                  Each month, the Historic Trinity Cathedral
is on Sunday, December 12th at 5:30 p.m. This                                    Ministry holds a “Community Seniors” event for
dinner has always been one of the “highlights”                                   the senior residents of our neighboring Senior
of the Christmas Season. It is held in the Huegli                                Hi-Rise Buildings. On Tuesday, December 21st
Auditorium with its many Christmas trees and                                     the Historic Trinity Senior Out Reach Committee conducts a
decorations of the season. The dinner is a full-                                 Christmas Party for these seniors. There will be food, fun, and a
course sit-down dinner, prepared by the Historic Trinity’s caterer.              Christmas Carol sing-a-long in the Cathedral. All seniors of
Experience the joy of cloth-covered tables, candlelight, Trinity’s               Historic Trinity are invited to share in this great day of joy.
fine china and tableware, wine, salad, full-course meal and dessert.
Bring along family and friends to relish this fine meal. The dinner              POINSETTIAPLANTS
will be followed with a Carol Sing-a-long in the Cathedral. What                                       Place your order for Poinsettia Plant(s) in
a wonderful way to take an elegant break during this hectic time                                       the church for Christmas Week. Plants are
of the year. Cost is $15.00 for adults, $6.00 for persons 6 thru 12.                                   $7.00 each, and your order should be in the
Children under 6 are free. Reservations are necessary.                                                 church office by December 12th . A listing
                                                                                                       of plant donors will be published in the
CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE - Dec 18                                                    Christmas Eve Church Bulletin. You may take the plant home
                A special Christmas Open House at Historic Trinity               after the Christmas Eve 11:00 p.m. Festival Service.
                is being held on Saturday, December 18th, from
                12:00 Noon to 4:00 p.m. This is another
                opportunity for you to invite your family, friends,
                and neighbors to come to “Christmas at Historic
                Trinity” to view the outstanding displays. There
will be refreshments served, sing-a-long opportunities, and each                 CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICES - Dec 24
person attending will receive a special open house gift. Come                    Christmas Eve is at its finest at Historic Trinity Lutheran Church
one, come all to “Christmas at Historic Trinity”.                                in downtown Detroit. Make your Christmas plans complete by
                                                                                 attending, as a whole family, the Traditional Christmas Eve
CHRISTMAS GERMAN MARKET - Dec 18                                                 Candlelight Carol Services on Friday, December 24th, at Historic
Back by popular demand is the Historic Trinity                                   Trinity Lutheran Church. “Journey home to Historic Trinity” our
Christmas German Market, added to the events                                     Lutheran Mother Church in Detroit, for this the highlight of the
of the Christmas Open House, on Saturday,                                        Christmas Season:
December 18th from 12:00 Noon to 4:00 p.m.                                               6:00 p.m. Family Christmas Eve Carol Service
Imported German (or hand made) German                                                   8:00 p.m.Traditional Christmas Eve Candlelight
ornaments, German candles, German honey. German baked goods,                             Service11:00 p.m. The Festival Christmas Eve
German Christmas crafts, etc will be on sale.                                                            Candlelight Service
                                                                                 The finest in preaching by the Historic Trinity Cathedral Ministry
CHRISTMAS LIVINGNATIVITY- Dec 19                                                 Pastors, traditional liturgy, real Christmas Carols by candlelight,
                    The Historic Trinity “Living Nativity” will be               and resounding instrumental and choral music, will warm and
                    held on Sunday, December 19th , at 8:15 a.m.,                inspire your hearts with the proclamation of the Birth of the Son
                    9:30 a.m., and 11:00 a.m. This year’s inspiring              of God and the Son of Man-Jesus Christ. Mr. Karl Osterland,
                    Christmas drama performance will present the                 Music Director of Historic Trinity Lutheran Church, will be at the
                    traditional events surrounding the birth of                  organ. The Historic Trinity Lutheran Church Sunday School will
                    Jesus Christ. Thanks to Stephanie Listman for                sing at the 6:00 p.m. service. The splendid Historic Trinity
a job well done in producing and directing this Christmas program.               Cathedral Choir will sing at 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. Your Christmas
We thank Janice Bronsted for the outstanding costumes. A special                 season is not complete until you attend a Christmas Eve Service
open house gift will be given to each person present. Be sure to
                                                                                 at Historic Trinity! – It just doesn’t get any better.
invite others to attend Historic Trinity for the “Living Nativity”
on December 19th .
