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        Corrections Division
        Facilities Directory
 FACILITY NAME         ADDRESS/LOCATION                  PHONE/FAX             ADMINISTRATIVE TITLE                    STAFF

DIVISION DIRECTOR’S   State Offices South       Phone:   (478) 992-5101    Facilities Operations Director       Randy Tillman
       OFFICE         Gibson Hall – 1st Floor   Phone:   (478) 992-5101    Facilities Ops. Deputy Director      Johnny Sikes
                      300 Patrol Road           Phone:   (478) 992-5101    Fac. Ops. DD/Administration          Vanessa O’Donnell
                      Forsyth, GA 31029         Phone:   (478) 992-5102    Probation Operations Director        Stan Cooper
                                                Phone:   (478) 992-5102    Probation Ops. Deputy Director       Mike Kraft
                      P.O. Box 1529             Phone:   (478) 992-5102    Prob. Ops. DD/Administration         Mark Morris
                      Forsyth, GA 31029         Phone:   (478) 992-5103    Special Asst. to Pro.Ops. Director   Jay Sanders

                                                Fax:     (478) 992-5210
                                                Fax:     (478) 992-5208

  SUPPORT STAFF       State Offices South       Phone:   (478) 992-5104    Confidential Secretary               Aura Russell
                      Gibson Hall – 1st Floor   Phone:   (478) 992-5101    Admin. Asst. - Facilities Ops        Kathy Welch
                      300 Patrol Road           Phone:   (478) 992-5102    Admin. Asst. - Probation Ops         Dale Flynn
                      Forsyth, GA 31029         Phone:   (404) 656-2651    Secretary - Special Ops              Linnequa McClin

                      P.O. Box 1529             Fax:      (478) 992-5210
                      Forsyth, GA 31029         Fax:      (478) 992-5208

    OFFENDER          State Offices South       Phone:   (770)504-7312     Offender Administration Manager      Tom McElhenney
  ADMINISTRATION      Offender Administration   Phone:   (770)504-7312     Offender Admin. Asst. Manager        Jackie L. Kelsey
                      300 Patrol Road           Phone:   (770)504-7312     Center Referral Coordinator          Suzanne York
                      Forsyth, GA 31029         Phone    (770)504-7312     Classification Manager               Stuart Holt
                                                Phone:   (770)504-7312     Receptionist                         Jeanette Williams
                      Offender Administration
                      200 Sharon Rogers Road
                      Jackson, Georgia 30233
                      Fed Ex and UPS only
 FACILITY NAME         ADDRESS/LOCATION                  PHONE/FAX           ADMINISTRATIVE TITLE                  STAFF

FACILITY OPERATIONS   State Offices South       Phone:   (478) 992-5101   FOM: Central                      Hilton Hall
                      Gibson Hall – 1st Floor   Phone:   (478) 992-5101   FOM: North                        Rick Jacobs
                      300 Patrol Road           Phone:   (478) 992-5101   FOM: Southeast                    Victor Walker
                      Forsyth, GA 31029         Phone:   (478) 992-5101   FOM: Southwest                    Steve Upton
                                                Phone:   (478) 992-5101   Transitional Center Coordinator   Jamie A. Anderson
                                                Phone:   (478) 992-5101   Asst. Transitional Center
                      P.O. Box 1529                                       Coordinator                       Tommy Fountain
                      Forsyth, GA 31029         Fax: (478) 992-5210       Program Dev. Consultant           Nancy Smith

Special Operations    State Offices South       Phone:   (478) 992-5140   Special Ops Manager               Wilson Hall
                      Gibson Hall – 1st Floor   Phone:   (706) 819-2740   Special Ops Coord.                Mark Moll
                      P.O. Box 1529             Phone:   (478) 992-5120   Ops Support Manager               Alan Coody
                      Forsyth, GA 31029         Phone:   (478) 992-5120   Canine Coordinator                Buster King

                                                Fax:     (478) 992-5142

   POLICY & OPS       State Offices South       Phone: (478) 992-5133     Policy & Ops Manager              Derek Allen
                      Gibson Hall – 1st Floor   Phone: (478) 992-5132     Policy Analyst                    Vacant
                      P.O. Box 1529                                       Developmental Assignment          Vacant
                      Forsyth, GA 31029         Fax:     (478) 992-5142

   Sex Offender       State Offices South       Phone: (478) 992-5131     Manager                           Lori Rozier
  Administration      Gibson Hall – 1st Floor                             Program Dev. Consultant (Prob.)   Janine Robinson
                      P.O. Box 1529             Fax:     (478) 992-5142   Program Dev. Consultant (Fac)     Kristin Hosford
                      Forsyth, GA 31029                                   Program Dev. Consultant           Vacant
    FACILITY NAME           ADDRESS/LOCATION                  PHONE/FAX          ADMINISTRATIVE TITLE              STAFF

