5 Steps To A New Habit by Anik Singal

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					                             5 Steps To A New Habit – by AnikSingal

Realizing that you are your habits is a tough pill to swallow. I know when I came to grips with
how habitual I am, I asked myself “Really, AnikSingal? 90% of what you do every day is the

But it’s true. We are creatures of habit, there’s no getting around it.

Even though habits are so important, most people don’t have any control over them. They are
basically at the mercy of whatever habits they unconsciously pick up during the course of their

If you want to be an effective, productive person, then you need to take control of your habits so
that they are working for you, not against you.

New habits take around 21 days to put in place. After the 21 days, they’re effortless. It actually
takes effort to go against them after that point.

The trick is getting through those 21 days. If you’ve ever tried a new diet, you know how
difficult that is. The first few days are pretty easy because you’re motivated… but then you start
hitting bumps, your willpower gets drained, and soon enough you revert back to old habits.

It’s the sad story that keeps fitness clubs all around the world in business!

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can avoid this fate by following five simple steps:

1. One habit at a time.

You do not, I repeat do NOT, want to try and put in place more than one habit at a time. Your
willpower is very, VERY limited, and it will drain away fast if you try to change too many things
at once.

2. Have a compelling reason to create your new habit.

The idea is to get as much leverage on yourself as possible. When I want to create a new habits, I
ask myself, “What are all the ways my life will get better because I create this new habit? What
kind of pain will I, AnikSingal, experience if I do NOT create this habit?”

The more pain you attach to your current habits and the more pleasure you attach to the new
habit you want to create, the better.

3. Support your new habit.

Manipulate your external circumstances so that everything around you pushes you towards your
new habit. Spend time with people who have that habit. Create accountability. Get a partner to
make this change with you.
5. Create a ritual around the new habit.

Include an on ramp and an off ramp so that it’s EASY to practice the new habit. The less
interruption of your daily routine, the better!

5. Persistence, persistence, persistence.

If you screw up, don’t quit. If you don’t feel like trying, do whatever it takes to at least show up.
Momentum is key when you create a new habit, and persistence is what allows that momentum
to build. Stopping and starting over and over again is a sure way to lose it.

Again, it only takes 21 days. Three weeks. Once you’ve crossed that line, it’s smooth sailing
from there.

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