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									FAQs - Broadband Pakistan

What is Broadband Pakistan? Broadband Pakistan is a broadband high speed internet service launched by PTCL. This service is provided on the existing copper and OFAN infrastructure through ADSL 2+ technology, a digital subscriber line (DSL). What is DSL? DSL, short for Digital Subscriber Line, is a service that allows high speed internet access. Your phone is not engaged/busy when you are using the Internet. You can freely use the phone at the same time as you access the Internet. No more busy signals for people trying to contact you while you surf. How fast is DSL? The DSL speed is usually 50-70 times faster than a dial-up connection. For example the max speed from a dialup modem is 56kbps whereas in case of DSL it starts from 256kbps and goes up to 2mbps and higher. What added benefits can DSL offer over dial-up? It is always-on the connection is always available. Unlike dial up you can simultaneously use voice and data/internet facility It is much faster than a dial-up modem or ISDN connection. This speed substantially improves your Internet experience. You can enjoy faster and easier download of music, digital photos and softwares; listen to music, watch high-quality video and play games online. It seamlessly 'shares' a phone line along with normal 'voice' services. Your phone is not engaged when you are using the Internet. You can freely use the phone at the same time as you access the Internet! No more busy signals for people trying to contact you while you surf. Why Broadband connection/service from PTCL? PTCL is the largest IP network provider of the country with recognized Reliability, Affordability, Reach and Connectivity. Salient features of PTCL DSL service include: • • • • • Cost effective High speed data download Always-on Internet access Free Modem Free Installation


Convenient ordering on phone and web

• No upfront charges - package / service charges to be included in monthly PTCL Telephone Bill. •    Ease of creating own LAN network (share connection to create your own network) Access to free movies, music, classical Pakistani plays, famous cricket matches, educational and religious contents exclusively for PTCL broadband customers on ‘Buzz’ broadband web content infotainment portal. Free for life personalized e-mail ID exclusively for PTCL Broadband Subscribers Discounted packages for Students

Does PTCL Broadband offer Email Facility? Yes, PTCL offers free personalized, spam free, 50mb email account exclusive for its broadband customers. How do I get the email account? Simply visit PTCL website and submit the application form by clicking the relevant link. Your personalized e-mail ID along with all the details to access the service will be e-mailed on your existing e-mail account which you will be asked to provide in the application form within 48 hours. Is PTCL broadband service available all over Pakistan? Broadband Pakistan DSL service is currently available in more than 100 cities across Pakistan including Karachi, Hyderabad, Nawabshah, Hub, Quetta, Multan, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Sheikhupura, Lahore, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Islamabad/ Rawalpindi, Peshawar and many more. New cities are being constantly added.

What are the current DSL packages offered by PTCL? PTCL offers 3 convenient packages to meet your bandwidth and download needs: • • • DSL-1Mbps @ Rs.1199 per month (unlimited download) DSL-2Mbps @ Rs.1999 per month (unlimited download) DSL-4Mbps @ Rs.4999 per month (unlimited download)

How can I order PTCL broadband service connection? You can order PTCL Broadband connection by simply calling 0800 80800 or order online by visiting our website at

How can I change my package? To change your package, just call 0800 80800.

Do I have to purchase a modem and pay an activation fee? No. You will be provided free installation and free modem. This is for a 12 months contract period.

Do I need an additional phone line for broadband service? No. Your PTCL Broadband service will be installed on your existing phone line. This means you can talk on your phone and access the Internet at the same time. How will I be billed for PTCL Broadband service? Your broadband charges will appear as a separate itemized charge on your monthly telephone bill. Are there any hidden charges for DSL service? No. There are no hidden charges. Package price accounts for internet access per month. Installation and Modem are free of cost with a 12 months contract period.

How is DSL installed? Our DSL installation team will visit your premises / home to evaluate the condition of your landline and then install/connect DSL modem.

Is there a time limit on the amount of time I can spend on the internet with Broadband Pakistan? No, there is no time limit, it is always on! you can be using broadband and voice facility 24/7 at the same time.

Can I switch to Broadband Pakistan from another DSL service? Yes. All you need is to provide a letter of cessation to your existing service provider with copy to PTCL. We shall take from there onwards.

Can I shift the service to another number or location?

Yes, you can request for shifting the broadband service to another number or location just by calling PTCL helpline 0800 80800.

What if I cannot get DSL right now? Additional exchanges are being DSL enabled regularly – contact us at 0800 80800 for information to check for availability of service in your area.

What affects my connection speed? When you connect to the Internet using PTCL broadband service the speed that you will experience will vary based on a variety of factors, including the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Distance of your telephone line from exchange Condition of telephone wiring inside and outside your location Computer configuration Network or Internet congestion Server and router speeds of the Web sites you access

Are PTCL broadband service charges in addition to my current monthly phone bill charges? Yes. PTCL broadband internet is charged on monthly basis and is for broadband service only, i.e. an addition to your monthly telephone charges.

What if my phone line goes down, will my DSL still work? DSL will not work if phone line goes down. DSL service is dependent on the functional connection and quality of copper phone line.

Can I have the telephone line for DSL connection only; I don’t want to pay the line rent? PTCL landline phone connection is a prerequisite for DSL service. Line rent is charged on every landline phone connection.

What if I discontinue the DSL service?

The service will be discontinued upon your request by calling at 1236. You will need to clear any outstanding dues. If this request is within the 12 months contract period, the modem needs to be returned to PTCL (conditions apply).

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