Arrendale State Prison     P.O. Box 709                Phone: (706) 776-4700     Warden                   Kathy Seabolt
   (Lee Arrendale)                                                               Deputy Warden Security   Kathleen Kennedy
                           2023 Gainesville Highway,   Fax:     (706) 776-4710   Deputy Warden C&T        Brooks Benton
                           S                                                     Deputy Warden Admin      Christine Fowler
                           Alto, GA 30510-0709

                           Habersham County

Augusta State Medical      3001 Gordon Hwy             Phone: (706) 855-4700     Warden                   Dennis Brown
       Prison              Grovetown, GA 30813                                   Deputy Warden Security   T. J. Conley
                                                       Fax:     (706) 869-7933   Deputy Warden C&T        Terry Bussey
                                                                                 Deputy Warden Admin.     Liz Roberts

                           Richmond County

  Autry State Prison       P.O. Box 648                Phone: (229) 294-2940     Warden                   Marty Allen
   (Jimmy Autry)                                                                 Deputy Warden Security   Jerry Jefferson
                           3178 Mount Zion Church Rd   Fax:     (229) 294-6559   Deputy Warden C&T        Artis Singleton
                           Pelham, GA 31779                                      Deputy Warden Admin.     James Rigsby

                           Mitchell County

 Baldwin State Prison      P.O. Box 218                Phone: (478) 445-5218     Warden                   Shelia Oubre
                                                                                 Deputy Warden Security   Doug Underwood
                           Laying Farm Road            Fax:     (478) 445-6507   Deputy Warden C&T        Nathan Handberry
                           Hardwick, GA 31034                                    Deputy Warden Admin.     Regenia Womble

                           Baldwin County

     Burruss C.T.C.        P.O. Box 5849               Phone:   (478) 994-7512   Warden                   Angela Williams
(Al Burruss Correctional                                                         Deputy Warden Security   Bethrix Smith
    Training Center)       GPSTC Complex               Fax:     (478) 994-7561   Deputy Warden C&T        Patrice Hightower
                           1000 Indian Springs Drive                             Deputy Warden Admin.     Roger Vining
                           Forsyth, GA 31029
    Camp Burruss
                           Monroe County

Calhoun State Prison   P.O. Box 249             Phone:   (229) 849-5000   Warden                   John Jeanes
                                                                          Deputy Warden Security   Christopher Railey
                       27823 Main Street        Fax:     (229) 849-5017   Deputy Warden C&T        Christine Cross
                       Morgan, GA 39866                                   Deputy Warden Admin.     Dawn Scarborough

                       Calhoun County

Central State Prison   4600 Fulton Mill Road    Phone:   (478) 471-2908   Warden                   Ahmed Holt
                       Macon, GA 31208                                    Deputy Warden Security   John Fagan
                                                Fax:     (478) 471-2095   Deputy Warden C&T        Mizell Davis
                                                                          Deputy Warden Admin.     William Czarneski

                       Bibb County

Coastal State Prison   P.O. Box 7150            Phone: (912) 965-6330     Warden                   Jack Koon
                                                                          Deputy Warden Security   Maurio Sinkford
                       200 Gulfstream Road      Fax:     (912) 966-6799   Deputy Warden C&T        Robert Humes
                       Garden City, GA 31418                              Deputy Warden Admin      Katrina Hagan

                       Chatham County

Dodge State Prison     P.O. Box 276             Phone: (478) 358-7201     Warden                   Douglas Williams
                                                                          Deputy Warden Security   Nathaniel Williams
                       2971 Old Bethel Road     Fax:     (478) 358-7303   Deputy Warden C&T        Tina P. Sanders
                       Chester, GA 31012-0276                             Deputy Warden Admin.     Beth Ethridge

                       Dodge County

 Dooly State Prison    P.O. Box 750             Phone: (478) 627-2000     Warden                   Tom Gramiak
                                                                          Deputy Warden Security   Antoine Caldwell
                       1412 Plunkett Road       Fax:     (478) 627-2140   Deputy Warden C&T        Walter Berry
                       Unadilla, GA 31091                                 Deputy Warden Admin.     Allen Ross

                       Dooly County

  Emanuel Facility        P.O. Box 218           Phone:   (478) 289-2748   Warden                   Angela Grant
                                                                           Deputy Warden
                          714 Gumlog Road        Fax:     (478) 289-2755   Security/C&T             Janette Nihles
                          Swainsboro, GA 30401                             Deputy Warden Admin.     Carmen Hopkins

                          Emanuel County

      G.D.C.P.            P.O. Box 3877          Phone: (770) 504-2000     Warden                   Carl Humphrey
 (Ga Diagnostic And                                                        Deputy Warden Security   Keith Eutsey
 Classification State                            Fax:     (770) 504-2006   Deputy Warden Security   William Powell
       Prison)            2978 Hwy 36, West                                (SMU)
                          Jackson, GA 30233                                Deputy Warden C&T        Victoria Malone
                                                                           Deputy Warden Admin.     Sherry Richardson
                          Butts County

