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					                        Legal Adviser
                          APS Level 6
                      Several Positions
         Asbestos Legal, SRC Legal & OHS Legal Teams
                    General Counsel Group
         Ongoing & Non-ongoing Vacancies – Full-time
        $71,723 to $84,605 plus 15.4% superannuation

Contact Officer
Cathy Stokes, Director Legal Practice Management on 02 6276 0937

Closing date
Sunday 27 March 2011 at 11.00pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

How to apply
1.   In one combined word document include

     a. your completed Application Cover Sheet (the last page of this

     b. your responses addressing the selection criteria; and

     c. your resume outlining your work history, relevant qualifications
        and training.

2.   Apply online - When applying you will be asked to upload your
     combined application and enter your personal details.
The Role
Overview of the group
The General Counsel Group provides legal services to Comcare to ensure the delivery of
strategic outcomes. The Group is lead by the General Counsel, who is a member of
Comcare’s Executive Team. The General Counsel manages the following teams including a
Panel of external legal service.
Asbestos Legal is responsible for providing legal advice to Comcare to assist in the
management of Comcare’s common law asbestos-related disease liabilities. This includes
managing asbestos disease claims and litigation by persons who suffer from an asbestos
related disease, advising Comcare on relevant legal issues and associated legal policy work.
It also includes legal work associated with pursuing contributions from third parties where
possible. The proceedings are normally conducted in the Dust Diseases Tribunal of New
South Wales and Supreme and District Courts of the States and Territories.

Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Legal (SRC Legal) provides legal services in
respect of Comcare’s workers compensation claim functions. The team manages the
program responding to applications to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal under the
Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975 and to the Federal and High Courts as well as
providing legal advice to Comcare claims management staff regarding decision-making
under the legislation administered by Comcare. In addition, staff in this team develop
alternative methods to dispute management and ensure effective liaison within Comcare, as
well as with members of Comcare’s Legal Panel.

SRC Legal is comprised of two teams in Comcare’s Canberra office and one team in the
Melbourne office.

Administrative & Corporate Law provides in-house advice to Comcare on a range of
administrative and corporate law issues, including:
   self insurance licences, prudential arrangements relating to self insurance licences
      and dealings between Comcare and the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation
   the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988, particularly in relation to
      operational policy and procedures, Jurisdictional Policy, legislative instruments and
      scheme coverage. The Team also provide advice and assistance to the Seacare
      Authority in accordance with this legislation; and
   corporate governance, workplace relations matters, procurement and contracts and
      general commercial matters.

Administrative & Corporate Law also manages all of Comcare: FOI applications, privacy
complaints, subpoenas and notices for non-party production, the drafting and storage of
delegations and drafting, settling and/or registering (as required) legislative instruments for
Groups across Comcare.

Administrative & Corporate Law is responsible for:
   pursuing actions against negligent third parties under section 50 of the Safety,
     Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988;
   defending actions for non-economic loss under section 45 of that Act (claims against
     the Commonwealth); and
   general debt recovery matters and legal advice in relation to these matters and
     recovery under section 48 of that Act.”

The OHS Legal Team provides a dedicated legal service to Comcare in its administration
of the federal occupational health and safety scheme for Australian Government employees
and self-insured licensees under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1991. OHS Legal is
responsible for providing legal advice to regional teams of investigators based in Victoria,
New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. OHS Legal supports
Comcare’s Executive in strategically managing significant investigations and litigation under
the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The Section also supports a working group
dedicated to the implementation of model work health and safety laws.

Legal Policy is responsible for contributing to and strengthening Comcare’s strategic legal
policy, assisting Comcare to manage and respond to scheme significant matters and
emerging scheme priorities.

Legal Practice Management is responsible for the co-ordination and implementation of
support services in the delivery of legal services to Comcare. This includes legal service
provider management, legal services contract management, delivery of best practice,
governance, reporting and analytics, and the management of programs and projects.

Overview of the role
As a Legal Adviser in the General Counsel Group you will be required to assist the Assistant
Director/Senior Legal Adviser to provide high quality legal advice and resolution strategies
in relation to either Asbestos Related Claims (Management of Commonwealth Liabilities) Act
2005, Safety, Rehabilitation & Compensation Act 1988, Occupational Health & Safety Act
1991 in a timely and sensitive manner and in accordance with policy.

You will assist in the management of an external panel of legal advisers, including quality
assurance and cost control.

You will also have an opportunity to participate in working groups across all areas of the
General Counsel Group to assist the group achieve strategic goals in line with Comcare’s
2015 Strategic Plan. You will also have an opportunity to be involved with interesting work
in an open plan environment.


      Admission as a barrister or a solicitor of the Supreme Court of a State or Territory.
      Possess a restricted practising certificate in the relevant State.
      Three years post-admission experience.


      Experience in the management of applications for review under the SRC Act, similar
       review work in the AAT, or common law personal injury claims, including having day
       to day carriage of files.
      Advocacy experience (preferred not essential).
      Experience in occupational health and safety law, litigation and/or criminal
       prosecutions will be highly regarded.

Duty statement
  1.   Personally deliver quality, timely and cost-effective legal services to a range of
       internal stakeholders to support the functions of Comcare.

  2.   Assist in drafting reports or briefs on legal or legal policy issues for the Minister and
       members of Comcare’s Executive.

