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									Tim Shea
How do I protect my PC?

This page shows you a good step by step process to protect your computer and your
documents from intruders. I think the best advice that they give you in this page is
you need to backup your documents, movie, and music regularly. Because my hard
drive crashed on my personal computer and I lost all my music and movies.

Jordyn Perlin
What are the risks?

The internet is an extremely useful tool for an array of reasons. At the same time, it is a
source for crooks to do serious damage. The internet can be used as a tool for scamming
and people giving up personal information based on false pretenses. Once an internet
crook has this personal information they can use it to steal your identity or to cheat you
out of money. It is important to protect your computer before these actions take place.

Derrell Moye
How do I stop identity theft?

There are many online crooks that will try to send you emails and links to steal your
identity. Here are ways to help stop identity theft. You can block unwanted spam
emails. Use a modern web browser that will warn you against known phishing
websites. Most importantly do not give away your passwords or any other personal
information. These are ways to help you stop identity theft.

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