Georgia State Prison      300 1st Avenue South   Phone: (912) 557-7301     Warden                   Bruce Chatman
                          Reidsville, GA 30453                             Deputy Warden Security   Vacant
                                                 Fax:     (912) 557-7241   Deputy Warden C&T        John Paul
                          Tattnall County                                  Deputy Warden Admin.     Wendell Fowler

Hancock State Prison      P.O. Box 339           Phone: (706) 444-1000     Warden                   Glen Johnson
                                                                           Deputy Warden Security   George Ivey
                          701 Prison Boulevard   Fax:     (706) 444-1137   Deputy Warden C&T        Joseph Peal
                          Sparta, GA 31087                                 Deputy Warden Admin.     Andrew Walker

                          Hancock County

  Hays State Prison       P.O. Box 668           Phone: (706) 857-0400     Warden                   Clay Tatum
(Forest Hays, Jr. State                                                    Deputy Security          Shay Hatcher
        Prison)           777 Underwood Road     Fax:     (706) 857-0624   Deputy Warden C&T        Betty Bailey-Dean
                          Trion, GA 30753                                  Deputy Warden Admin.     Fred Carter
     Camp Hays
                          Chattooga County

Johnson State Prison   P.O. Box 344               Phone: (478) 864-4100    Warden                   Jose Morales
                                                                           Deputy Warden Security   Larry Butts
                       290 Donovan-Harrison Rd    Fax:    (478) 864-4104   Deputy Warden C&T        Timothy Jones
                       Wrightsville, GA 31096                              Deputy Warden Admin      Jamie Clark

                       Johnson County

  Lee State Prison     153 Pinewood Drive         Phone: (229) 759-3110    Warden                   Bruce Lee
                       Leesburg, GA 31763                                  Deputy Warden Security   George Laster
                                                  Fax:    (229) 759-3065   Deputy Warden C&T        Vacant
                       Lee County                                          Deputy Warden Admin      Cindy Thomaston

     Long Unit         P.O. Box 70                Phone: (912) 545-3777    Warden                   Tamala Brown
                                                                           Deputy Warden
     SMITH SP          1434 US Hwy 84 East        Fax:    (912) 545-3776   Security/C&T             Vacant
   HOST FACILITY       Ludowici, GA 31316

                       Long County

Macon State Prison     P.O. Box 426               Phone: (478) 472-3400    Warden                   Gregory McLaughlin
                                                                           Deputy Warden Security   James Hinton
                       2728 Hwy 49 South          Fax:    (478) 472-3524   Deputy Warden C&T        Talisha Moody
                       Oglethorpe, GA 31068                                Deputy Warden Admin      Jamie Hall

                       Macon County

 Montgomery State      P.O. Box 256               Phone: (912) 583-3600    Warden                   Stan Shepard
      Prison                                                               Deputy Warden
                       650 Mt. Vernon/Alston Rd   Fax:    (912) 583-3667   Security/C&T             Jeff Coleman
                       Mt. Vernon, GA 30445                                Deputy Warden Admin      Susan Allmond

                       Montgomery County

 Phillips State Prison     2989 West Rock Quarry    Phone: (770) 932-4500     Warden                   Eric Sellers
                           Road                                               Deputy Warden Security   Mark Pilgrim
(Clyde N. Phillips State   Buford, GA 30519         Fax:     (770) 932-4544   Deputy Warden C&T        Vacant
        Prison)                                                               Deputy Warden Admin      Allen Dills
                           Gwinnett County

 Pulaski State Prison      P.O. Box 839             Phone: (478) 783-6000     Warden                   Belinda Davis
                                                                              Deputy Warden Security   Aimee Green
                           373 Upper River Road     Fax:     (478) 783-6008   Deputy Warden C&T        Remika Christian
                           Hawkinsville, GA 31036                             Deputy Warden Admin      Nancy Dillard

                           Pulaski County

 Rogers State Prison       1978 GA Hwy 147          Phone: (912) 557-7771     Warden                   Brad Hooks
 (Richard Rogers SP)       Reidsville, GA 30453                               Deputy Warden Security   John Brown
                                                    Fax:     (912) 557-7163   Deputy Warden C&T        Steve Dupree
                           Tattnall County                                    Deputy Warden Admin      Jennifer Clark
                                                    Farm:    (912) 557-7171

Rutledge State Prison      7175 Manor Road          Phone: (706) 568-2340     Warden                   Anthony Washington
(Jack T. Rutledge SP)      Columbus, GA 31907                                 Deputy Warden Security   Darryl Warren
                                                                              Deputy Warden C&T        Ruthie Shelton
                                                    Fax:     (706) 568-2126   Deputy Warden Admin      Charlotte Chambley
                           Muscogee County

 Smith State Prison        P.O. Box 726             Phone: (912) 654-5000     Warden                   Stanley Williams
(Donald B. Smith SP)                                                          Deputy Warden Security   James Deal
                           9676 Hwy 301, North      Fax:     (912) 654-5131   Deputy Warden C&T        Wayne Johnson
                           Glennville, GA 30427                               Deputy Warden Admin      Teresa Todd

