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									                                SOLE – The International Society of Logistics
                                        APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP
                                                             MEMBERSHIP TYPES

   Member: An individual working or interested in the logistics profession or a related activity seeking to improve their competence through professional
   Retired: An individual who is fully retired from the active work force
   Young Logistician: An individual who is 35 years of age or younger, drawing a salary. This category of membership is for 1 year only.
   Student: An individual carrying at least 30 % of a full-time academic program in the field of logistics as a graduate or undergraduate in a school of
    recognize standing. Persons drawing full time salaries while attending college are not eligible.
   Corporate Member: A special corporate membership application is available at SOLE Headquarters. To get an application, please call (301-459-8446),
    fax (301-459-1522) or email (

                               DUES STRUCTURE (Membership Year: Based on Anniversary Date)
                               Membership Type                                New Member                   Renewal
                               Regular 1 Year                                    $140                       $130
                               Regular 3 Year                                    $370                       $360
                               Student                                            $40                        $40
                               Retired                                            $85                        $75
                               Young Logistician                                  $75                        N/A
                                                                                  Mail with payment to: SOLE – The International Society of Logistics
PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT CLEARLY                                                                            8100 Professional Place Suite 111
                                                                                                        Hyattsville, MD 20785 USA
__ Mr. __ Mrs. __Miss __Ms. Other__________________________
                                                                                  Application Division Interest (Select one or more)
                                                                                  ___ Space                            ___Commercial
                                                                                  ___ Environmental                    ___ Defense
First Name_______________________________________________
                                                                                  ___ Transportation/Distribution      ___ CALS/Electronic Data
                                                                                  ___ Configuration/Data Management ___ Management & Strategy
Last Name________________________________________________                                                    ___ Supportability
Address__________________________________________________                                      List me in SOLE’s Membership Directory. ___Yes ___No

Address__________________________________________________                                              I’d like to receive outside mailings. ___Yes ___No

Address__________________________________________________                         Signature of Applicant_______________________________________

Country__________________________________________________                         I hereby sponsor the above applicant for membership in SOLE. I have
                                           ___ 1 Year                             provided my signature and membership number.
Work Phone______________________________ ___ 3 Year
                                           ___ Student
Home Phone______________________________ ___ Retired                              Signature__________________________________________________
                                           ___ Young
Fax_____________________________________        Logistician                       My check # ______          _ for ______    ______US Dollars is enclosed

                                                                                  Please charge $__________ to my __Visa __Master __Amex __Diners

Employer________________________________________________                          Account Number____________________________________________

Position__________________________________________________                        Expiration Date_____________________________________________

Degree Received___________________________________________                        Signature of Cardholder______________________________________

Affiliate me with _________________________________Chapter
                                                                                                   FOR SOLE USE ONLY
                   ___Nearest Active Chapter                                        Membership Number________________________________
                   ___Virtual Chapter
                                                                                    District/Chapter Affiliation___________________________

Revised November, 2002
                                                         District and Chapter Organization
  United States and Canada                                                                                        SOLEurope

