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       IIA Update
Wednesday, November 17, 2010
• Top LSC’s
• Credit Union Agreement Status
• What’s New
   – Black Friday Promotions
   – 2011 Complete Tax
• Updates
   – 2010 GM Private Offer Reminder
   – Sprint
   – Biz Kid$
• 2010 LSC Communication Schedule

Top LSC’s
January – October 2010

        Auto Sales             Sprint Supporting Credit
Texas                17,827 Tennessee                 56

Florida/Alabama       7,233 Pennsylvania              55

Pennsylvania          5,064 Illinois                  53

California/Nevada     4,802 California/Nevada         42

New York              4,268 Missouri                  32

    Support Status
    Program Support Grows!

                          Credit Unions                      States / Leagues
                   12/09     10/10     Increase      12/09        10/10        Increase
Big Ticket         2,125     2,386        261          46           46              -
Sprint              542      1,072        530          28           35             7
Member               NA      2,303       2,303         NA           27             27

•     Check on the status of your credit unions with the League Reports at:

•     2nd Quarter Endorsing Credit Union checks mailed week of 10/4
•     2nd Quarter Endorsing Credit Union checks mailed week of 10/11

What’s New
Black Friday Promotions
•   Black Friday promotions provide
    credit unions the opportunity to
    increase member credit/debit card

•   Shop America – 11/26 through 11/29
     –   Shop America offers on-line access to over 1,200 merchants, most of which will offer Black
         Friday/Cyber Monday specials in addition to their cash back offer

•   DIRECTV – 11/26 through 12/5
     –   Savings up to 70% first years subscription
     –   SHOWTIME and starz free for three months
     –   HD Access
     –   HD and HD DVR Upgrade with Choice Xtra or above
     –   Plus additional Black Friday Discounts
•   Promotion
     –   Special web banners available at: http://www.lovemycreditunion.org/Marketing_Materials_148.html
     –   Link to new Black Friday landing page http://www.lovemycreditunion.org/Black_Friday_627.html
     –   Leagues and credit unions will receive e-mail announcement the week of 11/15

What’s New
Tax Filing
• IIA preferred partner, CompleteTax
   – Credit union members receive a 30% discount
   – Basic package is free, others start at $13.95
   – Plus 3 offers to file your Federal forms free: Unemployment ,
      Balance Due, and Switching from a competitor
• Shop America also offers three additional preparation
  programs with cash back
   – FreeTaxUSA – 25% cash back
   – TurboTax – 7.5% cash back
   – TaxCut (by H&R Block) – 11% cash back
• Credit union newsletter article available at:

    GM Private Offer
    Reminder to Members
•   217 credit unions signed-up targeting over
    1.5 Million members!!!
•   $1,000 private offer stackable with most
    GM incentives
•   Avalanche is no longer an eligible
    vehicle for the private offer – an e-mail will be sent to all
    participating credit unions and leagues

Encourage Credit Unions to Send Private Offer Reminders
•  As we get closer to the hot Thanksgiving Holiday shopping
   period, it is highly recommended that credit unions follow-up
   with their targeted members
•  Email, letters or postcards can be used
•  New math boxes have been provided by GM which include
   current national cash incentives on the eligible vehicles
•  Best Practices can be found under Follow-Up Communications
   at: http://www.lovemycreditunion.org/GM_Private_Offer_625.html
Credit unions earn $4.5 million during the 2009 – 2010 contract year
•   789 participating credit unions will share in this pool
•   Checks will be mailed in December

Special offer through January 8, 2011
•   Motorola i1 for only $149.99, the first push-to-talk smart phone powered by Android and only
    from Sprint! Find a new promotional flyer at:
•   For additional details visit: http://www.cusaver.com

Credit union members have saved over $74 million
•   Are your credit unions providing this discount to their members?
•   Reach out to your credit unions supporting other IIA programs but not
•   Sprint and make sure they are aware of this tremendous opportunity
•   Act now so they can earn 75% of their marketing incentive next year

    Biz Kid$

•   Many credit unions and leagues answered the call to support Biz Kid$
•   Over $300,000 was donated by supporting credit unions and leagues
•   When combined with the CUcorp donation, over $1 million was donated to
    support the 2011 production year

     A special thank you to all our supporting
             leagues and credit unions!

Future League
•   League Conference Calls will be held the 1st month of each quarter on
    Wednesday’s at 3pm EST*
     –   January 19, 2011                                New
•   Access Information                                 Access
     – Toll free: +1 (866) 816-1627                  Instructions
     – Conference ID: 1177265367

•   Monthly updates via PowerPoint Presentation will be emailed on:
     –   December 15
     –   Beginning in 2011, this deck
                                             *Attendance required for
         will be updated on a
         quarterly basis only to coincide     Leagues Endorsing or
         with the conference calls            Partnering with Big Ticket and
                                              Endorsing Member Rewards


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