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									             Connectathon Organization

       Eric Poiseau,
       IHE Europe Technical Project Manager
       IHE Europe / INRIA / Kereval

3 Feb 2012          Webinar for CAT Participants   1

    • Why are we here ?
    • Who are we ?
    • Roadmap to the connectathon
          – Testing tools
          – Configuration exchange
          – Demonstration Scenario
    • Usefull links
    • Diverse questions and answers

Webinar for CAT Participants           2
3 Feb 2012

    • The objective is not certification
    • There is no certification nor labelling from IHE
    • You can not write :
          – My system is IHE certified

Webinar for CAT Participants                         3
3 Feb 2012
                        So why are we here ?

    • Success
    • Testing the implementation of the TF in
          – provide feedback to the technical committee
          – provide users confidence on products
    • Testing it in a controlled environment
          – partners are here
          – bugs easier to identify and fix during the connectathon
    • Prepare IHE Demonstrations
    • Build a community...

Webinar for CAT Participants                                          4
3 Feb 2012

    • Successful ?
          – About 73 Companies
          – 110 Systems

    • Geographical origin
          –     Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands,
              Belgium, Spain, USA, Turkey, Korea, Japan, Finland, Denmark,
              Israel, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania….

Webinar for CAT Participants                                                 5
3 Feb 2012
                          More on registration

    • Please check the page :
          – Registration-> Registration Overview -> Profile coverage : This
            generates a report that list systems implementing the actors playing
            a role in each of the Integration Profiles.
    • I am giving you some warning on some profiles
          – « No actor »
    • Registration is evolving… many companies drop
      actors or IP as we reach the deadline for the logs
    • Please be warned and do not complain at
    • If you plan to drop, be nice let us know.

Webinar for CAT Participants                                                   6
3 Feb 2012
                               Profile Adoption

    • See “Profile Coverage” Gazelle Report

Webinar for CAT Participants                      7
3 Feb 2012
             Roadmap to Connectathon

3 Feb 2012         Webinar for CAT Participants   8

    • January 31st February 29th: Deadline for
      connectathon fees payment
    • February 3rd & 8th: Webinar for connectathon
    • February 28th : Registration Updates
          – Supportive / thorough testing
    • April 15th : Carnet ATA (see link)
    • May 1st : Deadline for
          – samples and configuration sharing
          – Log return
    • May 21-25th : Connectathon in Bern
    • June 15th : Publication of Connectathon Results

Webinar for CAT Participants                            9
3 Feb 2012
                        Registration Changes

    • You have till (Feb 28th to inform me of any
      changes in your registration.
          – You should know !
          – Be nice to your peers !
               • You would like to know that your only partner drops the week before
                 the connectathon
          – What’s in Gazelle is what counts at the connectathon !

Webinar for CAT Participants                                                           10
3 Feb 2012
             Possible changes in registration

    • Thorough / Supportive
          – => detailled info
          – You need to have participated to a previous connectathon
            with the actor/IP
               • You need the IS of your system referenced in the Product Registry

    • Dropping a system
    • Adding a missing actor / integration profile
    • Removing an actor / integration profile

Webinar for CAT Participants                                                         11
3 Feb 2012
             Possible changes in registration

    • Thorough / Supportive
          – =>
            detailed info
          – You need to have participated to a previous connectathon
            with the actor/IP
               • You need the IIS of your system referenced in the Product Registry

    • Dropping a system
    • Adding a missing actor / integration profile
    • Removing an actor / integration profile

Webinar for CAT Participants                                                          12
3 Feb 2012
                               Do not forget....

    • You have to pay the registration fees !
    • Reminders :
          – No profit for IHE Europe
          – Fees pay for infrastructure, tools and environement

Webinar for CAT Participants                                      13
3 Feb 2012

    • Invoices have be send to your company
    • If your company did not get an invoice
          – Please contact me ASAP
    • Do NOT pay per check
    • Include transaction fees in your payment !

Webinar for CAT Participants                       14
3 Feb 2012
             Pre-Connectathon Testing

3 Feb 2012         Webinar for CAT Participants   15
                Why do we need test tools ?

    1. Reduce the number of systems to 80
       because the room we have reserved for the
       connectathon is too small !
    2. The project manager is evil and he likes to
       make you suffer with buggy mesa tools !
    3. The project manager like to spend his night
       checking logs
    4. Prepare your systems for the connectathon !

