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									 On the Move
              Erik                            Kathy
              Bardman,                        Phelan,
              Roku                            Hospice of
                                              the Valley
                The Sara-
                toga stream-                   The San
                ing platform                   Jose
                that delivers                  provider
video, music and casual         in palliative and hospice
games to TV named Erik          care, grief counseling and
Bardman chief financial         education named Kathy
officer. He is former           Phelan vice president de-
senior vice president           velopment and commu-
of finance and CFO at           nications. She has served
Logitech.                       in the public and private
                                sectors throughout her
              Bob               career.
              SGI                             Sudhakar
              The Fre-                        krishna,
              mont big                        Citrix
              data and
              technical                        The Santa
computing company                              Clara cloud
named Bob Braham se-                           comput-
nior vice president and         ing company appointed
chief marketing officer. He     Sudhakar Ramakrishna
is former vice president        senior vice president
of marketing for the en-        and general manager of
terprise storage division       the desktop and cloud
at EMC.                         division. He is former
                                president of products and
              Dan Burns,        services at Polycom.
              Club One
              The San                         Rubaie,
              fitness man-
              agement                         The
              company                         Sunnyvale
named Dan Burns vice                          provider of
president of operations.                      high-perfor-
Before his appointment,         mance network security
he served as general            named Ahmed Rubaie
manager and regional            chief financial officer and
general manager at the          chief operating officer.
company.                        Recently, he served as
                                executive vice president
              Brian Kelly,      and chief financial officer
              InsideView        at Ariba.
              The San                         George
              provider of
              customer                        Gridstore
              intelligence                     The Moun-
for business-to-business                       tain View
marketing and sales ap-                        provider of
pointed Brian Kelly chief                      optimized
marketing officer. He           storage tools named
co-founded and is former        George Symons chief
chief executive at Stampt.      executive and a member
                                of the company’s board
              Jerry             of directors. He is former
              Kennelly,         chief strategy officer at
              Nimble            Nexsan Technologies.
              The San                         Tromble,
                                              Webster Or-
              provider of
flash-optimized hybrid                        thopedics
storage tools named Jerry                     The Dublin
Kennelly to its board of                      care and
directors. Currently, he                      treatment
serves as chief executive       facility named Lynne
and chairman at River-          Tromble chief executive.
bed.                            She spent 17 years as an
                                executive in the health
              Drew              care industry.
              Room 77                         Edgar
              The Moun-
              tain View                       Perkins
              hotel search                    Coie
              engine that                      The global
allows travelers to shop                       law firm
hundreds of travel sites at                    with an
once for deals appointed        office in San Francisco
Drew Patterson, 36, chief       named Edgar Washburn
executive. He is a found-       senior counsel in the
ing employee at Kayak.          environment, energy
                                and resources practice.
                                Recently, he was senior
                                counsel at Morrison

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