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									                       A Newsletter for members of Trinity Lutheran Church
                   to promote communication of information in the congregation.

  From the Pastor...                                           November 2012

             November 2 & 3 is the Annual Charity Garage Sale at 200 Riverside
             Dr., Edgewater, to benefit Gifts of Love and Cudas Unhooked.

        Remember to turn your clocks back on Saturday night, November 3, or risk
        being early for church and missing out on an extra hour of sleep!

             On Nov. 3 & 4 we celebrate the Festival of All Saints, remembering the
             faithful who now rest from their labors. We will include special mention of
             those who have entered eternal rest during the past twelve months. Trinity’s
             “Memorial Book” will be on the narthex table for anyone who wishes to write
             a special name or remembrance of a loved one who has joined the church

                       Nov. 17 & 18 is WELCA Thankoffering weekend!

                  Wednesday, November 21, 7 p.m., Thanksgiving Eve Service


In my office is a “Final Celebration File,” which contains information people fill out to
assist family members at the time of their death. The five-page form includes
instructions about who is to be contacted at the time of death, what funeral home will
handle the arrangements, where memorials are to be given, wishes for the worship
service and burial, biographical material, thoughts about organ donation, etc. The form
was approved by the Health Committee in 2007, and completed copies are kept in my
confidential file until they are needed.

Completing this form in advance will greatly assist your loved ones when they are
grieving. Copies of the form are available in the church office.

               This is eternal life, that they may know you,
  the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent (John 17:3).
Give Thanks,
Pastor Don
                                               Cantor’s Notes

                  From the worship planning resource Sundays and Seasons:              November gives
                  us space to pull out our church’s family album, to remember where we came
                  from and where we’re going. Isaac Newton said, “If I have seen further, it is by
                  standing on the shoulders of the giants.” The church’s giants—the saints, our
                  church family—are uplifted in November with a force unlike any other part of
                  the church year. Saints (from the Latin sanctus, meaning “holy”), rather than
                  being viewed as martyrs or famous Christians who have died, are God’s holy
                  people, living or dead, who have been baptized into Christ. Notice that Paul and
                  other scripture writers always talked about saints in the plural—the
                  community of God’s holy people. November gives us opportunity to delve more
                  fully into this definition of a saint, and to discover how a saint lives within God’s

                  The saints of the past and present are the ones who gave birth to our faith; who
                  have given us words to describe our faith; whose lives, by example, help us to
                  live out our faith; who have shown us how to express our faith to others and to
                  ourselves; who have taught us how to fight for our beliefs and to care for
                  others. There is certainly strength in knowing that there have been saints
                  before us—that we can learn from the stories of those who have walked this
                  path—and we discover yet again that our God is the same God they

                  There is also a sense of humility in realizing that his picture, with all the saints,
                  is so large, so old, so methodical, and that we are a part of a long journey and
                  ongoing story. Looking at the saints and where we sit in that picture both
                  inspires us to live out our lives in holiness and to get outside of ourselves for a
                  moment to catch a glimpse of God’s plan for the world.

+ Attention Winter Guests: You are invited to join the Trinity choir while you are living in the
area, even if only for a short time. We are always happy to welcome new singers. Choir
rehearsals are each Wednesday at 7pm in the fellowship hall. Please let me know of your interest
and I’ll have music ready for you to use at our next rehearsal.

+ Our handbell choir needs an additional ringer to be our regular “substitute.” If you are a good
music reader, please consider this invitation and talk to me about it as soon as possible.

+ Thanksgiving Eve instrumentalists: Again this year you are invited to play for our
Thanksgiving Eve service on Wednesday, November 21 at 7 pm. Please let me know [in advance,
please] if you are planning to participate so I can prepare a music folder for you. We will play on
some of the hymns for the service. So, If you don’t play your instrument regularly, now is the time
to find it and make sure it still works properly!

+ Mark your calendars! We’re having a Psalm-Fest on Sunday, January 27,
2013 at 3:30 pm. Pastor Chuck Weinrich will be the narrator with musical
leadership by our choir.

