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                                        Options Program
The Upper Yarra Secondary College “Options Program” will give all students in Years 7-10 the opportunity
to experience a range of learning opportunities that would not be offered in a traditional learning program.
Each “option” has been designed to cater for a range of students and their possible interests, along with
staff and their respective knowledge, skills and passions for different activities. The program will operate
every Wednesday afternoon, although on some occasions there will be full day excursions or “options”
specific activities such as the Human Performance Vehicle Challenge which is held in Maryborough over the
course of a weekend. Students will participate in their option until the end of Term 3, although a few
options will continue until the end of the year. Students will firstly need to complete the “Options Subject
Selection Sheet” (which will be given out separately) and make sure that it is submitted before the cut-off
date. With some “options” there is a cost component for the materials used and all fees for each option will
need to be paid to cover the associated costs of the program, before entry is finalised.

Huge Answers to Big Questions

Are there aliens in outer space? What happens when we die? Who was the most important person in
history? Is time travel possible? Do you have questions that you have always wondered about? In this
Option we will explore a number of different questions and see what sort of answers we can come up with.
In some cases, there will be definite answers that we can test or prove. In other cases, the answer will be
ones that we have to create for ourselves. We may even find that there are more than one answer to these
questions. There will be the chance for all students to find the answers to questions and share their views

Cost: $20 per student

Upper Street Expressions

Have you ever seen art like writing, photography, sculptures, even knitting on the streets and thought “I
want to do that!” Well here is the option for you. Upper Street Expressions is a group that will change the
outside face of Upper Yarra Secondary College. We will go on excursion into the city to explore the art of
Melbourne’s streets, hidden in laneways, on light posts, the footpaths and even on garbage bins. We will
look at graffiti art, paste-ups, installations, projections, sticker bombs and all types of ephemeral art. We
will then think about how we can bring what we have seen back to our school.

Cost: $40 per student

Green Machine

This options group will focus on different aspects of sustainability in the school, community and local
environment. It will consist of activity sessions including audits of school use of rubbish, vegetation,
biodiversity, electricity and paper use. Students will recommend practices to reduce waste and improve
green practices within the school, while also planning greening programs within the school (sponsored by
landcare or Yarra Ranges Council). Other activities will involve planting trees and shrubs in line with the
greening plan, maintaining greened areas (weeding, replacing dead plants etc,), and to begin planning for
possible food garden for 2014. Excursions for this option could include visiting the indigenous local food
trail, animal rehousing shelter, Ada Tree hike and Seven Acre Rock hike and the Ferntree Gully education

Cost: $40

Martial Arts/Fitness Club

In this option students will learn about the basics of self- defence (hitting/kicking/hold techniques) as well
as undertaking a range of general strength and fitness activities such as weight training or cardio sessions.
The group will also receive specialist training advice from a trained martial arts instructor as part of the

Cost: $30 per student (to pay for the specialist instructor)

Bike Club

For this options programs students will explore the riding trails in the Yarra Valley, including the aqueduct
trails and the rail trail (no downhill racing or jumps). They will also be taught the basics of bike
maintenance such as how to repair a tyre puncture. Where possible students will also use technology such
as Go Pro video cameras to record their journeys, with the opportunity to create their own options video. As
a possible activity, students could also participate in a biking event such as the “Great Victorian Bike Ride”
or “Around The Bay In A Day”.

Cost: $0 (Students must provide their own bike) (Note: Additional costs will need to be catered for if
students decide to participate in events like “The Great Victorian Bike Ride” $625 approx., “Around The Bay
In A Day” $70-130 approx. )

The Science Talent Search

Science Talent Search is for everybody including those planning a career in one of the sciences or
technological disciplines, or those interested in scientific hobbies, or those concerned enough to present a
point of view about science. This is an open project where you choose what science you want to investigate.
The investigation needs to be presented through the medium of a poster, essay, video, photography, games
or computer programs. Guidelines need to be followed to be eligible for entry into the competition. Money
prizes and certificates are awarded to the top entrants. You will be required to present your science piece of
work to a panel of judges on judging day Saturday 10th August. This is where all entrants’ works from
Victoria will be scored and judged.

See link for 2011 Australian students sent abroad.

