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IonLoop Pink Ribbon Bracelet Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness-ag


									                                   IonLoop Pink Ribbon Bracelet Promoting Breast
                                   Cancer Awareness
                                   This October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the IonLoop team is promoting an ongoing
                                   initiative – "Each bracelet, a donation." For every Pink Ribbon bracelet sold, Ionloop
                                   donates $1 to breast cancer

                                   Dallas/Fort Worth, Oct 06, 2011 -- Dallas, TX, September 27, 2011- IonLoop
                                   supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month and promotes the ongoing initiative –
                                   "Each bracelet, a donation." IonLoop, the negative ions + magnet bracelets retailer,
                                   donates $1 to breast cancer research for each of their Pink Ribbon logoed bracelets.
                                   Even though the month of October is featured as the month of awareness, this
                                   initiative has been in place since IonLoop launched the Pink Ribbon earlier this year.
                                   And there are no plans to discontinue the donation program.
                                   The IonLoop team has decided to promote its Pink Ribbon bracelets in hopes of
                                   increasing their donation to Breast Cancer Research in October. In addition to
                                   making more substantial donations to Breast Cancer Research programs, the IonLoop
                                   is confident that getting more people wearing the Pink Ribbon bracelet will promote
                                   awareness, and generate more donations.
                                   IonLoop Marketing Director, Fernanda Crosby says "We've had this campaign in
                                   place since we added the Pink Ribbon bracelet to our collection but, given the
                                   importance of this month to breast cancer awareness, we made a decision to spread
                                   the word about this initiative as much as we could."
                                   IonLoop is a negative ion + magnet bracelet that stands apart from the wide array of
                                   sport bracelets available in the market. IonLoop Pink Ribbon bracelets, just like the
                                   other 18 bracelet options are made with the most powerful magnets on earth, called
                                   neodymium magnets. The company uses proprietary process to pulverize tourmaline
                                   – a negative ion producing mineral – and infuse it into each medical grade silicone
                                   The IonLoop team feels honored to have the opportunity to contribute to this cause.
                                   For more information on IonLoop's technology and where you can purchase an
                                   IonLoop Pink Ribbon bracelet, we encourage you to visit their website at

                                   Contact Information:
                                   Name: Fernanda Crosby
                                   Company: IonLoop

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