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									 On the Move
              James Arce,                       Chris
              Cassidy                           Radford,
              Turley                            Vormetric
               The national                     The San
               commercial                       Jose data-
               real estate                      centric
               services                         security
provider, which has an           tools provider for physi-
office in San Francisco,         cal, virtual and cloud
named James Arce senior          environments named
managing director for the        Christopher Radford vice
West region. Recently,           president of cloud ser-
he served as executive           vices. He held positions at
managing director of cli-        Symantec.
ent solutions at Cushman
& Wakefield.                                    Henri
              Bryan                             SanDisk
              Bredell,                         The Milpitas
              Presidio                         provider of
              Bank                             flash mem-
              The San                          ory stor-
              Francisco          age devices appointed
              business           Henri Richard senior vice
bank appointed Bryan             president of worldwide
Bredell executive vice           OEM and enterprise sales.
president and East               He is former senior vice
Bay market president.            president and chief sales
Recently, he held execu-         and marketing officer at
tive positions at Sterling       Freescale Semiconductor.
Savings Bank.
                                                Jake Seid,
              Jimmy                             Auction.
              Chuang,                           com
              SolarCity                         The online
             The San                            real estate
             Mateo clean                        marketplace
             energy                             named Jake
             provider            Seid co-president and he
named Jimmy Chuang               will work in the Belmont
vice president of struc-         office. Previously, he
tured finance. Previously,       was a managing director
he served at GCL Solar           at Lightspeed Venture
Energy.                          Partners.

              Kenneth                           Daniel
              Cope,                             Sullivan,
              Matrix                            AliveCor
              Absence                          The San
              Manage-                          Francisco
              ment                             digi-
              The San                          tal health
Jose integrator of insur-        company appointed
ance and absence man-            Daniel Sullivan president,
agement services named           chief executive officer and
Kenneth Cope president.          a member of the compa-
He is former vice presi-         ny’s board of directors.
dent of absence manage-          Previously, he held posi-
ment outsourcing for             tions at superDimension.
global benefits consultant
at Aon Hewitt.                                  Scott
              Mohit                             Coupa
              Kaushal,                          Software
              Aberdare                          The San
              Ventures                          Mateo
              The San                           provider of
              Francisco          cloud-based software ap-
              health care        pointed Scott Thompson
venture capital firm ap-         to its board of directors.
pointed Mohit Kaushal            Currently, he serves as
as a partner. He is former       current chief executive
director of connected            officer at ShopRunner.
health at the Federal
Communications Com-                             Frank
mission.                                        Tycksen,
              Tatsuya                           The San
              Yamazaki,                         Jose data-
              Kilopass                          centric
              Technology                        security
              The Santa          tools provider for physi-
              Clara pro-         cal, virtual and cloud en-
              vider of           vironments named Frank
semiconductor logic              Tycksen vice president
nonvolatile memory intel-        of customer success.
lectual property named           Previously, he was vice
Tatsuya Yamazaki vice            president of engineering
president of business            and operations at RNA
development Asia-Pacific.        Networks.
Previously, he was vice
president of marketing at

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