Cost: $25 per student for materials

“Fracture Time” – Acting

Fracture Time is the brand new musical being created by the staff and students of Upper Yarra Secondary
College. It tells the tale of a rag tag assortment of bumbling characters from the near future on a quest to
save the planet from environmental catastrophe. They have to travel back through time to collect the
needed objects and right the wrongs of the past in order to save the planet from imminent destruction.
Along the way they’ll have to fight an assortment of monsters and overcome their own distrust of one
another. Will they succeed?
Fracture Time will be a light hearted, slightly satirical journey through time and space filled with songs old
and new, laughter, scary monsters and exciting dance. It’ll be a fast paced show that will thrill both old and
young alike with rock and roll music and a laugh a minute script. Entry to the course will be by audition

Cost: $10 per student (plus costumes)

“Fracture Time” – Dance

Fracture Time is the brand new musical being created by the staff and students of Upper Yarra Secondary
College. It tells the tale of a rag tag assortment of bumbling characters from the near future on a quest to
save the planet from environmental catastrophe. They have to travel back through time to collect the
needed objects and right the wrongs of the past in order to save the planet from imminent destruction.
Along the way they’ll have to fight an assortment of monsters and overcome their own distrust and fear of
one another. Will they succeed?

Fracture Time will be a light hearted, slightly satirical journey through time and space filled with songs old
and new, laughter, scary monsters and exciting dance. It’ll be a fast paced show that will thrill both old and
young alike with rock and roll music and a laugh a minute script. Entry to the dance course will be by
audition only.

Cost: $10 per student (plus costumes)

Art Attack

Let your inner artist loose with the Art Attack option. Each week you will have a new arts and craft project
to create. Creative projects will include: Get Weaving, String Things, Crocheted and Beaded Jewellery, Paper
Pots and Beautiful Bunting. Then, how about an art challenge and an excursion? We’ll visit the “Reverse Art
Truck” where you will choose some cool materials to create your own arts and crafts piece. Then, you take
over. In teams, you will research and choose an exciting art project to teach to the group. If you love
making things and getting all arty and crafty, then this is the option for you.

Cost: $30 per student

Chain Me Up! (Chain Maille Jewellery)

What is chain maille jewellery? Google it, I dare you. Chain maille is a unique twist on the armour making
technique used in medieval times into complex jewellery patterns. In this class you will make 15 different
pieces of jewellery. Each piece will become more difficult than the last and at the end of each class you will
have a gorgeous piece of jewellery that you can wear straight away! You will learn weaves such as
Byzantine, Box Chains, Romanov, Turkish Round Maille, Full Persian, 4-in-1, and Parallel Chain Weave, just
to name a few. (Are you still on Google? Try looking these up!) If you think that chain maille looks like
something you’d want to try and become an expert in, take this class! You will be an expert at the end. And
also, if there happens to be a zombie apocalypse, you’ll have the best armour ever!

Cost: $75
Human Performance Vehicle

The Human Powered Vehicle program is an exciting opportunity designed for students, teachers, parents
and local industry to work together to design and construct a vehicle, a machine or innovation in
technology that is environmentally friendly. School groups work throughout the year to design, build and
test vehicles or machines within detailed specifications. It requires a team effort and the program
integrates various learning domains into the process, such as Technology, Health and Fitness, Science,
Maths and English. At the completion of their vehicle, students will attend the RACV energy breakthrough
event in November. Students will compete in teams of 6-8 where they will be given the opportunity to test
their vehicle and compete against many other schools from around the state.

Cost: $70 per student ($2-3000 school contribution for materials)

Murder in the Dark

Would you like to become an Upper Yarra Secondary College CSI? In this option you will collect and analyse
evidence including fingerprints, handwriting, ballistics, blood, DNA and more. As a result you will become
an expert in trace evidence collection and you’ll investigate some famous forensic case studies (Warning:
Grisly guts and gore!) As part of this option you’ll also talk to the bones to find out what is a forensic
anthropologist? Other activities that you’ll undertake will also include how to profile a serial killer. You will
be challenged to develop new skills, formulate conclusions, critically analyse evidence and discover the
power of forensic science.

