Debunking Six Myths about Home Health Care by benjamingarciaaa


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									           Debunking Six Myths about Home Health Care

It is said that as much as 82% of people would prefer staying in their own homes throughout
their lives. This has many families searching for effective ways to help aging parents do this,
and that can be very challenging. Many people spend a lot of time arranging for home health
care once their loved ones reach a state in which they cannot care for themselves. The sad
thing is that this may well be the first time the thought of caring for parents in their home has
even crossed their minds.

Typically, they wonder where they should start, what they need to do first, is there anyone
they can trust with the care, and how often will we need this kind of care. It is not all that easy
to find adequate answers to these questions, even though there is a lot of information out
there about it. The sad thing is that there is also a lot of misinformation as well. There is simply
too much at stake not to take the time to get the correct answers to your questions.

Following are 5 home health care myths that have been debunked.

1: There is a 4-hour minimum for home care services. This is just not true. Regardless
whether you need assistance for one hour a day or twenty-four hours, you should be able to
get the care you need no matter which home health care agency you use.

2: You don’t need additional care if your family is already providing it. It is often impossible
for family to provide the amount of care that is required for aging family members. They
become exhausted from the sheer magnitude of the task. No caregiver should be
expected to be on call 24 hours every day and that is what home care services agencies
are for.

3: Home health care comes with additional health risks. Before any medical professional
will recommend home care services unless they believe it is in the patient’s best interests.
Care plans should be overseen by qualified professional RNs.

4: When it becomes too difficult to do housework and shopping for yourself, you should
simply stop doing them. No one wishes to stop doing the things that make life more
comfortable and that includes maintaining a clean house or shopping for necessary items.
However, when it gets too difficult to accomplish these things due to are-related problems
such as arthritis or even after having surgery, home health care can fill in.

5: Seniors are the only ones who need homecare services. While it is true that seniors do require
homecare more frequently than any others in the population, it is not true that they are the only
ones who require some help. The services of a home care professional are a valuable asset for
parents of multiples and for those having to endure chemotherapy or recovering after surgery.

There are many things that are misunderstood about home health care, but this does not
have to prevent anyone who needs it from getting the help they need. Whether you are a
senior who is not able to complete daily activities of living without assistance, or someone of
any age who is recovering from medical treatment that has left you unable to function
normally, you too can receive the help you need from home care services.

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