30 Day Collection Letter


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									This document provides a sample template for a collection demand letter to be used by
an individual seeking to collect delinquent accounts that are 30 days past due. For a
company or individual that is owed money, it is essential to document any request for
payment in writing. This letter is intended to provide standard language and can be
modified to fit the needs of any individual or company attempting to collect payment on
a delinquent account.
                                                                                   MAY 14, 2013

Sender’s Address

Recipient’s Address

Account Number:

         Re: 30 Day Past-Due Notice

Dear ,

This letter is a friendly reminder that payment on your account as identified above in the amount
of______________ Dollars was due on and is now 30 days past due. If you have already sent us
your payment, kindly disregard this letter. If not, please send us your payment promptly.
If you have any questions about your account, please do not hesitate to contact me at .
                                                        Very truly yours,


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