 01-01   Boston, MA (Greater Boston)                        06-01    St. Louis, MO                             11-01 Saudi Arabia (Arabian Gulf)
    02   Pittsfield, MA (Western New England)                  05    Davenport, IA (Quad Cities)
    03   New Haven, CT (Southeastern CT)                       06    Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN                  17-01 Frankfurt, Germany (Keiserslautern)
    04   Newport, RI (Narragansett)                            07    Wichita, KS (Air Capital)                    03 Munich, Germanv
    05   Nashua, NH (Granite State)                            09    Omaha, NE (River City)                       04 Hamburg, Germany
    07   Stratford, CT (Fairfield County)
    09   Natick, MA                                          07-01    North Texas (Dallas)                     18-01 United Kingdom (London)
                                                                02    Houston, TX
02-01    Washington, D.C.                                       03    San Antonio, TX                          20-01 Rome. Italy (South Central Italy)
   02    Baltimore, MD                                          04    Oklahoma City, OK                           02 Torino, Italy (Northern Italy)
   03    Greater Hampton Roads, VA (Tidewater area)             05    Albuquerque, NM                             03 Florence, Italy
   04    Patuxent River (Southern MD)                           06    Austin, TX (Central Texas)
   05    Arlington, VA (Crystal City)                           07    El Paso, TX (RioGrande Valley)           22-01   Paris, France
   06    Ft. Lee, VA (01d Dominion)                             08    Greater Ft. Worth Chapter                   02   Bordeaux, France
   08    Peninsula, VA (Newport News)                                                                             03   Toulouse. France
   09    Laurel, MD (Free State)                             08-01 Ogden, UT                                      04   Metz, France
   11    Pentagon, VA                                           03 Colorado Springs. (Pikes Peak)                 05   Marseilles, France
   12    Ft. Belvoir, VA                                        04 Denver, CO
   13    Warrenton, VA                                                                                         23-01 Stockholm, Sweden (Scandinavia)
   14    Quantico, VA (Leatherneck)                          09-02    La Mirada, CA (Orange County)               02 Jytol, Finland
                                                                04    Los Angeles, CA
03-01    Cocoa Beach, FL (Space Coast)                          05    Van Nuys, CA (San Fernado Valley)        27-01 City of Luxembourg
   02    Orlando, FL                                            06    Pomona, CA (Inland Empire)
   03    Atlanta, GA (Greater Atlanta)                          07    San Diego, CA                            29-01 Madrid. Spain (Solesparna)
   06    Clearwater, FL (Suncoast)                              08    Ventura, CA (Ventura County)
   07    Warner Robins, GA                                      11    Ridgecrest, CA (Hi-Desert)               30-01 Israel
   08    Ft. Walton Beach, FL (Florida Atlantic Coast)          12    Sierra Vista, AZ, (Grand Canyon State)
   09    Charleston, SC                                         13    Phoenix, AZ (Superstition Mountain)      32-01   Athens, Greece
   10    Albany, GA                                             15    Pico Rivera, CA                             02   Thessaloniki, Greece
   11    Daytona Beach, FL (Florida Atlantic Coast)             17    Tucson, AZ (Old Pueblo)                     03   City Liberal Studies Greece
   12    Titusville, FL (Spaceport)                             18    Palmdale, CA (Aerospace Valley)             04   University of Macedonia Greece
   13    Duluth, CA (Technology)                                19    San Marcos, CA (Palomar)                    05   Corfu, Greece
   14    Panama City, FL (Emerald Coast)
   15    Havelock, NC (Cherry Point)                         10-01    Long Island, NY                          33-01 Russian Federation
   16    Pensacola, FL (Northwestern Florida)                   04    Wayne, NJ (North Jersey)
   17    Jacksonville, FL (Greater Jacksonville)                05    York, PA (Central PA)                    35-01 Austria
                                                                06    Toms River, NJ (South Jersey)
04-01    Columbus, OH (Mid Ohio)                                07    Ft. Monmouth, NJ (Garden State)          36-01 Ankara, Turkey
   02    Dayton, OH                                             08    Binghamton, NY (Southern Tier)
   03    Detroit, MI                                                                                           Africa
   05    Ft. Wayne, IN                                       16-01    San Francisco Bay, CA
   06    Chicago, IL (Greater Chicago)                          03    Puget Sound, WA (Seattle/Trident)        25-01 Pretoria, South Africa
   08    Newark, OH (Land of Legend)
   09    Akron, OH (Northeastern Ohio)
   10    Crane, IN (Southern Indiana)                       26-01    Montreal (Province of Quebec)             South East Asia and Pacific
   11    Indianapolis, IN (Central Indiana)                    02    Greater Toronto Region
                                                               03    Ottawa (National Capital Region)          14-01 Taiwan (Taipei), Republic of China
05-01    Montgomery, AL                                        04    London, Canada (Forest City)
   02    Huntsville, AL (Tennessee Valley)                     06    Vancouver, British Columbia               15-01 Republic of Korea
   03    New Orleans, LA (Crescent City)
   04    Lexington, KY (Bluegrass)                                                                             19-01 Tokyo, Japan
   08    Pascagula, MS (Gulf Coast)
                                                                                                               28-01   Canberra, Australia
                                                                                                                  02   Melbourne, Australia
                                                                                                                  03   Sydney, Australia
                                                                                                                  04   Adelaide, S. Australia

                                                                                                               31-01 Singapore

                                                                                                               34-01 Electronic Virtual Chapter (Europe)
                                                                                                                  02 Electronic Virtual Chapter (Asia/Pacific)
                                                                                                                  03 Electronic Virtual Chapter (All other)

                                                                                                               37-01 Hong Kong, SAR Republic of China

Revised November, 2002

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