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									                                               September 2007

     September 25, 2007                                       Commodore Ted Newton
         General Meeting,
                                                                 Greetings and welcome back fellow EYC members!
         Welcome Back!
                                                                 Well I hope all of you had a very fun memory filled cruising
                                                                 summer. Fun is one of the things I promised you we would focus
        Herb Crusted Chicken                                     on this year. Well, Mike & Leslie Forbis certainly fulfilled that
Chicken breast stuffed with ricotta filling                      promise at the recent cruise to Pleasant Harbor, they had about 30
  (with basil, pine nuts, pancetta and                           boats in the harbor (including Debi & I) all having a very fun time
sun-dried tomatoes), rubbed with olive                           with darn good weather. It was great to see so many happy kids
      oil and herbs & oven baked.                                enjoying each other, not to mention a whole lot of member
                                                                 doggies frolicking on the docks.
   Served with Caesar salad, fresh            Attracting new memberships was another promise I made you. On Sunday the 9th
seasonal vegetables and basmati rice.         from 4 to 7 we hosted our first of many special new membership events. Bob Petrie,
                                              Jim Davidson and other members BBQ'd burgers & dogs for all that were interested
                Dessert:                      in knowing more about us as well as our future plans for growth. We offered a
  Petite Bailey’s Irish Cream Mousse          special incentive of "Free family cruises for the 2007/2008 cruising season" and
                                              hope that this will attract some wonderful families to our club.
        Catered by Anthony’s                  I'm happy to tell you that we are back to having sit down dinners served to us by
                                              Anthony's Home Port for the same price as last year. The best part is that Anthony's
                                              will now include the dessert, and we will include the beverages all for a price of
    Appetizers & Socializing until            $22.50/ member. Thank-you Dave Olson for all your help and keeping the price
         assembly at 7 PM.                    down for us this year.
                                              By now I'm sure all of you have had a chance to see how the new plaza has added
                                              charm and beauty to our clubhouse and how it will certainly attract more rentals. But
       COST: $22.50 per person                did you get a chance yet to see the new clubhouse signage that the Port has provided
                                              us yet? We now can be seen from the water or walking north and south on the plaza.
         (price includes drinks)
                                              Thank you Port of Edmonds for understanding our needs to be seen.
                                              We advertise on "" for rentals and have attracted many wedding
         6:00 PM Social Hour                  rentals from this site. But did you know that they just made the Fortune 500 list of
            7:00 PM Dinner                    fastest growing private companies in America at #302. It is always nice to be with
           8:00 PM Meeting                    the very best, since I know we all feel that way about ourselves.
                                              I think I'll close for now with a few very important dates for the coming year. The
      Reservations are due by                 Wine Tasting Party is Friday Nov. 2nd.....the Junior Officers Ball (JO Ball) is
    Friday, September 21, 10am.               Saturday Nov. 17th.....and the very important Crab Feed and Fleet Captains Auction
                                              is Saturday Feb.. 9th. The last event I want to mention is this years New Years Party,
  Please call Carol Asimakopoulos             of course it is Dec. 31st and since it is already planned to the "T" with quite a twist, I
      to make your reservation:               know this is the year you will want to come to the club for sure!

