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Scarlet Fever - TeacherWeb by dffhrtcv3


									Scarlet Fever

   By:Dana Kelly
  Jameshia Harrell
     Core 3-5
   May 12, 2009
Facts about scarlet fever
• Scarlet fever is a disease    •   It is characterized by:
  caused by an exotoxin         •   Sore throat
  released by Streptococcus     •   Fever
  pyogenes.                     •   Bright red tongue with a
                                    "strawberry" appearance
• The term Scarlatina may be    •   Characteristic rash, which:
  used interchangeably with          • is fine, red, and rough-
  Scarlet Fever, though it is            textured; it blanches upon
  commonly used to indicate
  the less acute form of             • appears 12–48 hours after
                                         the fever
  Scarlet Fever that is often
  seen since the beginning of        • generally starts on the
                                         chest, armpits, and behind
  the twentieth century.
                                         the ears
                                     • is worse in the skin folds
• The rash is the most striking
  sign of scarlet fever. It
  usually begins looking like a
  bad sunburn with tiny
  bumps, and it may itch. The
  rash usually appears first on
  the neck and face, often
  leaving a clear unaffected
  area around the mouth. It
  spreads to the chest and
  back, then to the rest of the
Who discovered Scarlet Fever?
•    Klein thought he had, discovered the
    poison to be due to a disease of the
    cow. An epidemic of scarlet fever
    broke out in London in December,

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