                           Tattnall County

  Telfair State Prison    P.O. Box 549             Phone: (229) 868-7721     Warden                   William Danforth
                                                                             Deputy Warden Security   Sam Zanders
                          210 Longbridge Road      Fax:     (229) 868-6509   Deputy Warden C&T        Dianne Dees
                          Helena, GA 31037                                   Deputy Warden Admin      Mark Farris

                          Telfair County

 Valdosta State Prison    P.O. Box 310             Phone : (229) 333-7900    Warden                   Cedric Taylor
           &                                                                 Deputy Warden Security   Calvin Orr
    Valdosta Annex        3259 Val Tech Road       Fax :    (229) 333-5387   Deputy Warden C&T        Ted Philbin
                          Valdosta, GA 31603                                 Deputy Warden Admin      Angelia Alexander

                          Lowndes County

  Walker State Prison     P.O. Box 98              Phone: (706) 764-3600     Warden                   Scott Crickmar
                                                                             Deputy Warden Security   George Curry, Jr.
                          97 Kevin Lane            Fax:     (706) 764-3613   Deputy Warden C&T        Jeanie Kasper
                          Rock Springs, GA 30739                             Deputy Warden Admin      Pamela Ballinger

                          Walker County

   Ware State Prison      3620 North Harris Road   Phone: (912) 285-6400     Warden                   Robert Toole
                          Waycross, GA 31503                                 Deputy Warden Security   Randall Holden
                                                   Fax:     (912) 285-6415   Deputy Warden C&T        Vacant
                                                                             Deputy Warden Admin      Wallace Mincey
                          Ware County

Washington State Prison   P.O. Box 206             Phone: (478) 348-5814     Warden                   Donald Barrow
                                                                             Deputy Warden Security   Karl Fort
                          13262 Hwy 24, East       Fax:     (478) 348-5613   Deputy Warden C&T        Sue Mickens
                          Davisboro, GA 31018                                Deputy Warden Admin      Helen Dogan

                          Washington County

Wilcox State Prison   P.O. Box 397             Phone: (229) 467-3000    Warden                   J Darrell Hart
                                                                        Deputy Warden Security   Phil Hall
                      470 South Broad Street   Fax:    (229) 467-2380   Deputy Warden C&T        Todd Tripp
                      Abbeville, GA 31001                               Deputy Warden Admin      Marsha Cook

                      Wilcox County
         Contract Facilities
   FACILITY NAME           ADDRESS/LOCATION                  PHONE/FAX           ADMINISTRATIVE TITLE                STAFF

  Coffee Correctional     P.O. Box 650                Phone:   (912) 345-5058    Warden                     Grady Perry
        Facility                                                       X25405    Asst. Warden Security      Andre Ford
                          1153 North Liberty Street                              Asst. Warden Programs      Jerry Miles
Corrections Corporation   Nicholls, GA 31554          Fax:     (912) 345-5086    Chief, Unit Manager        Vacant
      of America                                                                 Business Manager           Kim Harris

                                                                                 State Monitor              Dane Dasher

 Jenkins Correctional           P.O. Box 948          Phone:   (478) 982-6300    Warden                     Ralph M. Kemp
       Center                                                                    Asst. Warden Security      Steve Dotson
                           34404 Kent Farm Drive      Fax:     (478) 982-6299    Chief of Security          Eddie Johnson
Corrections Corporation     Millen, Georgia 30442                                Chief of Unit Management   Linda Brown
      of America                                                                 Business Manager           Peggy Baker

                                                                                 State Monitor              Bobby Rowland
Riverbend Correctional                                                           Warden                     Frederick Head
       Facility                                       Phone: (478)414-2300       Asst. Warden Security      Mark Kellner
                          196 LAYING FARM ROAD                                   Asst. Warden Programs      Felicia Carter
                          MILLEDGEVILLE, GA 31061     Fax:     (478)414-2400     Chief of Security          George Densley
    The GEO Group

                                                                                 State Monitor              Vanessa Butts-Hawkins

 Wheeler Correctional     P.O. Box 466                Phone:    (912) 568-1731   Warden                     Jason Medlin
       Facility                                                                  Asst. Warden Security      Glenn Rich
                          195 North Broad Street      Fax:     (912) 568-1710    Asst. Warden Programs      William Conner
Corrections Corporation   Alamo, GA 30411                                        Chief of Security          Robin Cope
      of America                                                                 Chief, Unit Manager

                                                      Phone:   (912) 568-1731    State Monitor              Joe Burnette
         County Facilities

Athens/Clarke County     2825 County Farm Road     Phone: (706) 613-3400    Warden                   W. C. Bolton
       Prison            Athens, GA 30605                                   Deputy Warden            Michael Barkhurst
                                                   Fax:    (706) 613-3404   Business Manager         Addie Stribling
                                                                            Administrative Officer   Daniel Young