                                                                                 CHRISTMAS DAY - Dec 25
                                                                                 A Christmas Festival Communion Service will
DR. EBERHARD - “Christmas at Historic Trinity” - Dec 19
                                                                                 be offered on Saturday, December 25th, at 10:00
Members of Historic Trinity and Our
Shepherd, and all others, are invited to attend
                                                                                 a.m.. We celebrate, this day, the greatest gift of
a special tour at Historic Trinity on Sunday,                                    all time presented to the world. “Unto you this
December 19th, at 2:00 p.m. Dr. Eberhard will talk about the                     day is born a Savior - Christ the Lord”. The Son
evolving of “Christmas at Historic Trinity”. He will explain why                 of God became also the Son of Man, being
Christmas is so important to celebrate in today’s society. He will               conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. The
lead you on a journey through the church and the parish hall,                    Rev. Dr. David Eberhard will preach, and he will be assisted by
explaining the many exhibitions. There will be time for you to                   the Assisting Pastors of the Historic Trinity Cathedral Ministry.
explore the facilities on your own. Refreshments will be served in
the auditorium. The program will end with the singing of traditional
Christmas Carols in the Cathedral that is decked out in Christmas finery.   12
12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - Dec 26                                               FAMILYNIGHT-Feb4
On Sunday, December 26th all three Worship                                  Fun - Food - Fellowship, an evening for the
Services will be based on the theme “The Twelve                             whole family, is planned for Friday, February 4th
Days of Christmas”. This carol originated in                                , at 6:30 p.m, at Historic Trinity. This year’s
England, during a time when Catholics were                                  theme is “Circus”. The Family Night is for
persecuted. Seeming to be nonsense, each verse in fact, contained           fellowship, networking, and just getting to
coded symbols for ancient Christian themes associated with the              know better your fellow members in Christ. The evening is a
days of the Christmas observance. The services will feature carols          potluck buffet dinner–bring your favorite dish. The children of
associated with each of the twelve days.                                    the Sunday School will sing and there will be a children’s talent
                                                                            show. Bring baby layette items to be donated to the Lutheran
RING IN THE NEW YEAR - Dec 31                                               Child & Family Services.
                   A fitting end for the year 2010 is the Downtown
                   Lutheran New Year’s Eve Communion Service                LUTHERAN EDUCATORS SUNDAY- Feb 6
                   held at Historic Trinity Lutheran Church . On                                   All Lutheran educators of the Metro Detroit
                   Friday, December 31st at 7:00 p.m., we will                                     area are to be recognized during all three
                   celebrate with a special New Year’s Eve                                         Worship Services at Historic Trinity in
                   Service, featuring festival settings of the                                     Detroit on Sunday, February 6th . All
hymns with brass quintet. The Rev. Dr. David Eberhard, Pastor               Lutheran teachers and administrators of public, parochial, and
of Historic Trinity Lutheran Church, will present the message,              private schools of all levels are invited. The Cathedral Ministry
assisted by the Assisting Pastors of the Historic Trinity Cathedral         Pastors of Historic Trinity will lead the Worship Service, and
Ministry. Following the 7:00 p.m. worship service, in the Huegli            various educators will present the litany. In the 11:00 a.m. service,
Auditorium of Otte Hall (free-will offering), there will be                 Jonathan Middeldorf and Bonnie Middeldorf will each be awarded
refreshments and a Champagne Toast “To the Year 2011”.                      the Lutheran Educators Award for 2011. Each educator present
                                                                            will receive a token of appreciation for their dedication and service.
WILLS SEMINAR - Jan 23                                                      You are encouraged to make nominations for 2011 Award. Call
Are you putting off making a will. It is incredible                         the church office 313-567-3100 or 800-268-3058 with your
that 70% of persons do not have a simple Will or                            recommendation.