Cost: $40 per student

Out There Art

This option involves working with local primary schools to create a link through artistic expression. Students
themselves will contact the schools, negotiate a proposed activity such as garden sculptures from junk, or a
mural wall, depending on what is available and what the school prefers. Apart from the researching,
designing, creating and producing, students will need to demonstrate communication and effective decision
making skills. Our group would then need to design and plan the activity and present this to the primary
school for approval. Some sculptures may need to be partially completed in Metal Tech room. Students will
work as a team with the primary students. A range of skills will be utilized, such as someone using IT skills,
someone else as a designer, someone else as photographer/ recorder and/or others to paint.

Cost: $25 per student

Arguing At Its Finest

Join the Upper Yarra Secondary College Debating Teams, competing against other teams from the school,
and other teams within the region, to prove that we are the best at arguing and convincing people that we
are right. You’ll learn how to construct an argument to convince others that you are correct; learn how to
prove your point using information and the BBS. You’ll also build confidence in speaking in front of an
audience, a valuable skill for your future. Working as a team, you’ll defeat your opponents with the power
of your words and ideas.

Cost: $15 per student
Digital Media

For this course you will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to build your skills to
professional industry standards. Using the techniques taught in this class you will be able to create digitally
manipulated images, digital artworks, illustrated characters that can be used for animation, magazine
layout design, posters, T-shirt design, advertisements, stickers and more…
Cost: $15 per student

Hover Time

Can you imagine yourself travelling on a hovercraft travelling of up to speeds of 20km per hour? Than
Hover-Time is the option elective for you! Students in groups will build an actual working hovercraft, design
a base template, discover who invented it, describe how they work, test their own in the gym, experience
Newton’s Law of Motion first hand, race other hovercraft and create a scientific report or video.* Due to
size restrictions this option is initially only available to Year 7/8 students

Cost: $30 per student

Pimp My Ride

This option will enable students the opportunity to participate in a “hands on” experience; undertaking all
aspects of the workshop from mechanics to body repair. “Pimp My Ride” is a real life transformation of
something that is old and rusty into something worthy of display on the streets. Students will be responsible
for the reconstruction of a car from “bumper to bumper!”.

“Pimp My Ride” will enable students to work on an actual vehicle developing their skills and understanding
of all aspects of the automobile. Students will take part in the basic awareness and understanding of
workshop safety, auto systems, engine construction and workings, body repair and general safe use of
equipment and tools. Students will be encouraged to work within a team and maintaining personal pride
within their work.

Cost: $45 per student

Virtually Animated

For this course you will learn how to use Adobe Flash. Using the techniques taught in this class you will
learn about animation, how to follow a design process which includes; brainstorming, concept sketches,
script planning and storyboard design. From this you will create characters and backgrounds using Adobe
Illustrator then importing them into Flash to animate them. During the animation process you will learn
how to add diegetic and non-diegetic sound to help drive the narrative and keep the audience engaged to
your animation. Students will require a Visual Diary to work through their design process as well as
document the stages of their animation.

Cost: $10 per student
Fashion and Textiles

In This Options Program we will explore all areas of fashion design and make our own garments. We will
discuss how fashion designers gather inspiration, generate ideas and construct clothing. Students will learn
practical skills including patternmaking and garment construction techniques using the sewing machine.
We will also learn about fashion and textile “moodboards”, fashion illustration and will work authentically
as fashion designers to design and make our own fashion garment or accessory. The final garment or
accessory will be decorated using traditional and contemporary textile techniques. Here, we will investigate
decorative techniques including Japanese resist dying, screen-­­printing and embroidery. We will also
explore ways of making our own original textiles such as machine lace.

Cost: $45 per student (including excursion)

Woolly Capers

In this option students will learn how to knit so that they can create a range of garments. Students will also
learn about different types of stitching such as plain, stocking and rib. Possible activities such as making a
scarf, beanie, mittens, gloves and maybe a jumper will be examined as you progress. Excursions could
include visiting stores or manufacturing sites to pick out material and/or see how garments are made.

Cost: $30 per student (including excursion)

How To Fly An Aeroplane

This program will introduce students to the basic principles of flight by teaching them how to fly and
navigate a light aircraft with the use of a detailed computer simulation. The program will then move on to
flying twin-engine aircraft and finish with big jets, simulating inter-state flights within Australia and
international flights around the globe. Students will also be given information regarding obtaining a licence
to fly the “real thing”. There is also the possibility to do excursions to the Point Cook R.A.A.F. Base and one
of the airports around the city.