           (425) 774-8893                     Bye for now,
                                              Commodore Ted
   Vice Commodore Ron Hammill
                       Summer of 2007
                       Your new vice commodore welcomes all
                       of you back from wherever you went. As
                       you know, I am new to this job and really
                       don’t have a clue as to what I am sup-
                       posed to write about so I am going to tell
                       you about the “Undecided’s” summer.
                      June 11th, a crew of 3 – Metch “I will
                      scrub the deck” Kreszowski, Ron “Mr.
Noble-tech” Coleman, and Don “Snoozy” Mayfield and I left
Edmonds for the Queen Charlottes. The first lay over was
Schooner Cove, just north of Nanaimo. Day two was at Port
Hardy with Day three at Buttedale and day four at Prince
Rupert. A couple of days there and then 100 miles west to
Langara Island for a weeks fishing trip and then a flight home
for the “Change of Watch” dinner.
The 27th of June saw me fly back to Massett in the Queen
Charlottes and start a series of fishing trips that didn’t end until
July 30, when P/C Dennis Heetbrink and Metch Kreszowski
and Don “Snoozy” Mayfield flew in to help bring the boat back
to Edmonds with a fishing stop in River’s Inlet.
The “Undecided” was in Edmonds for only a few days and then
off to Bremerton for the Annual Officer’s cruise in. On Sunday
the 12th of August, R/C Wally Croasdill and I double timed it
north to Friday Harbor where we laid over one night. We left
Friday Harbor at noon and fueled at Nanaimo in route to meet
the other 14 EYC boats. We arrived at Garden Bay in Pender
Harbor at 7pm just in time for dinner. On the morning of August
14th, our fleet formed up and entered Princes Louisa Inlet, going
thru Malibu rapids. What a wonderful and memorable trip. Two
day in the inlet and we slowly traveled back to Edmonds. Our
last lay over at Anacortes included a wonderful dinner at an Ital-
ian restaurant and shopping in LaConnor. I think the Princess
Louisa Inlet cruise was around 400 nautical miles.
Again, what a fantastic trip. Alicia and I got to fish a lot this
summer and I think we ran over 2500 nautical miles on board
“Undecided” while spending 600 hours on board.
What more can you ask of your boat. We are now getting ready
for our Pleasant Harbor Cruise and then Sept 7th Alicia and I
are going back to Sydney, BC for an annual Uniflite Cruise in.
See you all at the September dinner and we can tell tall tales
and short stories. Happy Boating to all—
V/C Ron Hammill and First mate Alicia

                     Membership News
If you have friends and family that enjoy boating and having
a great time don’t keep EYC a secret, spread the word.
Remember I am here to help, just let me know and I’ll be
happy to send out membership information.
Call Susan Romei for membership info: 425-776-0269

Rear Commodore Wally Croasdill
                      Welcome back! I hope you all have
                      had an enjoyable summer of cruising. I
                      know that Sharon and I had a
                      tremendous time cruising north to
                      Princess Louisa and back with many
                      members of our yacht club family. For
                      us, it was a fantastic learning
                                                                               September Calendar
                                                                          F       Sept. 14 TGIF
                        Fall is in the air, and its time to get
back to the business of running the Edmonds Yacht Club.                   W       Sept. 19 Pinochle, 7-9 pm
For me this includes handling the annual directory. Please let
me know if there are any changes or corrections to your                   Th      Sept. 20 Board Meeting
personal information that was in last year’s directory that
you would like to make. If you do not have your picture in
the directory, and would like it to be there, please contact
                                                                          Tu      Sept. 25 General Meeting
me. Also, if you know of any businesses that you think might
like to advertise in the directory, please let me know so that I
may contact them. We plan to go to press by September 25th,
so time is running out.
We have one slip in our reciprocal moorage available for the                  Our 2007 Labor Day Cruise to Pleasant Harbor:
September through May time period. Contact me for further                              What an incredible turnout!
Looking forward to another great year,
R/C Wally Croasdill

                                                                                     Handy EYC E-mail Addresses
                                                             —use this address to
                                                                       send cruise or event pictures that you have.
                                                             —for Ship to
                                                                       Shore newsletter-related information.
                                                             —a general use
                                                                       address for questions, or if you don’t know who to contact
                                                                       (e-mails here will probably be redirected through the board).
                                                             —another general use
                                                                       e-mail that you might see around.

