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					FINAL POSITIONS FOR 2011 CLUB TRIALS CHAM PIONSHIP                                                                       Braintree & District Motorcycle Club   www.braintree-mcc.co.uk

    NOVICE                    6960                          EXPERT "A"                         5015                      TAIL LIGHT                         January 2012
  1 Carl Turner               5006                        1 Graham Palmer                      4562
  2 Eldon Jackson             5396                        2 Wesley Butcher                     4881
  3 Graham Davies             5435                        3 James Yearley                      4892
  4 Quenton Ramsey            5889
  5 Darren Potts              5914                          EXPERT "B" (No Award)              5690
                                                                                                                               OFFICERS OF THE CLUB FOR 2011
  6 Chris Cook                6137                        1 Graham Palmer                      3671        Acting Chairman and Secretary:      John Yearley 01376 344844
  7 Richard Wreathall         6229                        2 Wesley Butcher                     5008
  8 Phil Ranson               6539                        3 Allen Collier                      5519        johnyearley11@aol.com
  9 David Simpson             6553                                                                         Vice Chairman:           Chris Cook 01376 328602
 10 Gary Miller               6732
 11 Kevin Palmer              6802                          PRE-70 ALL CLASSES                 6645
                                                                                                           Minutes Secretary:       Mark Hughes 01376 328225
 12 Peter Lugrove
 13 Matt Tomlin
                                                          1 Dave Field
                                                          2 Sam Cook
 14 Dave Iszard               6848                                                                         Treasurer:    Mark Wilson 01376 348928 b.wilson100@btinternet.com
 15 Jeremy Maddox             6862
 16 Simon Lewis               6865                                                                         Accounts & Auditor:   Richard Sillett 01376 584092 rjsillett@yahoo.co.uk
    INTERMEDIATE "A"          7160
                                                                                                           Membership & EC Gazette Secretary:      Phil Read 01376 345113
  1 Roy Palmer
  2 Stephen Butcher
                                                          1 Graham Palmer
  3 Sam Cook                  6227                        2 Roy Palmer                         6767        Competitions Recorder: Richard Sillett 01376 584092 rjsillett@yahoo.co.uk
  4 Gareth Price              6844                        3 Dave Field                         7139
  5 Adrian Parker             7048                        4 Chris Cook                         7237        Tail Light Editor: Richard Sillett 01376 584092 rjsillett@yahoo.co.uk
                                                          5 Stephen Butcher                    7254
    INTER "B" (No Award)      7160                        6 David Simpson                      7258
                                                                                                           EC Board Reps: Dave Field 07881 697189 and Chris Cook 01376 328602
  1 Phil Read                 5860                        7 Richard Wreathall                  7280        Webmaster:        Daniel Wilson dwilson@uk2.net
  2 Barry Harber              6842                        8 Wesley Butcher                     7292
  3 Roy Palmer                6968                        9 Peter Lugrove                      7294        Committee:        Mark Hughes 01376 328225, Dave Field 07881 697189, Stuart
                                                                                                           Penfold 01787 476825, Nicky Read 01279 506416, Sam Cook 077790 087643, Phil
                                                            SIDECAR                            2500
                                                          1 (xxxx/Bob Chapman)                 2256        Read 01376 345113, Andrew Thain 01376 339226, James Yearley 07734 801066
    YOUTH A                   7310                        2 Alan Hornsby/Martin Ackers         2500        Trustees of the Club:      Bob Drane, Richard Sillett
  1 Tim Rooney                5663
  2 Callum Francis            7173                         YOUTH C                             4715
                                                           David Lupprian                      4548        TONY PARKIN: 21 DECEMBER 1937 – 18 NOVEMBER 2011
    YOUTH B                   6960
  1 Jack Peal                 6208                         YOUTH D                             4535
  2 Francis Lewis             6807                         No contenders                                   This familiar sight
                                                                                                           of Tony arriving at
                                                                                                           an event on his
    Maximum possible marks are shown against class titles                                                  bike for lap
    ELIGIBLE EVENTS HAVE BEEN:                          21 Braintree                          09 July 11
  1 Norwich Vik           01 Jan 11                     22 Braintree                          06 Aug 11    scoring will be
  2 Southend              02 Jan 11                     23 Braintree                          11 Sept 11   sorely missed by
  3 Lowestoft             13 Feb 11                     24 Bury St Eds                        12 June 11
  4 N&S Combine           20 Feb 11                     25 Bury St Eds                        17 July 11
                                                                                                           colleagues all over
  5 Southend              27 Feb11                      26 Castle                             04 Sept 11   the Centre. His
  6 Norwich Vik           13 March 11                   27 Diss                               23 July 11   final assignment
  7 Braintree             20 March 11                   28 Norwich V                          07 Aug 11
  8 Ipswich               27 March 11                   29 Wymondham                          17 Sept 11   was at the High
  9 E&S Border            03 April 11                   30 Southend                           25 Sept 11   Easter GT on 10
 10 Norwich Vik           10 April 11                   31 Norwich Vik                        25 ept 11
 11 Wymondham             17 April 11                   32 Castle                             02 Oct 11
                                                                                                           September, but
 12 Diss                  16 April 11                   33 N&S Jnr                            09 Oct 11    shortly after, the
 13 EFA                   17 April 11                   34 E&S Border                         16 Oct 11    mesothelioma
 14 Ipswich               15 May 11                     35 Diss                               15 Oct 11
 15 Castle                22 May 11                     36 Ipswich                            23 Oct 11    (cancer), with
 16 Braintree             04 June 11                    37 Woodbridge                         30 Oct 11    which he was
 17 Norwich Viking        05 June 11                    38 Chelmsford                         06 Nov 11
 18 N&S Jnr               19 June 11                    39 Southend                           20 Nov 11
                                                                                                           diagnosed in late
 19 Southend              25 June 11                    40 Norwich Vik                        04 Dec 11    2009, rapidly took