  3.   Assist in the management of litigation in relation to Comcare’s organisational and
       operational goals including; preparing, reviewing and managing cases, briefing and
       instructing Comcare’s external legal service providers and counsel and advising on
       the institution of Court/Tribunal proceedings and settlements.

  4.   Identify emerging issues or problems and exercises sound judgement to develop
       robust solutions and recommendations.

  5.   Contribute to the formulation and achievement of team, business and corporate

  6.   Monitors performance of a specified work area and establishes priorities and plans
       for work completion.

  7.   Supervising, guiding and/or training other staff as required.

  8.   Actively develop and maintain working relationships across the organisation and
       with employers and other stakeholders that are effective, collaborative and

  9.   Commit to, promote and model the APS Values and APS Code of Conduct.

  10. Participate in corporate learning and development activities.

  11. Represent the organisation to client agencies and other external forums.

How to apply
Your statement of claims against the selection criteria is your opportunity to demonstrate
your competency and is the most important factor in determining whether your application
will be short-listed. Your claims against each criterion should be no longer than a page.

It is recommended that you address each selection criterion and provide evidence of your
suitability. Give examples from your current or past role(s) which demonstrate how you
meet the criterion. The STAR approach is one way of presenting information against
selection criteria. For each criteria think about the following and use these points to form

Situation: Set the context by describing the circumstance whether you used the skills or
           qualities and gained the experience.
Task:      What was your role?
Approach: What did you do and how did you do it?
Result:    What did you achieve?
           What was the end result and how does it relate to the job you are applying for?
For more information on how to apply for jobs in the Australian Public Service please go

The Selection Process
Comcare uses a competitive merit process. Processes are likely to take approximately eight
weeks for short listing, skill testing, work sample testing, interviewing, reference checking
and offers to be made.

Eligibility and specific conditions of employment
1. Australian citizenship
2. Security Clearance (Secret) or ability to obtain
3. Character clearance (police records check)
4. Health assessment
5. Six months probationary period
6. Interstate travel
7. Admission as a barrister or a solicitor of the Supreme Court of a State or Territory.
8. Possess a restricted practising certificate in a relevant State.
9. Three years post-admission experience.
For information on conditions of employment, please refer to our website

Selection Criteria
The following selection criteria are based on Integrated Leadership System

1.    Legal Services Delivery
         Admission as a barrister or a solicitor of the Supreme Court of a State or Territory
          and possession of a restricted Practising Certificate in a relevant State.
         Three years post-admission experience.
         Demonstrated legal analysis skills.
         Provide an example of your experience in providing a client focussed approach to
          legal services delivery.

2.    Shapes Strategic Thinking
         Provide an example of how you have supported and contributed to the formulation
          and achievement of a team and/or business corporate goals.
         Describe your understanding of Comcare’s core business and objectives.

3.    Achieves results
         Describe a record of achieving results as a legal adviser, including the ability to
          manage multiple competing priorities within tight timeframes, whilst displaying
          sound judgement and decision making skills.
         Provide an example of your ability to steer and implement change and deal with

4.    Cultivates productive working relationships
         Describe your ability to develop and maintain internal and external productive
          relationships, partnerships and networks.
         Provide an example that illustrates your ability to work effectively in a team

5.    Exemplifies personal drive and integrity
         Describe your record of consistently delivering sustained effort and hard work to
          achieve outcomes.
         Outline your commitment to and ability to model the behaviours required by the
          APS Values, APS Code of Conduct.
         Describe how you demonstrate self awareness and a commitment to continuing
          personal learning and development.

6.    Communicates with influence
         Provide examples of your ability to communicate verbally and in writing at a high
         Provide an example of your ability to negotiate effectively with a range of internal
          and external stakeholders.
         Describe the qualities that would enable you to represent Comcare with credibility
          and professionalism.

What we offer
Comcare offers employees attractive employment conditions, including:

For further information

                                  APPLICATION COVER SHEET
                           Note: Complete and save this form before commencing your online application.

       Legal Adviser (APS6) - General Counsel Group – Canberra/Sydney/Melbourne

  Please tick appropriate box

  Which State are you applying for:        Canberra          Sydney             Melbourne

      Which status are you applying for:   Ongoing        Non-ongoing               Both

      Title                                                     Birth Date (optional)
      Surname                                                   Given Name
      Preferred Name                                           State                       Postcode
      Contact Number(s)
      Email Address
      Current Employer
      Position Title
      Are you currently working in the Australian Public Service?
      If yes                      Ongoing                              Non-ongoing
      Substantive Level                               Acting Level               AGS Number
      Are you an Australian Citizen?
      Have you received a redundancy benefit from an APS Agency or Parliament
      If yes, please advise of the redundancy benefit period expiry date

      Have you ever been found to have breached the APS Code of Conduct?
      If yes, please specify employer’s name and the date?
      Do you have a security clearance? If so, what level? i.e. protected/secret
       Please provide two current referees who have supervised and assessed your performance within the

       Name                                                               Relationship
       Email                                                              Contact
       Name                                                               Relationship
       Email                                                              Contact

       Do you require any special arrangements to be made for assessment e.g. interview? If yes, a
       member of the selection panel will contact you for more details.



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