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									Laura Kaufman Referral List - Updated 8/3/09 Category Accountant (CPA) Alarm Systems Business Name Mike Gray Bay Alarm Contact person Mike Gray John Howshall Phone 415.621.2261 650-652-4215 Email / Address 4111 18th St SF CA 94114 john.howshall@bayalarm .com Comments Recommended by an agent in my office. Recommended by a friend who got this system installed and is very happy with it.

Appliances (kitchen and bath) Appliance Repair Appliance Repair Appraiser

Pacific Sales Continental Appliance Mars Churton & Associates

(415) 558-1439 Continental Appliance Mars John Fluhmann 415-239-4114 333-2400 (415) 731-7757

Asbestos Removal



800-439-9610 X114



Jeff Woo



Goldstein Gellman

David Gellman


Attorney Attorney (Estate Planning/Probate)

Andrew Sirkin

Andrew Sirkin


Client says: "This place is awesome. I bought all of my appliances there. Better priced than 975 Bryant St home depot, amazing customer service and San Francisco, CA right in the city. I also just bought a toilet, 94103-4523 medicine cabinet and bathtub from them." Recommended by Jake Wrench to fix appliances - like kitchen appliances. Recommended by another zephyr agent. 1101 Vicente Street I have had good experiences with this San Francisco, CA appraiser. Clients used them to get rid of their popcorn/cottage cheese ceilings which had Hayward asbestos in them. Jeff is very nice and responsive, he gives 20 minute free phone consultations. He has helped several clients reach an agreement fery-p-woo/ with tenants to vacate property. He's put together TIC agreements for clients. Charges @$1300 fixed fee for the agreement. A lot of people also hire him to help them with their condo conversions. Very well respected attorney who is best known for his TIC agreements. He books up fast. Jacob has represented families on estate planning and related matters since 1997 He is an attorney who specializes in real estate mediation. Also does estate planning. I used him to do my estate plan and he was very affordable She expedited a last minute probate issue that came up in the middle of an escrow in order to close the sale on time. I have a client who bought a house and the bathtub had been restored by this company.

Jacob Glickman

Jacob Glickman

Attorney (Mediator/ Estate Planning)

Ross Madden

Ross Madden 2001 Union Street, Suite (415) 567-1212 330 rmmadden@pacbell. San Francisco, CA net 94123 tel: 415.282.8122 415-957-1800 415-243-2243 800-672-2848

Attorney (Probate) Bathtub restoration

Martha Daetwyler Mr Bathtub

Martha Daetwyler

333 Market St.

Laura Kaufman Referral List - Updated 8/3/09 Category Business Name Contact person Phone Email / Address Comments Highly recommmended. He can build custom cabinets to look like ones you've already got so that they all match. Very reasonably priced. Recommended by another realtor. He's supposed to do great work on built in cabinets. Very nice guy. Re-built my fence and also rebuilt parts of a deck for clients of mine. Very good and nice carpenter. He is not licensed though (is in the process of getting his license). He did work on my house and was great. Recommended by my stager and he also did some work for me in my house. They do windows AND carpets. healthychoice63@yahoo. No chemicals, child and environmentally com friendly. Another agent told me this is the best chimney inspector in the area. Recommended by other zephyr agents. IKEA is a less expensive option if you're willing to put up with the lines and assembling the m closets yourself. Great inspectors!!! Very good person to call if you are buying a TIC and want to know what you will need to do to convert it to a condominium. benjamin@houseinspecti www.HouseInspection.N Thorough. He does general contractor et inspections and also mold inspections. F13 I used Catherine and Adam for five years. Very good dog walker. Clients used them to replace all their closet doors. Said they were a little flaky on scheduling the install, but were pretty quick on the actual installation and the doors look great.

Cabinet builder

H&D Cabinet Shop


(415) 752-3004

Cabinet builder Carpenter / General Contractor

Marek Soja Manuel Ceja

Marek Soja Manuel Ceja

925-915-2461 415-307-4896

Carpenter Carpeting Carpet Cleaner Carpet Cleaner Chimney inspector/cleaner Chimney inspector/cleaner

McCauley Carpentry

Paul McCauley

415-285-1451 415-595-3110 821-9039 415 681 5172 650-368-0695

Carpet Contractors Dimitri Botaitis Excellent Windows Healthy Choice carpet Cleaners John Stewart Mr. Chimney Fireplace Safety Services

Joe Rizzo


Closet interiors

Closets by Design Ken Johnson, Burk Karr, Roger Drosd

800-293-3744 415-822-9090

Contractor Inspector GCIS

Contractor Inspector Diverse Inspections

Evan Donaldson


Blount Inspection Contractor Inspector Services Dog Walker Four Paws

415 939-9901 Benjamin Blount Catherine and Adam 415-705-0993 Lynch 415-265-3757


Interior Door Replacement Company

Interior Door Replacement Company

(650) 508-0844

Laura Kaufman Referral List - Updated 8/3/09 Category Business Name Contact person Phone Email / Address Comments Very nice painter who does a good job. I've used him on several jobs. Also has done dry wall work for clients. Also does light carpentry work, siding replacement, etc. Is in the process of getting licensed. I have used them multiple times. Clients have used them and said they did a good job.