Estate Plan/Trust. Your will is a way to designate
guardians for your children. Your Will is another                           CELEBRATEMARRIAGE-Feb13
way to leave a gift for your church or your favorite                        Your wedding anniversary is something
charities. Take time NOW to participate in the Wills Seminar on             special. Make it even more special on
January 23rd . Have you planned your estate? Have you made or               Sunday, February 13th. During all three
updated your will? Find answers to; How do I keep my estate                 worship services, recognition will be given
from being absorbed in inheritance taxes? How do I protect my               to all individuals celebrating their 5th , 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th , 30th, 40th
children if something should happen to me? How does the doctor,             and 50th Wedding Anniversaries- with special recognition given
hospital, and family know my desire about extraordinary life                to those celebrating their 25th and 50th Wedding Anniversaries.
saving procedures? Don’t leave all of these decisions to be made            Each celebrating couple will receive a boutonniere for men and a
by your loved ones or others. These, and more questions, will be            corsage for women. At this yearly service of celebration, The
answered by Attorney Penny Carolan at the Wills Seminar on                  Rev Dr David Eberhard will remember all married couples present
Sunday, January 23rd at 10:30 a.m.                                          that day in his Altar Prayers, asking God’s gracious care and
                                                                            blessings upon them. Also, all married persons will be given the
GARDEN CLUB LECTURES - Jan 22 - Jan 29 - Feb 5                              opportunity to repeat their “Marriage Vows” to each other. Invite
                   The Detroit Garden Center returns to Historic            your friends and family to celebrate with you, in honor of your
                   Trinity to conduct a three-part lecture series by        Wedding Anniversary.
                   Master Gardener Janet Macunovich. Get ideas
                   on what to plant, and where, and how to go about         SOUP& CHILI & SPAGHETTI - Febr26
                   making the decisions to manage your garden.                                 This year’s Historic Trinity Soup & Chili &
                   Saturdays, January 22nd , January 29th , and                                Spaghetti event is on Saturday, February 26th at
                   February 5th Classes begin with registration and                            5:00 p.m. All members and friends of Historic
coffee from 9:00 to 9:30 am. Class time is 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. The                            Trinity are invited to join in the taste fest. All
fee is $25.00 per class, $65.00 for series of three. Advance                                   soup, chili and spaghetti entries are welcomed–
registration is encouraged for all classes. For further information                            simply call the church office to register the soup,
and to register, call the Detroit Garden Center, 313-259-6363; 9:30         chili or spaghetti you wish to enter. There will be a judging of the
am until 3:30 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, and ask for               best soup, chili, spaghetti and decorated table - cast your vote as
Barbara Hayes. Voice mail is available at other hours.                      to which you think is the best. In addition there will be food,
                                                                            beverages, prizes and fun for everyone. The cost is $5.00 per
                                                                            adult; all youth and children under 12 are free.

                                                                            Remember Historic Trinity in your will or your estate
LENTPANCAKE BREAKFAST - March 6                                             Over the years, we have been blessed with
The Historic Trinity Men’s Ministry group is                                faithful and generous members and friends
holding a Lenten Pancake Breakfast on Sunday,                               of Historic Trinity Lutheran Church. We are
March 6, 2011, from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.                                 so thankful that everyone is doing what they
Pancakes, syrups, apple topping, blue berry                                 can to financially support this vital ministry.
topping, whipped cream, sausages, juices,                                   We have three endowment funds to assure our financial legacy.
coffee, tea, and milk. The cost is $8.00 for adults, $4.00 for those        One fund is designated for facility upkeep and maintenance, one
6 years thru 12 years old, children 5 and under are free. The men           to assure funding for the senior pastor position at Historic Trinity,
are raising funds to support and provide scholarships for the               and one to continue to support Dr. Eberhard when he retires.
youth of our parish to attend the Michigan District Junior High             You may donate cash or stocks, memorial gifts, or make deferred
School Youth Gathering in Ann Arbor in August. If you cannot                gifts of an insurance policy or trust assignment. Let’s all be sure
attend, you may make a donation to assist our youth.                        Historic Trinity is still here for another 150 years. For more
                                                                            information, talk to the church office or one of the church officers.
