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									 VIÑA ERRAZURIZ CELEBRATES 140                                                    YEARS
                             OPENING ITS NEW

                                       6 November 2010

More than 250 wine importers, journalists, customers and friends from all over the globe,
converged at Viña Errazuriz flagship Don Maximiano Estate and Winery on Saturday 6th
November to participate in the celebration of the 140 years anniversary with the opening of
the new estate of the art Don Maximiano Icon Winery.

The celebration consisted of a four day journey discovering the Valle de Aconcagua from the
Pacific coast going inland to the Andes foothills. The group visited the vineyards and tasted
the diversity of wines offered by the Valle de Aconcagua terroirs while enjoying traditional
Chilean food and folkloric traditions. The pinnacle of the celebrations was the opening
ceremony followed by a Gala dinner on Saturday November 6 th at the new Don Maximiano
Icon winery, a milestone in Viña Errazuriz history.

Its purpose; to celebrate with the Errazuriz team and to share experiences of their success
stories on different markets in order to continue leading with Errazuriz the premium Chilean
wine category around the world.

The President of Viña Errazuriz, Eduardo Chadwick, hosted this unique event. Joining
Eduardo were the rest of the members of Chadwick family together with the most
important wine writers from Viña Errazuriz key markets and its distributors and friends from
around the world.

Steven Spurrier, Decanter wine writer whom surprised the world with his Judgement of
Paris tasting in 1976 and has later conducted The Berlin tastings around the world
commented; “I thought the event was a great success. I congratulate Eduardo, not just for
having the vision to produce such fantastic iconic wines, but also for forging a strong legacy
not just for Viña Errazuriz but for the whole of Chile as a world class appellation. This is truly
a great achievement.”

Also, Patrick McGrath, head of Hatch Mansfield Agency in the UK quoted: ´I know Eduardo
for the last 20 years, and I have seen the evolution of Viña Errázuriz establishing itself as a
world class producer, this new Don Maximiano Icon Winery is a dream came true´.
Eduardo Chadwick commented, “I believe Chile is recognized as a viticultural paradise and
The Berlin Tastings result is testament to our capability of consistently creating world class
I am delighted to celebrate our Viña Errazuriz 140 years today and also to project our wines
to the future with our new vineyard developments in Aconcagua Costa and this most
modern and sustainable new Don Maximiano Icon Winery. It was an honour for me to spend
4 days with our Errazuriz agents, distributors and key wine writers from the most distant
parts of the world, most of them are my personal friends for more than 15 years and they
together with the Errazuriz team have made our dream a reality”

Notes to the Editor

      For photography, please see last page selection and email

      Errazuriz winery is the Premium leading winery from Chile and has received plenty of
       international recognitions:
           o The top 50 Power list ( Decanter Magazine )
“Along side with Concha y Toro, which dominates
Chilean wine from a quantity perspective,
Errázuriz provides a quality benchmark”

(Decanter Magazine, UK, July 2005)

       -   Winery of the Year 2008 (Wines of Chile)

       -   Chilean Wine Producer of the Year 2008 (IWCS, UK)

       -   Special Contribution Award 2009 (Drink Business, UK)

       -   First Chilean Recognition Award 2010 (Best contribution to Chile´s image
           worldwide, Minister of Foreign Affairs – Chilean Government)

      Errazuriz is well known for its innovation and education. In 2004 organized its first
       The Berlin Tasting where thirty-six European wine journalists and wine buyers tasted
       sixteen wines, blind. The line up comprised of six Chilean wines, six French and four
       Italian from the 2000 and 2001 vintages. In the now historic outcome, long-
       established French classics such as Château Lafite, Château Margaux, Château
       Latour, and Italian cult wines Tignanello, Sassicaia, Solaia and Guado al Tasso were
       placed BELOW the two winning wines, both from Chile - both from the cellars of Viña
       Errazuriz. Viñedo Chadwick 2000, from Errázuriz’s Maipo Valley, scored highest
    overall, ahead of Seña 2001 (a partnership wine between Viña Errázuriz and Robert
    Mondavi of California). In third place came Château Lafite 2000 and Château
    Margaux 2001, in fourth place.

