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									Internal Martial Arts
Some of Martial Arts
Greatest Secrets REVEALED!
 Access your: Reptilian, Paleomalian, Neomallian (Subconscious) Brains Abilities!
Over the next 12 months 9th Dan Master and Combat Hall of Fame inductee (2001) Athos Antoniades, a
veteran of both the Internal and External Martial Arts, with almost 40years experience, will provide you with
some fascinating and VERY beneficial insights into the External and Internal martial arts including: Dim Mak,
Fa Jing, No Mind and the Consciousness/Internal.
His long apprenticeship in both          obviously if that were the case the        brain stem, a purely reflex brain with
the internal and external arts           stronger, bigger person would always       no emotions. For this reason reptiles
brought him to the conclusion            win. It has to be 50% physical and         can never be trained as pets as they
that (for ultimate self defence) any     50% mind. In other words not only          only have the survival instinct and are
fighting system should                   do we learn how to punch and kick          therefore always in survival mode.
incorporate aspects of both soft         but we must learn how to change our
and hard style disciplines.              mind set so that it is Inner               Humans have all three brains,
                                         (Subconscious) power which                 animals have two, the paleomalian
As well as teaching the complete         manifests as fighting power and not        and the reptilian, but reptiles only
Old Yang Style Tai Chi form (Yang        only “Physical thought power”. In          have the reptile brain and are
Lu Chan), Chi Kung and Wuji he           order to achieve this we must learn        therefore always in survival mode
also teaches what he considers,          how to change our mind set to that of      since they only have the
to be the ultimate street survival       a wild animal in a fight or if attacked.   survival instinct.
system of Kenpo Taiji.
                                         We need to do this because unlike          It is easier for animals to enter the
Kenpo Taiji is an amalgamation of        wild animals, humans are not               reptilian brain and go into survival
2 Martial Arts, both of Chinese          natural fighters. Our natural instinct     mode as they only have to go back
origin. The first being Tai-Chi,         is to freeze or to cower in fear. We       one brain and they do this
which uses inner power                   must therefore learn how to release        instinctively should the situation
(subconscious) for fighting and          the wild animal within, and we do          warrant it. Humans on the other
that of Kenpo which is an external       this by entering the reptilian part        hand must go back two brains
style based on a Rapid                   of our brain.                              and must learn how to do this.
Succession of Strikes.....
                                         Science now knows that we do not           Most martial arts are not useful or
His articles will be of considerable     have one but three brains inside           effective in a realistic self defence or
help to everyone’s training so           our heads. As well as the                  fight situation as they use the
it may be a good idea to collect         logical/intellectual/thinking brain        logical brain in an attempt to
these pieces and refer to                known as Neomallian which                  formalise fighting, using logical
them regularly . . .                     constitutes 90% of the overall brain       prearranged techniques instead of
                                         and does not like or understand            the survival instinct of the reptilian
                                         fighting, we also have two                 brain. This will never work as you
Introduction to the Internal:            other brains.                              cannot apply logic to an illogical
In this monthly series of articles we                                               situation and fighting is most
will be exploring the Internal aspects   The paleomallian or old mammalian          definitely illogical. Prearranged
of the Martial Arts and their            brain is our artistic body-mind,           techniques also deprive us of the
importance to street survival.           responsible for subconscious reflex        ability to react/adapt to the situation
                                         action and comprises 5% of our             attempting instead to impose our
Fighting and self defense cannot be      overall brain. The remaining 5% is         own logical prearranged technique
based purely on physical strength as     the reptilian brain, situated in the       to it but the only way to defeat any

attacker would be to coordinate our
energy with his, thus pre-emptying
and intercepting any attack effectively
becoming masters of adaptability.

We must eliminate thinking and fight
at a No-Mind subconscious level for
if we stop to think chances are we
will get hit. This adheres to the Zen
concept of No-Mind, where the
subconscious takes over and
controls the logical brain and
therefore physical movement.
The only way we can achieve this is
by entering the reptile brain, because
as well as placing us in survival
mode it is also the doorway to the
subconscious, allowing it to take
control. Our intention is to the
subconscious what thought is to the
logical mind (sometimes referred to
as the Ego) therefore if our intention
is to defeat any attack, the
subconscious will take over and
direct our energy (Chi) which will
in turn direct our physical moves to
always do the right thing, countering
any attack with maximum aggression,
power, speed and perfect timing, just
like any wild animal doing whatever
it takes to survive at a subconscious
reflex level.

In reptile brain mode we will not use
focus vision, which is directly linked
to the logical mind, and therefore,
too slow, but an advanced form of
peripheral vision known as “Eagle
Vision”, as used by eagles, other
birds and reptiles to seek out their
prey by locking on to their energy.
Similarly, using eagle vision we will
tune in and lock onto our attacker’s       which is our body mind, responsible     METHODS or by using NATURAL
energy pre-emptying and intercepting       for subconscious body movement,         BODY MOVEMENTS (which do not
his every move. As he attacks, we          and, when programmed with fighting      need thought) with moves which will
will attack first, using the element of    principles, they will become a reflex   become a reflex action when in
surprise (an important fighting            action in reptile brain mode. Wild      reptile brain mode.
ingredient) by doing what he does          animals programme their body mind
not expect us to do, going forward         by play-fighting with family and        Abstract training methods are
and attacking instead of retreating        friends from a very early age.          abstract body moves based on
and defending. This is in line with        Humans on the other hand, are           internal energy flow, which are not
what the TAO teaches us, not to            pampered and protected as babies        understood by the logical brain,
interfere with the way he is moving        at the expense of the development       and therefore filter through and
but instead use his energy by going        of their survival instinct.             programme or re-programme the
with the flow, therefore gaining                                                   paleomalian brain with movements
maximum power with minimum effort.         We train the body mind by using         that are more useful for fighting, i.e.
                                           body movement methods and not           attack instead of defence. Persistent
The reptile brain is a purely reflex       language or text which is how the       practice in natural body movement
brain, which will act in accordance        neomallian is programmed. There are     methods will also programme the
with how the other two brains are          two ways in which we do this, either    paleomalian brain with moves which
programmed. The palleomallian              by using ABSTRACT TRAINING              will become a reflex action in reptile

