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									CRCT REVIEW

A social studies class is assigned to write
about the raid on Harper’s Ferry. A student
wants to research the raid. Which question
  would be MOST important to answer?

      How did the Harper’s Ferry raid
           lead to the Civil War?
The Great Salt Lake is in the western United
 States. Where would the Grand Canyon be?

    The Grand Canyon is south of the
     Great Salt Lakes.
Slavery existed in the 1800s. Why did some
 black people try to escape from the South
            and go to the North?

    Slavery was illegal in the North
The Wright brothers flew the first airplane in
  1903 at Kitty Hawk. In which state is
               Kitty Hawk?

    North Carolina
The Gettysburg Address is a famous speech
 given by Abraham Lincoln. What was the
       purpose of Lincoln’s speech?

   to mark the great victory for the
 After the end of the Civil War, the Southern
 states were very poor. The country needed
new factories to rebuild after the war. Where
 were most new factories built after the Civil

     Northern states
  On April 9, 1865, the Confederate Army
 surrendered at Appomattox Court House.
What was General Robert E. Lee’s role in this

     He led the Confederate troops in
In the years after World War I, the economics
of the countries in Europe suffered. Only the
United States did well economically after the
    war. Which factor Most influenced this
       change in the world economy??

     Restrictions to keep Germany from
      rising to power again.
The fifteen Amendment was ratified after the
    Civil War, what group of people were
        protected by the amendment??

    African American men over 21
      who wanted to vote
The Freedmen’s Bureau was created to help
newly freed slaves and poor whites after the
  Civil War. Most of the work done by the
           Freedman’s Bureau …

    was settling labor problems for
     former slaves.
Where is the Mojave Desert located?

The Mojave Desert is located in
African Americans were given rights after the
  Civil War. There are many ways that they
were kept from using their new rights. Many
   ares had Jim Crow laws. The term “Jim
              Crow” refers to….?

          the laws that kept African
          Americans from having full
Pearl Harbor is located in the …..

Hawaiian Islands.
Five million head of cattle were moved along
 the Chisholm Trail in late 1800s. What was
   affected by the movement of cattle….?

    was the economy of Texas
What’s the best description of the main
economic activity in the Midwest before

  Most people in the Midwest
   worked in farming
Thomas Edison was an inventor living in the
 1800s. His MOST important invention was
              the electric?

    electric lightbulb.
Different regions produce different goods and
 services. Which state produce the most TV
             shows and movies??

President Theodore Roosevelt oversaw the
 building of the Panama Canal. The MOST
  important reason to build the canal was

   connect the Pacific Ocean to the
     Atlantic Ocean.
The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments
     to the U.S. Constitution. The First
                Amendments ?

     grants freedom of speech.
Sequence of events relating to the Civil

  a. end of the Civil War,
  b. reconstruction period of the
     south and
  c. rise of manufacturing in the
What’s an immigrant?
 Anyone in the U.S. who is charged with a
crime has the right to a trial by jury. What
  idea in law is shown by a trial by jury??

   Due process of the law
The sinking of the Lusitania led the United
               States to…..?

   Enter World War I.
  The Fifth Amendment guarantees that no
     person be “deprived of life, liberty, or
property, without due process of law.” Which
of the following is an example of due process
                   of law…..?

     A grand jury decides whether to
       bring charges in a capital case.
In the early 20th century, Charles Lindbergh
was on of the most famous Americans in the
 world. Charles Lindbergh became famous

    flying solo across the Atlantic
   Article V (5) of the U.S. Constitution
    describes the process for creating
Constitutional amendments there are two
  ways of proposing amendments to the

     Two-thirds of the Congress or a
      convention called by two-thirds
      of state legislatures propose an
The Great Depression happened for many
  reasons. Many people think President
 Franklin D. Roosevelt helped Americans
survive the Great Depression. Why does
   President Roosevelt get this credit??

