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Garageband Assignment 1


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									Brampton Centennial Secondary School

AMM2O0 Music & Computers

In this assignment you were asked to produce a song of your own invention using Garageband. You were expected you have a minimum of 5 tracks of instruments and a total length at or above 30 seconds. Further, you were expected to have at least 2 tracks of self-composed instruments with the other 3 comprised of Garageband Loops. Finally, you were also expected to follow the prescribed roles of Sound Engineer, Producer and Composer/Artist. As it was stated at the beginning of the assignment, one person could fill more than one role. ASSESSMENT You were assessed throughout the assignment during class time. I was observing each group to see how they worked together. Additionally, I will be marking the final Garageband file according to the Rubric on the following page. However, you will also have an opportunity to mark yourselves. To do this, please answer the following questions below. 1. Who was the: a. Producer_________________________ b. Engineer__________________________ c. Composer/Artist__________________ 2. What is the best feature of your song? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 3. What were some of the techniques you discovered and used during this process? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 4. What was something that your group did not do well? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 5. If you could change one thing about you final product, what would that be? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

Brampton Centennial Secondary School

AMM2O0 Music & Computers

The final song will be marked according to this rubric. MARKING RUBRIC
Category Song Form 3 The Song follows a decernible sequence or form with an obvious theme and it's subsequent development. 2 1 R There is a form, There is a No standard form or theme but it follows an consistent theme, is evident. odd length that but it is not does not serve the developed through song. Additoinally, variation. There there is no theme are no clear or it is not varied sections that in subsequent comprise a sections. decernible form.


The song is composed There are 5 tracks, There are 5 tracks, There are less than 5 of at least 5 tracks of a but only 1 is self- but none are self- tracks. reasonable length. 2 of composed. Further, composed. the tracks are selfthe self-composed composed and fit with track does little to the rest of the song in a fit with the rest of complimentary manner. the song. Engineering Many engineering Some engineering A few engineering No engineering techniques Techniques techniques are used (8 techniques are techniques are are used except for those +) in a manner that used (5-7) in a used (4-) in a that were presets of chosen compliments the overall manner that manner that instruments. effect of the song. None compliments the compliments the of these modifications overall effect of overall effect of are presets. (Volume, the song. Some of the song. A few of Panning, Effects) these modifications these modifications are presets. are presets. (Volume, Panning, (Volume, Panning, Effects) Effects) Production There is a cohesive There is some There is some There is no attempt at an sound to the song that attempt at an attempt at an overall sound that implies a states a mood or overall sound that overall sound that mood. The song is best feeling. This is achieved implies a mood. implies a mood, charcterized by short through instrumentation However, poor but it is not fully snippets of music that last and Harmony and was choices in realized due to the 10-15 seconds and do not directed by the instrumentation influence of more relate to those snippets that Producer. and a lack of than one Producer. followed or preceded it. Harmonic sense has negatively impacted the realization of this overall effect.

Brampton Centennial Secondary School
 AMM2O0 Music & Computers Teamwork There was strong There was some There was little The group did not work evidence of teamwork. evidence of evidence of together at all. Each Each member had a job teamwork. teamwork. There member did there own and worked positively Occasionally, the was no attempt to individual work with little to achieve a common team did not work define roles for concern or regard for the goal productively due to each team member. other or how their product a lack of wellwould fit together. defined roles.

TOTAL OVERALL MARK:_______________

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