Cantate Domino! (Sing to the Lord!)
Brian Larson
                                          Health Ministry
                                    Help Keep Trinity Hearts Healthy!
                             We are all so grateful that Pastor Don is back at Trinity! And it also
                     makes up think more about heart health. Perhaps we could do a little more
                     at Trinity to help keep our hearts healthy so that we can be strong in the
                     service of the Lord.

       We all know that one of the keys to heart health is good nutrition, but we get tired of
hearing about all the things we should avoid – solid fats, added sugars, cholesterol, and sodium.
But heart-healthy eating also includes a wonderful, positive message! Eat more fruits and
vegetables!! Almost everyone loves fruits. And Florida has been so blessed with a wonderful
abundance and variety of fruits and vegetables. Some of us even have fruit trees in our back

        So let’s strive for a healthier heart-healthy balance in our meals and snacks – at home and
also here at Trinity! Each time we serve refreshments at church gatherings, let’s add some fruit
and/or vegetables to our cookies and cakes. And lucky for Trinity, we even have a fresh produce
market right around the corner! It’s easy to bring a bunch of grapes, or some small plums that just
need to be rinsed off and served as is. Or if you have a few more minutes, cut up some carrot
strips and celery for nibbles. Our hearts will say “Thank-You!”

                                                      Chris Williams, Health Ministry Committee

Neuropathy Support Group – our Trinity group continues to expand!! At our Oct. meeting we
had 13 attend – 5 new people. We had a wonderful presentation and question / answer session
by Chris Cann, PT; Clinic Director of Heartland Rehab.; New Smyrna Beach. We have also received
word there is a new group forming in Palm Coast!!!! What an impact our meager start (7 people)
at Trinity has had to the entire area.


Nov. 1 – 3 pm                  Stroke Support Group           BFMC Oncology Conference Room
Nov. 3 – 11 am – 1 pm          Heart Center Open House        BFMC Heart Center
Nov. 8 – 10 am – 4 pm          Big Red Bus Blood Drive        Outpatient Parking Lot
Nov. 20 – 6 pm                 Diabetes Support Group         Wound Care Center
Nov. 27 – 2 pm                 Cardiopulmonary Club           Schildecker Conference Room

        Watch the Health Ministry Bulletin Board for more information on these events and
others in our community.

Beth Barnett (Committee Co-chair.)

                                   CORE VALUE—HEALTH
                 We live in ways that promote wellbeing and harmony
                         within the diverse human community.
  Annual Charity Garage Sale                               Fair Trade Coffee & Chocolate

Our annual charity garage sale to benefit               Various kinds of coffee & chocolate are
Gifts of Love and NSB Cudas Unhooked                    available for purchase in the Fellowship
    will be held Friday, November 2 &                   Hall. Payment should be placed in one of
       Saturday, November 3 at the                      the provided envelopes. All monies
      Haughwout’s residence, 200 N.                     collected on purchased items go to support
                                                        Lutheran World Relief/Fair Trade and
       Riverside Drive, Edgewater.
                                                        small farmers around the world. Thank
 (1 block from the Edgewater Police Station)
                                                        you for your continued support

                              “Lutheran Weigh”
                           Thanksgiving Food Drive
                         OCTOBER 28 through NOVEMBER 7
  Trinity Lutheran Church is again participating in a Thanksgiving food drive called the
  "Lutheran Weigh.” We weigh the collected food in a friendly competition to see which group of
  churches can collect the most. The winning team gets a chance to shop for even more food for
  their local pantries.

  Welcome “SEASONAL FRIENDS” ...
  It’s time to welcome back our “Winter Friends”, and time to update our picture board. If you
  haven’t already done so, we ask that each family who is a winter guest send us your picture. On
  the back of the picture write your name, your home church, and both your winter and summer
  addresses. What a great way to get to recognize and greet everyone, and to make everyone feel
  welcome. And by all means, please wear a name tag. There is a request form on the Name Tag
  table if you need one. We look forward to seeing you!                 The Witness Committee

