Board Minutes October 2012

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					                 Board meeting

                 Friday 26th October 2012, 3.00pm
                 Humber Bridge Board offices


Board members                                  Observers
Private sector                                 Marcus Walker, North Lincolnshire Council
Lord Haskins of Skidby (Chair)                 Alan Menzies, East Riding of Yorkshire
Malcolm Joslin, BP                                Council
Peter M Stephenson, Able UK                    Nigel Pearson, East Riding of Yorkshire
John Clugston, Clugston Group                     Council
Matt Jukes, ABP                                Mark Jones, Hull City Council
Alan Platt, John Good Shipping                 Darryl Stephenson, Hull City Council
David Kilburn, MKM Building Supplies           Pauline Davis, Interim LEP Director
Howard O’Neill, Chamber of Commerce            Marc Cole, North East Lincolnshire Council
                                               Simon Driver, North Lincolnshire Council
Local authorities
Councillor Peter Wheatley, North East          Peter Campey, BIS
  Lincolnshire Council
Councillor Steven Bayes, Hull City Council     Secretariat
Councillor Stephen Parnaby OBE, East           Pauline Davis, Interim LEP Director
  Riding of Yorkshire Council                  Richard Kendall, LEP Manager
                                               Caroline Sansam (minutes)
University of Hull                             Katie Dolan, Intern
Professor Calie Pistorius

    At the start of the meeting Lord Haskins confirmed that the LEP                  Actions
    Board was meeting in shadow and Mark Jones was the sole director
    of Humber LEP Ltd.

1    Apologies

     David Ross (Vice Chair).
     Councillor Liz Redfern, North Lincolnshire Council.

2    Declarations of interest


3    The Board received a presentation from Patrick Bowes and Felix Kumi-
     Ampofo of the Regional Economic Intelligence Unit. It was agreed that a
     copy of the REIU presentation would be circulated to Board                 LEP
     members.                                                                   Secretariat

4    Minutes of the meeting on 21st September (enclosed) and matters

    The minutes were agreed.

    Malcolm Joslin said that work on marketing was ongoing and Richard
    Kendall would be talking to BVG about the report at the RenewableUK
    Conference in Glasgow.

5   Chairman’s business

    Lord Haskins was concerned about the announcement of further job
    losses in the region, including at Kimberley-Clark and Seven Seas.

    The Government’s position on energy was still of concern. Lord Haskins
    thought it was crucial that the LEP Board watched this issue very closely
    in the future.

6   Quarterly Finance Update

    Richard Kendall briefed the Board on report from the Accountable Body.
    He confirmed that the Growing Places Investment Manager would be in
    post by the 12th November. Lord Haskins enquired about the frequency of
    financial reports going forward. Mark Jones confirmed that the Board
    would receive quarterly updates. Richard Kendall added that additional
    Government funding would be received by the LEP before the next

7   City Deals Update

    Lord Haskins updated the Board on the progress to date. The
    announcement by Government was expected on Monday 29th October
    and the Expression of Interest (EOI) would need to be submitted in
    January 2013. It would be important to show that the Humber was
    competent to deal with a substantial devolution of power and funds from
    central government. He confirmed that the Joint Strategy Unit (JSU) was
    meeting frequently to work up a proposal which would be put before the
    Unitary Leaders Group and the LEP Board in December 2012. The
    Board noted the progress to date.

8   LEP Resources and Recruitment

    Lord Haskins updated the Board on the progress on recruiting an
    independent Chief Executive; he explained the need to appoint an
    executive search company to support the recruitment of this position.
    Pauline Davis explained the proposed assessment stages of the
    recruitment process to the Board.

    The Board agreed:

          To the appointment of an executive search company
          To the inclusion of an assessment day and a dinner with the
           LEP Board as part of the recruitment progress
          That a panel comprising of the LEP Chair, Interim LEP
           Director, a private sector LEP Board member and a local
           authority LEP Board Member would be identified before the

            final interview.