Dry wall/painter Dry wall Electrician

Carlos Olguin Tony's Drywall TC Electric

Carlos Olguin Tony Mitch or Jamie

415-505-9899 (650) 754-1076 415-431-2699

Electrician Escrow officer Exterminator

A & S Electric Charles Richards X Pest-Exterminators

Anthony and Steven (415) 877-0116 Chicago Title 415-252-2754 415-467-2500 415-350-0731 cell 925-685-4684 office


B & V Flooring Steven's Hardwood Floors Empire Flooring M & J Floor Specialist Apollo Heating Annuzzi Heating and Cooling

Viktor Dudakov

Floors Floors Floors Furnace/heating

650-302-7612 Jack Greebe Nelson Vu Manny 415-899-1991 office 415-308-3721 415-585-3635

Licensed electricians. Nice and reasonably priced. Free estimates. I used them at my house to do a bunch of electrical work including grounding outlets and adding outlets. Excellent escrow officer, great customer m service Recommended by Lingruen. He replaced the staircase in my house by building new stairs over the old ones and was very nice to work with and fairly inexpensive. Recommended by one of my neighbors. Supposedly VERY affordable. Several clients have used them and liked them a lot. Recommended by a friend. Supposedly, you get 10% off if you pay cash. Fairly low rates and free estimates. Well respected, family run company. I've used Severio several times - he runs his annuzzihtg1@sbcglobal. family business and responds quickly, is very net affordable and nice to work with. Will give you a quick estimate (including plumbing costs) for adding a garage, having a steel beam put in to enable side by side parking, etc. Recommended by a client. Very professional and knowledgeable. 1005 Geneva Avenue




Garage construction SF Garage Bay Area Garage Doors Garage Doors

John Pollard John and Dave

415-602-0077 415 282 7277

Laura Kaufman Referral List - Updated 8/3/09 Category Business Name Contact person Phone Comments I recently used Herb to replace my old garage door opener and to make some repairs. He did a good job and was very affordable, but he's SUPER cranky and a talker. Licensed, bonded 415-931-1540 and insured. 650-834-5280 work Leave a message and Nice gardener - hard working. Also puts in 650-997-3584 home he'll call you back sprinkler systems and does hauling. Besides being a carpenter, Manuel does kitchen/bath remodels. He's supposed to be very affordable. He is not a licensed contractor though. Multiple clients have said great things about working with him. 415-307-4896 Contractor who friends used to do their kitchen/bath remodel in record time. He is now licensed (#923107) 415 577 8422 Clients used them to remodel their kitchen. Said they did great work but they are not inexpensive. Other clients called them and 415-831-9840 ph said they were very unresponsive. So mixed 415-377-2880 cell m reviews on this one. I bought the granite for my kitchen from 1500 C. Burke Ave. Benattar and they are fabricating it and San Francisco,CA installing it as well. They're prices are very 415-821-1500 reasonable and they have a friendly staff. (415) 285-5995 Recommended by a client. He does everything but painting and heavy duty plumbing. Good for installing hardware, some carpentry, etc. Very efficient and fast. Charges $75 for the first hour and $45 for (415) 297-1804 each additional hour. Rec from a client: Tony is punctual and reliable, clean and tidy, impeccable attention to detail. He is a little slow but does things right. He is not a licensed contractor, but in addition to lots of interior construction work he's done, he's also done light to moderate electrical & plumbing work. Charges $35 an hour. 617 Bryant Street San Francisco, Ca. 94107-1612 We got all our kitchen cabinet and window hardware here. It's pretty expensive though. Email / Address

Garage doors Gardener/Hauler

Herb Kritz Martin Moncada

Herb Kritz Martin Moncada

General Contractor

Manuel Ceja

Manuel Ceja

General Contractor

Benny McGrath

Benny McGrath

General Contractor

KL Construction Inc.