             The Downtown Lutheran Ash                                      YEARENDGIFTS
             Wednesday Holy Communion                                                           For some individuals, this year’s financial
             Worship Services will be held at                                                   markets have been tough , some were lower or
             Historic Trinity Lutheran Church on                                                some were flat. However, most seemed to stay
             Ash Wednesday, March 9th , at 12:00                                                the course. Some of you are presently making
             noon and 7:00 p.m. The Rev. Pres. Maier                        decisions on year end stock or cash gifting. Now is the time to
President David P.E. Maier of the Michigan District - LCMS will             begin looking at what options are available to you for your 2010
preach. He will be assisted by the Cathedral Ministry Pastors. In           year-end gifts. When selecting your options for these year-end
keeping with ancient tradition, ashes for the forehead will be              gifts, please consider including Historic Trinity as an option.
dispensed to individuals who desire, at both services.                      Your gift is tax deductible, in full.

          Historic Trinity is a national, state, and city                                            Historic Trinity
                    designated historic site.
                                                                                                Wish list suggestions
Giving Options - CREDIT CARD
A special feature at Historic Trinity is that you
have the option for church contributions,
memorials, tickets to events, or financial gifts
large and small, to donate by cash, check, bank                             1. Carpet - Conference Room                            1,200
draft, bank passport or credit card. Historic                               2. Organ - choir division keys releather              19,516
Trinity provides you with these optional ways                               3. New Vestments                                       1,900
to make it easier for you to make a contribution, donate a wish list        4. Ceiling Fans - auditorium                           2,007.
item, make reservations, or to support the many excellent activities        5. Repaint all interior doors in parish Hall           2,500
of this dynamic ministry. One of these options is that you are              6. 8 ft. plastic folding tables (need 10 )              130 @
invited to use your credit card. You may select a specific amount           7. Replace CD Player for church                         458
for your contribution each month, be it $10.00, $20.00, $100.00, or         8. Replace (burned out) out side light bulbs            500
whatever you desire. This provides you with a simple way to                 9. Computer upgrades                                    500
contribute, even to make bonus points, and have an immediate                10. Microwave 1st floor kitchen                         550
receipt. You may use MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or any Novus               11. Provide refreshments for Sunday Coffee Hour          30 @
Card, and American Express. To make a church contribution by                12. New fence parking lot ($37,000)          to go--- 34,000
credit card, all you have to do is call Nancy Ivers at the church              Every $2.00 you give is matched by $1.00
office 313-567-3100 or 800-268-3058 . Let her know how much you             13. 160 Anniversary Banners on outside light poles (8) 500 @
wish to donate each week or month to the church, using your                 14. Printing of Fall Messenger                         2,900
credit or bank card. When you want to stop contributing by                  15. Mailing of Fall Messenger                          1,300
credit or bank card just let her know. You may also make credit             16. Printing of Christmas Mailer                       2,500
card donations using our secure web site (         17. Acolyte Robe                                         125
It’s really easy, and more and more members and friends of Historic         18. Cruifier Robe                                        100
Trinity, are using this credit card option. Another option is to            19. Upgrade Church Lighting controls                   4,000
donate appreciated securities. Use your credit card to make                 20. Church Energency Generator                        10,000
reservations for the various activities at Historic Trinity , or use
your credit card to make a donation to the church, or use it with           Name __________________________________
the white envelopes placed in each pew in the church.                              ___ Check attached ___ Bill my credit card
                                                                                        (Provide info to church office)
                                                                                  All prices are estimates at time presented
DR. EBERHARD SPEAKS OUT - “Wake Up”                                          Too often we are denying being “Lutherans”
The Rev. Dr. David Eberhard presents an article                              as if that is a bad word that drives people away.