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                                                                                   consciousness itself before it
                                                                                   manifests into any form, whether it
                                                                                   be physical, thought, emotion
                                                                                   or perception. In its unmanifested
                                                                                   state Consciousness is the full
                                                                                   awareness which becomes the space
                                                                                   for what is happening in the present
                                                                                   moment “HERE & NOW” enabling
                                                                                   us to always react to any situation
                                                                                   by responding out of our conscious
                                                                                   presence, a spiritual awareness and
                                                          Athos @ COMBAT           not our conditioned mind.
                                                          HALL OF FAME 2001        We gain internal stillness by being
                                                                                   sung, (loose, heavy, and relaxed)
brain mode. Unnatural body moves         no-mind fighting at a subconscious        centering our energy down to the
such as those in some traditional        reflex level, we must also learn the      Dan Tien, which is our energy centre,
Karate will never become reflex as       following, which will all be discussed    and by also being physically centered
they cannot be used to programme         in our monthly section.                   by placing our weight on the centre
the subconscious.                                                                  of gravity point on our feet, we will be
                                         DIM MAK or pressure point fighting        perfectly balanced.
Fighting principles are often            which is the opposite to acupunc-         As we centre ourselves in this way,
programmed into the subconscious,        ture. Chinese medicine is based on        we will unite with the Universe which
using, “Techniques/Training Methods”     a healthy flow of chi, throughout the     is balance itself, we will therefore not
which are based on abstract training     bodies’                                   be too yin and cowering in fear, or
moves and natural body moves in          meridians; however, by using Dim          too yang and anxiously aggressive.
order to make it more interesting        Mak we cause a KO by striking these       We will instead stay calm in all
for the student, but by the time the     points in a given direction, disrupting   circumstances like any wild animal, if
technique is learnt as a self defence    his chi and causing the KO or worse.      attacked we will be violently
method to be applied in a real                                                     aggressive on the outside but
situation the fighting principles will   FA JING which translates to               calm within.Our mind will always be
be learnt by the subconscious, never     explosive energy release is the           free from concepts, including the
to be unlearnt. The more we train in     engine of Dim-Mak and is used to          concept of non violence, therefore,
these methods, the greater our ability   transfer adverse energy into our          if the situation warrants it, sudden
will be to fight at a subconscious       opponents Pressure Points. Fa-jing is     violence will become a spontaneous
reflex level, becoming masters of        also the power of the Reptilian brain     subconscious reflex action. We will
adaptability and adhering to the way     as it is the energy which rises up        never resist any situation but adapt
of the Tao, by going with the flow,      the back to enter the Reptilian Brain     accordingly, as any resistance will cut
not opposing it.                         which is released into the opponent.      us off from BEING the only place of
                                                                                   true power. Resistance is weakness
Fighting principles will                 EXPLOSIVE SPEED if we can hit             and fear masquerading as strength.
subconsciously change us from            someone once we can hit them a            By accepting surrendering and
being reflexively defensive to           dozen times, therefore, go for it,        adapting to the situation we find
becoming reflexively offensive.          always striking from the point of         ourselves in, we stay present,
We therefore use the physical to train   origin, why go East if we want to go      therefore, allowing the light of
the internal and the internal            West. We attack him at the very           consciousness to transcend the
(or subconscious) will then direct the   moment he initiates his attack,           person and guide us to maximum
physical, therefore eliminating          attacking him when he attacks is the      efficiency. Deep slow breathing is
thinking, which takes time, something    best time to do so, each of our strikes   also essential as it relaxes the logical
we do not have the luxury of in a        being aimed at Dim Mak points. We         mind and physical body allowing the
fight. I must stress that although the   will gain power not by using distance     subconscious to take control.
techniques/training methods, which       but body mechanics, combining             We learn to disrupt the energy of the
are based on natural body movement       physical muscle strength with internal    opponent and enhance ours gaining
and abstract training methods are        energy or chi. This will give the         perfect health in the process. This
essential to programme the               explosive penetrating power               system of fighting can be used as a
subconscious with fighting principles,   of Fa-jing.                               template to enhance any style.
such as body balance, coordination
and movement, they cannot be used        CHI-KUNG and other training               In this series of articles some of
for fighting as we can never simulate    methods will be used in order to          the greatest martial arts secrets
a real fight. For ultimate street        achieve internal stillness, which is      of all time will be revealed you, to
survival skills, as well as using the    the crux to the whole system. It is the   the reader – See you next month,
reptilian brain, eagle vision and        very essence of who we are,               ONLY in COMBAT Magazine . . .


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