Bulloch County Prison    17301 U.S. 301 North      Phone: (912) 764-6217    Warden                   Chris Hill
                         Statesboro, GA 30458                               Deputy Warden            Wayne Smith
                                                   Fax:    (912) 489-1366   Business Manager         Dana Schiller

Carroll County Prison    96 Horsley Mill Road      Phone: (770) 830-5905    Warden                   Jason Driver
                         Carrollton, GA 30117                               Deputy Warden            Tim Tant
                                                   Fax:    (770) 830-5904

Clayton County Prison    P.O. Box 309              Phone: (770) 473-5777    Warden                   Frank T. Smith
                         Lovejoy, GA 30250                                  Deputy Warden            Ken McCoy
                                                   Fax:    (770) 473-5783   Business Manager         Lisa West
                         11420 S.L. R. Boulevard                            Secretary                Diana M. Ray

Colquitt County Prison   200 S. Vadenberg Drive    Phone: (229) 616-7490    Warden                   William Howell
                         Moultrie, GA 31738                                 Deputy Warden            Gene Williams
                                                   Fax:    (229) 616-7492

Coweta County Prison     101 Selt Road             Phone: (770) 254-3723    Warden                   Bill P. McKenzie
                         Newnan, GA 30263                                   Deputy Warden            David Albrecht
                                                   Fax:    (770) 254-3738

Decatur County Prison    1153 Airport Road         Phone: (229) 248-3035    Warden                   Elijah McCoy
                         Bainbridge, GA 39817                               Deputy Warden Security   Gordon Screen
                                                   Fax:    (229) 248-3041   Deputy Warden C&T        Anita Johnson
                                                                            Counselor                Deloris Burns
    FACILITY NAME          ADDRESS/LOCATION                 PHONE/FAX         ADMINISTRATIVE TITLE               STAFF

Effingham County Prison   P.O. Box 235              Phone: (912) 754-2108     Warden                   Ronald W. Spears
                          Springfield, GA 31329                               Deputy Warden            Vickie Brown
                                                    Fax:     (912) 754-8410   Unit Manager             Gerald Fraizer
                                                                              Business Manager         Myra Kirkland
                                                                              Secretary                Bettina Varner

  Floyd County Prison     329 Black Bluff Road SW   Phone: (706) 857-0400     Warden                   Jeff Chandler
                          Rome, GA 30161                                      Deputy Warden Security   David Jackson
                                                    Fax:     (706) 857-0624

Gwinnett County Prison    750 High Hope Road        Phone: (678) 407-6000     Warden                   David W. Peek
                          Lawrenceville, GA 30043                             Deputy Warden            Darrell Johnson
                                                    Fax:     (678) 407-6003   Business Manager         Darlisa Barrson
                                                                              Secretary                Lisa Carson

  Hall County Prison      1694 Barber Road          Phone: (770) 531-6872     Warden                   Avery D. Niles
                          Gainesville, GA 30507                               Deputy Warden of Admin   Dennis Udzinski
                                                    Fax:     (770) 536-3709

 Harris County Prison     9982 Hwy 116              Phone    (706) 628-4959   Warden                   Alex Haden
                          Hamilton, GA 31811                                  Deputy Warden            Marvin Foster, III
                                                    Fax:     706) 628-4361

Jackson County Prison     265 I.W. Davis Road       Phone: (706) 387-6460     Warden                   Johnny Weaver
                          Jefferson, GA 30549                                 Deputy Warden Security   Terry Shadburn
                                                    Fax:     (706) 387-6462   Administration Officer   Henry Thompson
                                                                              Inmate Coordinator       Leonetti Mosley

Jefferson County Prison   1159 Clarks Mill Road     Phone: (478) 625-7230     Warden                   William Evans
                          Louisville, GA 30434                                Deputy Warden            Mark Williamson
                                                    Fax:     (478) 625-4000   Secretary                Brenda Dixon

 Mitchell County Prison   4838 Hwy 37, East       Phone: (229) 336-2045    Warden                   Bruce Shiver
                          Camilla, GA 31730                                Deputy Warden            Jerry Floyd
                                                  Fax:    (229) 336-2047   Secretary                Kacey O’Quinn

Muscogee County Prison    P.O. Box 84041          Phone: (706) 561-3220    Warden                   Dwight Hamrick
                                                                           Deputy Warden Security   Geeter W. Boone
                          Columbus, GA 31908      Fax:    (706) 653-4977   Deputy Warden Admin      H. L. Covington
                          7175 Sacerdote Lane

Richmond County Prison    2314 Tobacco Road       Phone: (706) 798-5572    Warden                   Evan Joseph
                          Augusta, GA 30906                                Deputy Warden Security   Jimmie W. Blackburn
                                                  Fax:   (706) 798-8110    Deputy Warden C&T        Sharon S. Broady
                                                                           Secretary                Joyce C. Bowdre