Webinar for CAT Participants                     16
3 Feb 2012
                Why do we need test tools ?

    • Test tools prepare you for the connectathon
          – Provides a minimum set of test to prepare your systems
    • Tools are a benefit of participation
          – As a participant you get them before the public release

Webinar for CAT Participants                                          17
3 Feb 2012
                Why do we need test tools ?

    • Tests encourage you and your peers to read details
      of the Technical Framework
          – You may find you do not agree with our interpretation of the TF
          – You may not agree with the TF
    • If you and your peers complete the tests, we can
      avoid a lot of wasted time at the Connectathon
    • Thus we can prepare more complex demonstrations
      and do more complex connectathon tests

Webinar for CAT Participants                                                  18
3 Feb 2012
                               Test Coverage

    • Test software do NOT cover all aspects of the
      Technical Framework
    • Test software do NOT guarantee compliance
      with DICOM or HL7.
    • All what it does, is provide a reasonable
      preparation for the Connectathon.

Webinar for CAT Participants                     19
3 Feb 2012
                               I do not want …

    • Pre-CAT test do it this way, so I have
      implemented it this way !!!!!
          – WRONG
          – The Technical Framework shall be the reference !
          – Tools is one interpretation, it may be wrong

Webinar for CAT Participants                                   20
3 Feb 2012
             Pre-CAT Testing

3 Feb 2012     Webinar for CAT Participants   21
                                    How to

    1. First search in Gazelle the list of tests that is
       required for your system
    2. Upload the corresponding tools
    3. Read instructions for Installation
    4. Run the tests
    5. Returns test logs into Gazelle

    Starting point information :

Webinar for CAT Participants                                               22
3 Feb 2012
                               Use of Gazelle

    • Gazelle provides
          – The list of test to be performed based on your registration
          – A GUI to return your logs.
    • Seems trivial :
          – Do not return logs for test you fail
          – If you do please provide explanation
    • Some tests are now automatically verified !

Webinar for CAT Participants                                              23
3 Feb 2012
                               Mesa test : How to

    • Where do I get the tools from ?
          – If you’re logged in you’ll get the last release
          – If not you’ll get the public release
    • Who writes the tools ?
          – MIR, Offis, NIST, U of Montreal, INRIA
    • Read the wiki

Webinar for CAT Participants                                  24
3 Feb 2012
              MESA Tools simulate your peers

     Mesa Simulator
                                            System being tested
   Win32 / Linux / Solaris
                                           Win32 / Linux / Solaris
          ADT, OP, IM/IA


       MESA OS is independant of system under test OS
       Choosing NT, Linux or Solaris is a question of taste
Webinar for CAT Participants                                            25
3 Feb 2012
        Hardware/network requirement for
    • One computer system can :
          – Support all of the MESA actors
          – Can serve as the driver for any system under test.
    • Only one computer required to test an IHE
    • It is impossible to test multiple systems
          – (sockets are not multi-threaded).
    • You need to test separate systems serially
      with little or no reconfiguration.

Webinar for CAT Participants                                     26
3 Feb 2012

    • Make sure you follow the installation
      instructions provided by Steven Moore
    • Do not try to install from the sources
          – Sources are provided for information

Webinar for CAT Participants                       27
3 Feb 2012
         Most common errors encountered

    •   Environment variables not set
    •   Mesa_storage files not installed
    •   Wrong version of Win32 Perl
    •   SQL server is not installed
    •   Database tables are not installed

    • But also possible errors in the tools !

Webinar for CAT Participants                    28
3 Feb 2012
        Recommendations for MESA Software

    • We recommend that you install and test the
      software as soon as possible
    • The authors try to make the installation
      process simple, but there will be some
    • It is better to go through a round of
      installation now rather than waiting until the
      “final/next” release is available;

Webinar for CAT Participants                           29
3 Feb 2012
                     MESA Test Interactions

    • Most MESA tests are independent of other
      tests. You can run them in any order.
    • Most tests overwrite common data areas.
      They do not overwrite the output of the
      evaluation scripts.
    • This implies you should run a test and
      perform the evaluation before starting another