called “Dr. Eberhard Speaks Out”. He challenges                              We provide “new” people with water downed
us with his thoughts and experience as a leading                             doctrines - don’t want to hurt anybody’s
churchman in America. While we may agree, or                                 feelings. We feel the 7-11 (7 words sung 11
not agree, he shares with us what he has learned                             times) is the answer. Yet individuals, whether
that works in the local parish. Over his fifty years                         they are young or elderly, when in crisis or spiritual need turn to
of experience in the ministry, and 24 years in the                           those hymns of our heritage. We are Lutherans - that stands for
political arena, he has always tended to be ahead of the current             something - it is solid, and people today don’t want quick fixes.
curve and is always “pushing the envelope” to get us to expand               You can’t out “black” the fine Black Pastors , nor can you out
our thinking.                                                                “Baptist” the dynamic Baptist Preacher. Stop running in circles,
                                                                             stop throwing the baby out with the bath water, stop feeling
                   Each week I hear of another Lutheran Church in            sorry for yourself, stop thinking your congregation cannot meet
                   the Metro Detroit area closing, or planning to            the needs of today’s world, stop feeling that being Lutheran is
                   close in the near future. Why ? one asks. Is it           old-fashioned and outdated. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday,
                   because the present congregation had become               today and tomorrow. While we may have, and should have,
                   “a club”, and the last person should “turn out            various versions of worship services and an assortment of hymns,
                   the lights”? Is it because they failed to see that        we can do these effectively in a church setting. Storefronts, theater
                   they are surrounded by millions of people, that           churches, etc are temporary. When the “mission” funds run out,
if they asked they could gain at least a few. Is it because the              who is going to pay the bills. What happens to that poor pastor
pastor is not working, or, he’s off to another conference - another          you stuck with an unstable future. It takes at least 300 members
meeting to study on how to be the church? Wake up, no                        to make a parish self sufficient.
conference, no consultant, no class is going to do the Lord’s
work for you. We hear that so many churches have only 40, 60, or                                  Fling wide open your church doors, be a
maximum of 125 persons in worship on a Sunday. How many                                           caring people, become a powerful
times can you call on 40 people, how many times can you email 40                                  worshiping community, be a beacon of hope
people. I’ll bet your church facilities are closed most of the week,                              in an unstable world, administer the
and open only for 2 hours on Sunday.                                                              sacraments, and preach the Word. People
                                                                                                  will come! We all better get back to
Get up, go open the doors. Have something —                                  supporting, strengthening, and revitalizing our churches, older
any thing — to get people to come in the “side                               ones or new plants, before it’s too late – and we have no Lutheran
door”, and some will come back through the                                   presence in our Metro areas. Raise high the Cross of Jesus Christ
“front door”. Then we have those that think we                               - and move forward !
should not be concerned about how many                                       P.S. Did the delegates to the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
people we have in church. We need to only                                    Convention in Houston speak loud and clear ?
have a “heart” for non-believers and the unchurched. Some have
even gone as far as having Holy Communion only “out there” in
                                                                             This year, we again want to do some target
cell groups, not in the church building. Others feel we need to go
                                                                             distribution of cards about “Christmas at Historic
out and start new churches in shopping centers, schools,
                                                                             Trinity” to various areas in the Metro Detroit
storefronts.. anywhere other than the church building. They
                                                                             Region. We need individuals who will pick up some
contend the church building is offensive, it is a stumbling block
                                                                             of the cards and hand deliver them to assigned stores, restaurants,
to reaching out. Come on now, get real! I guess legal trials are
                                                                             and public buildings before December 15th. You are asked to meet
better held on the street corner than in the court house. Maybe
                                                                             with a member of the Christmas Open House Committee by the
the Tigers baseball game is more relevant on a vacant lot than in
                                                                             Pastors Study door, following any of the 3 services, on Sunday
a stadium. Or would the Red Wings Hockey team related more
                                                                             December 5th or December 12th to select an assignment for
with its constituent playing in blue tea shirts rather than a Wings
                                                                             distribution. The areas to cover include Downtown Detroit, Greek
uniform. So now we have 30 people in a storefront, and we say
                                                                             Town, Eastern Market, Corktown, New Center Area, Near East
hallelujah we have planted a new church. Unfortunately, too
                                                                             Side, Grosse Pointes, Ferndale and Royal Oak.
often that planting is not really to reach out - but rather a chance
to say at conventions - “we have opened 75 new churches”. Yes,
but we have closed 50 churches, and next year we will close 65 of
                                                                             On the 3rd floor of Otte Hall our Cathedral
those new plants, and all along our denomination numbers
                                                                             Ministry maintains the Dau Library of church
dwindle even more.