                          Rejoice! Christmas is coming!
  The week after Thanksgiving Santa's helpers will be putting up the Christmas Giving Tree
  in the narthex. The ornament (s) you choose may ask for:
  1) a donation of money to be used to purchase food gift cards,
  2) a gift card from Wal-mart, which a family can use to purchase a gift, or
  3) a request for a special gift that you will purchase. Age, gender, size or
  other pertinent information will be provided. We also ask that you wrap
  this gift and tape the ornament to it.
  All donations should be turned into the office by December 16. After
  everything is sorted, Pastor will see that each family receives its gifts.
  The committee prays that these donations bring joy not only to those who receive them, but
  also to those who give them, and that Christ be reborn again in all our hearts this Christmas
  season.                                The Women of ELCA Actions and Outreach Committee
   In response from the request from many of you our Grief Team is now offering a Bereavement
   Support Group. In the company of others who understand where you are in the Grieving Process,
   you will be able to express what is in your heart. Sharing with others who understand can bring
   comfort and peace.

                   December 5, 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm will be our first meeting in our Fellowship Hall.
                   "HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS" will be our topic. Christmas brings its own special
                   challenges. But when we are grieving the death of a loved one the season can be
                   especially difficult.
                   Any questions feel free to call Trudy Miller 386-426-8844.

   Our sincere thank you.....
        The family of Al Kaufmann wishes to thank everyone for their cards and kind
         expressions of sympathy. We also want to thank Pastor Don Reiter, Brian Larson,
         and choir for helping to make a beautiful and especially memorable Memorial Service
         for our family. A big thank you to Phyllis for all her help, and to the funeral committee
         and everyone who brought cookies for the reception. God bless! Jackie, Kris & Kim.

        Dear Friends at Trinity,
         I want to thank you all for your cards, prayers and words of comfort expressed to me, and
         to my family. Karin’s untimely passing was such a shock to us all. For now, the sadness
         and the void that is left in our lives seems unbearable. But for Karin, I know it must be
         such a joy to be with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that he loves us, and it is my
         faith in him that will sustain me. I love you all.
                                                            Yours in Christ, Dick Deyber and Family

 The Haiti Task Force of the Florida-Bahamas Synod wishes to thank Trinity Lutheran Church for
  your continued support of Eglise Lutherienne D’Haiti (ELH). Much has, and is, being done to help
  the church, congregations and communities that ELH serves both before and after tropical storm
  Isaac. The presence of ELH is also life-saving because of the aid they provide. Please know that
  your contributions are continuing to help the Lutheran Church of Haiti. Not only is the damage
  done to Haiti severe; illness and disease is a constant threat. The Haitians have tremendous faith
  in God and because of that faith continue to look to a better future. Thank you and God’s blessings.
                                         Ellen Weiss, Haiti Task Force (dated: September 25, 2012)

 Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
  Thank you very much for the socks, underwear and clothing collected throughout the month
  of September. We are grateful you have responded to our community’s need with such
  compassion and generosity. We also appreciate your financial donations. We can do our
  work only because of the ongoing support we receive from people like you.
                                               In his service, Sandra Thompson & Joan Norris
   NOTE: Clothes to You Ministries will be distributing clothes to the needy on the following dates
   and locations in November. If you know of any needy families, please share this information with
   them. If you have any questions, please contact Rusty Norris at 290-6965.
   Saturday November 3, 2012         Saturday November 10, 2012        Tuesday November 27, 2012
   10am to 12pm                      10 am to 12pm                     5:30 pm to 7:30pm
   Pierson Community Center          Southwestern Middle School        New Smyrna Beach Middle
   124 W. Washington Ave             605 W. New Hampshire Dr.          School
   Pierson,FL                        Deland, FL
                               Weekly Sermons are heard Sundays at 9:30 am on AM
                               1230 WSBB radio, AM 1490(DeLand) radio, and around the world
                               on the internet at If you have a computer,
Did You Know...                you can also hear it anytime at

                               Shawls Available: If you are chilly during the church service, or
                               forgot your sweater, there are shawls in the Narthex. Please feel
                               free to use them, and return them after the service. You can pick
                               one up yourself or ask an usher to get you one.