*Note: There may also be an opportunity for students to take an introductory flight from Lilydale Airfield in
a Piper Warrior or Jaibiru ($100 per person as an extra activity)

Cost: $60 per student

French Polishing

In this option, students will learn how to prepare a small piece of solid wood furniture for French polishing.
The techniques taught will include the use of techniques to remove existing finishes (not paint – this would
need to be removed before bringing the piece to school), preparing the surface, the use of stains, wax fillers
and other specialised techniques to restore the furniture. Excursions could include visits to workshops
where furniture is restored as well as collecting raw materials for your project. Large objects which require
transport are not suitable. Only minor repairs will be included in the course. The preparation of the polish
and its application will be a major emphasis.

Cost: $50 per student (including excursion)
Homework and Reading Club

Do you need a quiet place to complete work? Is finding time at home difficult and you need a place to
work? Do you enjoy reading anytime, anywhere and would like to share the books you have read with
others? Do you need to use a computer as you don’t have access to one at home? If you’ve answered “yes”
to any of the options above then this is the option for you!!

Cost: $0


Netball! Netball! Netball! This option explores the world of netball from a range of approaches. Students
will be taught how to play or improve upon their playing skills, they will also learn how to coach a netball
team and how to officiate and umpire one of Australia’s leading participant sports. Students will also be
given the opportunity to compete and run their own competition as well as potentially running a “primary
schools day or clinic”. So start scoring goals and get involved. Net-Set-Go!!

Cost: $0

Generation Next…Hollywood’s Next Big Thing!!

Using Imovie and Ipad’s you will become the ultimate storyteller as you learn to develop and create your
own movie trailers as well as a short film. You will learn all of the essential movie making techniques from
storyboards, to camera angles, to scripts and the final production of your epic blockbuster!! So who will be
the next legendary movie maker like Steven Spielberg? All students will participate in our own “Upper Yarra
Trop Fest” where our films and trailers will be premiered!!

Cost: $0 (There may be 1 excursion into the Centre for Moving Images-Cost$ 25)


In this option students will be given the opportunity to develop and improve on the basic skills and
knowledge of Golf. Warburton Golf Club and its members will provide students with the opportunity to
receive coaching each week, whilst playing 9 holes of golf. Level of skill or knowledge does not matter, just
a determination to improve is all you will need! If you do not own a set of clubs, the golf club will provide a
set for you to use.

Note: Students will need to leave at Lunchtime to catch public transport to the Golf Club and all students
will need to arrange transport from Warburton Golf Club once their round is complete (approximate
finishing time would be 4-4.30pm)

Cost: $ public transport to and from venue
Asian Cooking

Take a journey through the Asian continent stopping to visit each country to try their different and varied
cuisine. Not only will you get to learn about the origin of different ingredients and experience traditional
cooking techniques, you will leave the options program with new recipe ideas to try at home and share with
your family. A variety of different courses will be sampled from the different countries including soups,
entrées, mains and desserts.

Cost: $80

School Yard Blitz

Most of you have may seen or heard of “Back Yard Blitz”, the popular T.V. program based around turning
old back yards into new and exciting ones. As part of this option students will work towards creating new
and exciting areas of the school yard. Working as a team you’ll identify areas in the school where you and
your team can “creatively transform” an area so that it becomes a centre piece of your school!!

Cost: $0

Look Your Best

If you are interested in looking your best, this option will explore the many different ways in which you can!
Activity sessions will include hair styling, make-up, fashion, diet, deportment (eg. Walk like a model!) and
how to be beautiful on the inside! The option will culminate in a fashion parade and/or photo shoot. We
will also investigate careers and pathways for those who are interested in this type of career. Expert guests
may also be available to assist us to “look our best!!”

Cost: $20

Music Mania

This options program will appeal to all those butting musicians out there. Here’s your opportunity to be
part of a band! Band members will have the opportunity to rehearse songs of all different styles, record and
perform pieces for all to hear. Experience the life of a recording artist when we visit a recording studio to
create our own cd! Students will learn the ins and outs of being part of a band. This option requires a
variety of instruments. If you are open minded about playing a range of music styles and have the
confidence to sing or jam out in front of a crowd then this is the option for you!

Cost: $60

VCE Option – “Smashing Senior School”

In this option VCE students will be exposed to a range of tutorials, study skills sessions, guest speakers and
team building activities designed to improve our results at VCE.

Cost: $25 per student

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