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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The following is a list of responses to frequently asked questions:

   1. Why do I need to have cookies enabled on my browser, and how do I enable
      Websites collect information about your computer and web browser among other things,
      and use cookies to help with interaction between the computer and website. Storing
      information such as web browser and computer speed can improve the functionality and
      speed of the website each time you visit it. Cookies are not dangerous to your computer.

       To change your cookie settings:

       In Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0, go to the Tools/Internet Options/ Privacy menu. Set
       your Privacy settings (slider scale) to Medium or lower. Click on the ‘Advanced’ button.
       Ensure that ‘Override automatic cookie handling’ is NOT checked. Hit ‘OK’.

       In IE 5.0, go to the Tools/Internet Options/ Security menu. Select ‘Internet’, click on
       Custom Level, and you will receive a dialog box where you can accept all, warn before
       accepting, or reject all cookies.

       In Netscape, go to the Edit/ Preferences/ Advanced menu. Your cookie choices can be
       changed there.

   2. What is JavaScript? And How do I enable it?
      JavaScript is a scripting language to enable Web authors to design interactive sites. Some
      surveys may require JavaScript to be enabled to better display interactive questions.

       To enable JavaScript, in IE 6.0, go to the Tools/ Internet Options/Security menu.
       Click on Custom Level. Scroll down until you get to section ‘Active scripting’. Ensure
       ‘Enable’ is selected under ‘Active scripting’.

       To enable JavaScript in Netscape Navigator 4.8, go to Edit/Preferences/Advanced
       menu. Choose ‘Scripts & Plugins’. Select ‘Enable JavaScript’ and click Ok.

       To enable JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox 1.5, go to Tools/ Options/ Content. Select
       ‘Enable JavaScript’ and click Ok.

   3. How can I get my password if I have forgotten it?
      For passwords, go to Enter your email address in the email address
      field, and click on the “FORGOT PASSWORD?” button. Your current password will be
      emailed to you.

   4. How can I change my registration information?
      To change your registration information, go to and login to change
      your email address or password. To change any other information, such as home address,
      or language preference (English or French), please email .

   5. I am not receiving email invitations or notifications. How do I receive emails
      from Speak to Sears?
      Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have implemented email filtering systems. As a
      result, some emails, including survey invitations, may be getting filtered to your Junk

   email folder.
   To continue to receive survey invitations or other email notifications from Speak to
   Sears, you may need to adjust your email settings to allow email from the domain Please take a few minutes to add us to your Safe List.

   The following are instructions for Hotmail and Yahoo users:

   Hotmail users:
   Go to your “Options” folder under “Mail handling” to choose the filter level. If your filter
   is set on ‘high’, please be sure to occasionally review the contents of your junk mail folder.
   Use the “this is not junk mail” button for Speak to Sears messages that may have
   been filtered to the junk mail folder. Add to your address book
   or “safe list” to prevent emails from being put in the junk mail folder.
   Yahoo users:
   If you receive email from Speak to Sears in your “bulk mail” folder, when reading your
   email, click on “send to yahoo! For review”. Yahoo! Customer care will review and will
   make appropriate changes to deliver these messages to your inbox in the future.

6. How do you use my personal information?
   The information we gather during registration helps us to select people for surveys and is
   dealt with in accordance with the Sears Privacy Policy. Information provided by panel
   members in response to surveys is used only for research purposes. Responses are
   aggregated and use for statistical purposes. No individual, identifiable data is revealed.

   We will not sell your Personal Information to any organization, for any purpose.

7. What can I expect in terms of surveys from Speak to Sears?
   As a Speak to Sears Panel Member, you may receive 1 -2 survey invitations a month
   (although Sears cannot guarantee a minimum number of surveys). You will be awarded a
   certain number of points for completed surveys. In each survey invitation, we will tell you
   the number of points you may receive for participating in that survey. At the 1500 point
   threshold, panelists will receive a Sears Gift Card for participating in online research

   To continue as an Active Panel Member, panelists are requested to complete at least three
   (3) surveys within a year. For full panel rules and regulations, please click here.

8. If I have questions about Sears, my Sears Club points, my Sears Credit Card, my
   Sears Catalogue order, where do I go?
   You can go to for any questions about Sears.


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