Screven County Prison     P.O. Box 377            Phone: (912) 863-4555    Warden                   Wayne Morris
                                                                           Deputy Warden (Acting)   Steven Scroggins
                          859 Rockyford Road      Fax:    (912) 863-7523   Business Manager         Diane White
                          Sylvania, GA 30467

Spalding County Prison    295 Justice Boulevard   Phone: (770) 467-4760    Warden                   Jimmy Sikes
                          Griffin, GA 30224                                Deputy Warden Security   Savid McPherson
                                                  Fax:    (770) 467-4766   Deputy Warden C&T        Beth Griffin
                                                                           Secretary                Joni Adams

 Sumter County Prison     P.O. Box 484            Phone: (229) 928-4582    Warden                   Jimmie Colson
                                                                           Deputy Warden Security   James Murphy
                          346 McMath Mill Road    Fax:    (229) 928-4583   Deputy Warden C&T        Paul Nagle
                          Americus, GA 31709                               Secretary                Edna Johnson

 Terrell County Prison    3110 Albany Hwy         Phone: (229) 995-5381    Warden                   James McClung
                          Dawson, GA 31742                                 Deputy Warden Security   Daniel W. Jones
                                                  Fax:    (229) 995-6173   Deputy Warden C&T        Rudolph Oliver
                                                                           Business Manager         Mary K. Bozeman

Thomas County Prison   324 County Farm Road    Phone: (229) 226-4394    Warden                   Robert Geer
                       Thomasville, GA 31757                            Deputy Warden            Troy Gay
                                               Fax:    (229) 228-0441   Business Manager         Bobbie Hickey
                                                                        Secretary                Patricia Howard

Troup County Prison    2508 Hamilton Road      Phone: (706) 883-1720    Warden                   Dexter Wells
                       LaGrange, GA 30240                               Deputy Warden Security   Shane Morris
                                               Fax:    (706) 883-1744   Deputy Warden C&T        Sadie Lee
                                                                        Business Manager         Sandra Parker
                                                                        Secretary                Lori Bradley
Residential Substance Abuse & Integrated Treatment

  Appling Integrated      P.O. Box 247            Phone:   (912) 367-1761    Warden (HOST)            Robert Toole
  Treatment Facility      Baxley, GA 31515                                   Superintendent           Jeffrey Pearce
                                                  Fax:      (912) 367-1774   Secretary                Jeni Reynolds
      WARE SP             252 West Park Drive
    HOST FACILITY         Baxley, GA 31513

                          Appling County

  Turner Residential      P.O. Box 17             Phone:    (229) 567-4301   Warden (HOST)            J Darrell Hart
  Substance Abuse                                                            Superintendent           Gwendolyn Meriweather
  Treatment Facility      514 South Railroad      Fax:      (229) 567-9341   Chief of Security        Jerry Blackshear
     WILCOX SP            Sycamore, GA 31790
                          Turner County

West Central Integrated   P.O. Box 589            Phone: (770) 567-0531      Warden (HOST)            Eric Sellers
  Treatment Facility                                                         Superintendent           Edd Sanders
                          1070 County Farm Road   Fax:     (770) 567-0257    Secretary                Fran Smith
    BURRUSS CTC           Zebulon, GA 30295                                  Business Manager         Judy Clay
                          Pike County

  Whitworth Parole        P.O. Box 769            Phone: (706) 856-2601      Warden                   Frankie Teasley
  Revocation Center                                                          Deputy Warden Security   Johnny Huggins
                          414 Valley Hart Road    Fax:     (706) 856-2646    Deputy Warden C & T      Mark Martin
                          Hartwell, GA 30643                                 Deputy Warden Admin      Charles Oliver

                          Hart County
        Transitional Centers

Albany Transitional    304 North Washington St.   Phone:   (229) 430-3888   Superintendent             Jack Roberts
     Center            Albany, GA 31701                                     Assistant Superintendent   W. C. McDaniel
                                                  Fax:     (229) 430-3917   Chief of Security          Anthony Bond
      LEE SP                                                                Business Manager           Brenda Kimbrell
   HOST FACILITY       Dougherty County                                     Secretary                  Burnice Reynolds

  (Lee) Arrendale      P.O. Box 186               Phone:   (706) 776-0845   Superintendent             Tim Mauldin
Transitional Center                                                         Chief of Security          Jason Ashworth
                       2023 Gainesville Hwy S     Fax:     (706) 776-0846   Business Manager           Sheryl Moore
  ARRENDALE SP         Alto, GA 30510                                       Secretary                  Carrie Moore
                       Habersham County

Atlanta Transitional   332 Ponce De Léon Ave.     Phone:   (404) 206-5075   Warden                     Stanley Arrington
      Center           NE                                                   Assistant Superintendent   Jeffrey Whitting
                       Atlanta, GA 30308          Fax:     (404) 206-5133   Chief Security             Antuan Carter
                                                                            Business Manager           Shedrick Turner
                       Fulton County