    Fleet Captain Michael Forbis                                            Fleet Chaplain Shirley Wilson
                   Don’t listen to V/C Hammill, I’m really
                   the one who is fresh off the boat! I hope                                LAZARETTE
                   all of you had as fun a summer of
                                                                       We can learn much from the Bible, and not everything
                   cruising as we had on Crewless. Leslie
                                                                       we learn is necessarily of a spiritual nature. Many of
                   and I started our summer with a Bit O’
                                                                       the words and phrases we hear and use frequently
                   Scotch cruise to Langley with 13
                                                                       every day, even in boating, have their origins in
                   engineers from our office. We had
                                                                       Scripture; for instance, the word lazarette. Have you
                   cocktails at the dock, and a party at the
                                                                       ever wondered where that name came from?
                   Dog House tavern. Our “Three Hour
                   Tour” included pizza on the boat and a              During the Middle Ages it was common for those
                   fun cruise back to Dagmars.                         afflicted with leprosy to undertake a pilgrimage to the
This summer Leslie sublet a slip on ‘M’ dock in Edmonds                Holy Land. This was in the hope of affecting a cure.
for 6 weeks. She wanted to test Crewless to make sure she              Many booked passage by ship. The captain normally
                                                                       quartered them aft in an effort to protect the remaining
would actually float for more than a week or two. Edmonds
is a nice place and it was a relief not to have to drive to            passengers and crew from the disease. This
Everett. We had fun visiting with EYC folks we met on the              arrangement also helped contain the stench in one
dock. I found all the tenants on M dock to be very friendly. It        small portion of the vessel.
was refreshing to receive several offers to sublet slips for the       There is a story in Luke 16 about a beggar named
remainder of the summer. On July 17th, we hauled Crewless              Lazarus, who lay at the gate of a certain rich man. He
and gave her a quick pressure wash and a new set of zincs.             begged for the crumbs that fell from the rich man’s
Our next adventure was the EYC 4th of July Cruise. The                 table. Eventually both of those men died; the beggar
Croasdill’s took us to Oak Harbor and we had lots of fun!              went to Abraham’s bosom and the rich man went to
The weather started out a little cold and rainy but ended up           Hades, in torment.
with sunshine. We used the Oak Harbor YC for our                       Lepers were often called Lazars, after the diseased
barbeque and chefs DeRosa and Arnot cooked up some very                beggar spoken of in this parable found in Luke
good steaks and the OHYC bar served up refreshing drinks.              concerning the rich man and the beggar. The area
Thanks again Wally and Sharon!                                         they were confined to aboard ship came to be known
The height of the summer was the Coleman-led cruise to                 as the lazarette, a pretty fancy name considering what
Princess Louisa Inlet. We met in Anacortes for the first leg           it was used for.
of the cruise. We went to False Creek, Garden Bay, Princess            So, in case you have always wondered where the
Louisa Inlet, Secret Cove, and Bowen Island. EYC had 16
                                                                       lazarette got its name, now you know. And you can
boats at Chatter Box Falls! Nautica started the cruise by
                                                                       tell people you learned it from the Bible!
guiding the flotilla from Anacortes to Vancouver in the fog!
While at False Creek Yacht Club, P/C Bowen noticed a wide
spot with a BBQ on the dock. It took Carol about 30 seconds
to come up with a party plan! She gathered all the scattered
EYC members from 3 marinas, and the resulting impromptu
party was a resounding success. Denise booked the whole
group into the restaurant in Garden Bay where we all had a
wonderful dinner. At the falls, Mary whipped up a fantastic
fruity Mojito, which somehow prepared us for a group photo.
The proper method for an EYC group photo is to hand 10
cameras to two Canadians and ask them to take our picture.
Do you get the picture? It was definitely a trip of a lifetime
and all hats off to Denise and Ron Coleman for a safe, well
planned, and well-executed voyage!
The Labor day cruise will likely be a memory when you read
this so I can only say that I hope you were one of the 32
boats signed up! I hope you also tasted the Coleman-
Mayfield dinner, the DeRosa, Taylor, and Croasdill
breakfasts, and some of the 10 batches of chili inspired by
the Woods. And, maybe you enjoyed a game or two led by
Denice Vezetinski and my lovely wife. There is a drop or
two of rain in the forecast… well you already know how it
all turned out.
F/C Michael Forbis and First mate Leslie
Law Offices of:

 Brislawn Lofton Gregorek, PLLC                                                                 EDMONDS YACHT CLUB
                                                     ASSET PROTECTION
Rick Gregorek,              MBA, JD                  BUSINESS PLANNING
                                                   CHARITABLE PLANNING
Attorney & Counselor at Law                            ESTATE PLANNING
Wally Croasdill,           CPA                               TE
                                                    REAL ESTA MATTERS          Commodore Ted Newton                  (425) 821-0731
                                                  TAX AND ACCOUNTING
Tax & Compliance Manager                               WILLS AND TRUSTS
                                                                               Vice Commodore Ron Hammill            (425) 776-8140
            F R E E I N I T I A L C O N S U LTAT I O N
                     425.803.9500                                              Rear Commodore Wally Croasdill (425) 771-4724
                                                                               Fleet Captain Michael Forbis          (425)-742-3375
                                                                               Secretary Denise Coleman              (206) 542-7172
                                                                               Treasurer John Keyes                  (425) 776-6443
                                                                               Fleet Chaplain Shirley Wilson         (206) 542-2944
                                                                               Club Rental: Audree Bentzen           (425) 744-1014
        Boat owners who will be attending                                      Web/Ship to Shore: Paul Harris        (425) 774-4837
        the September General Meeting:
                                                                              Web e-mail:
      Please help Shanna England and bring one
      picture (real or copy) of your favorite boating                           
      memory from a 2007 summer cruise trip.
      These will be used in the centerpiece of
      your table (each will be put in the EYC pic-
      ture holders that she made as centerpieces
      for last year's meetings). Pictures should be
      4”x6” or smaller (smaller is better).
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                                                                                               at the club and
                                                                                                 online, too!