     Alan Platt enquired about the new staff seconded to the LEP. Pauline          Pauline
     Davis agreed to provide a who’s who for the next Board meeting.               Davis

     Councillor Wheatley enquired about match funding from government.
     Lord Haskins said that although the details were still not finalised he was
     confident that the LEP would achieve the £125k cash match required for
     this year. Councillor Wheatley requested more detailed financial
     information to be provided from 2013. This was agreed by the Board.

9    Skills Commission

     Richard Kendall updated the Board on the Skills Commission’s call for
     evidence which had been circulated to a wide range of organisations
     including the LEP Board and LEP sub-groups. The Commission would
     also be meeting with individuals to take evidence from them and things
     were progressing well. The ‘asks’ for the City Deal were being
     constructed and would be discussed by the JSU, the final proposal would
     be put before the Board in December.

10   Growing Places Fund

     Richard Kendall reported on progress of Round 2 of the fund which had
     been launched on Friday 12 October. He confirmed that marketing
     support was now in place and a good number of enquiries had been
     received. Applicants were being encouraged to take up one-to-one
     meetings to ensure good quality applications. The Accountable Body was
     continuing to work on due diligence issues but at the present time the
     cost was higher than anticipated. David Kilburn confirmed that the quality
     of applications in Round 2 was much improved from Round 1.

     Marcus Walker tabled a report. He explained the need to get the fund
     moving as quickly as possible and he suggested that the Investment
     Board should consider applying a 0% interest rate to loans subject to
     State Aid. In addition, he suggested a significant reduction in the due
     diligence fees which he felt were a barrier at present. Mark Jones said
     that the 0% interest rates were contrary to LEP Board policy established
     at previous meetings for a revolving fund and that the Board had not
     established a % rate for defaults so any proposals from the officer group
     were contrary to what the Board had already agreed. In addition, he said
     that there would be complicated State Aids issues to address, particularly
     as the LEP was deploying RGF 2 money where the same companies
     could be beneficiaries. He confirmed that due diligence would be
     retendered by the Accountable Body which he hoped would lead to lower
     fees and a simplified process. It was agreed that the Investment Board
     would consider this and report back.

11   LEP Annual Review

     Pauline Davis suggested that an annual review would be a good way of
     recording and acknowledging what the LEP had achieved to date and
     some of the key milestones that had been hit. She proposed that a mini

     annual review document was produced for the next meeting. This was
     agreed by the Board.

12   Lottery Funding Bid for NEETs

     Richard Kendall reported on the progress of lottery funding for NEETS,
     he explained that the LEP had been tasked with bringing the partners
     together. As a result, a consortium was now in place and the Lottery was
     pleased with the progress. He was confident that the Humber would
     obtain the £5.2million it had been allocated. The Board noted the

13   RGF 3 Bid

     Lord Haskins said that the LEP’s £30million bid had been successful,
     which was excellent news. Richard Kendall said that due diligence and
     legal agreements would be the next stage. A detailed update would be
     provided at the next meeting.

14   SME Support

     Howard O’Neill updated the Board on his continuing work on SME
     support. He confirmed that the next stage was to begin work on a
     marketing plan on short/medium and long term targets. He had received
     some good feedback from companies in the region and he would now
     produce a marketing plan outlining some short term hits. He confirmed he
     would be forming a virtual team which would include the four agreed local
     authority members in order to ensure there was no duplication of effort.
     Carolyn Burgess from the Humber LEP Forum Advisory Board would
     also be included on the team. Lord Haskins said a meeting with Bankers
     was arranged for early in December and he wanted to discuss SME
     Support with them.

15   Any other business

     Lord Haskins said he had attended a Humber Port board meeting and
     had discussed with them the idea of the private sector supporting a three-
     year marketing plan for the Humber. Richard Kendall said that the LEP
     had commissioned a report on export support and marketing which was
     linked specifically to international trade. He confirmed that this would be
     presented to the Board at the next meeting; he thought this would prove
     to be helpful in taking this agenda forward. The Board agreed to
     discuss this further at the next meeting.

16   Next meeting date: 3.00pm, Friday 23rd November, Humber Bridge
     Board offices


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