                               MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

                      The Women of the ELCA Christmas Party is December 18th
                      at 200 N. Riverside Drive, Edgewater, FL. All women from the church are
                      welcome to attend. You are also invited to bring a friend or relative. The
                      more the merrier! Everyone attending is asked to bring a jar of peanut
                      butter for Gifts of Love. See you there!

Cottage Bible Study        will be starting in mid-January. This year’s signup sheets will be
marked: Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, and Edgewater. Please sign your name and number on
the location where you would like to attend. Anyone interested in hosting, or teaching the classes,
is asked to contact Deacon Barb Fortney at (386) 314-7703. You will be contacted as we find a
host home and teacher in your area. Last year it was a great learning experience, plus great
fellowship. If you have any questions, please contact me at the above number.

    7     Susan Reiter                                   15      Jackie Dowd
    8     Dee Anderson                                   18      Judy Jones
          Paula Bernbaum                                         Rusty Norris
          Barbara Herleman                               20      Ellen Etzweiler
    9     Ralph Snyder                                   25      Peg Buzby
    10    Carolene Sigler                                27      Gary Hopkins
    14    Elizabeth Jacobson
                September Financial Summary                    2012 FUNd Razor Summary

    Offerings-General Fund:         $ 26,919.50               Goal:               $ 26,000.00
    Budgeted Expenses:                21,979.99               YTD donations:        19,882.00
    Variance                        + 4,939.51                Balance:               6,118.00

 Remembering in Our Prayers Those Serving in the Military and Overseas

                    Lt. Comm. Darrin Faller, son of Dave and Fay Faller, Naval Airbase Kitsep,
                    Seattle, WA. Email:

                    Kristine Hart, Raeann Purcell's niece, is serving the military in Logistics
                    Management as an employee of the federal government in Afghanistan. Her
                    address is USFOR-A/NKC ATTN ASE-A.

CW4 Matthew P. Hobbs, son-in-law of Skip & Margie Barnes, Ft. Belvoir, VA. His address is 3517
Mount Burnside Way, Woodbridge, VA 22192.

Capt. Patrick Hoffman, TF Defender CJTF-1 Attn: OsJa Bagram Airfield, APO, AE 09354. Patrick is
a member of Trinity and son of George and Stephanie Hoffman.

Update: SGT Robert Hopko, 1465 Bruch Oak Dr, Colorado Springs, CO. Robert is a friend of Harry
Hambruch who has recently returned from serving in Afghanistan.

YN2 Calvin Moseman, son of Paula Smith, grandson of Judie Hanson, has re-enlisted in the Navy for
another 3 years. He is stationed at Andrews Naval Air Base. His new address is: 3340 Toledo Terrace,
Apt. 476, Hyattsville, MD 20782.

Pvt. Joey Ragusa, friend of Kaitlyn Kurfis, stationed at Ft. Riley KS was deployed to Afghanistan.

FCSN Tyler J. Syverson, grandson of Mel & Jan Syverson, is serving on the Navy U.S. O'Kane
presently at sea. Home port is Hawaii.

Sean Wickett, son of Rev & Mrs. Stan Wickett from All Saints LC, is home from Afghanistan and
stationed in Colorado.

Dr. Walter Williams, son of Gary & Chris Williams, is a Commander in the Navy, currently stationed
in Georgia. His address: 1578 US Highway 19 South, Apt 182, Leesburg, GA 37168. Email:
                                          Worship Schedule – November 2012
                         November 3& 4           November 10 & 11              November 17 & 18          November 24 & 25          Contacts

Assisting     5 pm    Jim Swanson             Ron Jacobsen                Colleen Sumner                Rusty Norris           Mary Mathews
Ministers     8 am    Skip Barnes             Skip Barnes                 Paula Bernbaum                Joe Kellermeier
              10:30   Dave Faller             Gail Roe                    Pat Droz                      Pat Droz               Mary Mathews