                                                                                Did you know we have plenty of items available online?
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                                                                                                  Sharon Croasdill

         Women’s Interclub Council
2008 marks the 50th anniversary of WIC. The group began
with the women’s auxiliaries of Bremerton, Seattle, Queen
City, Day Island, Rainier, Olympia Tyee and Tacoma Yacht
Clubs. They organized to entertain each other at luncheons
and to promote friendship among boaters. They eventually
expanded to 14 clubs and are now limited to that number.
Edmonds Yacht Club became a member in 1963. These 14
clubs are now called the Grand 14. Each club sends a
representative to the board meetings which are held 4 times a
year. In February elections are held. Lois Toroni of EYC is
currently Vice president and will be President in 2008, the
important anniversary year. WIC is planning a big
celebration in April to commemorate this event. We will tell
you more about this as the time draws near.
Each club hosts a luncheon during the year and invites 6
other clubs to attend. The first luncheon this year is at
Edmonds Yacht Club on Thursday, October 18th. A complete
schedule of the luncheons we are invited to follows. Through
means beyond my comprehension the schedules are rotated
so each club attends 7 luncheons per year.
We invite all women of EYC to attend these luncheons and
forge lasting friendships among ourselves and other clubs. We
ask especially that you try to attend our own event in October.
We will have a Columbus Day theme. We (always!) need
volunteers to donate gift baskets to raffle off, to set up and
decorate and gentlemen of the club to serve the meal. Please
call or send me an e-mail if you want to help. A sign up sheet
will be at the front desk at the Sept dinner meeting.
Thank you — Marilyn Collins, WIC Rep

           Schedule of luncheons for 2007-2008:
                      October 18th EYC
               November 13th Gig Harbor YC
                  December 6th Tacoma YC
              February 20th Seattle Yacht Club
                   March 26th Olympia YC
                    April 10th Poulsbo YC
                    May 20th Rainier YC

                   DOCK TALK
                   By Rosemary Collins

John & Bernie Peehls 32' Carver "Slip'N Away" has taken
on new owners R/C Wally & Sharon Croasdill. The
Peehls are delighted to have their vessel going up
through the chairs.
Phil & Pam Stone have their first grandbaby due Sept 21.
Bob & Judy Roller have a grandchild due in Sept. also.
Bernie & John are very excited to be expecting their first                       IMPORTANT DINNER
grandbaby in April 2008. Speaking of babies, Sheila                                MEETING NOTE:
DeRosa had a new family member this year. She got a
                                                                 There is a lot of planning and preparation for our
baby sister!
                                                                 general meeting dinners. Please call Carol
RETIREMENT                                                       Asimakopoulos at her home (425-774-8893) or on her
Welcome Joe Spangler to the Golden Years, as he                  cell phone (206-595-6076) by the Friday before the
retired this summer from Rubanco.                                Tuesday dinner to ensure we have a proper head
                                                                 Also consider placing yourself on 'permanent
June saw the wedding of Paul Krzeszowski (son of Metch
                                                                 reservation' list and then you'll only need to call when
and Mary) to Vartuhi Guyumdzhyan. August was the
                                                                 you can't make it. Don't forget to let Carol know if
setting for Jesse Collins (son of Pete and RoseMary) to          you're bringing guests, too. Thank You!
Deborah Warren.

           Call Allan Boyce at
                                     TRA EL
           206. 812.8731
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                     TGIF                                 Rem

                                                           k ex
                                                               bo o
                                                                    er t
                                                                   ks f
                                                                         o br
              September 14, 2007                                cha
                                                                    ng e
                                                                        or t
                                                                             l e!
                Hamburgers or Brats!

              Hosts: Tom & Ana Allison
                        A-E Salads

                       F-O Desserts

                      P-Z Appetizers

       $3.00/adult ($1.00 children age 12 and under)

BYOB       6:30 PM Social Hour                   7:00 PM Dinner

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