                                                                             history’s. We continue to put together
                                                                             information, data, and pictures on all churches
                                                                             of all denominations in the City of Detroit. We are in need of
                                                                             someone to volunteer to head up this vital historic church
                                                                             preservation project. It would involve volunteering two or three
                                                                             days a week. All materials will need to be work on site.
                                                                             Unfortunately too often when things are taken to someone’s
                                                                             home then do get returned. For information talk to Dr. Eberhard.
                                                            FALL CALENDAR 2010 - 2011
                                                  Sept 12   Sun Sch Rally Day            Dec 5     Lutheran Singers
                                                  Sept 12   Grandparents Day             Dec 5     Cathedral Choir Special
                                                  Sept 12   Launch - Bible Cell Groups   Dec 6     Valpo Tea
                                                  Sept 18   Vestry Planning Retreat      Dec 7     Pastor Emeritus
                                                  Sept 19   Red & Blue Line Service      Dec 7     Dinner Honoring Veterans
                                                  Sept 19   Marriage Seminar             Dec 8     2nd Mid Advent
                                                  Sept 26   Pastors Seminar              Dec 11    Brunch With St. Nicholas
                                                  Sept 26   Q & A Tour of HT             Dec 11    Lutheran Choralaires
                                                  Sept 29   Oktoberfest Dinner           Dec 12    German Service
                                                  Oct 1     Hof Brau                     Dec 12    Cathedral Christmas Dinner
                                                  Oct 3     Slovak Sunday                Dec 15    3 rd Mid Advent
                                                  Oct 3     Blessing of the Pets         Dec 18    Christmas Open House at HT
                                                  Oct 10    Marriage Seminar             Dec 18    Christmas German Market
                                                  Oct 17    Voters Meeting               Dec 19    Live Nativity
                                                  Oct 17    St. Luke Services            Dec 19    Dr. Eberhard “Christmas”
                                                  Oct 23    Confirmation Tour            Dec 21    Community Sr Christmas
                                                  Oct 24    Pastors Seminar              Dec 24    Christmas Eve
                                                  Oct 24    Flu Shots                    Dec 25    Christmas Day
                                                  Oct 24    New Member Day & Lunch       Dec 26    12 Days of Christmas
                                                  Oct 24    Marriage Seminar             Dec 31    New Year’s Eve
                                                  Oct 24    Dr. Eberhard “Reformation”   Dec 31    Toast to 2011
                                                  Oct 31    Reformation Sunday           Jan 1     New Year’s Day
                                                  Nov 6     Harvest Dinner               Jan 22    Garden Club Lecture
             Historic Trinity Coat of Arms        Nov 7     “Blessing of the Greens”     Jan 23    Pastors Seminar
                                                  Nov 7     Harvest Dinner               Jan 23    Wills Seminar
                                                  Nov 20    160 Anniv. Dinner            Jan 29    Garden Club Lecture
                                                  Nov 21    160 Anniv Services           Febr 5    Garden Club Lecture
                                                  Nov 24    Thanksgiving Eve             Febr 4    Family Event
                                                  Nov 25    Thanksgiving Day             Febr 6    Lutheran Educators Sunday
                                                  Nov 28    Pastors Seminar              Febr 13   Marriage Celebrations
                                                  Nov 30    Advent by Candlelight        Febr 26   Soup & Chili & Spaghetti
                                                  Dec 1     1st Mid Advent               Febr 27   Pastors Seminar
                                                  Dec 2     Children’s Play              March 6   Lent Pancake Breakfast
                                                  Dec 3     Children’s Play              March 9   Ash Wednesday

        1345 Gratiot Ave.                                                                              Non-Profit Org.
        Detroit, MI 48207                                                                               U.S. Postage
                                                                                                       Detroit, Michigan
                                                                                                       Permit No. 2971


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