Building apps for Office and SharePoint 2013_ Part 2_using the web by yaofenji


									App Hosting   REST & CSOM
  Options         APIs
                                Provider-Hosted App
                                                                                 SharePoint      Your Hosted
                                “Bring your own server hosting infrastructure”
Cloud-based Apps                                                                    Web              Site
Get remote events from
Use CSOM/REST +                 Autohosted App
OAuth to work with SP                                                            SharePoint
                                Windows Azure + SQL Azure                           Web
                                provisioned invisibly as apps are

SharePoint-Hosted App                                                                   Parent
Provision an isolated sub web on a parent web
   • Reuse web elements
      (lists, files, out-of-box web parts)                                                       App Web
   • No server code allowed; use client JavaScript for logic, UX                                 (from WSP)
                     SharePoint Hosted          Cloud Hosted
App Scope               SharePoint Site          Site or Tenancy

Architecture               Web Site             Multi-Tenant App

Developer Skillset   SharePoint + HTML/JS           Full Stack

UI Technologies      SharePoint + HTML/JS        Any Web Stack

Server Code                  None                      Any

Storage                Lists and Doc Libs              Any

Key Limitations        No Server Code       Hosting Expertise Required
Cloud Hosted Apps                        SharePoint Hosted Apps

Preferred hosting model for almost all   Good for smaller apps & resource storage
types of apps

Full power of web – choose your          SharePoint-based; no server-side code
infrastructure & technology

May require your own hosting             Automatically hosted in SharePoint

May require you own handling of          Inherent multitenancy & isolation
multitenancy & permission management
App Hosting   REST & CSOM
  Options         APIs
                 _api is new alias for _vti_bin/client.svc

Client   REST                             CSOM
                       JavaScript       Silverlight          .Net CLR
                         Library          Library             Library

                          Custom Client Code

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