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									                                                                                        As of 2/1/13
                         2013 MASTER SCHEDULE
                      For ALL divisions and Little Sisters
Purple = Miss Rapid City/Miss Rushmore contestants (“MAO”)1
Red = Teen contestants
Orange = Preteen contestants
Green = Little Miss contestants
Blue = Little Sisters
Black = general instructions

Friday, February 8th, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church gym, 835 East Fairmont Blvd.,
Rapid City:

6:00pm      Rehearsal for MAO, Teen, Preteen and Little Miss contestants, and all current

Saturday, February 9th, Civic Center Theater:
8:00am      Rehearsal for MAO and Teen (leave when you need to for your interview,
            then come back to rehearsal) and all current titleholders

8:00am      Judges’ orientation begins for MAO/Teen judges

8:30am      Interviews for Teens begin
            8:30am Teen Contestant #1 Morgan Wilson
            8:40am Teen Contestant #2 Shayla Smith
            8:50am Teen Contestant #3 Amber Hulse
            9:00am Teen Contestant #4 Grace Rickenbach
            9:10am Teen Contestant #5 Marley Hanson
            9:20am Teen Contestant #6 Maioha Rein Kingi
            9:30am Teen Contestant #7 Lexie Schoenberner
            9:40am Teen Contestant #8 Rachel Evangelisto
            9:50am Teen Contestant #9 Emilee Weidman
            10:00am Teen Contestant #10 Berkley Fierro
            10:10am Teen Contestant #11 Maileah Fast Horse

10:30am     Interviews for MAO begin
            10:30am MAO Contestant #1 Tiffany Hooten
            10:45am MAO Contestant #2 Cayla Daley
            11:00am MAO Contestant #3 Megan Lipp
            11:15am MAO Contestant #4 Hope Veurink
            11:30am MAO Contestant #5 Mara Kragnes
            11:45am MAO Contestant #6 Cecelia Knutson
            12:00pm MAO Contestant #7 Ali Tornow
            12:15pm MAO Contestant #8 Alexia Vandersnick

 MAO = Miss American Organization. This includes both Miss Rapid City and Miss Rushmore contestants,
who are competing within the MAO system.
                                                                                  As of 2/1/13

11:00am Teen Talent rehearsal, in contestant order

12:00pm MAO Talent rehearsal, in contestant order, followed by titleholder talent

2:00pm    Little Sisters arrive and rehearse with MAO, Teen, and current titleholders
          -Little Sisters will be done rehearsing around 3:00 and then are free to leave,
           do hair and get dressed, or may stay and watch rehearsals and get to know their
           big sisters more.
          -Make sure Little Sisters are back to the theater and backstage with their big
          sisters at 5:30pm.

3:00pm    Preteen and Little Misses arrive and rehearse “Fun Dance”

4:00pm    Spot rehearsals if needed, after which all contestants are free to go eat, prepare
          for the show, meet with family, etc.

5:30pm    MAO, Teen and Little Sisters backstage. MAO and Teen contestants vote for
          Miss Congeniality and prepare for the show. Preteen and Little Miss contestants
          sit together in theater and at intermission will go backstage. Preteen and Little
          Miss contestants return to seats after they perform Fun Dance.

6:00pm    Pageant begins

Sunday, February 10th, Dahl Theater:
8:00am    Judges’ orientation begins for Little Miss Judges and Preteen Judges

8:10am    Little Miss Rapid City warm-up interview

8:20am    Little Miss Interviews begin
          8:20am Little Miss Contestant #1 Joelle Simpson
          8:28am Little Miss Contestant #2 Maddison Hackett
          8:36am Little Miss Contestant #3 Taylor Bohlen
          8:44am Little Miss Contestant #4 Piper Cordes
          8:52am Little Miss Contestant #5 Rio Snyder
          9:00am Little Miss Contestant #6 Emma Elaine Cadotte
          9:08am Little Miss Contestant #7 Alexandra Isabelle Cadotte
          9:16am Little Miss Contestant #8 Megan Baloun
          9:24am Little Miss Contestant #9 Kira Cheyenne Weter
          9:32am Little Miss Contestant #10 Hannah Wheeler
          9:40am Little Miss Contestant #11 Scarlet Grimshaw
          9:48am Little Miss Contestant #12 Amara Bertelson
          9:56am Little Miss Contestant #13 Annica Cox
          10:04am Little Miss Contestant #14 Wicahpi Cokan Najin Win Cuny
          10:12am Little Miss Contestant #15 Danyelle Schofield
          10:20am Break
                                                                                 As of 2/1/13
          10:30am Little Miss Contestant #16 Illeana Moore
          10:38am Little Miss Contestant #17 Marissa Lao Cadotte-Gray
          10:46am Little Miss Contestant #18 Lauren Whyte
          10:54am Little Miss Contestant #19 Kendra Whyte
          11:02am Little Miss Contestant #20 Kanyen Mousseaux Begay
          11:10am Little Miss Contestant #21 Rose Sprigler
          11:18pm Little Miss Contestant #22 Jaydin Thompson
          11:26pm Little Miss Contestant #23 Kaylee Boland
          11:34pm Little Miss Contestant #24 Avery Barlow
          11:42pm Little Miss Contestant #25 Allison Burmeister
          11:50pm Little Miss Contestant #26 Lindsey Pfingston
          11:58pm Little Miss Contestant #27 Holly Pates
          12:06pm Little Miss Contestant #28 Megan Lee
          12:14pm Little Miss Contestant #29 Kenna Rae Steward

9:20am    Little Miss Rushmore Warm up Interview

9:30am    Preteen Interviews begin
          9:30am Preteen Contestant #1 Emmy Sundby
          9:38am Preteen Contestant #2 Nova Ross
          9:46am Preteen Contestant #3 Alexis Dubray
          9:54am Preteen Contestant #4 Jessica Benson
          10:02am Preteen Contestant #5 Kiah Trainor
          10:10am Preteen Contestant #6 Alexandra Licht
          10:18am Preteen Contestant #7 Emilee Pullins
          10:26am Preteen Contestant #8 Sierra Cheyenne Thiele
          10:34am Break
          10:44am Preteen Contestant #9 Imogen Christian
          10:52am Preteen Contestant #10 Jaylee Rencountre
          11:00am Preteen Contestant #11 Kenya Rose Merrival
          11:08am Preteen Contestant #12 Hannah Lipp
          11:16am Preteen Contestant #13 Emma Easton
          11:24am Preteen Contestant #14 Jazmyn Thompson
          11:32am Preteen Contestant #15 Kaia Alexis Skye Rosendahl
          11:40am Preteen Contestant #16 Janae Stands
          11:48am Preteen Contestant #17 Jazmynn Allen

10:30am *Optional* Photo Shoot by Johnny Sundby Photography at his Studio
- 12:30pm Studio Address: 770 Sheridan Lake Road, Rapid City, SD, 605-343-5646

1:00pm    Rehearsal for new 2013 MAO titleholders, new 2013 Teen titleholders, Preteen
          and Little Miss contestants

4:00 pm   Spot Rehearsal if needed, after which all contestants are free to go eat, prepare
          for the show, meet with family, etc.

5:30 pm   All participants backstage and Preteen and Little Miss contestants vote for Miss

6:00 pm   Pageant begins

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