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					64 MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF BRADFORD ON AVON TOWN COUNCIL Held at the Town Council Offices, St. Margaret’s Hall, St. Margaret’s Street Bradford on Avon th on Tuesday 29 April 2008 at 7.00 p.m. Present Town Council Cllr Sheila Allen Cllr Linda Coggan Cllr Simon Fisher (Vice-Chairman) Cllr Malcolm Hewson Cllr Vicky Landell Mills (Chairman) Cllr Janet Repton Cllr Isabel Martindale Cllr Paul Skidmore Mrs Diane Holmes (Town Clerk) Members of the public Mrs S Day Mrs S Pethybridge Gerald Milward Oliver (Economic Development Consultant) Apologies Cllr Gwen Allison Cllr Alison Craddock Cllr David Bolwell Cllr Peter Leach 245. Minutes th The minutes of the meeting held on 25 March 2008 were approved as a correct record with one minor correction. Declarations of Interest There were none. Matters Arising from the minutes Minute 229 ii Notice Board It was noted that WWDC had advised that planning permission and listed buildings consent will be required. It was RESOLVED to give delegated powers to the Clerk to appoint a professional to prepare and submit the planning and listed buildings consent applications for the notice board. Minute 231 Graffiti under railway bridge It was noted that Cllr Skidmore had spoken to the Station Master regarding removal of the graffiti. Minute 237 (iii) Pedestrian Crossing at St Margaret’s Street th It was noted that a reply had been received to the Chairman’s letter of the 11 April providing nd that the crossing was back in action on the 2 April 2008. 248. Members of public to address the committee The meeting was adjourned and standing orders suspended to accept questions or comments from members of the public. Mrs Sheila Day spoke in connection with the planning application for Manvers House objecting to a further housing development in the centre of Bradford on Avon. Gerald Milward Oliver spoke in connection with Manvers House planning application. He had circulated a paper making the points about the application recommending that the application be refused and explaining that the property had been marketed as a large commercial unit when the market was in fact for smaller units. He advised that he was putting an alternative proposal together and also that he had been informed that West Wilts Economic Partnership will be lobbying against this planning application.



VAB – Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 29.04.08

65 249. Chairman’s Announcements th The Chairman announced that on the 28 March she had attended the Trowbridge Civic Dinner. She further announced that visitors would be coming from Sri Lanka to visit Christchurch School for one week and that Cllr Martindale and herself had arranged to meet th them on the 6 May to go boating and afterwards introduce them briefly to the Town Council th th Planning Committee. She further advised that on the 10 May it will be the 10 birthday of the Wiltshire Music Centre, when celebrations will be taking place. Minutes of Committees and Working Groups It was RESOLVED that minutes and decisions taken under delegated powers, in respect of the under mentioned committees and working group were noted: Planning & Town Development Committee Leisure Youth & Arts Committee Footbridge Working Group 252. 1 April 2008 th 8 April 2008 th 14 April 2008


Vaults Working Group st It was noted that the next meeting of the Vaults Working Group will be on Thursday 1 May at 4.00 pm at which business plans for the Heritage Centre proposals and the Arts Centre th proposal will be scrutinised. A further meeting will be held on the 4 June at 4.15 p.m. and a th recommendation made to Full Council on the 24 June 2008. Cllr Martindale reported that The Chamber of Commerce had invited both groups to present their proposals to them. Cllr Skidmore reported that he had attended a meeting of the Tourist Information Centre that day and had been advised that the Tourist Information Centre would be pleased to work with either group. Planning Application 08/00917/FUL and Listed Building Consent application 08/00918/LBC Manvers House, Kingston Road, Bradford on Avon. Conversion of Manvers House to form 6 dwellings and one office suite (Class B1) and erection of 7 new build dwellings and associated work Correspondence had been summarised and circulated, all being against the permission for development as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Comments from planning consultant Comments from Economic Development Consultant Bradford on Avon Preservation Trust Bradford on Avon Community Area Trust Support Group Mr & Mrs M Humble Dr Sheila Day


