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Alyssa U by tangshuming


									     I’ll never forget that fateful night
Tuesday April 14, 1912. I was going to New
York. I am a first class passenger, and my
name is Rose Candee Churchhill. I didn’t
want to go on the Titanic because I was going
to get married to someone I don’t love. He is
really meen to me. I am marring him
because my family lost all of our money. He
has a lot of money so we could be rich again.
Being rich is hard sometimes. I have to go to
a lot of really fancy dinners.. I always have
to use my best manners all the time. I want
to act how I want to act. Sometimes I wish I
wasn’t in first class. On April 12, I almost
“took my own life”by going to the back of
the ship and jumping into the freezing
Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic Ocean is so cold
that it could kill you of hipothermia and
frostbite. Then all of the sudden a person
that I have never met before told me not to
jump off. I thought that they were crazy to
tell me what to do, but then they told me
how cold the water was and what could
happen when you jump in. I never wanted
to see that crazy person again, but I was
thankful because I didn’t die that day.
    Later that night I went to a really fancy
restront that used expensive china. If I
diden’t listen to him he would slap me or
thretened to hurt me. My maid was the
nicest person that I have ever met. I could
trust her with anything that on my mind
was on my mind.
    April 14, 1914 was a very still morning
the water was just like a sheet of glass.
There were no waves and I got really scared
that something was going to go wrong, but I
diden’t worry to much because I knew the
Titanic was unsinkable so there shouldn’t
be anything to worry about. Later that day I
saw the person that saved my life so he took
me to a third class party and it was the most
fun thing I have ever done.
All of a sudden, when I was on the deck, I
saw the iceburg was right in front of me and
then we had hit the iceburg, that quick.
Then I heard some crew members talking
about how much water was in the boats and
that the Titanic was going to sink and it only
had enough life boats for half of the people
on board the Titanic. The person that saved
my life was at the very last floor in a jail. I
decided to go downstairs and break her out.
The Titanic was sinking so I could’t let her
die because he saved my life so I should save
hers. When the water was to my neck I
finaly got up stairs and then the boat went
straight up so I jumped off and luckly
survived by jumping into the ocean and
waited freezing in the water and about an
hour later, I was rescued by a lifeboat.
             By Alyssa Unruh

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