Webinar for CAT Participants                      30
3 Feb 2012
                   General Test Instructions
    • Start MESA servers on test machine
    • Run an interactive perl script that leads you through
      the test scenario
    • Run a second perl script that evaluates your
    • Check the logs for errors and try to understand the
    • Send output of evaluation script to Project Manager
    • Please comment your logs if this is needed

Webinar for CAT Participants                                  31
3 Feb 2012
                           Test logs return (2)

    • Do not send logs if you know that they will be
    • When “error” please explain the errors
    • Upload form for log return
          – Please mention if you are resubmitting “old” logs

Webinar for CAT Participants                                    32
3 Feb 2012
                               NIST Toolkit
    • Remote Registry and Repository hosted by NIST
    • Sources can submit documents to the NIST server
    • Consumer can query and retrieve documents from
      the NIST server
    • Java tool to submit and query a registry
    • Log browser for PM to check/help testers
    • Bill released a tool for your to check your own logs !!

    • Link to the Bill’s wiki
          – Read the implementation notes

Webinar for CAT Participants                                        33
3 Feb 2012
                               Laboratory Tools

    • Message validation software
          – HL7 Message profiles corresponding to Lab transactions
            available for download
          – Web service for the validation of the messages using the profiles
               • From NIST :
               • From INRIA :

Webinar for CAT Participants                                           34
3 Feb 2012
                  Patient Care Coordination

    • Use of schematron provided by NIST
    • Schematron validation provided by INRIA

Webinar for CAT Participants                                            35
3 Feb 2012
                               Some numbers...

    • 10 weeks gives 400 hours of work
    • >3000 logs are required
          – 5 min per log file makes 250 hours
    • ~ 110 systems
          – 1 hour on phone/email makes 110 hours

    • That does not give me much time left for the

Webinar for CAT Participants                         36
3 Feb 2012
                               Important Link

    • Summary Of IHE Technical Requirement
          – Provides links to the document of reference
               •   Change proposals
               •   Supplements
               •   WSDLs
               •   Examples
               •   …

Webinar for CAT Participants                                       37
3 Feb 2012
   System Configuration / Information

3 Feb 2012    Webinar for CAT Participants   38
                           System Information

• Dicom Conformance Statement
     – To be uploaded in Gazelle by Dicom systems
     – All Dicom conformance statement to be made available to each
     – If you want it to be “confidential”, please DO NOT UPLOAD, send it to me
       per email.
• Practical Information
     –   Power information
     –   Number of chairs
     –   Storage
     –   Special requirements -> contact me
• Please provide this information before May 1st

Webinar for CAT Participants                                               39
3 Feb 2012
                   Configuration Information
    • Have your configuration ready and confirmed before the
      deadline (March 30th)
          – I have assigned some default values
          – If you change it… your peer will have to change it also….
    • How important is it ?
          – Most of the time spend in doing a connectathon test is spend
            checking/changing the configuration parameters.
          – More systems more choices of peers…. Try not to be the bad guy.
    • Q : How to provide my configuration information ?
          – Gazelle configuration pages
    • Q : How to find my peer configurations parameters ?
          – Gazelle configuration pages

Webinar for CAT Participants                                                  40
3 Feb 2012
                   Configuration Information
    • If you feel that there are missing parameters,
          – this is highly probable. Let me know ASAP

    • No confirmation will be understood as a confirmation!
          – This means that your peers will configure their systems with
            information that may be erroneous !

    • Configure your systems before arriving to the

Webinar for CAT Participants                                               41
3 Feb 2012
                   Configuration Parameters

    • Each message receiver will be assigned a
      proxy address and port
    • Is now available in Gazelle
    • Will allow analysis of the message send
      between to peers for « conformance » testing
          – Conformance to the corresponding message profile
          – Result of the analysis to be informative

Webinar for CAT Participants                                   42
3 Feb 2012
             Connectathon Logistic

3 Feb 2012        Webinar for CAT Participants   43

    • See IHE Suisse web page :

Webinar for CAT Participants               44
3 Feb 2012

    • Please register in Gazelle the list of
      participants for your company
          – Check only the days when you are going to have lunch
          – The number of company/organisation representatives at the
            connectathon is restricted to 2 persons per system.
            Additional participants need to be registered ahead of the
            Connectathon and charged / invoiced 600 Euros per week
            per participant. On site registration will be more expensive
          – Deadline May 1st
    • On the same page please also register for the
      social event