The Chairman asked Cllr Janet Repton to present the planning application and Cllr Repton advised that the decline of employment space in Bradford on Avon began with the development of Greenland Mills. She felt that the life was being ‘squeezed out’ of the town, she considered it important to retain site to prevent ‘out commuting’. After some discussion it was RESOLVED unanimously to recommend refusal for the planning application and to enclose copies of the Planning Consultants comments and the Economic Development Consultant’s comments in full with a summary of the reasons for refusal as detailed in the attached paper. 254. Leisure Youth & Arts Committee The Leisure Youth & Arts Committee had requested the viring of funds from reserves in the sum of £5,000 to pay for a Nexus Free Ride installation as a teenage recreational facility at Poulton. It was proposed by Cllr Fisher and RESOLVED to delay the decision until the end of the year accounts had been produced, to see if sufficient funds were available.


Annual Town Meeting 15 April 2008 The minutes of this meeting had been circulated and various corrections were made. The Chairman thanked the Clerk for organising the event and was pleased with the presentations given in relation to the Vaults and also at the increased attendance generated by this proposal.


VAB – Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 29.04.08

66 256. Risk Assessment The updated Town Council 12 page risk assessment had been circulated with the agenda and it was RESOLVED to note and accept the updated Risk Assessment and note that efforts were being made to obtain individual risk assessments from the contractors employed to erect the Hanging Baskets and the Chamber of Commerce for erection of the Christmas lights. Foot/Cycle Bridge th i) The minutes of the meeting held on 14 April were noted. ii) Appointment of the Project Manager to oversee the Footbridge project was considered and a paper had been circulated. It was RESOLVED to agree in principle the appointment of the Project Manager and to consider under private business the appointment of an individual for this post. Traffic and Transport Gerald Milward-Oliver (Economic Development Consultant) had circulated the paper which he presented and is attached to these minutes. The proposal is for a series of lectures leading to a workshop with a view to obtaining solutions acceptable to the community to resolve traffic issues. Some suggestions were made to increase the core team to include the community area and more age groups. Gerald Milward-Oliver suggested that he produce a budget for the process and that it be presented to a re-convened meeting of the group of interested th parties which met on the 6 February. It was RESOLVED to agree with this recommendation and for the meeting to be called during the second half of May. St Margaret’s Hall – Windows and blinds The Chairman reported that the work on the windows had started, three windows having been opened up. New windows would be installed shortly. Architect, Jonathan Hetreed had obtained quotes for new blinds and these had been circulated and are attached to these minutes (confidential). The cheapest quote did not include for fire retardant fabric. The Clerk reported that she had spoken to the Fire Officer who advised that the starting point was that fire retardant fabric should be used unless a risk assessment proved that it was not necessary. She had explained that the windows were at very high level were held in tracks and would not be near to any ignition source. The Fire Officer had accepted that in these circumstances it would not be necessary to use fire retardant fabric. Quotes were considered and it was RESOLVED to accept the cheapest quote from Appeal Blinds in the sum of £3399.00. Review of Working with the Voluntary and Community Sector This paper had been produced for consultation and a questionnaire had been provided for completion by the end of June 2008. The Chairman volunteered to complete this and it was RESOLVED that the questionnaire be passed to the Chairman for completion. Correspondence for Consideration







Information Commissioners Office Information notes attached for members Peter Hodges Abbey Mill Secretary Request for signage and photos of large lorry stuck in Church Street

Data Protection Advice for Elected members Noted Large Lorries entering Church Street The photos of the large lorry were circulated and it was acknowledged that the problem was of lorries in town in general which was being tackled by the police. Orders for Civil Parking Enforcement There was some discussion about the need for residents parking zones and Cllr Hewson reported that he had been speaking to both WCC and WWDC officers but had not made any progress. Noted. Annual Highway Maintenance Meeting 1 May 2008 @ 10.00 a.m. at Melksham Depot Cllr Martindale agreed to attend.



