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					The Enneagram Institute                                                                       1
Website Listing Form

       Enneagram Institute Enneagram Event Listing Form

We will list any Enneagram event by a Riso-Hudson student (has attended at least
Part I) on our special Teacher Event Schedule page on our Website:

Authorized Teachers (those who have attended the AWTP) who are teaching an
AWTP Workshop will have their event listed on the main EI Schedule page:

Please fill out one form per event and email this form as a word processing
document, or send the information in the body of an email to

Your Name:

Event Date(s):
Please include year
Please include Start and End dates

Event Name:

Event Web Address: http://
      Authorized Workshops: We will link to the description on the EI site—we think this shows
       your affiliation and gives you more credibility. For AWs in a foreign language, please
       provide a link to the description on your website if you have one.
      Non-AWTP Workshops: For more details if you have a website

Location/Venue Name:
If there is one, for example: Marriott Hotel or Unity Unitarian Church

Location/Venue URL: http://
If there is one so people can look up the venue

The Enneagram Institute                                                                                 2
Website Listing Form

Location/Venue Address:
City, State (we don’t list street addresses)

Authorized Workshops Only: URL to Register Link: http://
      NOTE: if you put a registration link in, your phone and email won’t show.

Contact Phone:
    Authorized Workshops: Only listed if you have no “to register” URL
    Non-AWTP: Will be listed if you give one

Contact Email:
      Authorized Workshops: Only listed if there is no “to register” URL
      Non-AWTP: If you want to list it

Producer Name:
      You or a sponsoring organization
      If it’s you, we will list your name; if you are a Network Member, your EI Network name

Producer URL: http://
      If you have a website or your sponsoring organization does
      If you are an EI Network member, we will link to your EI Network listing; if you are a
       Certified RH Teacher, we will link to your EI Teacher page to show your affiliation to us.

Event Cost:

Teacher Name(s):

Type of Teacher:               __Teacher (finished Part I) __RH Certified Teacher   __Authorized Teacher*
                               __Network Member __EI Faculty

*NB: If you are an Authorized Teacher listing an Authorized Workshop, you will need to pay a
$75 listing fee (deposit on final royalty due) per Workshop on our Cart:
http://www.enneagraminstitute.com/store/comersus_viewItem.asp?idProduct=293. This will be
deducted from your total royalties owed after the Workshop.

If you have questions, email katy@EnneagramInstitute.com.


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