Webinar for CAT Participants                                           45
3 Feb 2012
                          Network Information

    • We will provide
          –   IP Addresses and Host file
          –   Local DNS (preferred to host file)
          –   Netmask
          –   Gateways
          –   Time Server
          –   Kerberized Server
          –   Mail Server
          –   LDAP
          –   XDS Repository and Registry

Webinar for CAT Participants                       46
3 Feb 2012
                          Network Information

    • Intranet will be at least 100 Mb/s
    • Internet will be at least 10 Mb/s
          – Internet is used for convenience for email and
            communication of files with home based team.
          – Internet access is not guaranteed
    • You will get one drop per system/table
          – It is your responsibility to bring a hub
          – If you bring a switch you’d better know how to use it !
          – No active device with DHCP server please !

Webinar for CAT Participants                                          47
3 Feb 2012
                               Power Supply

    • 240 Volts
    • A power strips with 3-5 slots per table
    • CH outlets are different !!
          – Are we not talking about interoperability !

Webinar for CAT Participants                              48
3 Feb 2012
                               Tables and chairs

    • About 120 tables
          – One per system
          – Please use the table that will be assigned to your system
          – If your company brings 2 systems, they might not be close to
            each other !!!
          – 2 sits per table, unless you have registered extra participants

Webinar for CAT Participants                                             49
3 Feb 2012
             Connectathon Testing

3 Feb 2012       Webinar for CAT Participants   50

    • Testing in a controlled environment
    • Verify the interoperability of your system with
      systems of peer vendors
    • Verify the correct implementation of the TF in
      your systems
    • Find and correct bugs

Webinar for CAT Participants                        51
3 Feb 2012
                        Reminder about bugs

    • Do not be upset if we find bugs in your
    • Bugs identified at the connectathon will not
      show up at customer sites
    • Unique chance to fix a bug with your peers
      present and willing to help
    • Finally, there is no report about the bugs we

Webinar for CAT Participants                          52
3 Feb 2012

    • Configuration and tests management
          – Provides list of possible peers
          – Provides test scripts and hints about verifications performed
            by referees.
          – Provides log archiving utility
          – Provides verification logging
          – Provides information about « persistent objects »

Webinar for CAT Participants                                            53
3 Feb 2012

    • Last year : HL7 Proxy
    • This year :
          – Proxy to be used.
    • Captures messages between peers
          – Allow logging of messages in a consistent manner
          – Allow validation of messages on the fly by Gazelle EVS
          – Log message to test step
    • How does it work
          – Each responder will have a port map on the proxy
          – Initiator can send message to the responder or to the proxy.

Webinar for CAT Participants                                           54
3 Feb 2012
                        Preliminary Schedule

    • Monday :
          – am : installation of your systems
               • Systems delivery
               • Check network access, correctness of configuration
          – 10 am : start of testing (p2p)
    • Wednesday :
          – start of scenario testing
    • Friday :
          – am : very last tests
          – pm : packing
               • Package pick-up

Webinar for CAT Participants                                          55
3 Feb 2012
              Connectathon Working Hours

    • Officially : from 9 am to 6 pm
    • Practically : from 8:30 am till 6:30 pm
          – Please be cooperative when we ask you to leave the room
          – Project managers need to rest at night !!!!
    • Friday we will stop testing at noon

Webinar for CAT Participants                                          56
3 Feb 2012
                       Connectathon Testing

    • 3 types of test to be performed
          – No peer tests
          – Peer to peer tests
          – Workflow tests

Webinar for CAT Participants                  57
3 Feb 2012
                               No Peer Tests

    • Calibration Tests -CPI :
          – screen calibration
          – Printer calibration
    • Scrutiny Tests
          – Verify that the objects you create are valid
          – Provide your peers with samples
          – See the Gazelle sample page
               • Please consider working on this before the connectathon

                      SCRUTINY TESTS PERFORMED
                       AHEAD OF CONNECTATHON

Webinar for CAT Participants                                               58
3 Feb 2012
      Scrutiny Test : save time for all of us
    • Provide your sample in the sample sharing
      section of Gazelle
    • Start test instance in Gazelle, corresponding
      to the scrutiny test.
    • Indicate permanent link to sample in test
    • We will verify the sample for conformance
    • Mark sample as valid once checked
    • Peers can discover your sample in advance
    • You can fix errors before the connectathon
    • Webinar to explain in detail how to do it : TBD
Webinar for CAT Participants                        59
3 Feb 2012
                  Peer To Peer Tests (P2P)

