Getting the Best Coverage With AARP Auto Insurance

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Getting the Best Coverage With AARP Auto
                             Auto insurance providers are in the habit of giving discounts to customers that meet
certain criteria, such as safe drivers, those with anti-theft devices, and those of a particular age. There are usually
good reasons for this; safe drivers are less likely to have a claim filed against them, and so on. Older drivers can
get an increased discount with AARP auto insurance, and have many benefits added onto their policy as well.
You may be wondering about what those benefits are and if you need to be a member to qualify for AARP auto
insurance rates and discounts.

Added Benefits With AARP Auto Insurance

Some of the added benefits you may receive with AARP auto insurance include:

Make sure that you have the right deductibles on your auto insurance when purchasing your policy. Many banks
require that you have a specified amount for your deductible, so you cannot max out. Call your bank before
buying the insurance to make sure they will accept the policy that you purchase.

TIP! If you are a first time auto insurance buyer, shop around! Your parents insurance may not be for you. Auto insurance is extremely important to have and you can get
great deals out there.

First Accident Forgiveness. This means that your policy would not increase with your first accident that would
normally have caused a premium increase; this is provided that there have been no accidents or major violations
in the past five years.

Reduced Deductible. If you keep yourself free of tickets or accidents, your collision deductible will be reduced by
$150; they continue to reduce the deductible by $50 each year until the deductible amount actually reaches $0.
This means no increase in the premium as the deductible decreases.

Do not just assume that an insurance company is going to take care of your claim and take care of it fairly. You
need to stay highly involved and set times to follow up with your company. You may have to be the squeaky
wheel in order to get your claim settled.

TIP! Auto insurance is very important. Before you take the risk of harming others by being an uninsured driver, look into purchasing the bare minimum of insurance
required by the state in which you live.

AARP auto insurance also includes a waiver of your deductible if you're involved in an accident that isn't your
fault, and a $100 waiver of your deductible if you use an approved repair shop.

Common Questions About AARP Auto Insurance

Lower the number of miles that you drive your car in a year. If you find that you are having a difficult time reducing
the number of miles you drive, you may want to find a cheap car to invest in to use as a second vehicle. It may
cost you as much to insure two vehicles that are low mileage than it will be to insure one that is driven high miles
each year.

TIP! Make sure that you do some comparison-shopping before you commit to an auto insurance company. Different companies use different calculations to estimate your
                                   Yes, you do need to be a member of AARP in order to receive their specialized policy. There are many
                                   advantages to being a member of AARP and reduced auto insurance is just one of them, so it may be worth your
                                   while to investigate this option. Also, AARP auto insurance is not actually offered by AARP as they are not an
                                   insurance company but is offered through the Hartford Insurance Company to AARP members.

                                   This policy is also for a 12-month term, meaning that your rates are locked in for a full year and not just six
                                   months as with other policies. Also, you are guaranteed renewal of your policy as long as you maintain your
                                   payments and are able to drive. There are of course a few other minor restrictions but for the most part you will
                                   continue to have your policy without interruption.

                                   If you own a car and live in an apartment, get renter's insurance. Renter's insurance from your car insurance
                                   company, if they offer it, can knock quite a bit of money off the cost of your car insurance when combined.
                                   Renter's insurance is often quite affordable and can help you save money on your car insurance as well.

                                   TIP! Purchase your car insurance on the Internet. Most of the insurance companies can and do offer you better rates when you purchase on their website because they
                                   are able to eliminate the need for an insurance agent.

                                   Other Ways to Save With AARP Auto Insurance

                                   Being of a particular age is not the only way you can save with AARP auto insurance. They also offer a multi-car
                                   discount, a defensive driver credit, a good student discount, a defensive driver credit (if you complete their course
                                   satisfactorily), and discounts for air bags and anti-theft systems.

                                   Set limits with your teen driver when it comes to buying his first vehicle. Educate your teen on the cost to insure
                                   him driving the family station wagon over a sporty little convertible. Set a budget for what you are willing to spend
                                   and if your teen just has to have that tiny two-seat car, insist he or she get a job to pay the insurance premium

                                   TIP! Before purchasing or renewing your auto-insurance policy, know what kinds of coverage it gives you and which ones you need. An auto insurance policy might seem
                                   like simple coverage for you and your car, but there are subtypes ranging from uninsured drivers to medical payments.

                                   Those who are of a particular age have earned some respect and deserve every credit and discount they can get.
                                   If this is you, then you should consider taking advantage of the discounts and additional benefits you may be
                                   eligible for with AARP auto insurance.

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