   The next country to experience The ‘Berlin’ Tasting was Brazil, in November 2005,
    with two tastings held in Sâo Paulo and Río de Janeiro. In total forty wine experts
    similarly placed two Chilean wines within the first three places. This time Bordeaux’s
    Château Margaux 2001 scored first place, followed by Viñedo Chadwick 2000 and
    Seña 2001, in second and third respectively. Fourth place went to Châteaux Latour

   In June 2006 the tasting headed east to Tokyo. The majestic Grand Hyatt hotel
    provided the backdrop for the Japanese version. Once again the partnership of Seña
    and Viñedo Chadwick ranked within the first three places, taking second and third
    spots respectively with the 2000 vintages; behind first place wine Châteaux Latour
    2000. This time the tasters included distinguished wine writers from China, Hong
    Kong, Korea and Taiwan. This tasting proved particularly favourable for Chile, with
    four of five top rankings being Chilean - Seña 2001 taking fourth place.

   After Tokyo the entourage crossed the Atlantic to arrive at downtown Toronto in
    October 2006 for the Canadian leg of this world tour. Sixty guest tasters placed Don
    Maximiano Founders Reserve 2003, from Errazuriz, third place behind Château
    Margaux 2000 and Château Latour 2000.

   Two years on and three The ‘Berlin’ Tastings were held in 2008. The first in
    Copenhagen in the luxurious Hotel D’Angleterre in front of 24 of the country’s
    preeminent wine journalists and sommeliers. This time the French vanguard hit back
    with top spot going to Château Lafite 2005 with second place awarded to Don
    Maximiano Founder's Reserve 2004. Third place was given to Château Mouton
    Rothschild 2005, ahead of Solaia 2004, in fourth. An interesting side note – Robert
    Parker, one of America’s most influential wine writers, rated the 2005 Bordeaux
    vintage one of the best in living memory. A tricky year for any wine to match.

   In July 2008 the tasting once again moved east this time to Beijing, ahead of the
    summer Olympics. Chile was rewarded with its very own gold and silver medals for
    Don Maximiano Founder’s Reserve 2005 and 2004, respectively. Italy’s Sassicaia
    2004 was placed third and Viñedo Chadwick 2004, fourth. This time the panel
    encompassed 47 Chinese journalists, wine writers and sommeliers.

   The seventh tasting and final of the three held in 2008 took place once again on
    European soil. Amsterdam - October 2008. The results this time were a clean sweep
    for Chile, with the first five places going to Errazuriz wines. Don Maximiano
    Founder’s Reserve 2005 set the standard with first place, followed sequentially by
    Seña 2004, Seña 2005, Viñedo Chadwick 2005 and Don Maximiano Founder’s
    Reserve 2004. The remainder of the field was taken up by sixth place Château
    Margaux 2004, then Château Latour 2004, Château Lafite-Rothschild 2004, Sassicaia
    2004 and Solaia 2004.
   Many of the United Kingdom’s top wine tasters including sommeliers, journalists,
    wine buyers and Masters of Wine, converged on the Landmark Hotel on Tuesday 5th
    May 2009, as The ‘Berlin’ Tasting reached London. The final result was two French
    classic Bordeaux ‘first growth’ wines taking the first two places over a ‘Super Tuscan’
    in third, with strong placing for Chile, claiming positions four to seven.

   In a new demonstration of the quality of Chilean wines, Viña Errázuriz´s two icon
    wines, Don Maximiano Founder’s Reserve and Seña, both from the 2005 vintage,
    took first and second place respectively in Stockholm, in a new edition of The Berlin
    Tasting. The wines were chosen by an important group of Swedish consumers over
    the finest French and Italian wines.

   The Berlin Tasting landed in USA in May 2010 in the so defined as Grand Finale by
    Steven Spurrier ( Decanter UK ). The results were particularly strong for Chile when
    in its second vintage, KAI – a Premium Chilean indigenous grape variety Carmenere
    from Chile came out first above the top Frenchs, Italians and Opus One

   Finally The Berlin Tasting landed in Hong Kong in October 2010. This time CHILE’S ICON

   The ‘Berlin’ Tasting is part of an international educational programme spearheaded
    by Viña Errazuriz to promote quality winemaking in its home country. This same
    programme includes an annual ‘Errazuriz Seminar’, now in its seventeenth year, held
    in London and Dublin among other important cities in Europe and Asia.
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