“Sufficiency Economy and Co-operatives” by malj


									       H.E. Mr. Theera Wongsamut
Minister of of Agriculture and Cooperatives

  The Ninth Asia –Pacific Cooperative Minister’s Conference
        At The United Nations Conference Centre, Bangkok
                                          27 February 2012
  The Sufficiency Economy Philosophy

“Sufficiency Economy” is a philosophy bestowed by His Majesty the
King to his subjects through royal pronouncements made on many
   occasions over the past three decades. The philosophy provides
  guidance on appropriate conduct covering numerous aspects of
  life. After the economic crisis in 1997, His Majesty reiterated and
    expanded on the concept of “Sufficiency Economy” in further
 remarks made in December 1997 and again in December 1998. The
    philosophy points the way to recovery that will lead to a more
      resilient and sustainable economy, better able to meet the
       challenges arising from globalization and other changes.
* A working definition compiled from remarks made by His Majesty the King on various occasions and approved by His Majesty and sent by His Majesty’s Principal
Private Secretary to the NESDB on November 29, 1999.
Philosophy of “Sufficiency Economy”

            “Sufficiency Economy”
               is a philosophy that
            stresses the middle path
                 as an overriding
                   principle for
            appropriate conduct at
               all levels of society.
    means moderation,
 reasonableness, and the
need for self-immunity to
gain sufficient protection
from impacts arising from
   internal and external
        HM King’s Philosophy of "Sufficiency Economy”

                           The Middle Path

               Reasonableness                 “Immune”

    Wisdom Condition                            Moral Condition
(an application of knowledge with due
    consideration and prudence )         (honesty, integrity, diligence, patience,

                                 Leading to


     and its
 The New Theory is divided into three consecutive stages
   comprising with :
(1) production for self-sufficient
(2) grouping themselves for improving their capability, and
(3) launching their production into business.
    1. First step The aim is to let the farmers be able to support
themselves (self-sufficiency) especially concerning rice. If the main
problem is water then they should dig a pond in their land to make
sure that they have enough water for farming and household usages
which they might need support from the government or private sector
in digging the pond.

    2. Second step Farmers should work together and create a
cooperative to reduce the cost of production and for saving purposes
as well as social security and together they will also have more
negotiating power in selling their products to the markets.

    3. Third step For developed communities, further expansion of
the production process and commerce such as cooperative stores or
rice milling factories can rely further from the cooperation from
commercial banks or oil companies in improving their livelihood.
                                     The New Theory
the land should be divided into a proportion of 30:30:30:10 as follows:
                     1st portion: Farm pond                     =         30%
                     2nd portion: Main production/Paddy field =           30%
                     3rd portion: Other production              =         30%
                     4 th portion: Housing & others             =         10%
       Strong Foundation

Step – by – step      self-help /
(Strengthening            self
 people in the
 community)         responsibility

Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy
Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy

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