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                    Wednesday 7th March 2012
Item 1 – Welcome and Apologies

Present                                            Apologies
Kathy Beckerleg (KB) Chair                         Anita Baldwin (AB)
Jo Williams (JW) Secretary                         Erika Williams (EW)
Simon Day (SD)                                     David Kelly (DK) Treasurer
Allison Kear (AK)                                  Georgina Day (GD)
Laura Hesketh (LH)                                 Steph Williams(SW)
Paul Stevens (PS)                                  Jackie Kelly (JK)
Linda Lawrence (LL)

KB welcomed everyone to the meeting and apologies were noted.

Item 2 – Review of Previous Minutes

At The Movies Disco
Amount raised £466.00. Some Glo items left to sell at future events.

FOH Shed
Shed located in corner of car park. 4 keys held by KB, PS, School office and AM.
Key for school gate being organised for out of hours access to shed. LL looking
into shelving.

Item 3 – Treasurers Role
KB proposed PS for role of Treasurer with LL seconding. DK has handed over to
PS. Signatories on account to be changed to PS & KB with both being required
to sign cheques. KB suggested urgent requests for under £50.00 be considered
between Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, requests over £50.00 to continue to
be voted by committee. PS informed the group of Health & Safety
requirements in particular risk assessments of events. LH volunteered to risk
assess future FOH events. PS requested list of names and job titles – KB told
the group this was held within the constitution.
Item 4 - Rikenel Charity Car Park
KB informed the group that more volunteers are needed to cover both car
parks safely. SD suggested putting a request out to parents.
Action: KB to arrange rota and FOH t-shirts.
        PS to organise float.

Item 5 – Sponsored Bike Ride
The group decided to change the date to 7th July 2012 for the sponsored bike
ride in the Forest of Dean due to prior commitments of PS. PS told the group
that camping over night would cost £17.90 at Christchurch and needs to know
numbers for camping Asap. Funds raised will go towards helping fund school
trips and the schools Literacy Initiative.
Action: JK to put event on school newsletter – open to parents.
         SD to change date on sponsor forms.
         PS to book camping (once numbers confirmed)

Item 6 – Fashion Show
KB booked event for 7.30 pm on Tuesday 27th March 2012. The Company set
up themselves, FOH to organise refreshments. Deposit of £50.00 paid, £25.00
refunded if 60 or more tickets are sold. If sales on the night exceed £400 then
FOH will receive 10%. 10 volunteers needed to be models. Posters to go up to
advertise event.
Action: KB to purchase wine, bottles of lemonade & coke and plastic cups.
        KB & LL to put up posters.

Item 7 – Summer Fete
KB suggested that committee members start contacting local business’ for
raffle prizes. Also to book external stalls ensuring payment is received up
front. FOH to contact local radio and the Citizen newspaper nearer to the date
to advertise event and putting up posters locally. It was suggested that cream
teas and popcorn be sold - PS informed the group that the popcorn maker
needed cleaning before using.
Action: AK to book bouncy castle
Item 8 – Healthy Eating Initiative
The student council are giving out raffles tickets to children with healthy
lunchboxes to enter into a draw at the end of term. They have requested
funds to purchase raffle prizes, the question was raised as to whether the
student council had previously received funds to allow them to become self
funding as agreed by FOH.
Action: PS to check if funds have been given.

Item 9 – Other Business
The last blue bag collection raised £113.00 (£5 per 10kg). PS informed the
group of another Company that pay £6 per 10kg. It was suggested holding a
blue bag appeal twice a year using the new Company.

SD told the group that he had received a request to hold the Easter Hunt again.
The date decided was Friday 23rd March 2012 (school permitting). Advance
tickets to be sold. Suitable chocolate prizes to be bought.
Action: KB to contact JK to arrange tickets

The group agreed to the size of sign required. PS to arrange 8ft x 2ft FOH
generic banner and to get a price for a pop up sign. JW sorting A frame sign.


Item 10 - Next Meeting

Wednesday 18th April 2012
To be held at The Fox & Elm Pub at 6.00 pm

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