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					   Santa Claus Factory
The biggest charity activity at
   Christmas in Hungary
    The aim of MikulásGyár
2005 Christmas: The birth of Santa Claus Factory. The aim of this charity action was to
    help the poor people and the large families with collecting gifts – mainly perishable
    food, household detergents and personal care items, toys and confectionery.

-    2005: The only one place of the event is the biggest square of Budapest near Heroe’s
     Square. The installation is a „real” factory on 230 sq.m. where volunteers and famous
     Hungarian people (celebrities) disguised in elves of Santa Claus package the gifts in
     The Hungarian Red Cross forwards the boxes to the needy.

-    2006: Ségécé appears like the main sponsor of the event. He gives money and place
     for the collecting in every shopping centers managed by him nationwide. This gesture
     facilities the collection of gifts in the provinces.

-    2009: Santa Claus Factory has a new owner with a professional team (project
     manager, PR, event manager, creative designer, media designer). Ségécé keeps the
     position of main sponsor.

-    2010: All subsidiaries of BNP Paribas Group join to be able to send Christmas presents
     for even more families. With the participation of Hungarian Post Office even the people
     living in smaller towns and settlements has the opportunity to help the needy with
     donations as the festive season approaches.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Show to the people that sponsoring isn’t only a
    commercial enterprise to spend money but an active participation, of the social
    responsibility that shows solidarity with the needy.
  Fruit of donations 2008-2010
  1 box could help 2,5 families approx.

2008: 9626 boxes
2009: 14600 boxes (+50% compared to 2008) = help 133.000 needy
2010:New record: 17000 boxes (+16% comp. to 2009) for 161.000 needy!
The Factory
The Factory
We helped the flood victims
During the ad hoc charity event of the Ségécé Plaza chain,
  MikulásGyár and Hungarian Red Cross between 14-20 June
  2010 we collected and forwarded over 1 million forints in
  cash, and around 4,5 tons of donations (perishable food,
  household detergents and personal care items, clothes,…)
  to the flood victims of the Northern part of Hungary
  (Miskolc plaza surroundings)
Huge international acknowledgement
In 2009 the series of events of MikulásGyár was judged to be
   the second biggest European event in the competition of
   ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centres), called Solal
   Marketing Awards 2010, in its category "Cause Related
   Marketing Joint Centre" from among several hundred other
   tenders received. Eastern Europe was represented by no
   other organization: only MikulásGyár and only Hungary.
The first prize was won by a green project (the project is called Mr. Green, organized by
  Steen & Strom Denmark), therefore it can be stated that according to the international
  professional judges of shopping centres, properties and development there was none
  other more popular and effective charity event than Mikulásgyár.
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