Augusta Transitional   601 Taylor Street          Phone:   (706) 721-1650   Superintendent             Scott Wilkes
      Center           Augusta, GA 30901                                    Assistant Superintendent   Laurene Reese
                                                  Fax:     (706) 721-1798   Secretary                  Latonya Carthen
      ASMP                                                                  Chief of Security          Thomas Butts
   HOST FACILITY       Richmond County                                      Business Manager           Thomasena Edwards

Clayton Transitional   P.O. Box 16158             Phone:   (404) 675-1500   Superintendent             Pamela Wiggins
      Center           Atlanta, GA 30321                                    Assistant Superintendent   Moesha Smith
                                                  Fax:     (404) 675-1471   Chief of Security          Mitchell Rock
    ATLANTA TC         242 Falcon Drive                                     Business Manager           Shedrick Turner
   HOST FACILITY       Forest Park, GA 30297                                Secretary                  Kim Chagnon

                       Clayton County

 Coastal Transitional   309 Stiles Avenue        Phone:    (912) 651-0900   Superintendent             Lucretia Hill
       Center           Savannah, GA 31415                                  Assistant Superintendent   Vacant
                                                 Fax:      (912) 651-0918   Chief of Security          James Cook
    COASTAL SP                                                              Business Manager           Vacant
   HOST FACILITY        Chatham County                                      Secretary                  Cynthia Elmore

Columbus Transitional   3900 Schatulga Road      Phone:    (706) 568-2169   Superintendent             Lawrence Stewart
      Center            Columbus, GA 31909                                  Assistant Superintendent   Vacant
                                                 Fax:      (706) 569-3115   Chief of Security          Lt. Harry Grier
   RUTLEDGE SP          Muscogee County                                     Business Manager           Kelly Williams
   HOST FACILITY                                                            Secretary                  Jeanette Williams

    Helms Facility      1275 Constitution Road   Phone:    (404) 624-2413   Superintendent             Stephen Perkins
                        Atlanta, GA 30401                                   Secretary                  Lakeisha Person
    ATLANTA TC                                   Fax:      (404) 624-2417
   HOST FACILITY        Fulton County

LaGrange Transitional   100 Jim Hester Road      Phone:    (706) 845-4018   Superintendent             Debra Slaughter
      Center            LaGrange, GA 30241                                  Chief of Security          Charles Fleming
                                                 Fax:      (706) 845-4109   Business Manager           Jennifer Brown
   RUTLEDGE SP          Troup County                                        Secretary                  Lynn Davis

 Macon Transitional     200 Henry Street         Phone: (478) 751-6090      Superintendent             Terry Seltzer
      Center            Macon, GA 31206                                     Assistant Superintendent   Kenneth Barnes
                                                 Fax:     (478) 751-6665    Business Manager           Vacant
    CENTRAL SP          Bibb County                                         Chief of Security          Terence Wimbush
   HOST FACILITY                                                            Secretary 2                Felicia Lundy

  Metro Transitional    1303 Constitution Road   Phone:    (404) 624-2380   Superintendent             Alfreta Dunn-Logan
       Center           Atlanta, GA 30316                                   Assistant Superintendent   Melvin Hinton
                                                 Fax:      (404) 624-2398   Business Manager           Vacant
    ATLANTA TC          DeKalb County                                       Chief of Security          Barbara Jenkins
   HOST FACILITY                                                            Secretary                  Pat Sanders

Phillips Transitional   2989 West Rock Quarry   Phone:   (770) 932-4501   Superintendent             N. Lester McCard
       Center           Rd                                                Chief of Security          Lt. Michael Cannon
                        Buford, GA 30519        Fax:     (770) 932-4544   Secretary                  Florence Gardner
   HOST FACILITY        Gwinnett County

 Smith Transitional     P.O. Box 920            Phone:   (912) 739-1911   Superintendent             Cliff Kennedy
      Center                                                              Assistant Superintendent   Greg Stewart
                        8631 U.S. Highway 301   Fax:     (912) 739-8984   Chief of Security          Gregory Porter
     SMITH SP           Claxton, GA 30417                                 Business Manager           Andria Holmes
                        Evans County

Valdosta Transitional   363 Gil Harbin Blvd.    Phone:   (229) 293-6280   Superintendent             Shirlyn Thomas
       Center           Valdosta, GA 31601                                Chief of Security          Jeff Hall
                                                Fax:     (229) 293-6282   Business Manager           Lenard Copenhaver
   VALDOSTA SP          Lowndes County                                    Secretary                  Katrina Freeman
     Probation Detention Centers

                     P.O. Box 904              Phone: (912) 632-8157    Superintendent             Dannie Thompson
Bacon Probation                                                         Chief of Security          Wade Chancey
Detention Center     165 Eastside Industrial   Fax:    (912) 632-8208   Business Manager           Geronda Nall
                     Blvd                                               Secretary                  Gilda Gray
    WARE SP          Alma, GA 31510
                     Bacon County