WCC Allan Creedy Copy of the public notice for parking enforcement th from 16 June 2008


WCC Mr G Hay Invitation to open day

VAB – Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 29.04.08

5 WCC Jamie Mundy Confirmation that weight restriction is 18 tonnes maximum gross vehicle weight limit. Lorries with more than 2 axles be prohibited from using the bridge. WCC Richard Munro Letter detailing phases with regard to delegation to Town and Parish Councils ( emailed to members) Town Bridge Weight Restriction It was RESOLVED that a copy of the letter be sent to Alison Abbott and to Sgt McGlynn.


Towards One Council It was further noted that in meeting the Parish Forum would be taking place at WWDC at 7.00 th p.m. on 29 May and it was RESOLVED that Cllr Landell Mills would attend. Newsletter April 08 Newsletter noted Questionnaire on Community Boards Chairman to contact Mr Hill to discuss this.


WALC Copy enclosed Wiltshire Democracy (Alan Hill Amesbury) Request to complete this questionnaire



WWDC regarding street closure at Woolley 262. RERESOLVED – no objections. Street for the Woolley Festival


Correspondence to note The correspondence as listed was noted. District and County Councillor Reports i) Cllr Repton reported that an e mail had been circulated from Chris Beaver at Nash Partnership complaining to the District Council for the delay in agreeing the Section 106 matters. ii) Cllr Repton reported that four planning applications involving Bradford on Avon were to be considered at the next District Council Planning Committee including an application in Fitzmaurice Close which was being recommended for refusal by the planning officers and an illuminated sign at Sainsbury’s which was also being recommended for refusal. The trolley park at Sainsbury’s and the Totem Poles were being recommended for permission, as was the change of use for the Roundabout Shop. iii) Cllr Martindale reported that she was on the Wiltshire Racial Equality committee and advised that they would be employing a consultant. She also advised that she was to contact the portfolio holder for Waste, as the Chamber of Commerce were disgruntled with the facilities for removal of cardboard waste. She further advised that voting for the Standards Board committee, would soon be taking place. iv) Cllr Hewson reported that the County Council was recommending to the Boundary Commission that the two seats for Bradford on Avon should be coterminous with the Parish boundary. He further reported that he was chairing a Waste Management Group and investigations were being made into the possibility of collecting plastic bottles on the doorstep. He advised that an experiment was taking place in Salisbury and could follow on here if successful. Cllr Hewson further reported that he had attended a Forum for the Children’s Centre chaired by Neil Baker and advised that the centre will be opening in June. The Children’s Centre was being asked to deliver 5 strands of the ‘Every Child Counts’ strategy and a ‘Keeping Safe’ week was being arranged to inaugurate the Centre. Reports Cllr Fisher reported that a huge pothole had appeared on Knees Corner and he would report it to CLARENCE. Cllr Skidmore reported that he had attended a meeting of the Tourist Information Centre and th th that there were Heritage days on the 14 and 15 September. He requested on their behalf that the caves below Well Path be opened up for public access. As this was privately owned it was suggested that the Tourist Information Centre contact the owner. Cllr Martindale reported that she had attended a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce at which Andrew Murrison was present and she questioned him about why the Highway budget had been reduced for Wiltshire County Council. Accounts for Payment A list of accounts had been circulated by the Clerk and it was RESOLVED having been checked by Cllr Sheila Allen invoices and direct payments amounting to £13,053 .48 plus VAT




VAB – Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 29.04.08

68 for the period 26 March – 31 March 2008 and £32,517.67 plus VAT for April and payroll amounting to £8,773.09 be agreed. RESOLVED ‘Under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 by reason of the confidential nature of staff and matters for which it is not yet appropriate to release details now to be discussed, that the public and press be excluded from the meeting. Private Business
th st

The Chairman stated would this would be her last full meeting as Chairman of the Town Council in the current term and thanked all members and the Clerk and staff for their support and assistance. The Vice chairman, Cllr Fisher gave a vote of thanks to the Chairman for her tireless work for the Town Council over the last year. The meeting closed at 9.10 p.m

VAB – Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 29.04.08

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