Lectors       5 pm    Colleen Sumner          Louise Jacobsen             Kate Mingle                   Rusty Norris           386-690-4987
                                                                                                                               Jean Haughwout
              8 am    John King               Don Rodgers                 Grace Kellermeier             John Herleman          386-428-1810
              10:30   John Coffin             Gail Roe                    Karen Teehan                  Jack Bright            Else Abel
Ushers        5 pm    Ray Matis               Ray Matis                   Ray Matis                     Ray Matis              Ray Matis
                      Trudy Miller            Trudy Miller                Trudy Miller                  Trudy Miller           386-423-5032
              8 am    Paula Losnes            Don & Betsy Rodgers         Paula Losnes, Betsy Rodgers   John King
                      John King               John & Barbara              Barbara Herleman              John & Barbara         Sandi Wirth
                      Larry & Linda Muchow    Herleman                    Gladys Bachman                Herleman
              10:30   Gerald Ceglia           Gerald Ceglia, Linda Avis   Linda Avis, Linda Soden       Don Erickson           386-409-9228
                      Jim Stanley             Barbara Reilly              Annette Sowder                Linda Voss
                      Gordon & Vivian Heck    Sam Shoup                   Barbara Reilly                Kerry & Sandi Wirth
Altar Guild           Craig & Merry Parker    Craig & Merry Parker        Craig & Merry Parker          Craig & Merry Parker
              5 pm    Larry & Judy Jones      Larry & Judy Jones          Larry & Judy Jones            Larry & Judy Jones     Jean Hammer
              8 am    Grace & Joe             Grace & Joe                 Grace & Joe                   Grace & Joe            386-426-1460
                      Kellermeier             Kellermeier                 Kellermeier                   Kellermeier
              10:30   Dave & Fay Faller       Dave & Fay Faller           Dave & Fay Faller             Dave & Fay Faller
Distribtn             Faith Circle            Faith Circle                Faith Circle                  Faith Circle           Faith Circle
Flowers/              Flowers: In memory of   Flowers: In honor of the    Flowers: In honor of Rusty    Flowers: In honor of
                                                 th                                                          rd
Candle                daughter Cloey from     54 Anniversary of Mr. &     Norris’ Birthday from Joan.   the 3 Anniversary
Dedications           Annette Sowder.         Mrs. Ralph Snyder                                         John & Barbara
                      In honor of the 70                                                                Herleman.
                      Anniversary of Fred &
                      Lorraine Bauknecht
                      Candle: In memory of    Candle: In memory of        Candle: In memory of          Candle: In memory of
                      Isabel Jackson from     Isabel Jackson from the     Isabel Jackson from the       Isabel Jackson from
                      the Kellermeiers.       Kellermeiers.               Kellermeiers.                 the Kellermeiers.
November 2012
  Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
  485 Turnbull Bay Road
  New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

  November 2012

                             The Mission of Trinity Lutheran Church is to make Christ known
                                 to our neighbors and the world through word and deed.

  Council 2012
  Pat Droz - President, Fellowship
  Jack Bright-Secretary, Health                                                          Worship Schedule
  Karen Teehan-Treasurer, Personnel
  Jim Wells - Finance
  Dorene Crouse- Stewardship                                                    Sunday Worship – 8 & 10:30 am
  Bill Hood – Christian Education
                                                                                Sunday school (all ages) 9:15 am
  John King – Worship & Music
  Ray Matis – Property                                                            Saturday Worship – 5:00 pm
  Larry Muchow –Pastor/Parish Relations
  Sandi Wirth – Service Outreach

 Administrative Information
Pastor Hours:
 Office                            Rev. Don Reiter
                     9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (Mon-Fri)                         Pastor                        Rev. Don Reiter
 Office             (386) 428-4307 Brian Larson                               Cantor:                       Brian Larson
Office Administrator
 Office E-mail:                    Phyllis D’Alessio
                                          Office Administrator          Phyllis D’Alessio
                                   Laura Jones
Custodian Page:
 Trinity Web                                                                  Custodian                     Laura Jones
Missionary                         Rev. Kevin Jacobson
 Florida-Bahamas Synod Web                               Missionary                    Rev. Kevin Jacobson
 ELCA Web Page:

Editorial Policy - In order to maintain consistency and unity of church policy and to conform to layout requirements, the pastor,
editor, and office staff reserve the right to edit for space and content all material for the Beacon, the Annual Congregational
Report, and other official publications of Trinity. (Adopted 12-14-06)

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