 20 Southend              26 June 11                    41 Braintree                          18 Dec 11    hold.
 42 Lowestoft             11 Dec 11                        Richard Sillett 28 December 2011
CENTRE WITH DISTINCTION FOR 50 YEARS                                                     WELCOME BACK.......Eddie and Kevin. Great to see the return of former
196 people attended Tony’s funeral at Great Bardfield Parish Church on 2                 chairman (but still big in the EC ACU) Eddie Wass to do a day’s observing. But that
December 2011, a measure of the affection and respect he drew from a wide circle         was as far as it went, for even the most senior of Tail Light correspondents failed to
of friends and colleagues to whom he had given so much support over the years.           get a comment on whether the Wass trials Cub is still under EW ownership. Here is
Tony joined the Club in the early sixties and rode a Greeves in a few trials before      the great man forcing a smile for the camera, even ever-cheerful Club Steward Roy
deciding that his strengths were more on the organising side. From that moment, he       Rush’s greeting couldn’t quite do the business! And just as we were getting on top
immersed himself in helping build the Club’s reputation for promoting quality events,                                              of coping with the two Palmer brothers up
including national grasstracks. He was Secretary of the Meeting for various events,                                                pops brother Kevin to renew his Club
Club Sec., Treasurer, Tail Light Editor, auditor and Trustee. He was a regular road                                                membership from past years. Not only that
rider and competed in the ACU National Rally over many years. He was also a hard-                                                  but he entered the trial and walked off with
working Centre official, holding the positions of Steward, Centre Treasurer and Vice                                               the Best Novice turkey – watch out Kevin,
President. But most of all, to those of us priveleged to have been close colleagues                                                Roy’s mouth was watering at the sight of
and friends, Tony was one of the best to be with – an inspiration to get involved with                                             that bird in your hand at the presentation!
club work, a unique and principled character with an infectious sense of humour,
and a thoroughly reliable and dependable person. His untimely passing has left an
unbridgable gap in the lives of many of us who relied on him for a large part of
Eastern Centre ACU and Club-related activities.                      Richard Sillett
                                                                                         Grandad Steve Butcher on the ex-
ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING WEDNESDAY 18 JANUARY 2012 8.00PM                                  streamly wet and loggy section one.
Without volunteer members to fill all the positions necessary to run the Club, all our   C of C Phil Read and his team of
trials and MX events would cease to happen. We are in grave danger of having             section designers had worked hard
enough of such members to keep the show on the road, particularly in handling the        with landowner Peter Clark to
paperwork side of event organisation. The fewer we have left to shoulder what is         incorporate some new, albeit far-
becoming an increasing burden on those individuals – many being long-serving and         flung, woodland areas for the first
way past their obligations to keep serving - the greater the chance that they will       time. The first riders round seemed
lose interest and walk away. So, if you value your membership and the continuity of      frozen stiff in the snow shower that
the Braintree Club, come along to the Onley Arms at Stisted and have a go at             descended over the first hour.
sharing the work – always great fun when there’s a decent number to split the load,                                                        A rare sight these days – a sidecar!
and good for developing new skills (not plumbing) as well as for your CV!                                                                  Braintree was the top club at one
                                                                                                                                           time in this class, with names like
AWARDS PRESENTATION EVENING SATURDAY 18 FEBRUARY 2012 8.00PM                                                                               Roy and Les Vince, ace
Also at the Onley Arms Stisted, make it a date for this pleasant informal evening and                                                      passengers Keith Rayner and Dick
enjoy a FREE buffet – guaranteed tastiness by the pub’s own staff. Strawberry                                                              Clapson ,Bob Young/Ken Yearley,
Chops himself (Tim Rooney) will be at the front of the queue as usual, so don’t let                                                        the Green Bros, Steve Finch, Mark
him loose on the food and make himself sick. If you’ve won a trophy, then the only                                                         Wilson, Alan Kidd, Paul Towns, the
way you’ll get your hands on it is to COME and receive it in person. Please start                                                          Hornsby bros – the list goes on,
returning your last year’s CLEANED trophies to John Yearley or a committee                                                                 with several EC Championship
member NOW– a good final opportunity is to bring them to the AGM.                                                                          titles among them. Here our man
                                                                                                                                           Bob Chapman shows the
WARNER’S WINTER SALE                                                                                                                       determination with driver Mark
MYFORD ML10 lathe; 3 & 4 jaw chucks; set imperial change wheels: £200                                                                      Kemp that won them their turkeys.
AJS 7R gearbox (Burman 7R50): £1000
AMAL carburettor 1 3/8” T.T: £300
AMAL carburettor 1 1/8” T.T: £250                                                        MORE PICTURES ANOTHER TIME. DON’T FORGET THAT THESE TINY BLACK
LUCAS racing magneto; anticlockwise rotation; platform fitting: £300                     & WHITE IMAGES CAN BE ZOOMED UP IN FULL COLOUR ON THE CLUB’S
HUSQUVARNA Mod. 61 chainsaw 18”: £300.                                                   WEBSITE (go to Tail Light link), COURTESY OF OUR WEBMASTER DANIEL
Enquiries to: Jack Warner, 18 Colne Road, Sible Hedingham CO9 3JP                        WILSON. A HAPPY AND EVENTFUL MOTOR CYCLING NEW YEAR TO ALL!
No offers.

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