Dale Rogers

Granite Granite Installation

Benattar Granite and Marble Raul Contreras

Patricia Raul Contreras


Jake Wrench

Jake Wrench

Handyman/ light construction

Tony Marancconi

Tony Marancconi

(415) 720-0172

Hardware for EM Hundley cabinets, doors, etc. EM Hundley Hardware Hardware

(415) 777-5050

Laura Kaufman Referral List - Updated 8/3/09 Category Business Name Contact person Phone 415-864-3886 Open Monday Thursday, 9-6 415-468-3713 415-585-3635 Email / Address Comments 3886 17th Street They're kind of snotty at this store but they m/ have some cool stuff. Very expensive! Residential Hauling, Household Packing & Transport, Dump Runs, Yard Work, Demo 1005 Geneva Avenue Well respected, family run company. I've used Severio several times - he runs his annuzzihtg1@sbcglobal. family business and responds quickly, is very net affordable and nice to work with. He's my insurance broker and was the least expensive of 5 people I called. Very good customer service. Home warranties cost @$250 per year depending on the type of property. She has a team of house cleaners who will come one time, or on a weekly/montly basis recommendedQuality Kitchen. Best to Cheaper than by another realtor schedule an appointment with a kitchen designer before you go in. Fast and they deliver the cabinets already put together, unlike IKEA.

Hardware for cabinets, doors, etc. Bauerware Hauler Heating/Furnace Hassle Free Hauling Apollo Heating Annuzzi Heating and Cooling

Bauerware Dan Mahoney Manny




Home insurance Home Warranty House Cleaner House Cleaner

Farmer's Insurance Buyers Home Warranty Sandra Nunez Alvarez Cleaners

Craig Dellinges


Sandra Nunez 415-990-9025 Fernando Cardenas 415-420-0075

Kitchen cabinets

Home Depot

Shina Hui


2 Colma Rd. Colma

Kitchen cabinets Kitchen cabinets

Quality Kitchen PC Kitchens

Lars Von Lowen Helen Wong

415-864-2733 510-357-8882

Landscaper Landscaper Locksmith

Tilden Landscaping Mariposa Gardening and Design Mike's locksmith

Dave Cummings Andrea Hurd Mike

(415) 260-9720 510-588-8429 415-333-2233

If you bring him the dimensions of your kitchen, he'll render 3D drawings of what your kitchen would like post - remodel. Pretty good prices - a client recommends Emily Shine and 1665 Mission St. says that their kitchen/bath cabinets were cheaper and nicer than Home Depot. Recommended by a client who used Helen for kitchen, bath cabinetry/millwork. I love this guy! He is so nice and totally knows what he is doing. I had a landscaping project go very wrong at my house and he came in and got the job finished in a day at a http://www.tildenscapes. reasonable price. He seems especially great at com/ stonework. http://www.mariposagard Clients used them to design their garden/landscaping. 24-hour mobile service, referred by another agent in my office.

Laura Kaufman Referral List - Updated 8/3/09 Category Business Name Contact person Phone Comments Client recommendation: "They're honest, and they undercharge you, if anything. They treat (415) 564-1331 me like a friend." 415-346-5976 Honest, relatively inexpensive. AAA Approved - MUCH cheaper than going to your dealer for maintenance and repairs. 24 415-863-1500 38 Otis St. hour towing and drop off. 2001 Union Street, Suite He is an attorney who specializes in real estate (415) 567-1212 330 mediation. Also does estate planning. I used rmmadden@pacbell. San Francisco, CA him to do my estate plan and he was very net 94123 affordable Email / Address 645 Judah St (11th / 12th Ave) San Francisco, CA 999 Divisadero

Mechanic Mechanic

Emerald Auto Sung's Automotive

Calvin Sung


Auto Service Center

Brando Nguyen

Mediator/ Estate Planning

Ross Madden

Ross Madden

Mold Inspector/ contractor and Asbestos Consultant Jim Koniuto

Jim Koniuto

415.595.9001 415-345-4362 office 415-516-9332 cell brian.m.mcnamee@well http://www.ashwellfloren m

Mortgage Broker

Guarantee Mortgage

Cecelia Tyeskey

A friend recommended him and said he did an excellent job. My favorite mortgage broker - I used her for my own home loan and refinance. She has great TIC experience as well.

Private Mortgage Banker

Wells Fargo

Brian McNamee

415.947.8912 Tel 415.377.4622 Cell

Great person to talk to if you want to get your loan from Wells Fargo.

Mortgage Broker (FHA loan specialist) Guarantee Mortgage

Sue Florence

Cell:(415) 812-9508

Good person to talk to if you want to qualify for an FHA loan. I've used them at least 5 times. They are awesome and your tips go to a great cause. Recommended by a client. Very nice painter who does a good job. I've used him on several jobs. Also has done dry wall work for clients. Also does light carpentry work, siding replacement, etc. Is in the process of getting licensed. Very inexpensive - open to negotiation! Recommended by another agent who raves about him and his pricing.

Movers Movers

Delancey St. Movers Got2Move Movers


Painter/ dry wall Painter Painter Painter

Carlos Olguin Chu Woo Jesus Creative Concepts

Carlos Olguin Chu Woo

415-505-9899 (415) 559-8360 650-201-2455

Jose Jaimes

(650) 814-4290

creative4u_us@yahoo.c He's really good at helping you pick colors. om Very good taste. He is not cheap.

