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									Don’t Make Me Think
    Steve Krug

         Aditya Varanasi
             MFC 215
 Don’t Make Me Think – Steve Krug
           Final Essay
       The title of this book could not be more perfect considering what the book is

talking about. Krug wants to make the point that when it comes to websites, the user’s

final experience is the most important things to consider. The user basically wants to get

“in and out” as fast as possible without having to think. You as the designer need to

make your website in a certain way to make this possible for the user. Obviously as the

designer you have your own standards and want to design YOUR website in a way that

YOU want, but always remember who you are making the website for; and that is the

final user.

       Before we can talk about actually designing the website we have to understand

how people use the internet. Although people spend tons of time browsing the web,

they never spend that time exploring the details of a web page. They just scan pages

quickly to find information, links and buttons that interest them. Now I am not saying this

is always a bad thing, but it is definitely the norm. Most people even do it

subconsciously. But as humans we are always looking for the fastest and easiest ways

to do things, so it is really not that surprising.

       Now that we know how people browse the web, we can really understand how

web pages should be designed. When we are designing web pages we should think

about how billboards are laid out. Billboards are a great example when it comes to

design because they get their point across without using too many words, space or

images. This is important for billboards because people are looking at them while

traveling over sixty miles per hour and they only have a few seconds to get their

message to the viewer. People just need to read a few words and see a few images to

understand the full message. This is exactly what Krug says websites should be like.
Krug is 100% correct. We want the user to be able to take one look at the page and be

able to figure out what is going on and where everything is located. Things like links,

buttons and menus should be obvious and labeled correctly to make accessibility

easier. There is one website that really exemplifies all these rules perfectly. We all use it

every day and it is even the most popular website in the world. I am talking about

Google. Visually it is one of the most basic web pages on the internet but it is also one

of the most effective. Everything you need is so easy to find and there are absolutely no

unnecessary words, images or even colors. They use only the space they need to get

their message across; nothing more & nothing less.

       Overall I think Krug’s main point is that we should really think about the design

and layout of a website before just putting anything out there. As a designer, we want to

do crazy things with our web pages and make everything very complicated and fancy.

But what I learnt from this book is that this is not always the best thing to do. Sometimes

it is better to take the simple, more minimalistic approach to designing web pages. For

my final page I tried to implement some of Krug’s theories and I hope you can see that

when visiting my site.

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