Bleckley Probation   P.O. Box 519              Phone: (478) 934-3303    Superintendent             Tommy Bowen
 Detention Center                                                       Assistant Superintendent   Kay Stephenson
                     179 Jac Arts Road         Fax:    (478) 934-3567   Chief of Security          Dale Sanders
   PULASKI SP        Cochran, GA 31014                                  Business Manager           Jeannie Lancaster
  HOST FACILITY                                                         Secretary                  Stephanie Dabbs
                     Bleckley County

Colwell Probation    189 Beasley Street        Phone: (706) 745-3610    Superintendent             Diane Hassett
Detention Center     Blairsville, GA 30512                              Assistant Superintendent   Vacant
                                               Fax:    (706) 745-7131   Chief of Security          Darryl Cody
LEE ARRENDALE SP     Union County                                       Business Manager           Bill Hellerstedt
  HOST FACILITY                                                         Secretary                  Ellen Kennedy

Emanuel Probation    P.O. Box 1430             Phone: (478) 763-2400    Superintendent             Kenneth Vaughn
 Detention Center                                                       Chief of Security          Tommy Paul
                     121 Casa Drive            Fax:    (478) 763-3686   Business Manager           Carmen Hopkins
                     Twin City, GA 30471                                Secretary                  Jannie Davis

                     Emanuel County

McEver Probation     P.O. Box 1430             Phone: (478) 988-7024    Superintendent             Clinton Perry Jr.
Detention Center                                                        Assistant Superintendent   Malinda Anderson
                     2100 Kings Chapel Road    Fax:    (478) 988-7026   Chief of Security          Dale Gary
    DOOLY SP         Perry, GA 31069                                    Business Manager           Cheryl Mincey
  HOST FACILITY                                                         Secretary                  Carmen Tookes
                     Houston County

 Patten Probation     P.O. Box 278              Phone: (229) 482-8241    Superintendent              Vacant
 Detention Center                                                        Assistant Superintendent    Russell Zirkle
                      27 South 10th Street      Fax:    (229) 482-8385   Chief of Security           James Akins
  VALDOSTA SP         Lakeland, GA 31635                                 Business Manager            Sarah Croft
                      Lanier County

Paulding Probation    1295 Industrial Blvd, N   Phone: (770) 443-7807    Superintendent              Willie Singleton
 Detention Center     Dallas, GA 30132                                   Assistant Superintendent    Vacant
                                                Fax:    (770) 443-7876   Chief of Security           Peter Hitchcock
    HAYS SP           Paulding County                                    Business Manager            Melanie Monk

Treutlen Probation    P.O. Box 707              Phone: (912) 529-6760    Superintendent              Cheryl Parsons
 Detention Center                                                        Assistant Superintendent    Van Harris
                      401 Cascade Circle        Fax:    (912) 529-6968   Chief Of Security           Alfred McRae
    DODGE SP          Soperton, GA 30457                                 Business Manager            Vacant
                      Treutlen County

Women’s Probation     P.O. Box 920               Phone: (912) 739-0716   Superintendent              Cliff Kennedy
 Detention Center                                                        Assistant Superintendent    Greg Stewart
                      8662 U.S. HWY 301 North   Fax:    (912)739-8941    Chief Of Security           Annie Byrd
    SMITH SP          Claxton, GA 30417                                  Business Manager            Andria Holmes
                      Evans County

Arrendale Probation   P.O. Box 709              Phone: (706) 776-4700    Warden                      Kathy Seabolt
 Substance Abuse                                                         Deputy Warden of Security   Kathleen Kennedy
     Treatment        2023 Gainesville,         Fax:    (706) 776-4710   Deputy Warden C & T         Brooks Benton
       Center         Highway, S                                         Deputy Warden Admin.        Christine Fowler
                      Alto, GA 30510-0709                                Unit Manager                Anthony Dewberry
  ARRENDALE SP                                                           Chief of Security           Capt. Dennis Johnson
  HOST FACILITY       Habersham County

Bainbridge Probation    P.O. Box 1010             Phone: (229) 248-2463    Superintendent             Moses James
 Substance Abuse        Bainbridge, GA 39818                               Assistant Superintendent   Vacant
 Treatment Center                                 Fax:    (229) 248-2413   Chief of Security          Lt. Carl Belin
                        235 State Hospital Road                            Business Manager           Mark Greene
     AUTRY SP           Bainbridge, GA 39817                               Secretary                  Susan Ouzts
                        Decatur County

Northwest Residential   P.O. Box 98               Phone: (706) 764-3754    Superintendent             Mark Abusaft
  Substance Abuse                                                          Secretary                  Cindy Graham
  Treatment Center      97 Kevin Lane             Fax:    (706) 764-3860
                        Rock Spring, GA 30739
   HOST FACILITY        Walker County

                                                                                                                Revised 08/03/2012

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