        He helped to create the
      government programs know as
             the New Deal.
 The U.S. Constitution has been amended 27
  times. Each time, it has had to follow the
amendment process as outline in Article V (5)
 of the Constitution. What is the purpose of
               this process…..?

      to ensure that the Constitution is
         not amended without serious
          thought and agreement of a
              majority of the U.S.
Margaret Mitchell wrote a book in 1935 that
 became a best seller. It was made into a
movie that won 8 Academy Awards in 1939.
    What was the name of this book?

    Gone with the Wind
The Dust Bowl was a problem with farmland
that happened during the Great Depression.
  The topsoil of fields dried up and blew in
 huge storms throughout the Great Plains.
   The Dust Bowl happened for two MAIN

     These two reasons were farmers
      overplanted their fields and there
               was a drought.
 One shop on the street sells light bulbs. A
different shop on the street sells lamps. This
             is an example of…..

  The U.S. buys toys from China. China buys
cars from the U.S. This exchange is called…?

     voluntary trade.
On September 11, 2001, terrorists crashed
  four planes in the United States, killing
almost 300 people. What did the U.S. do to
                 fight back?

       It went to war in Afghanistan
The United States, the countries of Western
Europe, and many other countries around the
world wanted to make sure that communism
   did not spread. What organization was
 formed to stop the spread of communism?

When prices are high, demand goes down.
When prices are low, demand goes up. If
there is a shortage of basketballs on the
  market, the prices of basketballs….

   Should go up
The Allied powers fought the Axis powers in
  WWII. The Axis powers were Germany,
 Japan, and Italy. Was the leader of Italy?

    Benito Mussolini
Why do the words e pluribus unum appear on
             the U.S. coins?

     It is the official motto of the United
        States and appears on the Great
            Seal of the United States.
President Theodore Roosevelt led a band of
 soldiers called the Rough Riders to fight in
   the Spanish American War. The MOST
important reason Roosevelt fought this war
                  was to…..?

    fight Spanish colonial rule in Cuba.
Jim Crow laws kept African Americans from
  using the same services and place that
   whites did. This system was called…

    separate but equal.
Andrew Carnegie started his steel mill in
Pittsburg. Why did he choose that city?

  It is at the intersection of three
The United States was the leading economic
 power in the world after WWI. What is the
    MOST likely reason that this change

       The war had been in Europe,
      leaving the people and continent
                   in ruins.
“The book is (not a very good) representation
of slavery….. A work that should represent it
strictly as it is would be a work could not be
    read.” Harriet Beecher Stowe. She is
   referring to the book published in 1852

             Uncle Tom’s Cabin
   Before the Civil War, many people in the
North were opposed to slavery. In the South,
  however, slavery was the most important
 part of the economy. What was one reason
   that southern states bought goods from

       They didn’t want to send their
            money to the North.
  Mexico and Canada are two of the United
 States’ major trading partners. They trade
under an agreement called NAFTA, the North
 American Free Trade Agreement. How does
     NAFTA benefit all three countries?

       It increases trade between all
                three countries.
The 20th century was a time of great leaps in
technology. Today we have factories run by
robots and offices run by computers. These
         advancements increase…?

What is the main benefit of having a checking

      keeping your cash safe from theft
                    or loss
When you go to the grocery store, there are
 many different kinds of foods to buy. The
 foods in the store show the function of..

    private business.
  Like his older brother, President John F.
Kennedy, Robert Kennedy was also shot and
 killed. What was he doing just before this

     giving a speech after winning the
        California presidential primary
Between 1938 and 1941, there were many
times when the U.S. could have joined the
Allies in fighting World War II. What is one
  opportuni9ty cost NOT joining the war

    People in European countries lost
                their lives.
  Specialization is when a group of people
   work on doing one kind of job until they
become very good at it. The specialization of
  people who grow oranges in Florida is an
example. Specialization improves standards
               of living by….?

     improving the goods and services
              that people sell.

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