Laura Kaufman Referral List - Updated 8/3/09 Category Business Name Contact person Phone Email / Address Comments They are not the cheapest, but they are very thorough, nice to work with and have done work on my own house. They do both pest and contractor's inspections. You can get a combined inspection or just have a pest inspection. Nice, reasonably priced plumber. Did some work at my house.

Pest inspection

Lingruen Associates


Pest inspection Plumber Plumber

Wellington Holland Plumbing Works Atlas Plumbing

Jim Hicks Pat Holland

415-239-1700 415-205-1235 415-566-3800 415-449-1970


George Salet Plumbing, Inc


Plumber Plumber

Smelly Mel's Plumbing Carmichael and McDonald

Smelly Mel's Plumbing

650-878-3821 415-648-2929 415-809-0007

Roofer Roofer Sidewalk repair/ Concrete Stager and color consultant

Summit Roofing Lawson Roofing

Gil Hong

415-346-2863 415-285-1661 (415) 822-4130 (415) 822-8140 license #678835

E.F. Gomez


Felipe Rodriguez

Stager Structural Engineer Structural Engineer Structural Engineer Tax Deferred Exchange

Fresh Staging Fareed Himmati Peter Culley David Strandberg Independent Exchange Services

Sandra Hesla Peter Culley David Strandberg

415-846-3896 http://www.freshhom 415.846.9578 415.559.9418 415-380-1987 415-310-6154

bonded and insured http://www.atlasplumbing Recommended by a client 735 Hickey Blvd. #550 Pacifica,Ca 94044 http://www.plumbingpro.c om/ Very good plumber. Very expensive though They are less expensive than a lot of other plumbers I've talked to. They can photograph sewer lines with video camera. They also do sewer line repair. My clients used them to replace their broken water heater with very short notice. He'll come out to look at your roof with very short notice and is pretty affordable. He did work on my roof. HONEST feedback. Very well respected roofer - one of the most expensive out there. 1368 Underwood Ave. San Francisco, CA They were referred by another realtor in my 94124 office. Felipe is really nice and has successfully staged properties for Sellers I worked with. He m also does color consulting. info@FreshHomeStagin They also do a great job on staging. Really nice - have used several times. Very well known engineer. They will provide great info. on tax deferred exchanges.

Ralph and Ian Bungy (415) 782-5201

Laura Kaufman Referral List - Updated 8/3/09 Category Business Name Contact person Golden Gate Tank Removal Phone (415) 512-1555 Email / Address Comments They do visual tank inspections for $50. Client says it's a great showroom with lots of pictures to sift through on backsplash and bathroom tile design. Client recommedation - "She's great licensed, organized, professional and wonderful to work with. Her prices are competitive. She's done with the master bathroom and is working on the guest bathroom now." Recommended by a client. Shawn gives free estimates and is supposed to be pretty affordable. recommended by a realtor friend Highly recommended by my neighbor who said they were very affordable and did a good job with the installation. This is where we bought the windows for our house. It's a pretty big outfit. Recommended by another Realtor. Good prices and warranty. Client rec: Sign up at Costco's treatment/booth. Costco outsources the service to actual blinds vendors, so the in home consultation has nothing to do with costco - you meet with a real blinds sales person. Brand name blinds for great price. $8-$10 per window. They also clean carpets

Tank Inspection and Golden Gate Tank Removal Removal


Ceramic Tile Design

189 Thirteenth Street

Tile Installation and Shower Pans

Elemental Tile Timberwood Tree Service John Chiosso

Dayla Soul Wernke

(415) 368-3702 (415) 931-1150 http://timberwoodtree 431-5444 57 Hamilton Drive Suite N Novato, CA 94998 (415) 883-1412 415-863-1256 http://www.oceansas ct.php

Tree Trimmer Upholstery/furniture repair

Shawn John


Windows Plus


Ocean Sash and Door

Window Treatments Budget Blinds

Brett Jones

236 8th Street, Suite Phone: 415-621-6454 C Fax: 415-621-1676 San Francisco, CA Mobile: 415-377-0187

Window Treatments Costco Window cleaner / rug cleaner Excellent Windows

Costco Excellent Windows 415-821-9039

Laura Kaufman Referral List - Updated 8/3/09 Category Business Name Contact person Phone Email / Address Comments My client recommended Nick - she said whenever she is planning a party or wants to buy some wine, Nick will make great, inexpensive recs and deliver it personally to almost anywhere in San Francisco and East Bay. He specializes in foreign wines and will tag each wine that you purchase with a description of the wine and region that it is from, as well as food pairings. He can also help you host great wine tastings parties or put together great wine presents.

Wine consultant/ event planner

Taste First Wine Tasting Events Company

Nick Alcivar


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