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									                                                                                    MSN Autos New Car Showcase
                                                                                                  Last Updated - February 04, 2013

Creative Acceptance Policy
All creative must meet the requirements of the MSA Creative Acceptance Policy

Ad Specifications
Ad Type /   Initial   Download File Size   Max Initial Download Max Weight Progressive Download   Audio Specifications/   Animation/
Ad Size     Size      (GIF/JPG)            File Size            (Video/ Streaming Only)           Limit                   Looping Limit
Other       1W X 1H   40k                  150k                 2.2mb                             Allowed on user click   Allowed; Duration: 30
                                                                                                  only                    sec
   Creative Processing Turnaround Time: 10 full business days. Please ensure all elements are to spec to ensure on-
    time launch.

The User Experience
The New Car Showcase is a 637x225 ad placement. It contains branding and up to 4 tabs of content. The content of the
tabs can include photo galleries, a video, 360-degree rotation, or product descriptions. No animation or auto-initiated
video is allowed.


Ad Experience:

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Ad Specifications
PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Please consult with MediaMind for complete requirements

Ad Elements

      637 x 225 Shell:
          o Dimensions: 637x225px

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            o   File size: 50K
            o   Flash version: Flash 9 Actionscript 3
            o   Frames per second: 24fps
            o   Can handle up to four menu tabs. A minimum of three is recommended
            o   Down-level experience required. Provide back-up .gif/.jpeg at 20k

        500 x 195 Content Tab:
             Dimensions: 500x195px
             File size: 100K
             Flash version: Flash 9 Actionscript 3
             Frames per second: 24fps
             Tab can be any of 4 elements: Video / Photo Gallery / 360 View / Information
             Any other element can be customized into the unit

Ad Requirements

        Message Content:

            o   Dimension: 137x195px
            o   Logo in PNG or JPG format. Max size of 135x80px – Required
            o   Messaging for tagline copy. 40 characters* at 14pt size font max. – Required
            o   Messaging for CTA copy. 12 characters at 10pt size font max. – Required

*NOTE - Number of characters and font size can vary. Size specified is the maximum allowed that would not require the
use of a scrollbar.

        Photo Gallery Tab:
            o Dimension: 500x195px
            o Format JPG or PNG
            o Minimum of 4 images – Required

        Video Tab:
            o Dimension: 400x225 maximum resolution. 16x9 aspect ratio highly recommended
            o Video: User-initiated FLV at 500 Kbps. / 30s 2.2mb Audio 64 Kbps
            o Source Video as High Quality Quicktime MOV – Required

        360 View Tab:

            o   Dimensions: 500x210px
            o   Format JPG or PNG
            o   Minimum of 6 images for rotation – Required

        Product Description:

            o   Dimension: 500x210px
            o   Layered PSD or Word document with required text – Required

Other Specifications
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        Audio on/off toggle button must be present at all times when sound is available.
        Advertisement audio must be paused on panel click through for landing pages containing non-UI audio


        Minimum video controls required for all video players: Play/Pause and Mute/Unmute button
        Volume Control, Time Scrubber and Replay button are suggested but not required.

Ads should contain

        A clear message and offer/promotion
        Clutter-free design
        Relevant imagery to the offer or promotion
        Consistent branding (Use of similar/same logos & messaging)
        Landing pages should provide relevant content to the ad featured

Not allowed

        Ads that are misleading in anyway (specifically within creative messaging/offers/promotions etc…)
        Inappropriate graphics: included but not limited to graphic images which generate an adverse emotional response
         from users (i.e., overly graphic medical conditions/images, images of distressed animals or humans), or
         overexposure to nudity (i.e., swimsuits, sports bras)
        Rapidly flashing images/multiple flashing images (no more than 2 flashing images at the same time)
        Ads that cover drop downs from the navigation bar and Bing search bar.

For more information, please view MSN's Creative Acceptance Policy

Certified Rich Media Vendors

        MediaMind. (Please ensure all assets are submitted to specs at least 10 full business days prior to campaign live
         date to ensure on-time launch)

Data Reported

        MICROSOFT
            o Ad impressions

        3rd Party Partner
             o 3rd party partners will typically provide impressions and click-through data, as well as enhanced metrics.
                 Please consult your rich media partner of choice for more detail.

Data Collection

        Microsoft permits advertisers to collect user-provided personal information (for example, through web forms
         embedded in ads).

        Advertisers may be required to modify ad units or provide additional disclosure in order to be acceptable for
         advertising on Microsoft sites.

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      Advertisers wishing to collect personal information within advertisements (according to specifications above) must
       follow these guidelines:

      Clearly identify organization

      Provide link to privacy policy (usually adjacent to the web form’s “submit” button)

      Identify purpose for collecting information

Ad Submission Guidelines
All creative must meet the MSA Ad Submission Guidelines

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