    • Test subsections of a workflow between 2
    • Preparation to workflow test
    • You chose when to run them
    • You select your peer.
    • Not to be run with other systems from your

Webinar for CAT Participants                       60
3 Feb 2012
                               Workflow Tests

    • Will have a schedule, so will need you to be
      ready at the time of the test.
    • Will have a list of difficulties to check.
    • Some test can run in 15 minutes
    • Some will require more than an hour

    • Please be focused during those tests.
    • No second chance

Webinar for CAT Participants                         61
3 Feb 2012
                      Hints for Connectathon

    • Switching peer should be an easy and rapid
          – Try to avoid need of rebooting
          – Try to avoid typing the peer configuration each time you
            need to switch.
    • Have the procedure codes entered in your

Webinar for CAT Participants                                           62
3 Feb 2012
                               How can I fail

    • I have not a single test verified by
      Wednesday evening !!!
          – Once again, be concerned !
    • I am spying my colleagues !!!
    • I am not fair to the Monitors !!!

Webinar for CAT Participants                    63
3 Feb 2012
                               Special Cases

    • You all are in a special case !!!!
    • I have finished all my testing on Monday,
      shall I leave ????
          – Print Server case
    • I have 5 zillion tests to perform during the
      week, …can we stay for another 2 weeks…
          – Register more systems
          – Register fewer profiles/actors per system

Webinar for CAT Participants                            64
3 Feb 2012

    • Concerns only positive results
    • Test failure are “forgotten”
    • Matrix published in the following weeks

Webinar for CAT Participants                    65
3 Feb 2012
                               Other features

    • CSV + WS of configuration parameters
    • Chat Room :
          – Use the chat room to store relevant information about your
            test (logs, PID …)
          – for peers to communicate and keep track of the transactions.
    • Skype
          – On site chat
    • Peer system localization on room plan
    • Monitor worklist !

Webinar for CAT Participants                                          66
3 Feb 2012
             Diverse Issues

3 Feb 2012    Webinar for CAT Participants   67

    • Me to you
          – Email (mailing list) : Make sure someone from your company
            is registered on the google group
          – Phone… make sure you have provided a phone number in
            the registration form !!!!
    • You to Me :
          – Email +++
          – Skype: ericpoiseau
          – Phone ---

Webinar for CAT Participants                                                   68
3 Feb 2012

    • Do not send an email without mentioning :
          –   Company
          –   System
          –   Operating system
          –   Actor tested
          –   Tool Version…
    • Any information about your context will help
          – Remember that you have an open credit of ½ hour per
            systems… do not waste it !!!!
    • Give me some time to jump into your context

Webinar for CAT Participants                                      69
3 Feb 2012

    • Shipping information
          – We will let you know in time.
    • Storage
          – We will have a space for storage
          – If possible, for small boxes store them in your room
    • Security during the nights
          – Security from the host

Webinar for CAT Participants                                       70
3 Feb 2012
                     Pre-Connectathon TODO

• Check your registration
     – I do not want you to tell me during the connectathon : « I have forgotten to
       sign up for PIR, I though…. »
• Configuration information gathering (you to me)
     – Dicom Conformance Statements
     – Port numbers, URI, AE Titles….
• Configuration of your system (me to you)
     – Before connectathon begins….so before shipping
     – You need to configure your system
             • With your peer information
             • With the connectathon network information
             • With the testing dataset

• Pre-connectathon Test Logs

Webinar for CAT Participants                                                  71
3 Feb 2012
                   Connectathon Check List

    • Technical Framework
    • Your system fully configured
          – Network
          – Codes, procedures, tables….
    • Laptop to run Gazelle
          – Could be also used to sniff messages or service you system
    •   Power strip + power cord extension
    •   Carnet ATA
    •   Hub (preferred to switch)
    •   Calibration material for CPI profile actors
          – Print Server and print composer

Webinar for CAT Participants                                             72
3 Feb 2012
Webinar for CAT Participants   73
3 Feb 2012

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